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Benefits Email Encryption Services Offer

Business organizations cannot function without emails, period. A lot of sensitive information is exchanged over the cloud and business organizations don’t want this information to be available to the public or their competitors. However, emails are not really safe when they are exchanged over public/insecure networks as hackers find a way to bypass these messages from their destination and eavesdrop on all the information they are not supposed to access. If you want to keep this information safe and avoid perpetrators, email encryption is the answer you are looking for.

What do Email Encryption Services Offer?

They basically ensure that the content of the message is readable only by the intended recipient and not anybody else. Encryption is nothing but locking your message with a secret code that is only shared with the intended recipient. Thus, even if hackers gain unauthorized access to your message, they won’t be able to read the message or access the attachments within. Generally, the following things are encrypted when email encryption is concerned: all your messages, connection provided by your email provider and lastly all your archived messages.

Benefits Email Encryption Services Offer

1. Safeguard Sensitive Information

Most certainly, these services ensure that all your sensitive information is safe. Business organizations communicate a lot of sensitive information related to their financials, customer information, employee information, future plans, investment and tax related information etc. All these details are supposed to be confidential. Email encryption services ( ) ensure that all of this information is safe when it is communicated over mails.

2. Avoid Information Leak

These days, information leaks or data breach is one of the serious threats business organizations are facing. Once hackers gain access to sensitive information they make it public on online forums and the reputation of the company goes for a toss after this. Email encryption services ensure that such data breaches don’t happen, and sensitive information remains secretive.

3. Prevent Hacks

If your emails are not encrypted, there is a great chance that hackers will gain access to the usernames and passwords to your systems and use your emails as a disguise to spam others. This act is known as phishing and if your company identity is used to phish others, it is a serious blow to your reputation and credibility. With email encryption services by your side, you don’t have to worry about system hacks, identity thefts or phishing attacks.

4. Effortless and Cost Effective

Accessing email encryption services is an effortless and cost-effective process. There is no additional hardware or software ( ) required for email encryption, meaning you don’t have to make any changes to your existing email server or system. All the encryption services are integrated to your existing email system, thus making is effortless and cost-effective for you to use email encryption.

5. Avoid Deletion of Messages

There are many instances when conflicts arise over messages disappearing from inboxes or messages deleted intentionally/by mistake. Almost every email is important in business organizations and email encryption services ensure that all the mails are retained as it is difficult to delete encrypted mails.

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Why to Opt for Email Archiving?

Irrespective of the fact whether you are working in a corporate sector or not, you must have been receiving and sending emails every day. This is because it a convenient way of communicating with friends, associates and customers. There is no doubt of that fact that email is a significant tool of communication for companies owing to its power of documenting conversations and serving as a searchable information source. According to the studies, it is suggested that ¾ of the intellectual property of a company is retained in email and messaging. Hence, it is necessary to protect data and not send it to trash. However, keeping too much info can simply overload the storage server of an organization. Now, what is the best solution in this regard? Email archiving ( Securence/Email-Archiving ) can be one of the best solutions and it is not new and it is popular for quite some years. Let’s check out a few advantages of using email archiving solution:

 Data Storage – While email information gets stored on live servers, it can reduce the performance as the server becomes full. The only option is deleting emails, which is not always a wise option as significant data can be lost forever or else you have to store the information somewhere else. Email archiving helps to move data to a secured off-site server or cloud. Often, advanced compression is used for reducing disk space in the archive.

 Data Restoration – As per backup solution, email archiving helps to speed up the process when data has to be restored. This is owing to the fact that archived data takes less space. Moreover, restoring non-archived emails become easy and fast as the data on the mail server become less.

 Data Security – If you seek the right email archiving solution, your data can be preserved and safeguarded with continuous data backup and capability of disaster recovery. In order to get the best service, you must search for an email archiving solution provider which offers consistency, accessibility and performance with an assured 99.9% uptime.

 Data Efficiency – Whenever live servers are overwhelmed with email data, it makes searching for a specific subject slow and gruelling. Besides, by removing email box quotas and developing automatic email archiving, you don’t have to spend precious time on email deleting and transferring them to PST files like the early days. Ultimately, while you get the proficiency to easily access archived and backed up email ( Securence/Hosted-exchange-solution ) information, so you won’t need to engage IT department to do this for you.

 Data Compliance – Most industries need organizations to keep track of business records. Moreover, since emails retain those records, it is not right to delete them. Some industries, including health care, financial as well as pharmaceuticals have even severe guidelines about what business records should be kept. Email archiving assures data compliance.

However, while you are considering an email archiving solution, you should research providers and choose the one which will deliver an easy solution, keeping you in control and maintaining high security and reliability standards. Opt for the best email archiving solution and secure your email.

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Email Filters Help save your time and efforts by Fighting Spam

If you thought email filters are for large companies with huge financial resources, think again. As a small enterprise, your company may not afford to subscribe to a big size email hosting space and with spam email, which experts account for more than half of the emails, hitting your inbox on a daily basis, there may be little or no space left for important business related emails in your storage.

Simply deleting or blocking such unwanted emails may not be the ideal solution, as these emails emanate from thousands of different email addresses and you may have to spend a considerable amount of your productive time deleting the emails and blocking the thousands of email ids. However, there is no guarantee that you may not receive another such email, as marketers send emails from new email addresses every hour. In addition, such emails may also carry the threat of virus, spyware, etc., so when you accidentally open an email, the spyware may steal your confidential data putting your business at risk. An effective email filter ( Securence.Com/Email-filtering ) will block any such marketing emails based on the keyword filters you set up and will send them directly to trash so you do not have to worry about storage issues or deleting, blocking such emails.

As a business that prioritizes productivity, security, you need a robust email filter to ward off unwanted email and help you concentrate more on your business. It helps in understanding the different types of filters available and how they help block such emails so you select the best anti-spam solution that fits your requirements.

Header Spam Filters : We often Judge a book by its cover, similarly these email filters judge if an email is spam or not by looking at their headlines. The email headlines contains crucial information such as the sender’s email ID, the IP address of the sender, etc., to decide if an email is spam or not. In some cases, the sender may forge these details to avoid spam filters; however, effective filters can identify if header filters can recognize such forgery and filter such emails. The anti- spam software ( Securence.Com/Solution ) also checks if a particular email is marked for multiple recipients, which again is a sign of spam.

Content Spam Filters : These filters use sophisticated and powerful algorithms to scan the entire length of the content to determine if the mail contains some key phrases that indicate the mail could be an unsolicited marketing email. The algorithm filters out emails that contain any marketing terms such as offer, offer valid, hurry; money terms such as offer, discount, money back, lottery; adult words such as pills, drugs, hot, bed, contains just images without any text, etc.

User defined filters : You can rule with email filters so emails reach the desired section of the inbox. Such user-defined settings require you to observe over a period to observe the trend and see the specific words that appear in those emails. It helps you to classify, prioritize and direct emails to specific sections based on the key phrases used in the content.

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Email Encryption and Its Necessity in Business Organizations

Security has become a major concern today in the online space. Not only naïve internet users but also big business organizations and governments are not being spared by these security threats. Everything on the internet is some way or the other vulnerable to these threats and preventive action is necessary to avoid dire consequences. Email is no exception to these threats and there are multiple ways hackers can gain access to your private information. In business organizations where emails are the backbone of communication, security threat is something that shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Email encryption ( ) is a convenient and cost effective method to keep your emails private and in this article how. Read on.

What is Email Encryption?

Emails are sent from a source server to a destination server via the internet. During the transmission no matter how safe you think your distribution channels are, there is always a chance that perpetrators will gain access to these mails. Email encryption ensures that your emails are unreadable by third parties even if they get their hands on them. The messages are password protected using two security keys known as public and private keys. The private keys are known only to the sender and the receiver, and are hard to crack as they have strong encryption and decryption standards.

Benefits of Email Encryption in Business Organizations

1.  Security

Undoubtedly security is the biggest advantage email encryption can offer to a business enterprise. Business organizations share a lot of sensitive information via emails, information pertaining to internal affairs, business plans, deals, customer details and so on. With encryption you can be rest assured that these details are unread even if the mails are somehow accessed by cyber criminals. Without knowing the private key the mail can never be opened; and cracking a private key is incredibly hard.

2.  Cost Efficiency

Deploying email encryption is not a costly affair since it doesn’t demand any additional hardware or software. Encryption doesn’t require any changes to your existing email system either. In addition, the damage repair that follows an information leak is way more expensive than adopting a simple encryption standard.

3.  Time Efficient

Deployment of email encryption doesn’t require any major overhauls and doesn’t require the users to be specially trained either. The encryption standards can be easily integrated with the existing email system ( ), thus avoiding any additional time or effort required.

4.  Compliance

Protection of sensitive information concerning your organization, employees and customers is something that the government requires you to do. With email encryption you will automatically comply with these information security legislations.

5.  Avoid Phishing

Email encryption will also help you in avoiding phishing and spamming. Since these encrypted emails have a unique digital signature, your mail can be easily differentiated from a fake mail that is sent with your name on it. Phishing can bring your reputation down as mails with malicious content are sent to people with your name on them. However, if you have encrypted emails deployed, people will immediately know that it’s not you who sent them an irrelevant/malicious mail.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Have an Email Encryption System in Your Organization

Email is the lifeline of many businesses, but there is always a risk of serious information breach. Businesses also face the risk of non-compliance or litigations that might arise from confidential information falling into wrong hands and for being used to commit illegal activities. Email encryption ( ) is the best defense available to businesses to protect sensitive information.

The benefits of email encryption are numerous and it can safeguard intellectual property of businesses.  Read on to learn about them.

Protects Your Intellectual Property No Matter Where It Travels

From creating manuscripts, sharing specifications to launch plans, you share different types of intellectual property through emails.  By using client-side encryption, organizations can ensure intellectual property stays safe even after it leaves the company’s network.

The sender has full control over the intellectual property even after it is sent.  The sender can revoke, track and disable forwarding of the content thereby protecting the IP address in all cases.

Stay Compliant

Email encryption enables businesses to stay PCI compliant which requires them to safeguard confidential information stored in email systems. In every case, email encryption works to keep data safe even when the hacker breaks into the system.

Companies also need to stay compliant with HIPAA regulations that specify use of encryption of health related data in all cases. An email  sent by the HR containing health related information also needs to be encrypted to protect data.

Enforce Automated Vigilance

The encryption systems are programmed to work recognize email based events when they contain IP. Based on intellectual property triggers, the email encryption systems encrypts, blocks, reroutes, quarantines or detect any threats in emails. There are several encryption methods available for emails such as OpenGP, TLS, and S/MIME.

Easy to Use

The significant barrier in securing email communication is ease of use. If the end users find the email encryption a difficult task, they are more likely to circumvent the security policy. Modern email encryption systems are easy to configure, deploy and also support remote users. They do not require businesses to invest in new hardware or software nor requires the employees to change email behavior.

The email encryption and decryption is done automatically at the gateway thereby eliminating any need for user intervention. Businesses also have the option set automatic encryption policies like encrypt-all where all messages leaving the corporate network are encrypted before transmission.

Supports Broad Messaging Environments

Modern email encryption solutions support broad messaging environments including communication with partners (B2B) and communication with consumers/citizens (B2C). In B2B communication, the email security is achieved through standard based protocols ((primarily S/MIME)) supported by both organisations email infrastructure. And in B2C communication, the security of the email is achieved through SSL/TSL via protected web-based email applications.

Encrypted email is one of the safest  ways of securing email communication and protecting intellectual property contained in the messages. The development of email encryption solutions ( Securence/solution ) has taken away the complexity and has freed the end user from the responsibility of securing email communication and intellectual property within.

What tools do you employ to safeguard your intellectual property in email? Please feel free to comment.

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Spam Filtering Techniques – Analysis and Comparison

Email is a fast and convenient way of sharing information for businesses. However, the simplicity and the convenience have also made it a hub for scams.  We often find several unwanted emails in our inboxes. The menace of spam is increasing by leaps and bounds and have emerged as a serious threat. And the spam filtering is one of the best tools against spam mail available today.

There are several spam detection algorithms in use nowadays. They can be divided into two main categories

1.  Content based filtering

2.  Rule-based filtering

And the email can be divided into two sections that include

1.  Header section containing sender’s and recipient’s email address

2.  Subject of the mail

3.  The content of the mail that includes text, images, and other multimedia data in the main body of the mail

Content-Based Filtering

Content based filtering techniques focus on the content of the mail and ignore the header section and subject of the mail.  The majority of the content-based filtering techniques use a bag of words to identify spam mail. It is similar to text classification and has lower rates of false positives.

There are several content-based spam filtering ( Securence/Spam-Filtering ) techniques that include Gary Robinson technique, Bayesian Filtering, KNN classifier, and AdaBoost classifier. The spam filters look for commonly used words in spams and marketing emails.  For example, spam mails, generally contain words like Viagra or Sales that do not generally appear in legitimate mail.

The spam filtering techniques can be tailored to meet individual needs of the user by building a bag of words. The working on the content-based filtering techniques can be refined by identifying the false judgments of the software.

Rule Based Filtering

This spam filtering technique is based on rules that can be applied to the header section of the email without considering the content of the email.  The mail is classified using a concept of rules. These rules are applied on “To:”, “From:”, and “Subject”.

The rules of filtering may vary such as searching the subject line for words like free, sale and other words used in marketing. The rule-based filtering technique also checks whether the mail has arrived from a sender present in the address book of the user.

Rule-based filtering techniques use a white and blacklist of email addresses. If the sender or receiver’s address matches the address in the white or black list, the corresponding action is taken.  If the mail is multicast and is addressed to a mailing list having more than 1000 recipients, it is immediately marked as spam mail.

Comparing Spam Filtering Techniques

A study was conducted by IJAIEM to compare content based and rules-based filtering technique. The results showed content-based filtering techniques were more accurate when detecting undesirable whereas rules based filtering worked much faster.

Employing spam filtering has become a necessity for businesses. By employing spam protection ( ) services, businesses can ensure employees are able to access email quickly and they do not have to worry about threats that may be hiding in the form of illegitimate emails.

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Here is Why Must Embrace Performance Support Solutions

Performance support refers to any learning resource or tool that provides the necessary amount of guidance and support to the user in the moments of need. In simple language, it can be a set of instructions that tell us about important things we have to do and the right order to do them. Assembly instructions and recipes are good examples of performance support.

Why Performance Support Solutions ( TesseractLearning/Performance-Support-Solutions ) are needed?

It is a difficult task to make someone work perfect. Despite training for several years, there is no guarantee, employees will not make mistakes. In some businesses, even small errors can lead to deadly consequences; for example mistakes done by physicians and pilots. This proves training alone is not sufficient to minimize errors and related consequences.

You need performance support to supplement training where the focus is not only on learning a skill, but also on the application of the skill. This kind of support helps employees improve their skill efficiency. Let’s look at some of the advantages of performance support solutions.

Performance Support Improves Training

Training generally means classes full of PowerPoint presentations. These methods of learning are not effective as you want them to be. You can incorporate performance support resources that bring radical change in the way of learning. Performance support changes the focus to problem solving, innovation, teamwork, experimentation and finding creative solutions to meet business challenges.

In-class practice using performance support can enhance productivity of employees. The training session integrated with performance support imparts skills along with experiences that help workers use tools in a better manner.

Performance Support Earns Money for Organizations

Training is expensive. Besides the cost involved in providing training, the productivity of employees during training is zero, which leads to the additional financial burden on an organization.

Instead of providing training, organizations should look for opportunities to embed a performance support system at the workplace. For example, job aids can help workers deal with the challenges just like we use Wikipedia for information on any topic.

Everyone experiences information anxiety, information overload, and information bulimia while performing everyday activities. Organizations and people need to work together to reduce the chaos, provide order and support result oriented interactions with data to ensure mistakes do not happen in  workplaces.

Performance support methodology recommends the use of informational job aids that can be helpful to diminish the chaos and anxiety when employees are trying to do something.

Scaling performance support tools can improve economies. You can make the performance support tools used by small groups available to the entire organization. When you accomplish this, you no longer need classrooms for training, or additional instructors. There is no travel to pay and no downtime for organizations as well.

Performance support solutions are the need of the hour as it is not possible for organizations to solve every performance problem with training. Performance support allows organizations to get better results from their workers without pulling them out of their workplace for training.  It teaches employees to sort out performance problems ( ) by using available resources and not wait for someone to fix it for them.

Do you use any performance support resource in your organization?

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