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Become A Skilled Artist – Take Up a Creativity Training Program!

Each time you perform exercises that make the mind operational, you are in a way developing your life in most other aspects. If you have to think, you are giving your mind an exercise much like you might do for your looks. Even if you aren’t doing anything that is related to your area of study, you are aiding your mind to operate much better. If you need something to jog your mind and to help keep your thought processes clear and functioning well, you should consider taking a creativity training.

Taking up creativity training program can also be equally beneficial in case you are already an artist. You might learn new things about your interests, and you could also discover ways to push through thinking blocks. In case you are already a writer, a journalist, or a magazine editor, you can still benefit from the exercises included in a creativity training course. You can learn how to visualize improved and better story angles or, perhaps slants on articles that you may never be able to think about before you began.

The Benefits of Taking Up Creativity Training —

1. Low-Cost Education: Not everybody can meet the expense of college to do a four-year degree programme, with the additional cost of various other expenses during the course. Creative courses are generally low-priced alternative for individuals who do not want to take up a loan to go to a university. Many creative courses are similar to a four-year degree which offers employment to the students after the program. This makes them pretty useful for those who do not have the resources to shell out cash for a college grade.

2. Job Ready: Such type of courses formulates an individual for a precise job. It trains a person with the skills and abilities compulsory to do a specific job, such as creative writing, storytelling, photography, art, etc. Along with classroom guidelines, students are also trained through practical work. Workshop-based education is also emphasized to give the individuals hands-on knowledge on a given subject. This formulates the student for the job at hand and thus, he is capable of giving full integrity to his job, due to the vast understanding.

3. Easy Employment: Vocational education makes it stress-free for individuals to find work. Most of the employers prefer to hire an individual who has done a special training course rather than just a simple college pass out, as because in a special training program, a student is taught precisely for a specific job – the right education, practical knowledge, owns the right potentials, skills, attitude, and personality required at work.

4. Success in Career: People, who are by now working can choose a creativity training course to improve their skills and testimonials. The time period for the course is short, but the expertise that is imparted to students is fairly equivalent to the college courses, in terms of superiority. Thus, by doing a creativity training ( ) course, the expert can enrich an individual’s career forecasts and accomplish success.

The Real Benefits Of Creative Training And Innovation!

• Fresh ideas

• A more dynamic engaged workforce

• Greater resilience to change

• Increased adaptability

• Attracting more talented staff and aiding employee retention

Training in creativity and innovation should result in changes in working practices so that fresh thinking and new ideas are developed. Understanding how to be creative and how to make innovation at work a reality, are the most important steps in building organisations’ creative space.

The classes provide you with innovative thinking expertise and advanced techniques to help you unlock your creativity and innovation and transform your fresh ideas into reality.

To Sum Up

The classroom-based creativity training courses ( ) are a sure-fire way of paving your path towards becoming a good artist. But the most important point is, consistently strive to develop your innovative techniques; only then, your interest will develop in an enjoyable activity.

It just takes a creativity training program to become a skilled artist!

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Photography Equipment Used by Bristol Photographers

Great architectural photography requires a keen eye, an excellent knowledge of lighting, composition and the equipment necessary to deliver your vision. Architectural designers and home interior specialists take into consideration – form, composition, texture, color, lighting and a host of other factors that influence their design. Bristol Photographers use the right kind of equipment to deliver a quality portfolio or promotional images for their clients.

Architectural photography requires specialized equipments like

•    Telephoto lens
•    Portable lights
•    Tripod

Having different type of telephoto lenses will allow a greater degree of latitude in your photographs. In order to deliver high quality portfolio for your client, you need to have the right kind of equipment to capture a visual record, the way it actually looks.

High Resolution Camera

Photographers in Bristol and in other parts of the world require a high-resolution camera to maintain a crisp definition in the details of the image. Many architectural publications will not accept image submissions in less than 16 mega pixels. Most photographers use Nikon D700 to capture high quality images for their portfolios. Choosing DSLR cameras is a better option because it is more accurate and gives more control over the picture. All cameras feature auto focus modes; however DSLR cameras feature manual modes which make it possible to capture high quality images. Architectural photographers can choose from three main categories of digital cameras.

•    High end DSLR camera such as Nikon D3x and Canon 1DS MII
•    Medium format camera with digital backs
•    View cameras with medium format digital backs.

For high quality architectural photos, to show the textures with pin sharp clarity, a tripod is an invaluable tool. A good architectural shot should ensure that the lines and edges of the building are parallel to the edges of the photo. Using a Tripod will allow you to compose the frame and guarantee that the lines of the photo remain true. Most interior photography is done under poor lighting, hence in order to maintain top imagery, a tripod is required.

Wide Angled Lenses One of the important choices is in regard to the choice of the lenses. Some of the important lenses that can be used by Bristol Photographers and other interior photographers are mentioned below:

Tilt Shift Lens: This lens helps you focus on the subject and keep other things out of focus. Tilt lenses are great for a photographer looking to control the central line in a building. This lens helps you to change the line, without changing the way your angle or photograph will portray your building.

Fixed Focus Lens: This type of lens helps you to take photographs at rapid speeds. These are also known as focus free lenses and are designed to render everything in a scene and in focus.

Wide Angled Prime Lenses: A wide-angle lens allows you to take photographs at different angles and different focal lengths. A good portfolio or promotional material must include “the context”, which are the surroundings.

Architectural photography requires specialized equipment as it involves taking detailed close-up pictures and enlarged images. Bristol photographers use high end DSLR cameras and lenses for a great shoot. Although you can succeed in taking decent pictures using a compact camera, a DSLR camera gives the best results with high quality resolution. Other accessories, like a remote release to avoid touching the camera in long exposure and a flashlight for light painting can contribute in getting a perfect shot.

This article was written by Darren Crittendon on behalf Toby Carter Photography. Toby Carter is a professional photographer based out in Marlborough, Wiltshire, skilled in photography and taking video for architects, designers and construction companies. To know on how to become an architecture photographer, visit

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Experience Winter as Never Before with Ice Sculpture

Isn’t it time that you got out and experienced something brand new? There are millions and millions of people around the world that have been lucky enough to ‘ooh’ and ‘awe’ in sheer delight as they have walked or rode through amazing and artistically designed giant ice sculptures. There is nothing more exciting than getting to truly experience a real winter wonderland. People rave about the amazing experience they have had after being to the gigantic, perfectly carved wonderland with huge pieces of large ice sculptures that cover 15,000 – 20,000 square feet. Each attraction is so large that approximately 28 days to a month is needed to construct each attraction. They are always so spectacular that they bring people from all around, far and wide.

With every step taken in the giant size world ice attraction coming your way, you may get a spine tingling thrill at the pure and authentic frozen, cold pieces of art that are designed in perfection replicating buildings, animals, people, and places. The attractions at heights topping 40 feet are indescribable, as they peer down with impressive and intricate details. The electrifying LED light show magnified from within the ice creations are is exciting and fun to watch. Guests are always provided with large parkas to wear throughout the time spent in the wonderland of ice sculptures ensuring that the entire ‘winter’ experience can be comfortable had by each guest.


Everyone enjoys the extravagantly detailed, chiseled pieces of ice sculpture in the park, from families with children, to couples, friends, and individuals. It really doesn’t matter whether you are alone or not, you are going to leave STUNNED. The multi-colored, beautifully created ice world never fails to leave visitors simply left in awe as they are leaving. The ice attractions bring people from all over, time and time again. While, in many countries, ice festivals, ice parks, ice castles, and other gigantic ice displays pop up annually or at common locations, it is not often in the United States that a magical ice kingdom comes to town. The large snowy, ice world with extraordinarily chiseled sculptures on display will leave you speechless. So, it goes without saying that if one is in your area, you should definitely start gathering the hats, gloves, and scarves.


A team comprised of 40 artisans takes their time carefully, designing, and creatively putting up the entirely chiseled ice world. Recently, Gaylord Resorts in Dallas, TX; Nashville, TN; Orlando, FL; and Washington, D.C. all held ICE! Shows there lasted for 45 days in each of the 4 resort locations. More than a million visitors experienced the winter wonderland comprised of 2,000,000 pounds of multi-colored, opaque, and transparent sculptures of ice created on site in a portable ice factory. The exhibit of larger than life ice sculptures is spectacular in 3D. There is no room for doubt about whether you will enjoy it or not, because it is the most exciting event you will attend for years! Never miss out on the opportunity to go to a large ice attraction, because you will have an amazing and wonderful time. Once you get there and lose your first breath, you will understand what the big fuss is all about. The memories you will walk away with from your ice attraction experience will last a lifetime.

This article was written by Amandalyn Vanover on behalf of International Special Attractions, the company’s ice attractions have been seen by over 5 million  people worldwide and have received universal praise and acclaim. To know about snow sculptures, visit

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The History and Creation of Ice Carving

If you are planning a family vacation this winter there is nothing cooler, in the most literal  way possible, than seeing a beautiful ice carving. These sculptures are essentially made entirely out of ice. Sometimes it can be hard to believe that the giant statue of a cherished childhood cartoon character or the amazing building that you are seeing could be an ice carving, but it is, and someone has spent many hours creating it for your enjoyment.

An ice sculpture can be created in one of two ways. The first way is to start with a large block of ice. Traditionally in places like China these blocks of ice would be taken from frozen rivers. The ice would be cut and sawed and chipped and chiseled until it resembled a specific shape or design. Today ice sculptors have many powered saws and chisels to help them perfect their work. While many people might think of an ice carving as having to be a giant sculpture, this is not always the case. Almost 500 years ago in China, hunters would use ice to carve ice lanterns in order to help them see at night during the winter. Nowadays artists who specialize in ice sculptures do not have to go down and cut a frozen block of ice or snow from a river. In fact most artists who do an ice carving will purchase large numbers of blocks of ice that have been specifically formulated for sculpting.

The second way to create an ice carving is to use a mold. The mold will have been predesigned to help create an ice sculpture that is extremely detailed and exquisite. Of course using a mold doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no skill or talent involved. In fact creating the perfect ice is one of the most difficult tasks an ice sculptor will need to do for his art. Ice can be broken down into three categories. Crystal ice is clear and the hardest to make. It is created by using filtered de-ionized water that has been frozen slowly. It can take several days to properly freeze the water until it becomes crystal clear ice that has a consistency suitable for carving. The second type of ice is white ice, which resembles snow. This type of ice is much easier to make than crystal clear ice; here the water is frozen quickly to give the appearance of snow. Colored ice is created by adding colored dye to the freezing process. In order for the color to be even throughout, the dyed water needs to be stirred consistently during the freezing process.

Depending on the size of the ice carving and the temperature of the environment, an ice sculpture can last anywhere from a few hours to a few months. Large ice sculpture displays, including those with structural buildings like igloos and castles, are kept in cool environments to help the ice carving last longer. With proper care the beautiful ice sculptures will be enjoyed and marveled at by people from around the world.

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Know What to Do in Chicago

When you are visiting the Windy City, there is no dearth of entertainment to keep you interested. If you are wondering what to do in Chicago, there are plenty of things that you can find to keep yourself occupied. So, when you are planning a trip to Chicago, make sure to check out the attractions mentioned below:

1.    Brookfield Zoo: Brookfield Zoo, situated on the western part of Chicago remains open for the visitors all year round. You have more than 2,000 animals to see and 216 acres to roam around with your entire family. The zoo has been functioning since the last seventy years and the natural barriers such as moats familiarize you with the wild. If you have kids, they will simply enjoy their visit to the zoo. Children can interact with animals on a more personal level.

2.    Skydeck on the Sears Towers: If you are wondering what to do in Chicago, you must not miss the Skydeck on the Sears Towers’ 103rd floor. You can get a view up to forty miles when you view from the tall tower. You will see Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan states along with the Chicago city. You can enjoy plenty of other activities rather than watching the cities from top. You can find some wonderful museum quality exhibits that will help you get a wonderful view of the history of Chicago as well the people who built them.

3.    Shedd Aquarium: One of the largest aquariums in Chicago is the Shedd Aquarium. You can find more than 8,000 aquatic animals in this aquarium. More than 700 species are represented. You can see the deadly and sleek brilliantly colored Caribbean reef. The Marine Mammal presentation will introduce you to dolphins and whales.

4.    Navy Pier: Navy Pier is another attraction that has plenty of fun and enjoyment to offer. Ferris Wheel is gorgeous and enormous that you will not get to see anywhere easily. If you are going during the summer months, packing your own lunch will save a lot of your money. It is better to head for the dinner time if you want to avoid the crowds.

5.    Taste of Chicago: You must consider the Taste of Chicago in your list of what to do Chicago. It is one of the largest food fair of the world. More than 70 restaurants participate in this fair. You can enjoy plenty of free entertainment and fun in Chicago.

So, now that you have sufficient ideas about what to do in Chicago, pack your bags and head for an exciting holiday. You will come across plenty of accommodation facilities and discounts on packaged deals when you look online. You will be amazed to see plenty of exciting deals and holiday packages to suit your personal needs and requirements. Look at the list of local events online and make arrangements accordingly. You will love to spend quality time with your loved ones and family.

This guest post was written by Calista China, on behalf of ExclusiveTonight, offering you a list of different attractions to help you plan a vacation. To plan a trip to Chicago you may also visit
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Winter Wonderland Ice Sculpture is a Must See

Are you ready to see something new?  Are you ready for a brand new experience?  Millions all around the globe have enjoyed and been delighted by the largest winter wonderland that they have ever seen.  Visitors are left speechless and even shocked by the miraculous number of ice sculptures that extend over 15,000 square feet in the great winter wonderland they have had the chance to visit.  Your experience will include the realization and awe that every time you turn your head and walk a few more steps, you are greeted with yet another gigantic, stunning and magnificent ice sculpture that leaves your spine tingling.  They are replications of a large variety of wonderful and practical things found in every day life.  There are amazing sculptures that are carved and designed in ice form such as people, places, animals and buildings.  Plus there are other spectacular sculptures that are thrilling to see!

The ice artisan team is comprised entirely of experts in the ice sculpturing field and they hail from all over the world.  They utilize more than 2 millions pounds of ice to design the entire exhibition that people jump at the chance to experience and visit.  The sculptures are then lit internally by a state of the art, top of the line LED lighting system that takes a breath-taking, amazing icy wonderland to the most spectacular and extraordinary ice sculpture world you have ever seen.  Every ice sculpture made that is put into the winter wonderland is a true masterpiece.  To give you an idea of how elaborate the great icy display is; it takes nearly a month for the team of forty ice artisan’s to create the entire winter wonderland exhibit.

With ice sculptures and attractions coming in at heights of over 40 feet, it is more than amazing to see the beauty and intricate detail found on every single ice sculpture.  People have a hard time believing the actual amount of intricate and impressive detail present in each piece.  Very chilly temperatures are required to keep the icy wonderland in prime condition and in a protected, cold, insulated environment so as to keep the ice at the necessary temperature and maintain the sculptures to keep from melting.  With this fact in place, guests are always presented with parkas to wear as they walk through the beautiful and astonishing world of sculptures.

Whether you have children or you are only seeking a night out with your favorite guy or gal, this is the place to go.  No matter the occasion or just for a special treat, you should definitely go see the greatest ice sculpture show on Earth.  There is not a chance that you will not enjoy yourself when you come out to the most wonderfully colored and beautiful ice display in the world.  You cannot miss out on any opportunity to go and see this prestigious and expertly designed ice sculpture exhibit in the wonderful winter wonderland. Start doing some research to find one nearby or even see if one coincides with your next vacation destination!

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Two Unknown World Famous Photographers

Famous photographers have created a name for themselves because of their spectacular use of photography. Their work becomes world renown and the very mention of their name conjures images of their masterpieces.  Photographs are a moment in time that is permanently captured for the world to remember. A simple photograph can tell a story to thousands of people who could not have experienced it firsthand. There are those photographs in existence today that have become a part of our culture and heritage that were random shots by virtually unknown photographers. However, their image has never stopped telling a story.  Here is the story of the men behind two of the most infamous photographs of our time. The infamous V-Day in Times Square photograph captured the image of a victorious sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square, New York City.    Alfred Eisenstaedt snapped this photograph on August 14, 1945 as the city celebrated their victory over Japan.  This photograph was published a week later in the Life magazine and the image rose to fame.  Alfred Eisenstaedt was born on December 6. 1898, in 1928 he began working as a free-lance photographer in Berlin.  By 1929 he worked fulltime as a photographer, pursuing the hobby he loved. During his lifetime he became one of the world’s famous photographers with his notable images.  Among them being his image in 1933 of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini while they were in Italy.  In 1935 Alfred moved to the United States where he worked for Life Magazine photographing celebrities and events. In 1989 he was awarded a National Medal of Arts by George Bush.  His last photograph was of the Bill Clinton with his wife and daughter in 1993.  He died August 24, 1995 at the age of 96.

Another photograph that has forever changed history is the image of the first foot on the moon.  This image was not taken by any of the world’s famous photographers. It was snapped by the second astronaut to ever walk on the moon.  Buzz Aldrin, born January 30, 1930, was travelling with Neil Armstrong on the Apollo mission on the first trip successful trip to the moon.  When Neil stepped onto the lunar soil, Buzz snapped this ionic picture that would forever be a part of our history.  Buzz Aldrin was born as Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr.  He was called Buzz by his siblings from a very young age as they couldn’t pronounce the word “Brother”. The name “Buzzer” stuck and was eventually shortened to Buzz. In 1988, Edwin filed the name change paperwork and legally became Buzz Eugene.  Although his image instantly gave his status along with some of the world famous photographers, Buzz continued to work with NASA until his retirement in 1972.  He has co-authored a number of books and even appeared as himself on in the Blockbuster movie “Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon.”

These two images are captured memories that will never be forgotten.  Although not originally well known, these famous photographers gave us a part of history that has forever changed our world.  By preserving the moment for a lifetime we are given a pictorial insight into a moment in time.  Famous photographers show us what we are not able to witness on our own.  They document moments in time that may have otherwise been forgotten. They help educate us on our past so that we can better shape our future.


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