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Getting the Coverage You Deserve with a Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

As a customer, you have to put a great deal of trust into your insurance company. When you have to file a claim, it is expected that your insurance company will be there for you, providing you with what you need during a time when you need it the most. If your insurance company fails to come through for you once filing a claim, you may need the assistance of a bad faith insurance attorney.

What is Insurance Bad Faith?

You may be at liberty to file an insurance bad faith claim against your insurance company, should they deny or lowball your coverage after filing a reasonable claim. Insurance companies in the U.S. are bound by a duty of “good faith and fair dealing” to those whom they insure. If an insurance company fails to uphold this promise, the insured party has a right to sue their insurance company for both insurance bad faith, as well as a breach of contract. With the assistance of a bad faith insurance attorney ( ), you are more likely to succeed in getting the compensation that you deserve by following through on your insurance bad faith claim. In some cases, you may actually recover an amount larger than what you were owed originally, if your insurance company’s behavior surrounding your claim was particularly terrible.

When Do You Have a Bad Faith Claim?

Bad faith insurance attorneys have experience in a wide variety of bad faith claims. Insurance bad faith claims can occur in both “first party” and “third party” scenarios. In a first party situation, an insurance company may improperly refuse to pay the full value on property that becomes damaged. Rather than investigating the damages and determining the true value of the property that was affected, an insurance company can break the insured’s trust by failing to determine the actual worth of the damaged property. This can result in the insured getting much less compensation than they deserve for the property that was damaged, all due to a poor investigation and valuation on the insurance company’s part. In some cases, the insurance company might also refuse to cover the costs of the damages altogether, failing to acknowledge an otherwise sound claim.

Third party situations, on the other hand, often involve cases concerning liability insurance. Liability insurance can be best understood as “risk financing”, which protects the insured party from the liabilities resulting from lawsuits and other similar claims. If the insured faces a lawsuit ( ), the insurance company owes it to their client to defend that claim, even if a portion of the lawsuit is not covered by the insured’s policy. The insurance company is responsible for paying any costs related to defending the claim, regardless of the actual policy’s coverage. An insurance company must also pay a judgement entered against the insured, up to the policy’s coverage limit. In this case, the final judgement must be for an act or omission that is covered by the insurance policy. In both first party and third party situations, there are certain expectations that the insured has once filing a claim, and there are subsequent duties that must be carried out by their insurance company. Insurance companies owe it to their clients to fulfil the obligations that are expected of them, or else they run the risk of enduring a bad faith claim. In these situations, a bad faith insurance attorney will have your back when your insurance provider does not.

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Finding a Civil Rights Attorney in Los Angeles

Discrimination is no joke. Being discriminated against because of personal attributes, such as race or gender, isn’t acceptable in California morally, socially, or legally. If you find yourself in a situation where you believe your civil rights have been violated, here are a few tips to help you seek justice and fair treatment, especially if you choose to take the case to civil court with the help of a civil rights attorney in Los Angeles.

Know Your Rights

Everybody has the same legal civil rights, regardless of race, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, and physical and developmental ability. Nobody has the right to discriminate against you, injure you, deny you business, or otherwise cause you harm based on these grounds. If you have been violated on any of the above grounds, you do have the right to seek justice. You may choose to solve the problem at a lower level (for instance, by consulting with a store manager if you were discriminated against by a business’s employee), but in accordance with federal and California state law, you also have the right to escalate the case by taking legal action. A civil rights attorney in Los Angeles ( ) will be able to help you determine the best course of action.

Seek Legal Assistance

When your civil rights have been violated, you are not obligated to simply let it go and move on if you don’t want to. You are well within your rights to take the case to court to seek compensation for physical injury, property destruction, or emotional damages. In fact, by taking the case to court, you are sending a message that this type of treatment isn’t okay, and that you will not stand for it. The first step is to find a civil rights attorney in Los Angeles who you are comfortable with, and who has the expertise to deal with your particular case. This lawyer will be a trusted guide throughout the process, and they will know the best route to take to seek compensation. Any experienced civil rights attorney in Los Angeles will know the specifics of local law ( ) and will be well equipped to represent you.

Prepare for the Process

One thing to keep in mind is that the process of filing and going through with a lawsuit can be long, and it can feel arduous. It can take a lot of energy and emotion, and it can leave you feeling exhausted at times. This isn’t to say that you should avoid the process, or let the threat of a hard fight deter you. It’s more a matter of preparing yourself. Knowing that it might be a difficult process gives you the opportunity to put a support system in place to ensure you have what it takes to get through. Make sure you have plenty of time set aside to rest during the process, and let trusted friends or family members know what’s going on so they can be there to support you. Having supports in place as you enter the legal process will make the whole thing a little easier to weather. There are plenty of civil rights attorneys in Los Angeles who can guide you through the process.

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How to Handle Bad Faith Insurance with a Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

We put so much of our trust in insurance companies: homes, cars, health—even our very lives are insured. So much of the quality of life of ourselves and our families can ride on insurance. A good policy can make all the difference when dealing with a catastrophic occurrence, such as a vehicle collision or a house fire. Having a trustworthy insurance company can make or break you during these situations. It’s such a shame, then, that some insurance companies don’t take their responsibility to be trustworthy seriously and instead take advantage of people who are in their most vulnerable state. If you feel like your insurance company is acting in bad faith, know that there are some steps you can take to address the situation, and a bad faith insurance attorney can help.

What is Bad Faith?

Bad faith insurance situations are situations where your insurance company acts in a dishonest or underhanded manner, resulting in you being denied the full claim you should be entitled to. A bad faith insurance attorney ( ) can help you with a number of situations, including being denied a claim you’re entitled to, being low-balled on a claim, having unrealistic time limitations imposed on your claims, being subjected to an unduly rigorous process (such as investigation without justification), having vague language in your policy that can be interpreted multiple ways, or having a lawyer that fails to disclose any part of your policy before you sign it. These are just a few examples. There are numerous ways an insurance company can act in bad faith, all of which can have devastating results during a difficult situation.

What Can Be Done

What can you do if you find yourself in a bad faith insurance situation? There are a few steps you should follow to get the claim you’re entitled to, including hiring a bad faith insurance attorney.

The first is to try negotiating and dealing with the insurance company directly. It’s possible that what looks like a bad faith insurance situation may just be a mistake or misunderstanding, so approach them with an opportunity to fix it. Even if their intent was malicious, if you are assertive enough, they may back down to avoid trouble. If that doesn’t work, call a bad faith insurance attorney. Yes, adding a lawyer ( ) to the situation may seem like you’re just adding more paperwork, more complicated legal language, and more hassle for you to deal with, but it will be worth it in the end when you are awarded your full claim. And remember that your lawyer is on your side. He or she will work with you and won’t try to make an already difficult situation even more complicated. Finally, once the case is closed and your claim is paid out, it’s time to look for a new insurance provider. It can be a hassle to wiggle free from your old provider, but, an insurance company that puts you in a bad faith insurance position once will more than likely do it again. If they are making it difficult to break your policy, lean on your bad faith insurance attorney for help.

Bad faith insurance situations are devastating, but they’re not worth accepting, no matter how exhausting they are to fight. Know your rights and do all you can to get the claim you deserve, and consult a bad faith insurance attorney for help.

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What does a Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles do?

When you are in an automobile accident, there is a series of events that takes place. Law enforcement takes care of ensuring the roadways are safe for the other motorists driving around the accident. Tow truck drivers remove the damaged vehicles that are unable to drive. Insurance adjusters review the vehicles and the cost to repair the damage. Insurance pays for the repairs to both vehicles. Autobody shops fix your vehicle so it is back in new condition again. The only thing that is not looked after is you and your own care. Your health and the means to look after it is vitally important. This is where a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles comes in.

Whether you were the driver, a passenger, a bystander or an affected family member, a personal injury attorney makes it their main goal to help you with your loss or injury. Repairing mental and physical damage to a person is much more difficult than repairing a damaged vehicle. If you were directly injured by a vehicle accident, it will take time to repair the physical damages done to you. Depending on the severity of the accident, you can face thousands of dollars in medical expenses and a considerable loss of time from your job while you recover. Bills do not wait for employment. Medical expenses are not always covered by a third party insurance. A personal injury attorney Los Angeles ( KBKLawyers/Personal-injury-attorney-los-angeles ) firm will work with you to help you meet a financial settlement that will assist you with these financial needs.

A personal injury attorney in your Los Angeles area is also there to help families of injury victims. When the injuries to a person result in their inability to function on their own, their family is left to pay the bills and provide care. It is a very difficult task to maintain bills, afford the new medical costs, and still have a maintained standard of living. Even further is the added funeral expenses in the unfortunate event that the accident is fatal or the victim succumbs to their injuries. During this emotional time, the expertise of a personal injury attorney in Los Ageles is invaluable in helping obtain the financial assistance needed to cover both medical and funeral costs.

A personal injury attorney Los Angeles office has seen countless heart breaking cases of victims and families who are unable to cope with the sudden injuries and loss of life. Their expertise has helped win thousands of dollars that have gone directly to these families to help them with their daily living and expenses. It is hard enough to have to endure a life changing injury. It is even more difficult to lower your standard of living just to be able to make ends meet. Injury attorneys ( KBKLawyers/Firm ) understand just how difficult this process is, especially during an already trying time. They take the difficulty out of this experience by taking your side and fighting for you. They can help advise you in the best course of action for your situation, and they will do everything they can to help make this trying time a little easier to manage.

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Do you know when it is time to Utilize the Services of a Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorney?

A brain injury can have detrimental life altering effects on the affected person and their family. Everybody affected has to change their way of daily living in order to accommodate the debilitating effects of this injury.  Brain injuries should never be taken lightly. Any injury needs to be properly assessed—not only the current issues, but also any long-term damage that may affect how you live your daily life.  A good Los Angeles brain injury attorney ( ) can assess your situation and help you determine how your standard of living is affected—as well as what it means to your long-term independence.

How bad is it?

Over 1.4 million people in the United States are treated and released from the Emergency Department each year with brain injuries.  This extremely large number of people can be considered more fortunate to have a milder form of a brain injury. Many may achieve a full recovery.  Unfortunately, over 275,000 will be hospitalized, and over 55,000 will die. Over 28% of the brain injuries in the United States occur from a type of fall. The trauma from a fall on the human brain results in a wide range of injuries: some mild, some fatal.  The second most leading cause of brain injuries (around 20%) result from motor vehicle accidents. Physical assaults and physical blows to the head come in third and fourth on how brain injuries occur.  You can see by these statistics that brain injuries can happen to anybody. It’s not just a matter of staying out of trouble and driving well. A simple fall can have detrimental effects on the outcome of your daily life.  The medication and treament needed to overcome a brain injury can be life changing. Your daily living and ability to work need to be properly assessed, and a Los Angeles brain injury attorney can help you determine what you and your family need in order to live independingly with this type of injury.


Symptoms of a brain injury can range widely and should never be overlooked. Mild symptoms, such as mood changes, exhaustion, dizziness, cognition, and changes in senses, can indicate a brain injury.  More obvious symptoms can be more severe, such as loss of consciousness and comas. No symptom should be taken lightly. The sooner proper treatment is taken, the better chance a person has of minimal lasting effects. A Los Angeles brain injury attorney can help you deterimine if you were misdiagnosed or mistreated at a hospital, leaving you with lasting injuries that could have been prevented.

What do I do now?

Do you suspect that you have a brain injury?  Do not speculate; get help and get advice. Your local Los Angeles brain injury attorney can help you with obtaining the finances needed for current and future treatment. From short-term job loss and medications to long-term finances, your lawyer is able to help you obtain the money needed to maintain your current standard of living.  Do not let a brain injury hold you back; talk to a qualified lawyer ( ) today to get the help and finances needed for proper treatment and living.  You owe it to yourself and your family to survive.

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Find out whether you should consult a Los Angeles brain injury attorney

Your brain is arguably the most important part of your body—and the most fragile. Your brain makes you who you are, and that means that a traumatic brain injury can leave your personality changed forever, or worse. If you or someone close to you in L.A. has suffered a brain injury, you should consult a Los Angeles brain injury attorney ( KBKlawyers/Los-Angeles-Brain-Injury-Attorney ) to learn about what options you have.

Signs and Symptoms

A traumatic brain injury can occur whenever the head collides with any object, or when something pierces the skull. Some brain injuries will be obvious, but other will have mild or subtle symptoms at first, meaning you won’t always realize that you or someone close to you has suffered a brain injury. Los Angeles is a city with many motor vehicle accidents, which account for almost a third of traumatic-brain-injury-related deaths, so if you’ve been in a car crash, you should consult a Los Angeles brain injury attorney.

Some of the extreme symptoms of a traumatic brain injury are loss of memory, impaired motor function, loss of sensation, and coma. On the more subtle side, you might notice mild confusion, disorientation, and personality changes. If you or someone you care about is showing any of these symptoms after an injury to the head, you should consult a Los Angeles brain injury attorney. Attorneys can usually refer you to an expert doctor who can determine whether you have suffered a brain injury.

What An Attorney Can Do For You

In addition to referring you to an expert, a Los Angeles brain injury attorney can determine whether your injury was caused by the misconduct of an individual, a corporation, or a public entity. For example, if your injury was caused by a collision with an impaired driver, then that driver is likely at fault. If your injury was caused by faulty safety equipment, then the manufacturer or provider of that equipment may be at fault. Finally, if you sustained your injury due to unsafe conditions on public land, the city government may be responsible.

A Los Angeles brain injury attorney will know whether you have a case, and will be familiar with the specific laws around brain injuries in Los Angeles and the State of California. They will be able to determine what you should do to receive compensation for your injury.

Furthermore, an attorney who believes you have a strong case will generally be able to front the costs for you to pursue justice, especially since they expect to be paid from the money you will win in court. Consulting a Los Angeles brain injury attorney is the first step towards being able to go to court, regardless of your financial background.

Nothing Will Make It Right

The truth is, the damage from a traumatic brain injury may never go away. Your life and work will be negatively impacted by your injury. If someone is at fault for this damage to the very core of your being, then there is nothing they can do to make things right. However, the pursuit of a legal ( KBKlawyers/Firm ) settlement will help to compensate you for the emotional and financial toll that your injury will take. Call a Los Angeles brain injury attorney today.

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Finding an Insurance Fraud Attorney

What is Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud takes many forms, from a slightly exaggerated claim to an all-out staged accident or injury. Yet, while many people think of insurance fraud as only occurring on the part of the claimant, insurance companies can also commit fraud. Any time an insurance company does not honour the terms and conditions of their policies, it is committing insurance fraud, and an insurance fraud attorney can help.

Dealing with insurance companies can be a very time-consuming and stressful experience. And, unfortunately, the time when one needs to cash in on their insurance policy is usually not the best period in that person’s life – times of illness, bereavement, loss, and trauma. When an insurance company does not hold up its end of the bargain with a policy holder (or makes it extremely difficult for the policy holder to collect his/her rightful insurance monies), the added stress of this experience can take a further toll on a person’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Insurance fraud attorneys ( ) fight on behalf of their clients’ rights and will take on insurance companies directly to ensure that their clients are receiving their full and proper due.

Types of Insurance Fraud

There are many kinds of insurance fraud, and they range in severity from minor misdemeanors to full-on felony charges. Quite simply, insurance fraud occurs when someone intentionally (or even unintentionally, in certain cases) deceives or defrauds an insurance company in order to collect money. Again, insurance companies can also commit a kind of insurance fraud if they are breaking the terms of their agreements with policy holders. An insurance fraud attorney can help you understand what kind of insurance fraud you are dealing with.

The most common types of insurance fraud are exaggerated estimates of damages to persons or assets, under-reporting important information in relation to an insurance claim, and, of course, making false claims. An insurance fraud attorney will scrupulously go over the details of an individual’s case – as no two cases are the same – and determine if he or she should pursue legal actions. In order for a prosecutor to be able to convict the defendant of an insurance fraud crime, the prosecutor must be able to prove the following elements: 1) that the defendant made a false statement; 2) that the statement was directly related to a claim or payment made by an insurance company; and 3) that the statement is material to the insurance payment or claim. In some cases, an insurance fraud attorney will be able to prove all three of these elements quite easily; however, some insurance fraud cases are much more complicated and require careful and meticulous investigation.

Act Quickly

Anyone who thinks they may have been the victim of insurance fraud should contact an insurance fraud attorney immediately to go over the details of their case. It’s important for victims of insurance fraud to act quickly and consult a lawyer immediately; waiting too long after the event can make it harder for lawyers ( ) to collect the proper evidence they need to successfully prosecute a case. Delaying a case of insurance fraud can also affect a judge’s or jury’s perception of the prosecution’s credibility.

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A Los Angeles Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You Make The Best Of A Bad Situation

Getting into an accident on the road is a traumatic experience that can have long-term effects on the lives of everyone involved. Nobody intends to be involved in a vehicle collision, but sometimes it happens, and the best thing you can do when it does is be prepared for the worst—even when the likelihood of an accident seems small. This is especially true if you drive a truck. Trucks are large, powerful vehicles, and they have the potential to do a lot of harm, both to people and property. If you drive a truck, whether for personal or professional reasons, you should contact a Los Angeles truck accident attorney ( ) to find out how to protect yourself and others.

Be Prepared

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, you should be ready for a road accident. Carry a first aid kit and some road cones, and keep a mobile phone with a charged battery available when you drive. Know which parts of town are notorious for being high collision areas and be extra careful in those zones. Always make sure your vehicle insurance policy is up to date and covers everything that it should. A Los Angeles truck accident attorney can help you with more suggestions.

When An Accident Happens

If you do get into a truck accident, you need to remain on the scene and focus on your safety and the safety of others. No matter who was at fault, try to make sure everyone is out of danger before discussing the matter further. Exchange insurance information and call the police. If you are driving a work vehicle, contact your company to let them know what happened. At your first opportunity, make sure to contact a Los Angeles truck accident attorney with the details of the accident to make sure you are protected from inappropriate legal action.

How Can An Attorney Help Me?

If you or someone you care about are suffering from the after-effects of a truck accident, you may be surprised at the ways in which the incident affects your life. A Los Angeles truck accident attorney can help you to get monetary compensation to help you deal with medical bills and other expenses brought on by the accident. If you were at fault, an attorney can help to protect you from charges beyond what should be applied, and he or she can help you understand the best way to proceed while making reparations.

Finding An Attorney

If you are going to be driving a truck—especially a large one—you should probably have an attorney in mind just in case an accident happens. Do a search for Los Angeles truck accident attorneys in your area and read what the online community has to say about them. That will give you the peace of mind you need so that, even if an accident does happen, you will have some protection ( ) against the long-term effects of trouble on the road. In the meantime, remember that the best outcome is not to have an accident at all—remember to drive safely!

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A Los Angeles Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Help Set Your Mind At Ease

It’s never easy when a loved one dies. You can be left wondering how such a thing could happen and what you can do next. It’s even harder when you lose a loved one to an untimely cause, such as an accident or the result of someone else’s negligence. When you have lost a loved one before their time, and someone else was at fault, you may need to look for a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer ( KBKLawyers/Los-Angeles-Wrongful-Death-Lawyer ) to help you press a lawsuit against the guilty party. They will be able to provide you with expert help and timely legal advice.

I Have Enough On My Plate Right Now

Losing a loved one is a harrowing experience, and it’s understandable that you might want to retreat from other concerns for a while in order to deal with this tragedy. It may seem unsavory or even disrespectful to initiate legal proceedings at a time like this, but your need for time and space is exactly why you should hire a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer. They can look after the legal ( KBKLawyers/Firm ) processes and help you prevent the situation from becoming even more stressful than it already is, giving you the time and the peace to mourn.

I Don’t Know If I’m Eligible

There are several types of death that would qualify for the attention of a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer. Many wrongful death cases are the result of negligence by other people. This can happen when someone fails to do their job or fails to follow safety rules. A special form of this is medical malpractice, when the mistakes or willful omissions of a physician result in the death of a patient. Finally, deliberate murder also counts as wrongful death. If any of these apply to the situation that took your loved one from you, you should speak to an attorney.

I Can’t Afford It

It’s true that lawyers usually aren’t free, and that they often aren’t cheap. However, there are many expenses surrounding the death of a loved one and some of those expenses can be surprising. A Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer will cost you money, but they can help you to secure the largest settlement possible, which will help to offset the costs of a funeral and other bills. It is an expenditure, but it’s one that will save you money, and perhaps even make you money in the long run.

What Do I Do Now?

Nothing can bring back a loved one who has passed away. A large settlement may seem like poor compensation after such a tragedy, but you owe it to yourself and your family to seek justice for your loved one. There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. You still have people to care for and a life to live. Let a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer help you to take care of the financial and legal burden surrounding a loved one’s death so that you can focus on what’s truly important.

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Finding the Best Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

An injury of any kind can be devastating. The effects on your body can be painful, and the emotional and psychological scars can be just as painful. One of the most life-changing types of injury is a spinal cord injury. While most other injuries fade over time or can be adapted to, a spinal cord injury can cause a permanent and serious change to the way you live your life. If you or a loved one has suffered from a spinal cord injury, seek out the services of a spinal cord injury attorney. Though they won’t be able to reverse the injury, they can get you the support you need to move on with your life.

The Seriousness of Spinal Cord Injuries

An injury to any part of your body can be dangerous, but spinal cord injuries are particularly serious because they can cause varying degrees of paralysis, ranging from the reduced function in the fingers, to quadriplegia. Someone who has suffered this type of injury will never return to the way their life was before. They will need varying levels of support that, in serious cases, might include a full time caregiver. They will live each day with a permanent reminder of the injury they suffered. A spinal cord injury attorney ( ) can, in the very least, ensure you have the financial compensation you need to move forward with your life.

Can Pursuing a Legal Case Really Help?

Given the permanent nature of most spinal cord injuries, many people don’t feel like it’s worth it to take the matter to court. If there is nothing that can be done to reverse and injury, what good is money awarded in a lawsuit? It can’t buy your old body back, but what it can do, though, is provide you with the financial stability you will need if you are not able to return to a full time work schedule. It will allow you to build up a support system, which may include hiring a caregiver, or having a family member quit their job so they can help you. The money awarded may help you with specialized equipment you might now need to get around and support your daily functions. A qualified spinal cord injury attorney will work with you to determine how much money you are owed and what you will need to move forward with your life.

Getting Through the Process

For many people, the idea of going through a lawsuit or court case is exhausting to think about. It can be a long process, and your injury may make it difficult to keep your energy up. However, as your spinal cord injury attorney will tell you, the process is worth it, not just for the financial restitution you are owed, but for the feeling of vindication and closure you’ll experience when the process is over, too. With a strong support system in place, you can get through the legal ( ) process.

If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury, don’t be afraid to take the next step. Get in touch with a spinal cord injury lawyer who can guide you through the legal process, empowering you to move forward with the rest of your life.

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