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Five Best Smoothies to Try Out at Juice Bars in Houston

Smoothies are a great way to gulp down a host of fruity benefits in one go. When you are short of time for breakfast on a busy morning, or when you need a quick bout of energy after a rigorous workout session, a smoothie serves as a good choice. Made from a blend of fruits, veggies, or nuts, often combined with milk, yogurt, and other condiments, this thick drink satiates your hunger and serves as a nutritious dose. Smoothies many a time, are great substitutes to full meals, especially when you are on a diet control program. They also work fine as fillers and snack time drinks in between consecutive meals. Houston boasts of a number juice bars ( ) that serve you this rich drink. There are many varieties and recipes that are available, but some of them are a must try. Here are five best recipes.

# 1 – Green Monkey

Green veggies or salads, drinks, and meals that contain this ingredient always score high on a health chart. The Green Monkey smoothie is one such recipe that gives you the ‘green’ benefit. Kale and spirulina are the main green ingredients of this drink, while banana, pineapple, and orange juice lend it a sweet and fruity twist. If you are bored of salad and fruit bowls and yet do not want to cut down on the goodness that green veggies give you, drink this smoothie.

# 2 – Strawberry Sentiment

Berries are much loved fruits, and find their way into most drinks and dessert recipes. Their sweet yet mildly sour taste blends perfectly well with that of milk or yogurt, and hence makes for great ingredients in smoothies. If you love berries and their combination with other fruits, you definitely need to give the Strawberry Sentiment smoothie a try. This lush pink drink brings you the rich taste of strawberry along with a hint of banana and pineapple. Plus, there is orange juice that gives it a citrusy twist, and mint that brings a refreshing flavor.

# 3 – Morning Glory

This smoothie is specially crafted to meet your morning energy needs, and includes a whole lot of healthy ingredients. Banana brings in the thickness and also lends it a fruity flavor, along with some apple juice. Adding to the goodness are pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, oats, and almond milk, along with a hint of cinnamon that balances the sweetness. Some variants of this smoothie also use peanuts to give it a nutty twist. So, the next time you are in a hurry and skip your breakfast, you know what to grab on the go.

# 4 – Choco Loco

A dessert or drink recipe line up is never complete without one that is chocolate flavored. For all the cacao lovers, here is a smoothie recipe that is loaded with chocolaty lusciousness. This thick smoothie blends the yummy flavor of cacao powder with banana, coconut meat, maca, agave, and coconut water to give you a drink that is rich and filling. If you love any derivative or the dark brown bean, don’t forget to try out this lip smacking drink at a juice bar in Houston.

# 5 – Purple Rain

Here is yet another berry based recipe for all berry lovers. The smoothie, as the name suggests, is a beautiful, purple hued drink that tickles your taste buds with beet juice, and a mixture of strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and goji berry. The recipe also includes banana, maca, and orange juice, which complement the flavor of the other ingredients. If you are fond of consuming the berries in their raw form, you should definitely give this smoothie a try.

The next time you head to a juice bar in Houston ( ), be sure to try at least one, if not more, of these best, and much loved smoothie recipes listed above.

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Healthy Recipes for Vegetarians

The decision to change to a vegetarian diet is one that many people make for many different reasons. For some, the decision is made to protect animals from harm. Others might make the decision for religious or cultural reasons. Still others make the decision to go vegetarian because their bodies do not respond well to meat, or because they just do not like the taste of it. Whatever the reason might be, many vegetarians are looking for ways to get the protein, iron, and other nutrients they are missing by not eating meat. Fortunately, all of these nutrients can be found in non-meat items, and there are many healthy recipes that are great substitutes for meat.


Protein is one of the main nutrients in meat, and vegetarians need protein just as much as anybody else does. There are many healthy recipes that are packed with protein that contain no meat at all. One of the best sources of protein is eggs. Eggs are packed with protein and can be eaten just plain on their own, or can be made into a number of fantastic meals. Omelettes are a great meal for any time of the day – there’s no need to restrict them to just breakfast! Add some veggies, cheese, and seasonings and you have a protein-packed meal. If you are vegan and do not eat eggs, nuts and legumes are a great way to get protein as well. Nuts can be eaten as a snack, or can be incorporated into a number of healthy recipes. Try grilled veggies in a spicy peanut sauce for dinner. Legumes also contain a high amount of protein. Try lentils with couscous for a rich, tasty way to get all the protein you need.

Most people associate iron with red meat, but this is not the only place to get it. Vegetarians can get all the iron they need, from dark green vegetables. Spinach especially is packed with iron. Try hollowing out a tomato or green pepper, stuffing it spinach and feta cheese, and baking it in the oven. Sundried tomatoes are also a great source of iron, and can be added to a number of salads or other healthy recipes. Try adding sundried tomatoes to a Greek salad – olives are also very high in iron, so the combination is ideal. Many dried fruits such as apricots, raisins, currants, and coconuts also contain high amounts of iron, so you can actually get your daily dose of iron during dessert too!

There are many healthy recipes that contain protein, iron, and other nutrients without containing any meat. As a vegetarian, it is important that you keep your diet balanced and find ways to get all of the vitamins and minerals that most people get from meat. Eating only vegetables can have health benefits as long as you find ways to meet all of your nutritional needs, including the ones that you would normally rely on meat for. Eating dark green vegetables, as well as eggs, nuts, and legumes will help you to achieve all of the balance you need in your vegetarian diet.

This article was written by Geraldo Chantos on behalf of, Jenny has great recipes on nutritional dishes, soups and salads, dinner rolls, pizzas and chocolate cakes. Jenny’s recipes have been published in various newspaper columns as well as Redbook Magazine, Woman’s world and her cook book collections are over 300. To know the five healthy factors to consider on what to eat or drink, visit

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