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Two Unknown World Famous Photographers

Famous photographers have created a name for themselves because of their spectacular use of photography. Their work becomes world renown and the very mention of their name conjures images of their masterpieces.  Photographs are a moment in time that is permanently captured for the world to remember. A simple photograph can tell a story to thousands of people who could not have experienced it firsthand. There are those photographs in existence today that have become a part of our culture and heritage that were random shots by virtually unknown photographers. However, their image has never stopped telling a story.  Here is the story of the men behind two of the most infamous photographs of our time. The infamous V-Day in Times Square photograph captured the image of a victorious sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square, New York City.    Alfred Eisenstaedt snapped this photograph on August 14, 1945 as the city celebrated their victory over Japan.  This photograph was published a week later in the Life magazine and the image rose to fame.  Alfred Eisenstaedt was born on December 6. 1898, in 1928 he began working as a free-lance photographer in Berlin.  By 1929 he worked fulltime as a photographer, pursuing the hobby he loved. During his lifetime he became one of the world’s famous photographers with his notable images.  Among them being his image in 1933 of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini while they were in Italy.  In 1935 Alfred moved to the United States where he worked for Life Magazine photographing celebrities and events. In 1989 he was awarded a National Medal of Arts by George Bush.  His last photograph was of the Bill Clinton with his wife and daughter in 1993.  He died August 24, 1995 at the age of 96.

Another photograph that has forever changed history is the image of the first foot on the moon.  This image was not taken by any of the world’s famous photographers. It was snapped by the second astronaut to ever walk on the moon.  Buzz Aldrin, born January 30, 1930, was travelling with Neil Armstrong on the Apollo mission on the first trip successful trip to the moon.  When Neil stepped onto the lunar soil, Buzz snapped this ionic picture that would forever be a part of our history.  Buzz Aldrin was born as Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr.  He was called Buzz by his siblings from a very young age as they couldn’t pronounce the word “Brother”. The name “Buzzer” stuck and was eventually shortened to Buzz. In 1988, Edwin filed the name change paperwork and legally became Buzz Eugene.  Although his image instantly gave his status along with some of the world famous photographers, Buzz continued to work with NASA until his retirement in 1972.  He has co-authored a number of books and even appeared as himself on in the Blockbuster movie “Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon.”

These two images are captured memories that will never be forgotten.  Although not originally well known, these famous photographers gave us a part of history that has forever changed our world.  By preserving the moment for a lifetime we are given a pictorial insight into a moment in time.  Famous photographers show us what we are not able to witness on our own.  They document moments in time that may have otherwise been forgotten. They help educate us on our past so that we can better shape our future.


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Enjoy the Essence of Nature Right in Your Front Yard with the Help of Pondless Waterfall Kits

If you are a true nature lover at heart, but have to travel half the world to experience the happiness of nature, then why not bring the nature home, to your front yard! With sophisticated pondless waterfall kits, you can now enjoy the raw beauty of Mother Nature with a flick of a switch! The idea behind a Pondless waterfall is that, the stream of water that flows down disappears below into the layers of rocks and pebbles and not into a pool of water. The absence of a pond at the bottom of this waterfall is to ensure that the water collected will not result in a bacteria breeding stagnant water. The water filters into a pump, situated below the stones and after filtration, the pump supplies the same water back to the top for another waterfall session. This also ensures the owner a hassle-free cleaning of the setup, as it becomes very painful overtime, for one to clean the pond every week. Besides, with small children in the house, it is very dangerous to have a pond located in the front yard especially in the playing area, as it may be risky in the absence of a grownup. Moreover, these sophisticated pondless waterfall kits, are designed addressing all the above points inclusive of providing you to control the flow of the water via an electrical switch.

Currently, pondless waterfall kits have become quite a rage amongst many well-built homes that have a plush front garden area and a large backyard for picturesque displays like these. Many opt to purchase this natural waterfall beauty rather constructing a new one, because of its cost-effective sophisticated designs, low labor costs in setting up, and its ability to blend in with the surrounding landscape. These pondless waterfall kits are available in both large and upgraded versions as well as small sized, easy to setup kits. Recreational areas, spas, hotels, and many healthcare facilities have installed the large and upgraded waterfall kits. Apart from creating a serene and natural ambience, it also helps in soothing and relaxing one’s mind to disengage from external pressures of the world and stay calm.

Therefore, if you are planning to purchase this real-life natural pondless waterfall kits, make sure you have read the following list for a fruitful purchase.

• First on the list is the budget, which will help you in choosing the right product.

• Next, decide on its location, length, and its viewpoints from different areas including the house, whether a garden hose is near the place of installation or whether an auto fill water supply will do.

• Moreover, browse the websites selling these kits and check out the various features at offer. The features on offer range from providing different aspects of nature such as rocks and pebbles, installing a patch of vegetation even providing small colorful fishes for your waterfall! So, what are you waiting for? Give your garden a natural pond experience today, through these exclusive, sophisticated pondless waterfall kits!

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Save Money with Coupon Codes

Use of voucher codes or coupon codes has become a common practice among the shopaholics. Coupon codes from have been very popular among the youths. Brand addicts as well as the athletes find coupon codes highly money saving. You can pick any item you want from the Reebok store by applying these promotional coupons.

If you are planning to get some formal clothes, weekend outfits, casual wears, sportswear or swimsuits for you, you can get substantial discounts by applying promotional coupons. has been one of the most trusted brands for causal as well as sportswear for long. You can get a stylish range of clothing for the plus size and the small size as well. You can get the high street apparels at surprisingly affordable rates with such coupon codes. The best thing about is that you don’t have to pay anything to get the coupon codes. You can simply sign up for free and access the voucher codes of your choice. You can also find different codes for branded manufacturers offering baby products, skin-care products and offering quantifiable discounts. You can get the Reebok coupons all through the year. So, gone are those days when you had to wait for a long time for the seasonal discounts to begin. You can shop with the discount coupons whenever you want at discounted rates.

How to Use Coupon Codes: coupon codes are known by different names such as promotional codes, promo codes, e-coupons, discount coupons, Reebok voucher codes, coupon codes etc. If you want to apply a code, you first need to select the code you want. Once you have selected the code, you have to copy it and visit the merchant website. Once you have finished purchasing, you need to check out. You can right click on the mouse button or manually enter the code and then paste the voucher code in the appropriate palace. This will help you get substantial discount. To keep a track on the latest coupon codes, you must visit the coupon providers’ websites from time to time.

Be Careful:

It is clear by this time that coupons issued from helps you make substantial savings. However, to make the most of the voucher codes, you need to be well versed with the terms and conditions stated for use. Since there are many coupons that you will come across online, you must read the one that you have chosen before applied it. Check the expiry dates and see what are the conditions stated for use.

You can get in touch with the customer care executives, in case you are not clear about what is stated on the coupons. You can reach them via email, chat or a phone. It is advisable that you clarify your doubts from the customer care executives, to eliminate hassles and get discounts with coupon codes. So, if you are planning to shop, use the coupon codes and enjoy heavy discounts!

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What You Need to Know About Full Figure Bras

Making full figure bras is not a simple process. Sizing a bra is also complicated because there is no standard for measuring a woman’s breasts. How to measure a woman’s bra size is not wholly accurate without a three-dimensional measuring system such as is maybe found on the hospital’s MRI machine. If a trip to the emergency room for a bra fitting doesn’t appeal, there are other options. The standard is to measure the rib cage and add four inches if the number is even, five if the number is odd. That will indicate the band size 38, 40, etc. Then measure the fullest point of the breasts and subtract the band measurement from that number. The number of inches indicates cup size.

Full figure bras are composed of many parts and pieces. Some accepted terms are bands – referring to the area under the breasts, cups – the area that holds and supports the breasts, straps – hold up the bra, and clasps – hold the bra together at the front or back. Underwire shapes the breast, but doesn’t provide much support. Curvy women will likely find bras that fasten in the back are more comfortable and supportive than bras that fasten in the front. Full figure bras also require elastic, underwire, and straps. The support in a bra is provided by the material that makes the cup. Stretchier fabrics provide less support than non-extensible fabrics. The amount of material covering the breast is also a factor in support. A demi bra is less supportive than one that provides full coverage. Underwire in full figure bras is there for shaping, not support. A properly fitted underwire bra should have underwire that extends from under a woman’s arms around to the front of the breast to lift and shape. Full figure bras without underwire can provide the same or more support than bras that contain underwire. It depends on what shape a woman wants in her bra.

Strapless full figure bras are still a possibility. Newer bras contain silicone lining along the back and side wings, this gives a slightly sticky feeling that keeps the bra in place where it’s been placed, and gives the girls all the support they need. Full figure bras with three clasps and slightly wider bands provide more support and smoother contour lines from the back. Clear straps are also a possibility if the night out involves dancing or some other activity that might rearrange the initial placement. Though the evening might be more memorable if there is a “wardrobe malfunction”, nobody want to be the subject of that particular anecdote. Full figure bras have evolved along with advances in technology to provide comfortable support to a variety of body shapes and sizes. Comfortable women are confident women who feel attractive and ready to try anything. Knowing a little bit about the physics involved in the construction of a vital clothing element means that women can shop for the best option to satisfy their particular needs. Every woman is unique and her underwear should be able to exceed her expectations.


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Retail Signage Design Principles

In-store retail signage can be an excellent sales tool. Commercially prepared retail signs, however, may be too expensive for small or start-up businesses. If owners of those businesses want to use retail signage to their advantage, they can design and print their own signs. A few simple design principles can help business owners get started. One thing business should never cut back on for budget purposes, however, is safety. Save money where you can, but invest in affordable retractable signage to keep your store looking good and your employees and customers safe.Color attracts attention, so generally color signs are better than black and white and bright colors are better than muted hues. Since yellow is the first color the eye perceives, it is a great choice for retail signage. It isn’t the only choice, though; the key is to use colors that stand out. A useful thing to remember is that too many bright colors together can be harsh and distracting. A couple good general guidelines are to choose no more than two or three bright colors and not to overlay bright letters over a bright background, which can be hard to read.

Simplicity is a key element in effective retail signage. Simplicity applies to several sign elements.
• Long words or too many words can distract from the message. Instead, owners should choose only a few simple words that convey a single message. For example, “great buy” is better than “fantastic purchase.”

• Complex images or too many images can also overwhelm customers. Instead, one or two crisp images create better visual appeal.

• With the choice of type, a maximum of two different styles works well, and the styles should complement one another. For example, two script styles will harmonize better than a script style and a chunky one. Layout is also important in retail signage design. Layout consists not only of the words and images, called positive space, but it also includes the blank areas between the other components, called negative space. Negative space is surprisingly important in sign design. One guideline is for a border of negative space to appear around the sign’s words and images, so that these do not extend right to the edge of the sign. Negative space should also be evenly balanced on either side of the words and images, as well as on above and below them, so that the sign does not look like it was cut off at the edges. Successful use of retail signage is not only a matter of designing good individual signs. It is also important to have a plan for displaying the signs together within the store. The overall sign plan must appear unified rather than random. Simplicity and balance are also essential here. Too many signs or signs too close together will make it hard for customers to focus on the message of any individual sign, reducing its effectiveness. As well, signs in one area of the store should not compete for customer interest with signs in other areas. Once customers are inside a store, they can be encouraged to make purchases through a variety of strategies. In-store signs are one of these strategies, and they can be very effective if they are well designed. Following these guidelines about color, simplicity, layout and overall sign plan can help business owners successfully design and print their own signs to maximize the effectiveness of their retail signage.

Once you have created your retail signage, it is important to hang it in a safe manner. Improperly hung retail signage is a hazard for the employees hanging the signs as well as the customers walking underneath them. Choosing an affordable, retractable signage system greatly increases the safety of your staff and customers. These systems are designed for use by a single user and are completely ladder free. If you are looking to save money on signage, don’t open yourself up to injury lawsuits. Design your signage and compliment it with a ladder free, retractable system.

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Your Financial Lifestyle After Filing with a Pasadena Bankruptcy Attorney

You’ve filed for bankruptcy—now what? After you file for bankruptcy and have had some of your debts discharged, you must rebuild your financial reputation into better shape by following the payment plans as ordered by the bankruptcy courts—your Pasadena bankruptcy attorney can help by discussing those plans step by step with you. It is a rebuilding process and your Pasadena bankruptcy attorney is a qualified financial expert to see that it is a fair and equitable plan to all the parties involved in this legal matter (i.e. you, your estate, your creditors).

After your successful bankruptcy filing, your immediate goals should be to retain employment and maintain payments on all remaining debts. However, do not think that all the money you make has to be spent as soon as you’ve earned it—don’t forget to save money for yourself, your spouse, and your family. Redirect your financial lifestyle around correcting the habits and attitudes towards money and spending that (unfortunately) led you to filing for bankruptcy. As will other professional financial advisors, your Pasadena bankruptcy attorney might have additional information or extra resources to assist you in preventing a backsliding into bad behaviors as well as how to correct yourself should you stumble just a little bit during your financial recovery period. Think of bankruptcy less as a setback and more as a fresh start, a do-over. Perhaps your Pasadena bankruptcy attorney’s slogan should be “Putting You Back on Square One”. This legal process has helped you, now you have to help yourself, your spouse, and your family by instilling self-discipline in regards to your money and how best to avoid repeating the mistakes that led you to bankruptcy. Yes, you can file for bankruptcy more than once, but say you’re filing under Chapter 7; you can only do that once every eight years.

Bankruptcy is a financial lifestyle change for the good; many Americans have gone through the process and have successfully gotten on with their lives and you’ll be one of these many.

Your Pasadena bankruptcy attorney can help you:

•    Learn how to live on a budget;

•    Learn how to spend less of your hard-earned income on frivolous, “luxury” items

•    Learn how to avoid debt traps (e.g., multiple credit cards, higher credit limits, paying the minimum amount owing)

•    Set aside money for yourself, your spouse, and your family.

After your successful bankruptcy filing you should be:

•    Setting a consistent amount of money aside for yourself; start a savings account and just leave that money alone and gather interest at the bank.

•    Not running out of money before payday. Draw up as detailed a budget as possible and stick with it!

•    Regularly keeping track of banking transactions and maintaining good financial records.

•    Ensuring that all leftover debts are cleared and new debts are not created.

Before you filed for bankruptcy, your Pasadena bankruptcy attorney and you should have discovered how you got into debt; now that you’ve filed, your case was successful, and you’re re-establishing your financial reputation back into good standing, you don’t want to repeat the mistakes over again!

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Free Sample Resume for Call Centre Executives

As a call center agent, you have to receive calls that are outgoing as well as incoming. There are variety of aspects that you need to handle at work. When you are preparing your resume, you must make it a point to include all those skills and experiences you have gained in course of your work. Free sample resumes can be helpful to help you incorporate all essential details about your work.


Let us explore the aspects that a good sample resume shall cover:

As a call centre representative, you are expected to type and talk simultaneously. This enhances your productivity and saves time of the customer, who has called you for some queries. When you look into a free resume, you will find that a good call centre representative’s ability to type and talk is outlined in the resume. Be specific while stating your ability. For instance, provide specific information like “85 wpm and comfortable typing and talking”. If you look into a good sample resume online, you can see a section titled in your resume as “Skills Set”. In this section, you can reinforce your skills and impress the call-center manager.

As a customer care representative, you need to answer queries of people speaking in different languages. If you have knowledge about other foreign languages, you will certainly be one of the most sought after candidates among the call-center managers. In free sample resumes, you can find a section listing the languages you know. You must offer details of your proficiency level for each of the languages you know. For instance, “Native English speaker” or “Intermediate French speaker with 20 years of experience”. This offers a clearer picture, rather than simply stating French and English in the spoken languages section.

If you are working in a call center, you are people’s person. You might have to handle up to 80 calls in a day. So, you must make it a point to highlight your interpersonal and people management skills in your resume while applying for a call center job. Some of the “keywords” or “buzzwords” that you will come across in a free sample resume are “friendly, warm and patient”, “empathetic”, “empathetic listener”, “conflict resolution”. These phrases can be used while summarizing your skills or experience. It is certainly going to create a strong and positive impact in minds of the recruiters about you.

When you talk about conflict resolution, you say a lot about your interpersonal skills. Call centre executives are expected to have good listening skills as well. Since you will have to deal with the public, make it a point to stress your previous experiences of handling people’s queries. For instance, you may have worked in a retail store previously, so rather than simply stating, “I sold widgets at store”, offer a detailed description about your work. This will help the call center manager get a better idea of what can be expected from you. In free sample resume, you can find use of phrases like, “listened to the customer requirements and offered probable solutions”.

So, to boost up your career, you can make the most of the free sample resumes.

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A Food Handling Course Helps Companies Save Money

Anybody working in an industry that involves food should complete a food handling course.  This valuable course teaches employees and venue owners the correct procedures needed to properly manage food. From sanitisation to storage and everything in between, proper procedures are imperative to avoid illness and possibly death.

In April of 2005, Monika Samaan and her family became ill after eating at KFC in Australia.  The family recovered but Monika slipped into a coma.  Six months later, Monika awoke but was left with severe brain damage to the left side of her brain.  Now unable to walk or talk, she is confined to a wheelchair and will need assistance for the rest of her life.  Her family sued KFC for millions and in April of 2012 and won their case.  This tragic story resulted from salmonella poisoning at an innocent night at a public eating establishment.  Salmonella, which is associated with chicken meat, is one of the important items that are addressed during a food handling course.  Learning how to properly prepare and care for poultry can save lives.  KFC has denied these allegations and plans to appeal their case. Last year the United States of America had one of the worst Listeria outbreaks in recorded history.  The bacteria infection resulted from contaminated whole cantaloupes and the outbreak was widespread across America.  By December of 2011 there was 146 confirmed Listeria cases reported and 30 of them resulted with death.  Proper food handling techniques learned in a food handling course may have prevented this outbreak, as the food handling course educates people on proper food storage, minimizing the risk of bacteria growth.  It is believed that a large batch of cantaloupes were shipped from one farm to multiple states.  The bacteria affected all age groups but the largest infection count was on the elderly.  Listeriois may not be noticeable for weeks and this infection is also known to cause miscarriages in pregnant women.  The Listeria bacterium was traced back to a farm in Colorado.  The farm did a voluntary recall on all 300,000 cantaloupes and was also temporarily shut down during the recall and investigation.  In September a lawsuit was filed by one of the initial food poising victims against the farm and against Walmart for selling unsafe food.  An investigation is being conducted into the auditor training and how audits are conducted.

Not all food incidents are unintended. In 2008, melamine was added to dairy products in China to increase the appearance of protein in the foods.  This scandal resulted in six infants dying from kidney stones and a staggering 860 hospitalised babies. During a food handing course, the differences between different types of food procedures are covered.  Improper food additives such as melamine, cannot be properly digested by the human body.  The result is kidney stones and other illnesses.  An investigation into this scandal resulted with criminal prosecution.  Two people received the death sentence, one received a suspended death sentence, three were sentenced to life in jail and two receive 15 year jail terms.

From fast food eateries to grocery markets, people put their lives into the hands of those that prepare and supply their food.  A food handling course can mean the difference between life and death.  Proper education can save lives. The next time you are in a public food venue, ask management how many employees have been taken a food handing course, then ask yourself, “is it safe here?”

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Ecommerce Web Design Ideas for Your Business

You will come across plenty of approaches when it comes to ecommerce web design. However, if you want the expected return back from your ecommerce website, there are certain specific features that you must keep in mind. Reading this article will help you get better ideas about a good ecommerce web design.

Web Page Design:

Your ecommerce website must look attractive to your customers. Styling and graphics play a very important role. Good ecommerce web design companies feel it is one of the best ways to showcase broad range of products and garner attention from people. Users should be offered options such as shopping carts, payment options, product reviews, images, and contacts. This is a good way to look more appealing rather than money oriented.

Functionality of Shopping Cart and Check Out:

Both the new as well as the existing customers must find it easy to use shopping cart to make purchases. Many, in pursuit of making sophisticated designs overlook the aspect of ease of operation. Buyers will look for easy shopping procedures, rather than the complicated ones. If your shopping cart functionality is complicated, you will be compelling customers to look for alternate options. You must be aware of the type of products that buyers favor and design the shopping cart keeping in mind the aspects of functionality.

Take care of the check out process. Ecommerce web design experts create clean web design layouts for confirmation pages and forms.

Clarity of Web Design:

Buttons on the ecommerce web design must be easily identified, so that customers need not worry about what is to be done. Naming the “Add to Cart” button to just “Add”, for instance, will generate confusion among users. Good ecommerce web design companies use larger font size and brighter colors.

If there is too much of information on your ecommerce website, good web design companies recategorise the information in different sections.

Customer Comes First:

An ecommerce web design deals with buyers, rather than search engines and computers. Customers are the priority and not just the SEO. Ecommerce web design experts ensure that information offered is readable and unnecessary repetitions are eliminated, since readers get bored with too much of the same information.

“Cleanliness Is Next To Goodliness”:

There is no doubt about the fact that a clean website has appealing design and is a good way to attract attention of customers.

Speed is Very Important:

One of the primary reasons why people enjoy shopping online is because they can complete their shopping fast. Streamlining the checkout process and easy user interface can help you increase your customer base and earn better profits.

These are some of the features of a good ecommerce web design. So if you want to improve appearance of your website as well, make sure to get in touch with the professional web designers, who shall suggest the right options for you.

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All about Basement Construction

If you are considering a basement construction, you need to concentrate on plenty of factors. Consideration of these factors become primarily important as it involves your investment.


Basement construction specialists analyze condition of your basement and ensure that it is capable of withstanding construction works. In case you need just few renovations, experts advise that you have a rainproof and leak free basement. Once necessary measures are taken to waterproof your basement, you can be assured of saving fixing cost and breakages.

Once you have the basement ready, you can settle on the basement construction plan.

Your construction becomes a lot more demanding, when you add another basement to an already existing cottage structure. Construction passes around accommodation offering support to the top levels. A different basement is attached at the base. You can easily see that such ventures are not only costly but also increase the risk factor.

If you are constructing a new house, basement construction starts at the very beginning of the project. You will be simply reeling under wrong ideas, if you think of constructing the upper levels first before constructing the basement. It is thus highly essential that you plan ahead of time and avoid skyrocketing overheads.

Basement construction entails a lot of time. Even when the entire construction work gets over, the basement construction is kept unfinished to ensure that the foundation settles well and you can test for seepage issues and leaks.

Basement construction specialists wait until the foundation has settled down completely. Once you have started working on the waterproofing basement of yours, you need to check for leaks and cracks.

If you look into the larger houses and buildings, you must have noticed that the basement construction finishes directly once the construction work has been completed. This needs to be done with a lot of care and caution. Basement construction specialists need to be careful about the slopes surrounding foundation to help you enjoy the benefits of a finished basement without waiting for too long.

You should be through with your design, if you already own a house and is considering redesigning it. If you cut the corners and try to save on overheads, you will get an unfinished and/or unreliable basement. Though this will be a cheaper option, you will be living on an unbalanced basement and end up spending huge amounts on repair and maintenance.

As you can see, it is very important that you get in touch with the qualified basement construction specialists to tackle the basement construction needs. There are many ways you can get in touch with the basement construction specialists; one of the easiest methods of finding them is by browsing online. Online searches can help you get an idea of the quality of services they offer and compare services offered by other basement construction companies. So, go ahead and entrust this trivial responsibility on the experts.

Looking for basement construction specialists? Visit our website today and refer to for more on basement repairs.

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