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Traditional Ceiling Fans from Monte Carlo that take you back in Time

There are many component that make a great home, and ventilation is one of them. Proper air flow keeps the interiors fresh, and maintains the right temperature within your abode. Ceiling fans are an indispensable component for ventilation. Like light fixtures, these products today come in spectacular designs and offer great functionality. Many features like hand held remote control, reverse sweep, and integrated light kits make them a versatile product for use in homes. Monte Carlo Fan ( CrescentHarbor/Monte-carlo-ceiling-fans ) Company is known for the prowess in creating ceiling fans for use in indoor as well as outdoor spaces. Here is a look at some mesmerizing designs and products from their line up of traditional styled fans. These ceiling fans exude the beauty and charm of the bygone era, and often serve as head turners in interior settings.


The Tillbury ceiling fan complements traditional, cottage, and rustic decor with its unique design. It features a bead board detail on the housing, carved wood blades with a picket fence aesthetic, as well as a distressed appearance with shabby finishes. It comes with a 17W, optional LED downlight light kit with Clear Seeded glass. It also includes a dual mount canopy, as well as a 2 in 1 remote (combo hand-held and wall mount) with three speeds, reverse and and an LED dimmer. Tillbury is damp-rated, and can be availed in two finishes – Chalk Washed and Weathered Zinc.

Strasburg brings an ornately designed ventilation product to your home. It is a ceiling fan with 56 inch blade sweep, and adds an impactful design statement to any traditional decor. It comes with two integrated light kits – an uplight with four candelabra 25W bulbs, and a downlight with two 50W halogen bulb. Both of these are set within a beautiful Tea Stain Mission glass shade, which has a lovely scallop detail. The product is finished in Tuscan Bronze housing with Mahogany Veneer blades that enhance the rich and classic aesthetic. Strasburg can be controlled via a 2 in 1 remote (combo hand-held and wall mount), which also offers up and downlight control, and manual reverse switch.


The Grafton ceiling fan by Monte Carlo draws inspiration from the popular English Tudor trend. It features traditional styling and ornate details on the bottom of its integrated light, and atop the five blades carved from Grey Oak Wood. The housing is finished in Antique Forged Iron. This ceiling fan includes a combo handheld/wall mount 2 in 1 remote, and a dimmer that lets you soften the light. The 52 inch blades of Grafton, which deliver 4,332 cubic feet of air per minute make it the perfect choice for good airflow in any room.

Old School

A quick look at the Old School ceiling fan, and you are reminded of a breezy and light summer cottage. The product showcases bell-shaped, Sand Blast decorative glass shades, which in turn cover the three downward facing light fixtures. It comes with a Distressed White housing and coordinating beadboard, as well as wood blades. This ceiling fan ( CrescentHarbor/Indoor-ceiling-fans ) with a blade sweep of 52 inches comes with a three-speed pull chain, and is a classic addition to any interior space decorated around the traditional theme.


The Villager is a traditional ceiling fan by Monte Carlo that offers a myriad of design options. It can be fitted with either a 28 inch or a 42 inch blade set. The fan features intricately detailed scroll work, which decorates the circumference of both – the housing, as well as the downlight. While the housing is finished in Tuscan Bronze, the downlight is encased in a shade made from Tea Stain Mission glass. The light kit comes with two candelabra 6-W bulbs, and can be fitted with a finishing cap for a more streamlined look, in case the integrated light is not necessary. Villager can be controlled using a three-speed pull chain operation with a manual reverse switch, and is also compatible with handheld or wall mounted remote control.

Be it a traditional themed abode, a summer cottage, or a rustic weekend home, these fans from Monte Carlo are sure to step up the aesthetics, and give your homes a makeover like never before.

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The Facts of Electromagnetic Radiation

What do x-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet light all have in common? They are all part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum is the range on which all types of electromagnetic radiation fit. Unless you’re a physicist, this might not hold a lot of meaning for you. But you might be surprised—electromagnetic radiation is all around us. Regular, every day devices like cell phones and computers all emit this kind of radiation. What are the implications of this? They might be more far-reaching than you’d think.

Electromagnetic_Radiation_260420131309First, what exactly is electromagnetic radiation? In simplest terms, it’s a form of energy. It might be easiest to picture—imagine two oscillating waves moving back and forth across an axis. The waves move along the axis, dipping back and forth in direct relation and proportion to the other. One wave is electric energy; the other, is magnetic energy. That’s what electromagnetic radiation is—a mixture of electric and magnetic energy. How is it created?

Electromagnetic radiation is created by moving charges. More specifically, it’s created when charged particles are accelerated by forces acting on them. For example—a cell phone creates electromagnetic energy. This happens like so: a transmitter in a cell phone turns your voice into a wave. Waves are measured in frequency, which is the number of times the wave oscillates back and forth per second. Hold onto that idea of frequency; it’s coming up again soon. That wave that was just created by the transmitter is electromagnetic radiation. The radiation is then sent to phone’s antenna and transmitted out as a signal. A cell phone tower has a receiver that accepts these transmitted waves, completing phone call while creating radiation.

All electromagnetic radiation falls into either two categories: non-ionizing and ionizing. Remember frequency? Radiation with relatively low frequencies fall into the non-ionizing category—and this includes devices like laptops, cell phones, transmitting and receiving towers, as well as microwaves. This radiation can be dangerous; the kind of radiation where too much exposure can have serious negative neurological, biological, and reproductive effects. X-rays and other higher frequency radiation fall into the category of ionizing radiation, which is why the dentist puts a lead apron over you before taking x-rays of your teeth. Lead blocks ionizing radiation, and prevents the dangerous effects of ionizing radiation. Another example is wearing UV rated sunglasses and suntan lotion to block ultraviolet light and gamma rays to protect ourselves from the sun.

There continues to be some debate about the potential dangers, and side effects, of non-ionizing radiation. This is why you might have been cautioned to hold your cell phone away from your head and to keep your laptop off of your lap. There has been a mix of both non-conclusive and conclusive determinations about how electromagnetic, non-ionizing, radiation affects the body. There are some retailers that already sell radiation meters and radiation blocking shields for the face and body. In the future, perhaps these will become common workplace safety items. For now though, the best thing to do is take precautions and become educated on the facts of electromagnetic radiation.

This article was written by Christine Storgeoff, on behalf of DefenderPad, leading sellers of sleek and functional radiation shields. For more information on electromagnetic radiations, visit Wikipedia.

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Hiring a Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyer for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

When a small to medium sized business needs a Glendale bankruptcy lawyer to file its Chapter 11 bankruptcy, they want one that knows what they are doing. With all the layers associated with Chapter 11 cases, it is one of the most difficult areas of bankruptcy law.

What is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

It is a way for businesses to keep its assets while it renegotiates and alters repayment terms for all debts that are outstanding. As stated earlier, there are mounds of paperwork that need to be completed and a Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyer is an expert in this area of law.

What are the Benefits of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?


It is a profitable way for a business to turn around its financial situation. The stress of dealing with collection demands, default judgments, defaults, and lawsuits, etc. can be difficult for a company’s management, causing a huge strain on the business finances. By hiring a Glendale bankruptcy lawyer to file a corporate bankruptcy, the company stays within the bounds of the chapter 11 bankruptcy for over a 12 month period, so that management can focus on revamping the business.

When Should a Business Use Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection?

Chapter 11 is usually used when a business is overwhelmed with financial debt and need time to work on the business problems. Rather than closing the business, liquidate the company assets and pay back creditors. Even Donald Trump had to use the protection given by Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It is an alternative to filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7.  An experienced Glendale bankruptcy lawyer will help a business to figure out which plan is right for them.

Choosing Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11: Is chosen if it is potentially possible for the business to make revenue long-term that would exceed the amount it would make by liquidating and selling its assets.

Chapter 7: Is chosen if it is decided that reorganizing the business will not generate more income to pay debts off and the business will end up liquidating in the end anyway. Glendale bankruptcy lawyers provide advice to business owners to help them decide which one is right for them.

How Does Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Work?

The business should disclose its assets and create a detailed list of all debts for which it wants to get debt protection for. Any person, business, or government agency not listed on the list will not be added to the Chapter 11 bankruptcy. After this is complete, creditors  that are on the list are then given a chance to ask questions or raise any objections. This is because the United States Bankruptcy Code protects creditors. Glendale bankruptcy lawyers know how to properly complete the steps required for businesses to reorganize.

These are the initial stages. After these steps have been completed, there is more to the process. The governing body called The Office of the United States Trustee will appoint a trustee to review the documents and situation of the business. Then comes the repayment plan, company restructuring, and finally getting out of bankruptcy. As stated earlier, an experienced Glendale bankruptcy lawyer knows every step that is involved to help a business file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

This article was written by Carlie Hunnings, on behalf of DCDM Law Group, offering assistance to those seeking relief from crushing debt trap. To know about the responsibilities of a bankruptcy specialist, you may also visit

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Factors Influencing the Design of a Homeplan

Your home is an investment in your family’s future.  When you chose your homeplan, it should meet not only your individual and family needs, but also increase the marketability in case of a resale. The total square footage of your home is the finished portion of your homeplan. Areas like garages, porches and attics are unfinished areas and do not come under the gambit of total square footage. Designing a home plan is influenced by various factors.

Homeplans_090220131046Some of the Main Factors That Influence The Design of a Home Plan Are:

Family needs

Features that are required by a newlywed couple are vastly different from what a retired couple may require. There are also other considerations like the frequency of guest visit, servant accommodation, and additional living space for elderly people and children, etc. Thus family needs play an important factor while designing a homeplan.


Most of us consider privacy as an important factor while designing their homeplans.  Some look for privacy in the living area and master bedroom, while others look for privacy in their home office space.  Placement of windows is another factor to be noted while designing a homeplan. Check your homeplan for windows so that they have adequate privacy against your neighbors’ windows.

Space Considerations

Generally, people look for more storage space and this should be earmarked in the homeplan. In addition, if there are any other considerations like storing your antiques or if you want to store your books separately, these features should be given cognizance in the homeplan.


When planning room sizes, considering furniture placement is important. Measuring the furniture sizes to ensure there is adequate walking space is very important. This will affect the ‘traffic flow’ and door swing movement.

Outdoor amenities

Your homeplan should include outdoor leisure area, whether it is a swimming pool, garden or porch. Before designing the homeplan consider how much time your family will use these outdoor leisure amenities.

Home Plan Software

Home plan software’s have made it easy to draw the home plans by yourself. With automated Computer aided design (CAD) software, you can use the mouse, keyboard or a combination of both to draw your home design. Contemporary software tools provide an array of graphic drawing tools. These softwares have sophisticated tools for designing and remodeling kitchens, landscapes and interiors. You can also use the software to change colors, styles and materials.

‘Home is where, the heart is’, whether you design a customized homeplan or premade homeplan you should go ahead with a homeplan that suits your lifestyle. Deciding on a homeplan can be fun and frustrating at the same time. Assess your family’s lifestyle and preferences on how you enjoy your living. With patience, your dream home plan will be easier to design than you think.

This Article was written by Simon Jones, on behalf of Monster House Plans, offering homeplans at competitive prices. For further reading on homeplans, please visit

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Difference between Regular Popcorn and Gourmet Popcorn

Popcorn is a classic snack known to accompany moviegoers, picnics and parties. Newer recipes of popcorn have unfolded in different flavors. Gourmet popcorn is an modified version of the normal popcorn, which is lighter, fluffier and has a greater popping ratio. The term Gourmet popcorn got its name in the early 1980’s when Orville Redenbacher began referring his specially developed hybrid popcorn as Gourmet popcorn, due its better taste than the ordinary popcorn. Since then the term Gourmet popcorn has been adopted by most of the companies who are into popcorn production and sales.

This popcorn is available in many flavors. Some gourmet popcorn manufacturers use natural ingredients to distinguish them from competitors. The ‘corn’ used for preparation of this popcorn are processed with a specialized technique. For example, a chipotle flavored pop corn seasoning is made from real fire roasted tomatoes. These are termed as ‘Gourmet’. Another features of this variety of popcorn is when the producer or seller advertises the product as a healthier one, using less salt or oils.

Features of this famous snack are discussed below:

Special Packaging: This variety of popcorn has special packaging. Pop corn containers or bags are arranged to display the popping corn kernels in an ‘eye catching’ view to its consumers. Bags of the popping corn kernels  may be tied with a ribbon along with the tag of the manufacturer.

Higher Pricing: The price of gourmet popcorn is slightly expensive than the normal popcorn. This is due to the quality of ingredients, selection of flavors and packaging costs.

Flavor:  A number of products are used to flavor the popcorn from cheese, caramel and chocolate. Labs are devoted to testing the taste and development of the new flavors.

Differences between Regular Popcorn and Gourmet Popcorn

•    Gourmet popcorn is cultivated in a specially formulated soil, which ends up producing a more chewy texture as opposed to the light and fluffy taste of regular popcorn.

•    Each seed of this popcorn is inspected for its size and color and placed in categories. There are two main shapes of gourmet popcorn, the mushroom and butterfly.

•    Seeds of Gourmet popcorn are packaged in airtight containers and stored in a temperature of above 70 degree Celsius.

•    The growth process of the two corns are similar, they are planted, fertilized and harvested by farmers. Where they differ is the hybridization of the two. They are not the same plant exactly. Popcorn and ‘gourmet’ corn are both popcorn, but different hybrids of popcorn.

•    Gourmet popcorn is much healthier popcorn, since it is made from natural flavors. Unlike regular popcorn, which are loaded with preservatives, this hybrid popcorn is tastier and healthier.

Health Benefits of Gourmet Popcorn

Low Fat Snack: This popcorn has very less fat content compared to other snacks. This variety of popcorn has 1.2 grams of dietary fiber and carries just 35 calories. American Dental Association recommends this popcorn as a ‘sugar free’ food.

Antioxidant: Gourmet popcorn contains ‘polyphenols’ a group of natural plant chemicals having a wide range of health benefits. They effectievely destroy the ‘free radicals’ and protect against cell damage and cancer.

High Nutritional Value: Unlike other cheaper and refined grains, where vitamin rich components are removed, the natural grains in gourmet popcorn are highly nutritious and a great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Once viewed as a junk food, made available at the movie halls and recreation centers, gourmet popcorn has great health benefits. Premium quality, hybrid popcorn is helpful in one’s efforts to lose weight.

This article was written by Michael Clay, on behalf of Jerrys Nut House, offering delicious varieties of nuts and popcorn. To know more about hybrid popcorn, visit

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International Tax Accounting and Getting with the Times

Up until within the past ten to twenty years, most college’s accounting curriculums did not include classes for international tax accounting. Some believe that international tax accounting is a brand new field of business, but it is not. In reality, it is the largest facet of business in existence that dates back thousands of years. There is archaeological evidence and transcripts showing how different ancient societies traded with one another, and detailing their own forms of taxation. Even then, it took someone with knowledge of these taxation laws to keep track of them and ensure fair bartering.

International_Tax_Accounting_250120131054Much like today, each nation has its own tax laws, and in some nations localities can have different tax laws as well. International tax accounting is the act of following and researching laws, as well as currency exchange rates, so that due taxes are lawfully paid. Every business in the United States that does business outside of the US is affected. International tax accounting also impacts foreign businesses that do business in the United States. The rise of ecommerce and advertisements on the web bringing in worldwide consumers is bringing this topic of accounting to the forefront, as many small and medium size businesses are now involved.

The way business is conducted and the laws regulating it vary from country to country. It takes international tax accounting to track it and audit the variations. Example being that in the United States a high debt to asset ratio is generally looked down upon and unaccepted, yet in a country such as Korea or Japan, it is both desirable and expected. It takes someone with a vast familiarity with international tax accounting to recognize and understand the cultural and environmental differences in order to fully analyze the financial statements of a company that is based multinational. It goes as far as how auditing is done, as the laws vary from each country. Some countries also have treaties in which it is decided who taxes what, when it’s done, and how it is done. It is critical to have someone dependable that is knowledgeable about the treaties and the laws behind them.

Many companies are US based, but they do the vast majority of their product manufacturing in other countries, such as China or Korea. This is due to wage differences, availability of resources, tax laws, and many other factors. It takes a professional with experience in international tax accounting to avoid making big mistakes and to help work through complications that arise based on tax laws. Problems ranging from the fluctuation of currency exchange rates from day to day, to transfer pricing decisions, and many other topics, can be handled by an educated international tax expert.

“With any system of taxation, it is possible to shift or recharacterize income in a manner that reduces taxation.” Wikipedia

“Jurisdictions often impose rules relating to shifting income among commonly controlled parties, often referred to as transfer pricing rules.”

International_Tax_Accounting_250120131053Fluctuation of currency exchange rates can be a huge issue because the rate may change in between the time of creating an accounts payable transaction and the date the payment clears. Since the rise of outsourcing work and the internet purchases have increased so much, international tax accounting has had an increasingly higher demand. It affects everything from how paperwork is transcribed to how accounts are paid. International tax accounting can seem like a confusing world for the average Joe, but someone with the proper training and knowledge can remove the complications.

Are you looking for an international tax accounting firm? Our international tax services group provides tax consulting and compliance services to businesses that are based in the U.S. and currently have foreign operations, or are planning to expand internationally. To know more about accounting, you may also visit Wiki.answers.

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Pregnant Adoption and its Many Considerations

The decision to adopt a child is clearly one that must be made with careful consideration of all factors effecting how a family or individual would emotionally and fiscally support a child. There is also the additional decision of whether to adopt an infant that has not yet been born (pregnant adoption) or an older child. Choosing to adopt a child when the birthmother has not yet given birth carries with it both the excitement of raising a newborn baby and also certain risks.

Before deciding whether or not to opt for pregnant adoption, potential parents must first assess whether or not they are truly prepared for child rearing. The first step in deciding whether adoption is the right course of action is to decide what other avenues are available and if those might be preferable for ones situation (for example, artificial insemination with a sperm donor etc.). If other desired avenues are not available, then the mourning process must be undertaken before fully committing to the idea of adoption. The potential adoptive parents must then do the needed research into what the process of pregnant adoption entails and decide whether or not this often stressful and lengthy process is the desired course of action.

If pregnant adoption – where the child is yet unborn – is an option that an individual or couple is considering, then it is worth knowing that adoption of this sort can take longer than adopting an older child. However, before making this decision one should consider what age of adoptive child would be the best fit for their circumstances and home life.  The adoption process will generally be quicker for those adoptive parents who are open to a wider age range of children than simply newborns, but if raising a child from infancy is something that has been decided upon as a necessary requirement, then this is the path one should pursue.

If parents decide that pregnant adoption is not the option for them, then there are other decisions to be made. First in importance is arming oneself with the knowledge of psychological or medical issues surrounding adopted children, in particular the potential stressor that foster care may have been. An older child will have a history and background that has to be dealt with in a respectful yet upfront manner; thankfully counseling and guidance is available to all adoptive parents. Another consideration is how much contact the adoptive parents wish to have with the birth parents; there are options for both an ‘open’ and a ‘closed’ adoption. In the first scenario the birth mother would be in contact with adoptive parents throughout the process and perhaps after the official adoption, whereas in the latter, neither party would make contact.

Needless to say with the process of pregnant adoption or adoption of an older child, there are many factors to take into consideration. Emotional and fiscal stability are of vital importance to the preparedness of adoptive parents and are a requirement that all reputable adoption agencies will enforce.

This article was written by Veda Palmiter, on behalf of AdoptHelp, a full service domestic adoption center specializing in both independent and collaborative adoptions. To know about child adoption, you may visit Wikipedia.

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Different Ways of Buying Bees

If you are a first time beekeeper, there are various ways in which you can acquire bees. There are several important factors you need to consider when it comes to buying bees.

If you are new to the whole process, it is better to buy packaged bees. The packaged bees contain three to five pounds of clustered bees with a queen in a different cage. The bees are fed on sugar syrup while bringing home to make sure that they are not hungry on the way home.

Buying packaged bees come with the advantage that they have details about their history and are generally disease free. Since the bees have no brood, they take some time to establish a colony.

You can also buy fully established colony, which are comparatively more expensive. In an established colony you will find active hive with fully installed bees together with fully developed brood. It is harvested before being delivered to you. You have to wait until the next harvest when the honey bees have produced sufficient honey for harvest.

When you buy an established colony, you might face problems such as parasites, diseases, and the queen might be quite aged, which means you might have to look for a younger queen. So, the simplest way to buy bees when you are a newbie is to get expert advice from the professionals. Experts can detect the pros and cons and make sure that you get the best value for your money.

Getting a nuc is another way of arranging a hive that contains several brood frames, a functioning queen, sufficient brood with honey, pollen, and 10,000 worker bees. Nuc’s are sold locally and so you need not worry about adjustment in the new environment.

The benefit of buying a nuc lies in the fact that the queen is fairly young and by looking at the brood you can find out for yourself how productive the queen is. Once the bees are transferred to the new hive, there are chances for you to see good harvest from your colony in the very first year.

Swarming is another method of acquiring bees. However, this process is not very suitable for an amateur beekeeper. If you are an experienced beekeeper, it is certainly one of the best ways to get bees. Additionally, you can enjoy the lovely experience of collecting a swarm.

If you follow this method for getting bees, you need to be careful about getting the diseased bees, as these won’t have any history of health or origin. This method can be suitable for you only in case you are comfortable with the bees. You should keep in mind the fact that honey bees are gentle, but these can be dangerous as well. So, make sure to treat them with the respect they deserve.

So, these are the different options for buying bees that you can consider, but make sure to keep in mind the aforementioned aspects.

This article was written by Shelly Athas, on behalf of MasonBeesForSale, offering you the highest quality bees. To know how you can order packaged bees, you may visit

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