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A Quick Guide to Entrepreneur Mentorship Programs

Unless you have Bill and Melinda Gates as your parents, you will probably need a mentor who can teach you necessary business skills. Having a great business idea and understanding is one thing but the understanding difference between an S corporation and LLC, knowing how to correctly file taxes, using social media for building audience and knowledge about pay-per-click advertising is an overwhelming thing.

An entrepreneur mentorship program helps you gain essential skills that will ensure you are not stuck in initial phases of setting up business. The mentoring done through this program will help you reach right people to take your business to next level.

What Do You get in an Entrepreneur Mentorship Program?

The mentorship program is aimed at personal development and high-level leadership within structured timeframe. Throughout the mentorship program, mentees (someone who is mentored) work towards a goal and establishing personal accountability while Mentors support them through engagement and next level education.

The mentees learn business skills from CEOs who either participate in the program as mentors or share their valuable knowledge and experience as counselor or member of the society of fellows participants. The program generally includes education programs that focuses on leadership, field trips, and participation events.

How Does Entrepreneur Mentorship Program Work?

The program starts with activities that include matching of Mentee and Mentor. The platform offering Entrepreneur Mentorship Program ( Vamaks.Com/Entrepreneur-Mentorship-Programs ) facilitates the application and matching process and the pairs are announced at an event.

Once it is done the former mentoring relationship and activities are self-paced. During the mentorship program, the Mentee and Mentor meet face to face to one to three hours each month towards setting and realization of personalized, measurable and attainable goals. After the completion of the program, the relationship ends with the celebration of achievements.

Why You Need a Mentor?

Like every other field, mentors play an important role in the success of business. You will find many successful people in every field attributing their success to their mentors. As a young budding entrepreneur, it is quite common to fall into the trap of “I’m on the top of the world” after getting first few tastes of success.

When you achieve success on your own at the initial stage, it becomes difficult for you to ask for help; due to proudness or the fear of asking. An entrepreneur mentorship program can get you the right guidance, and knowledge needed to overcome failures and learn to achieve consistent success.

How Does the Entrepreneur Mentorship Program help?

Sometimes it is difficult for an individual to see his/her business from the outside. By enrolling into such mentorship programs, it is easy for an individual to learn finer nuances of business ( Vamaks.Com/Blog ) and the processes that drive it. The mentor gives you a 10,000 feet view of your business that you are missing.

An Entrepreneur mentorship program can help you take complete control of the growth of your business. It will help you gain fresh perspectives show you the way to work faster and smarter towards the achievement of goals.

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Fasco Motors – An Ideal Solution for Your Home

Are you looking for mechanical and air-moving applications in your home? Do you want fans, air conditioners, heaters, compressors and pumps? Opt for Fasco Motors and get the best solution for your home. Fasco delivers the complete line of customized fractional horsepower motors as well as blowers for more than 100 years. Fasco motors  ( HvacBrain.Com/Fasco-Motors ) have the capacity to empower several products for a wide array of applications. Moreover, the global presence, excellent customer support and the proficient staff of Fasco can offer the highest quality of product at a reasonable rate. Fasco continues to develop products for meeting customer requirement and ever-changing marketplace. The manufacturer listens to customers and combines knowledge with core expertise in key motor technologies for creating tailored solutions for applications. The engineering team of Fasco has most experienced & creative designers who offer value-added bespoke solutions. As a result of which, you can get the apt solution as per your need. Hundreds of engineers and technicians are devoted to design assistance and rapid prototyping. The progressive team delivers customer focused testing including motor design, testing, vibration analysis, acoustics evaluation, gas appliance efficiency, emissions testing and more. So, you can get your desired fractional horsepower motors & blowers from Fasco. The AC motors of FASCO encompass a range from C-Frame & 3.3″‘ motors to 56 frame motors, which are used in mechanical as well as air-moving applications.

Let’s check out in this regard top three FASCO motors :

  Industrial High Efficiency ECM Air Circulator – This competent ECM motor comes with high efficient fan blade along with OSHA acquiescent chrome plated wire fan guards. The motor runs well on 50 or 60 Hz. 30” model makes use of only 78 watts for moving 5700 cfm and 24” model makes use of only 60 watts for moving 3300 cfm. The motor can flow up to 9700 cfm.  This is created with the next generation engineering for keeping workers cool even in the most demanding environments while saving energy ( HvacBrain.Com/About-Us ).  One can pull chain switch in order to operate it easily. Moreover, the circulator heads safeguards mounting accessory with 2 bolts. In addition, locking tilt adjustment directs air wherever needed and are corrosion resistant aluminium propellers. Furthermore, 115V units comprise of factory-wired and power cord with molded plug.

  Internal Capacitor Unit Bearing Motor – You may also choose 1-9 Watt PSC internal capacitor bearing motor for using in commercial refrigeration applications as evaporator as well as condenser.  You can get durable, problem-free operation with this motor. PSC is efficient and quiet compared to shaded pole motor. By using this patented internal mounted capacitor, the motor can offer you direct machine-driven interchangeability with current shaded pole unit bearing motors.

  External Capacitor Unit Bearing Motor – Moreover, you can use external capacitor unit bearing motors in commercial refrigeration applications for evaporator and condenser. However, this motor can be used in any other applications that demand reliability with output ratings from 16 to 25 watts.

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Four Tips on Hiring the Right Boat Broker

Buying a boat can be a complicated process. There are so many procedures involved such as purchasing the right kind of boat, negotiating for the right price, paperwork, payment of fees and getting a certificate of ownership.

A boat broker can handle all these tasks and make your boat buying process very simple. However, with so many boat brokers ( ) out there, how do you select the right broker who will get you best deal? To make things simple for you, we are sharing some tips that will help you select a right broker.

Doesn’t Take Much Time to Respond

The way the customer service department responds to a curious/new customer tells a lot about the boat broker firm. If you experience a lack of prompt response then it is a red flag. It only tells the customer service will get worse when the deal is completed.

If it is a good boat dealer, they are bound to have a busy schedule. But that does not mean the sales department does not have time to respond to your queries. If the sales personnel is happy to provide answers to your queries on the phone and mail with a quick TAT, it is a good sign.

Look for Marine Industry Certified Brokers

Certifications like Marine Industry Certified Dealership (MICD) Program ensures you get a recognized standard of service regardless of the dealer’s location or the type of boat you want to purchase.

When you hire boat broker with MICD certifications, you can be rest assured the company is well versed with boats and equipment and also has good knowledge in boat trading.

It is also seen boat brokers with MICD certifications tend to deliver a higher quality of customer services than the non-certified ones.

Don’t Ignore the Importance of Location
It is necessary that the boat dealer is conveniently located as you will be required to tow the boat for service and repairs. If they are closer by on land or water, you can expect or request the company to come to the dock or marina for the service or repairs. Though the nearby location of the boat dealer does not make it a bad choice, selecting a broker that is located far away will only be a burden.

Ask for References

Talking to current customers can help you learn a lot about the company’s work ethics and customer service they offer. You can request the boat company to give you names and contact details of few customers.

You need to understand that some boat brokers might be reluctant to give names of their customers due to concerns about violating the privacy of their customers. However, if the boat company is defensive when you make such request, you can assume something is wrong. A good boating company ( ) will consider your request and get back to you with the required information after checking with their customers.

The tips given above will help you select the right candidate from the crowd of boat brokers who will have the right connections and knowledge and negotiate the best price for the boat. After all, purchasing a boat should be fun.

Do you have any tips to share that will help select right boat broker? Please feel free to share your views through comments.

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Factors to Consider When Shopping for EMT Supplies

The modern Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) have a greater responsibility than just being ambulance attendants. They attend to various emergency calls responding to the injured or critically ill or accident victims. They receive the professional training required to perform such duties. The agencies supply all the equipment required to perform these jobs, along with the uniform and other identification like insignia, badges, slip-ons etc. for people to recognize these professionals and co-operate with them.

Along with performing their responsibilities, the EMTs are also required to have a fully compatible uniform that helps them look professional, identify themselves as helpers of the community, and be able to carry all their paraphernalia. There are various tools that help them get the professional look and identify themselves as such professionals which are available on the market. Some of these tools include the uniform, slip-ons, badges, belts, insignia, etc. These uniform and medical gear have become the pride of EMTs.

When looking for quality EMT supplies ( ) such as uniform, badges, slip-ons, insignia or any clothing or identification accessories, you need to consider factors, which include :

•  Quality of the Material : The quality of material used in manufacturing uniform, equipment, and gear for the military, police, fire, and EMS departments will have an impact on the durability of the products. Most EMT supplies comes with a warranty for product defects arising out of wear and tear. The average life expectancy of your equipment such as uniform, bags, gloves, slip-ons, etc. is around 3- 5 years.  The ability of your equipment to face tough working conditions, weather, frequency of usage, different types of storage facilities, etc. depend largely on the type of material used.

•  Ease of Maintenance : As the average life of EMT supplies is about 3 -5 years, you may have to regularly clean the equipment, uniform, etc. for proper upkeep. Ease of maintenance is an important consideration when shopping for your work apparel, gear, insignia, bags, backpacks, and more.  You need to check your uniform regularly to understand if they require cleaning. Equipment made from quality materials will have minimum cleaning with non-oil base soap, soft-bristle brush, and some water.

•  Durability : You can always extend the life of your EMT supplies with proper upkeep and regular maintenance. Check your EMT uniform, belts, and gear for tears, rips, cracks in metals, etc. so you can have them repaired. Repairing the accessories, uniform will offer longer life and greater value for your money. Additionally, you can extend the life of the equipment by storing them carefully when not in use.

Make sure you purchase your EMT supplies such as uniforms, insignia, ID badges, bags, gloves, etc. from a company that has rich experience in this line of business ( ), offers the highest levels of customer service and brings out products that offer longer life and comfort.

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Granite Memphis Kitchens Vs. Quartz Surfaces

In any given home, the kitchen is not only where individuals and families come together to create meals, but operates as the centre of the home. Anybody who has ever hosted a dinner party knows that people naturally congregate in the kitchen area. It is an important room in any home, and as such its’ design sets the tone for the rest of the house. Kitchen renovations can prove to be quite time consuming with the number of decisions that need to be made. One of the most important decisions is which material to use for the countertop surfaces in the kitchen. Among designers and builders in Memphis there is an ongoing discussion as to the pros and cons of using Granite Memphis versus Quartz.


One of the most popular countertop materials is naturally occurring granite; the appeal of using a natural rock rather than an artificially processed or “fake looking” surface is quite obvious. However, with many individuals still opting for the cheaper Quartz for their countertops, the question arises as to whether or not that extra cost to install Granite for Memphis kitchen surfaces is worthwhile. First and foremost, the material one chooses should be low in volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and non-porous. Given that kitchen surfaces are the place where food is prepared, it is vital to make sure that this area is safe and clean.

Porous surfaces allow for bacteria to collect more readily, but in such tiny pockets that one cannot simply rid their surfaces of these bacteria through daily cleaning. However, any surface that is porous can easily be sealed annually to prevent any negative consequences. VOC’s can be dangerous for individuals to breathe in and reduce the overall air quality of a home. One thing to keep in mind is that since Quartz surfaces have an acrylic finish like resin, VOC levels are likely higher. However, granite can also contain low levels of naturally occurring radon. Although these levels are not high enough to be dangerous, it is best to have any material tested, even granite in Memphis, before installation (kits can usually be purchased at low cost, by looking here).

Granite is naturally occurring stone, meaning that all the various seams and fissures that the rock develops over time will show on the countertop, depending on the rock that is chosen. This makes it difficult to create a completely ‘seamless’ surface, but adds an interesting appeal to a countertop that is increasingly popular in homes. Quartz surfaces are manufactured to look the same no matter the slab that is chosen, meaning that a completely seamless appearance is possible. Aesthetically speaking, granite surfaces are unequivocally beautiful, and come in as many varieties as one can possible conceive of. The choice to have Granite in Memphis kitchen surfaces depends on ones aesthetic preferences.

Granite Memphis kitchens can be breathtakingly beautiful and durable as long as they are installed properly and are sealed for water resistance on an annual basis. As long as this low cost, low effort step is taken, granite will stand the test of time and look beautiful doing so.

This article was written by Anabel Corsoro, on behalf of Pacific Shore Stones, housing an assortment of stones from around the world, including traditional core colors and extravagant exotics for those customers looking for stones as unique as their own designs. To know about the different uses of granite, you may also visit Wiki.answers.

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The Effectiveness of Safety Signage

It is important for businesses to be able to communicate both with consumers and employees. When it comes to safety and signage, this is really a non-negotiable issue. After all, being able to install signs safely helps to save people from injuries and lowers the overall risk of employees putting themselves in injurious situations.


Safety and signage is derided as unimportant by many employers who may directly benefit from it. It is easy to stick to the old and familiar ways of doing business and advertising in-store promotions, namely by hiking up a ladder with a giant cardboard sign. There are a myriad of reasons why signage is important, but the main reason is just to keep people informed and make a business, money. Finding ways to be able to advertise traditionally while creating a safer work environment is an employer’s duty. New technology is not all confusing or difficult and when it comes to safety and signage hanging, a lot has changed.

The bureau of the United States Department of Labor Statistics reported in 2011 that over three million work-place injuries and illnesses were reported by private industry company’s employees. This amounts to an injury or illness rate of 3.5 per 100 employees. That is lower than it was in years past largely due to improved work conditions, including more effective ways of working. In the retail industry this has meant eliminating the need to climb ladders through safety enhanced signage hanging technology.  Customers benefit from this new era of safety too. Customers no longer have to mill around employees on ladders which is an improvement both safety wise and professionally.

The bureau of Labor Statistics also has a report on fatal workplace injuries from 2011. This report highlights over 4,600 fatal injuries suffered in the year, which is down slightly from the year before. While not all of these workplace’ fatal injuries were preventable, certainly a number of them were. Preventing deaths in the workplace is a key reason that safety for signage hanging is so important. Many reported workplace injuries are sustained in falls and you do not have to fall far to break a wrist or hit your head fatally.


Having successful and safely installed signage can help companies to save money in the long run. Fewer insurance claims and fewer lawsuit issues both of which can be quite costly for businesses, large or small, can be avoided more easily when safety and signage come together. Sign hanging might seem like an insignificant aspect of a person’s day or a business’s advertising campaign, but it only takes one accident to change all that.

Workplace injuries are a major concern in every industry. While you may walk through the mall or stop by your local convenience store and think it is the easiest job in the world – there are all kinds of hazards. Whether it be falling from a ladder while stocking a shelf or attempting to hang a promotional sign, a fall can be damaging. A business wants a great reputation for its product or services as well as for how it cares for employees. If a business takes the critical step of bringing safety and signage systems together, everyone will prosper and the work environment will flourish.

This article was written by Cleo Connelly, on behalf of Reel E-Z Display, offering convenient solutions to hang merchandising signage and improve sign hanging safety. To know more about a signage and the different types, you may also visit

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Keep an Eye on Transmission in Los Angeles

A car’s transmission in Los Angeles can take a beating, like many other things in LA. The weather is not the only element  that a car owner needs to worry about. Basic wear and tear with driving ensures that upkeep is a necessary on a regular basis, either yearly or when a certain amount of mileage is reached. Take into consideration your style of driving as well, because every driver is different. The types of road most often travelled, wildlife and even the acidity of rain can affect your cars transmission.

Heavy use of ones transmission in Los Angeles is defined as more than 50% use in heavy city traffic (wherein there is much stopping and going and stopping again) with ambient temperatures of 90˚F (32˚C). Extreme and sustained heat like that will not only damage your transmission, but will also make the leather seats very uncomfortable if wearing shorts. Consider that roads are always hotter the closer to surface you get to them, by about 10 to 15 degrees. This will increase the chances of balding, sidewall bubbles and other negative impacts that could increase the chance of blowouts of disintegration.


There are other ways by which  heat will affect transmissions in Los Angeles. The battery’s chemical operation will increase and the fluids will evaporate which will cause the battery to burn out quicker. The belts, hoses and cooling systems of a vehicle should be checked regularly as the cracks in the belts and hoses could cause damage to the engine or radiator. Of course, there are  naturally damaging effects of extreme sunlight, which will bleach, crack and peel paint, rubber and plastic. Keep an eye on your car during all extreme temperatures, especially sun.

Of course, the entire car is affected by extreme heat and should be taken care of. The most important parts of a vehicle, the tires, engine, battery and transmission in Los Angeles can ruin ones day if ignored! The sun can damage ones transmission in a multitude of ways and it is general knowledge to look after that particular organ of one’s vehicle. Some transmissions can be especially vulnerable if there is an aluminum valve body because aluminum is a soft metal and prone to damage through dirt and abrasive material in the fluids.

Changing the fluids of one’s transmission is not an easy task, certainly not as easy as changing the vehicles oil or topping up with gasoline. Also, just like how the feces of any animal can tell a person about the animal (or persons) diet, the old transmission fluid can tell an experienced mechanic about the inner workings of the car. Even with manual transmission fluid in Los Angeles cars, the task is not simple or easy, though it is easier than automatic transmissions. If you are worried about your car or have not had it checked  for more than two years, it would be a wise decision to take it to a professional mechanic in an established repair shop. For transmissions in Los Angeles, there are many such outfits, but if you are searching for a shop that is experienced with a wide variety of cars and transmissions, make some calls and ask a lot of questions.

This article was written by Yukiko Patka, on behalf of Westside Transmission and Automotive, Inc. offering necessary services to get you and your car up and running as quickly as possible. To know how you can choose a car repair shop, you may also visit

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