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Table Lamps that Make a Brilliant Style Statement

Table lamps can be used to fine tune the atmosphere in the room in a simple and subtle manner. Depending on the type of lightening effect you want in your room, you can choose the type of table lamp. The lamps can help illuminate your space in style and cast a warm, welcoming glow in your room. Whether it is your living room or a study room, a wide range of table lamps are available for you to choose from.

Stylish lamps for your stylish home

Hubbardton Forge Table Lamps can completely change the way your home looks. It will make a brilliant statement with a range of design elements like wrought iron leaves, whimsical scrolls or popular twist basket designs. There are simple and straightforward table lamps as well as Hubbardton Forge Table Lamps ( CrescentHarbor/hubbardton-forge-table-lamps ) with beautiful shades, in fabric and glass. You can decide the type of bulb you want inside the lamp. If you are placing the lamp beside the study table, you can opt for a high voltage bulb and choose a low voltage bulb for a lamp which will be placed inside your bedroom.

Lamps always enhance the area with subtle lightening and stylish design. Available in a range of design and color options, the lamps are an ideal addition to change the interiors of the room. Light in weight and convenient to use, the lamps will add a finishing touch to your stylish and classy home. There are various ways you can use lamps to add a fabulous flair inside your room. With an easy on and off option, the lamp is suitable for bedside reading as well as for your child’s nursery. Enhancing the interior of your home is simple and affordable; it can be done with the placement of a stylish lamp that will bring an exceptional flair inside your home.

Lamps have always been considered as an important part of home interiors. As against the heavy lamps used in olden days, individuals now prefer light weight and stylish lamps that blend with the interiors of the house. The lamps can be simply placed at your chosen area in the house. They are light ( CrescentHarbor/pendant ) in weight, which means you can carry them to another room in case you want it placed there. Lamps are also multipurpose- that is, they can be placed in the living room, study room or the bedroom. Placing an arm chair near the lamp is a unique way of styling the room. In case of a study room, you can place the lamp on the side of the study table and in case of a bedroom; it can be placed next to your bed for ease of use.

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To Light the Living Room Thriftily Go For Hudson Valley Pendants

Why Pendant Lightings?

Practically, in some cases, even if you do the interior decoration tasks efficiently and prudently, the related space may look lacking. You may feel that there is the scarcity of something that makes the area eye-catching. You can get the better of such situations by installing dazzling lighting fixtures, which is virtually the best way to create a mesmerizing ambience easily. The refinement and grace that these fittings will impart to your room are above words. Take the case of the living room for an example. By hanging a chandelier, you can sweep away the entire existing dullness effectively. However, chandeliers, especially the extremely attracting ones are a bit costlier; you will have to damage your pockets significantly. Here come the significance and handiness of pendant lighting ( ) fixtures. Furthermore, you need big and broad spaces like the living room to hang chandeliers, as the same will be bulky in size. Hence, if you want to light small areas, then you will need smaller light fixtures like pendants. Nevertheless, these must have grace and attention-grabbing nature. The best practical way for ensuring this is to go for top brand pendants such as the Hudson Valley Pendants.

There are plenty of pendant models out there, which bear stunning designs and shades. When compared to chandeliers, you can buy pendant lightings without spending exorbitantly. The most attractive part is that, even though you need less money, pendants are very similar to chandeliers and will make the space extremely alluring. Besides, you will get sufficient pleasing light, as the light flow will be precise and complete. Even so, in order to get the full benefits of pendants, it is imperative that one should buy leading brands such as the Hudson Valley pendants.

Why Choose Hudson Valley Pendants?

• One prime tempting point is that Hudson Valley Company is renowned for the superior materials it uses for the manufacturing process.

• The company applies strict quality control during the entire production phases. This safety check makes sure that the materials and the incorporated technology are precisely in line with the present-day standards.

• These pendants are durable, and there will not be any flaws in the functioning. It is possible to use the same in a house, for quite a few generations.

• Hudson valley pendants bear exclusive designs that will augment the conviviality and comfy nature of the indoor areas. The distinctiveness of the stylish designs is a clear attraction that prompts the consumers to go for this brand.

• Another striking point to note is that you can find varied-styled and sized models that fall under all the possible categories such as the customary, modern-day fashionable ones, and the transitional pieces. Whether you are hunting for a neoclassic piece, or a modern trendy designed one, you will get it, irrespective of the size you want. Very easily, you can pick the suitable ones for your specific need.

Buy from Leading Electrical Stores

The key thing, which one must make certain, is that while buying leading lighting brands it is advisable to approach a dependable trader. This is especially true, when you are looking for the latest models and fashionable lighting fixtures. One can buy Hudson Valley pendants ( ) from the online portals of such merchants. If you see that a certain company has a successful business record that spans over four decades, certainly you can deem it as a dependable one, who will sell only quality products. The items will reach your doorstep within the set time, and the method will be free shipping. You will also get the desired technical advice, which will make your lighting task all the more effective.

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Why You Need to pick a Troy Lighting Chandelier for your Home

Chandeliers are a class of lighting fixtures that give out ambient or general lighting in living spaces. These majestic fixtures have been the centerpieces of many living rooms and hallways from time immemorial. Their design and style have undergone many changes through the ages to include ideologies of the respective times. Chandeliers today are far from what their older counterparts used to be. Modern and contemporary themed chandeliers rely on minimalistic design and decoration, and are crafted with finest materials that are true to modern design sensibilities. There are many lighting brands that offer chandeliers as part of their line of up of lighting for homes. A highly noted and well-loved brand among them is Troy Lighting ( ). When searching for a chandelier for your home, here is why you would want to pick a product from this brand.

Unique styles for unique interiors

The interior design and décor in every home is set around a specific theme. This lends beauty to the home, and makes it unique and special. Troy Lighting understands this very well, and hence offers an extensive lineup of chandeliers whose designs are derived from varied popular themes. Their current offering includes the following themes – Classic, Industrials, Modern, Natural Inspiration, Rustic Urban Loft, and Village. Whether you have a vintage styled home with ornate interiors, or an urban abode with minimalistic sensibilities, there is a chandelier that suits your tastes and preferences.

Small and large chandelier that fit into spaces of all sizes

Whether you have a compact living room that houses most of what you own, or one that is extensively large, Troy Lighting chandeliers have got your space covered. The light fixtures are designed in varied sizes and shapes to cater to small and large spaces alike. There are chandeliers with a bare minimum of four or six light bulbs, and then there are larger designs that house up to even 25 lights. So, in case you want to illuminate an extended hall with a single, large chandelier, or use a series of them to cover the entire span, Troy Lighting makes it possible for you with their array of chandeliers.

Not just lights but beautiful focal points too

Chandeliers from Troy Lighting aren’t just light fixtures. Their design and style are often artistic in nature that they seem more of a stunning sculptural piece than a lighting product. Geometric designs, nature-inspired shapes, intricate handiwork, fine materials, stunning trimming, and many other details make these fixtures breathtakingly beautiful. As a result, these lighting products tend to become quite the focal point in any room that they are placed in. They are also great conversation starters, and leave an impression on anyone who comes visiting your dream dwelling.

A finish for every interior

Troy Lighting boasts of some of the finest finishes on their products. These finishes not only give the chandeliers ( ) a distinctive style, but also make them a perfect fit in the different interior themes. From dark Carbide Black and Graphite, to rustic Earthen Bronze and Country Iron, traditional Distressed Gold Leaf and Champagne Silver Leaf, industrial Copper Bronze and Shipyard Bronze, and contemporary Silver Gold, Polished Chrome, and Burnt Sienna, the range of finishes offered by this brand is virtually unparalleled. So, no matter what the color scheme of your interior space is, there is a chandelier that is made just for it.

A legacy of over 50 years

Troy Lighting has been crafting scintillating light products for over 50 years. Their range of eclectic, sophisticated casual lighting fixtures is distinguished by their unique human sensibility, and well-known design and functionality. The brand uses only the finest quality materials, often handpicked painstakingly by discerning specialists. They also emphasize on hand worked artistry to bring out lighting products with a dimension of uniqueness.

Every chandelier, or in fact any other lighting fixture offered by Troy Lighting bears the stamp of an individual fixture, with the traces of the human hand.

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Five Things to Consider when Buying Fixtures from a Lighting Store

The reasons to visit a lighting store could be many – you have invested in or just built yourself a brand new house, or you are in the process of remodeling your existing one. You have one more member added to your family, and you want to build a beautiful nursery for your newborn. Whatever your reason be, it is important to ask yourself a few questions before you visit a store that offers lighting ( CrescentHarbor.Com/Lighting-Stores ) solutions, and purchase one or more products. Five important ones are discussed below.

Can I buy from an online store or do I need to visit a brick and mortar one?

Almost everything that you need today is available online, and the scenario is no different with lighting products. Online light stores bring you a wide range of products and an assortment that maybe hard to find at an offline store. The catalogues, many a time, also include pictures of how different products look under different settings. If variety and comfort are your prime consideration, an online store is a better choice for you. However, if you like to buy products the old fashioned way – by touch and feel- you can opt to visit a physical store nearby.

Should I go with branded products?

Branded products give you the guarantee of quality. A fixture that is crafted by a local vendor maybe absolutely beautiful or even cheaper, but may not be as durable or well-performing as a branded one. Also brands that craft light fixtures have years of expertise manufacturing them that they are able to offer products that work under different settings. Additionally, light fixtures offered by brands are covered under limited or lifetime warranties, which makes it easier for you to get them repaired or replaced when they become defunct.

What kind of lighting products does my home need?

A lighting fixture purchase maybe limited to a product of a certain kind, for e.g., a chandelier, or it may include multiple others such as flush mounts, bath sconces, island lights, and so on. Though light stores offer varied types of lighting products under one roof, some of them may specialize in lighting products of a certain kind owing to popular demand or other reasons. In case you need fixtures of more than one kind, it is a good idea to check with the store on the kind of products that they offer to ensure that they will be able to offer you what you want.

Would light series be a good option?

At times, it is better to shop for lights in the series than in separates. This means that the different kinds of light fixtures that you buy, like pendants, sconces, wall mounts, floor lamps etc. revolve around the same design, or belong to specific families. This is especially helpful when you add lights to a new home or remodel an existent one completely. Choosing series lights add fluidity and uniformity to indoor and outdoor spaces. Check with your light store to see if they offer series lights, and buy all together, or else, it may be difficult for you to source matching light fixtures ( CrescentHarbor.Com/About-Us ) for the separates that you buy.

Do I need customized lights?

Your home can benefit from a custom made light fixture especially if it is crafted around a unique theme. This feature is also useful when you are very particular about your needs, and are not happy with ready to fit designs. Many light stores and brands today offer customization on their products. So before you buy, you can always check with them for the availability of this feature.

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Bring on the Heirloom Beauty with ‘Classic Heritage’ Pendants from Hudson Valley

Lighting products today are available in many different styles to suit homes built around different interior design and décor themes. The most popular ones include the traditional, contemporary, and crossover transitional styles. However, lighting fixture manufacturers and brands do take their inspiration and creativity to the next level to bring out designs that are unique and fashionable. Hudson Valley ( CrescentHarbor/Hudson-valley-pendants ) is one such brand that boasts of styles beyond the regular ones, and includes the following – Bold and Glamorous, Chic Vintage and Industrial, Classic Heritage, Timeless Elegance, and Warm Modern. While each line up is beautiful in its own accord, the Classic Heritage collection is much loved among home buyers and interior designers who prefer products that have a classy, historical charm. This style includes a fascinating collection of pendant lights that are versatile, adaptable, and which answer pragmatic concerns while satisfying aesthetic desires. Four unique designs from this collection are discussed below.


A marriage of colonial architecture and aesthetic splendor give birth to a product with symbolic significance, such as the Barstow pendant. It draws on the architectural tradition of hexagonal pulpits, which symbolized majesty, power, love, wisdom, mercy, and justice, and served as the focal point in early American meeting houses. The result is a six-sided lantern with an ornate cupola, whose shape is as eye catching today as it was to bygone congregations. Barstow pendants come in three and six light variants, and are available in Aged Brass, Old Bronze, and Polished Nickel finishes.


The rugged style of New England’s historic villages, which were shaped and designed by craftsmen, is what lies at the heart of the Chatham pendant. The product comes with a turned lamp base that is reminiscent of lathe-cut handiwork, and features handsome make-up that includes beaded metal rings, glossy opal shades, and premium materials. A single light pendant, Chatham is available in Aged Brass, Antique Nickel, Polished Nickel, and Distressed Bronze finishes.


The Cheshire pendant derives its beauty from the dramatic contrast of matte black shades set against a cast metal body. The smooth, classic styled candlestick colonnades, combined with extravagant details, make this light fixture a striking design statement in any setting. The coordinated shade interiors also enhance the hue and aesthetics of the hand-rubbed finishes. A three light pendant, Cheshire is available in Aged Brass and Antique Nickel finishes.


Hampton draws inspiration from the distinctive array of glass lanterns that illuminated the occasion of celebration of Queen Victoria’s 50th year on the throne. The pendant ( CrescentHarbor/About ) showcases a hybrid of Anglo and Indian design sensibilities, and reproduces the historic, mouth-blown glass lanterns with a contemporary twist. The oversized bell jar that originally held a reservoir of whale oil, in Hampton suspends a candelabra array to provide warm light without the mess. The pendant is available in Aged Brass, Historic Nickel, Old Bronze, and Polished Nickel finishes in a choice of clear and etched glass.

Classic Heritage styled pendants from Hudson Valley are heirloom inspired, and strive for the beauty of enduring antiques. From abundant scrollwork to candlestick lamps, and lathe-cut turned holders, these light fixtures draw from the designs that 17th and 19th Century Western Civilization, to bring on an Old World charm.

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Innovative Hubbardton Forge Table Lamps Enlivening Homes

Table lamps play functional and decorative roles in your home. As a result of which, you need to consider various factors while choosing a table lamp for your home décor such as shape, style, design and more. Now, what you will do if you want to enliven your home in an innovative way? You can purchase Hubbardton Forge Table Lamps ( ) to fulfil your lighting needs and smartening your decor. Illumination from this manufacturer unifies style within your single room as well as your entire space. The designers create innovative design to add vitality to your home. Let’s check out in this regard, some of the art-obsessed craftsmanship from Hubbardton :

§  Table Lamps for Town – These lighting illuminations are steeped in tradition. The hand-blown hurricane glass and chain-hung coverings are ideal elements for matching a classic and graceful setting of your home.  You can also select narrow glass tubes in opal shaped to offer a subtle contemporary urban appeal to your room. So, if you want to add some new illuminations to tradition, you can browse through the new handmade collections of Hubbardton Forge Lamps.

§  Folio Lamps – You can perk up your home in an amazing style with these illuminations. Ribbons of hand-forged steel dance around and rise up from the bottom of this table lamp to form fashionable shades. Crafted by expert artisans, each lamp will offer a unique appeal to your décor.

§  Dramatic Table Lamp – If you are a lover of exotic look, you may choose dramatic table lamp from Hubbardton. Created with aluminium and glass, this striking lamp offers an eye-catching appeal to your room, making it a beguiling focal point to your guests. The elaborate and fine craftsmanship with dimmable lights in Vintage Platinum and Soft Gold finish will carve out a distinct poise to every home.

§  Steel Collar Illumination – Another innovative creation from Hubbardton is Steel Collar table lamp. Often, this is encircled with handcrafted steel collar fixed to an arch within an arc. You can make adjustment to the angle with steel cog which is locked by steel pin.

§  Clean design Table Lamp – Now, if you want to have a clean design in your home, you can switch to the clean design table lamp from Hubbardton. The strong and clean lines of the hand-made steel constitute the base of this illumination. Moreover, as the design is simple, the illumination fits well with almost every kind of space.

§  Twist Basket Illumination – This is another conventional design coming with a literal twist. The experts have designed the famous twist basket design to decorate the modern room of today. The exclusive elegance of this table lamp will mesmerize your guests.

§  Large Steel Table Lamp – If you want to make an impression to your loved ones at home, this illumination could be just the right solution for your need. Often, this lighting ( ) solution comes with full curves to wow your guests with its exclusive design.

So whatever may be the choice for design, you can get a wide array of Hubbardton forge table lamp collections online. Choose the one that best matches your décor and enchant your dear ones with its innovative design.

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Troy Lighting Chandeliers : A Name Synonymous with Beauty and Finesse

Of the many lighting products in use today, chandeliers are one of the most preferred for their beauty and versatility. These light fixtures have adorned homes from time immemorial, and contribute to the aesthetics of indoor as well as outdoor spaces. A large number of brands today offer chandeliers across diverse styles and designs. A prominent name among them is Troy Lighting. Established in 1963, the brand is known for their impeccable fixtures that function as focal points in any setting. Their range of chandeliers are one of the most ornate and beautiful ones available in the market today. These light fixtures are known for their excellence in quality, design, and value.

Product Features

There are many product characteristics that make Troy Lighting chandeliers ( CrescentHarbor.Com/Troy-lighting-chandeliers ) a favorite among home owners and interior designers. These light fixtures are crafted from hand forged iron, which lends the products unmatched beauty and character. The other components on the chandeliers use a variety of materials like glassware, shades, metal accents, and so on. To top it up, the chandeliers are perfected using hand applied finishes, which lend each piece a unique and distinctive appearance, without compromising on the quality.

Troy Lighting chandeliers showcase different styles in their designs. From Victorian styled, glassware rich chandeliers to modern, minimalistic ones, these lighting products blend in with interior design schemes of all kinds. They also boast of some unique finishes like Vienna Bronze, Antique Silver Leaf, Carbide Black and Polished Nickel, Weathered Rust, Bamboo Bronze, Burnt Siena, and so on. While some chandeliers house candelabra light sources, some others feature regular lamp shades. The finishes on the shades of these chandeliers too are diverse – White Pearl Glass, Bamboo Glass, Historic Pressed Clear Glass, Plated Smoked Glass, Hardback Linen etc. These chandeliers are versatile in their means of suspension too. While some use the regular metallic chains, some others use cables.

Troy Lighting chandeliers showcase versatility in many other features like the structure and lamp direction too. The traditional styled chandeliers come in tiered variants while the contemporary ones feature a single tier. Also, there are many lighting products in the range which come with downward facing lights. The number of lights on these chandeliers vary anywhere from 3 to 16, depending on the design and size. This makes the chandeliers a good fit in small and large space alike.

Unique Collections

The collection of Troy Lighting chandeliers includes many stunning and unique pieces, which are one of a kind additions to any home. Some of these products are listed below.

•  Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a Victorian styled chandelier that features a hand-worked iron and wood frame with curved patterns. The body is complemented by clear light candelabras and glassware accents that elevate the aesthetics of the product.

•  Lyon

Lyon derives inspiration from colonial themes and functions as a throwback piece. The frame of the chandelier is made from hand forged iron and finished in Burnt Sienna, while the lampshades are made from hardback linen. Lyon houses house eighteen candelabra lights in a tiered fashion.

•  Bamboo

Bamboo is brought to life through Troy Lighting’s inspiration from nature. This rustic looking piece showcases a hand-worked wrought iron body and lampshades reminiscent of bamboo shoots. The Bamboo Bronze finish combined with Bamboo Glass lend make this piece a marvelous and eye catching product.

•  Conduit

Conduit is an unconventional design built around the industrial theme. It showcases a staggered frame which houses Edison bulbs wrapped in wire frames. These lights point in multiple directions and illuminate horizontal and vertical spaces alike. The product is finished in Old Silver and sits perfectly in any contemporary home.

When in search of the perfect chandelier for your home, take a look at the Troy Lighting ( CrescentHarbor.Com/About-us ) collection. These light fixtures, with their quality and finesse, are capable of giving your homes a ‘dream dwelling’ appeal any day.

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Light Up Your Home With Classy Hudson Valley Sconces And Wall Lamps

Wall sconces are often neglected in the home décor arena as they are thought to produce less powerful light than ceiling task lights or chandeliers. Yet they are found existent in many homes, mounted in one room or the other. Whether used to highlight a front door area, fixed in the living room, placed inside the kitchen, staircase, or just mounted inside a downstairs bathroom; they are ultimate when it comes to creating ambience. Wall sconces can also imperative functionality to any location and are an economical way of lighting up your space.

The warm glow from the sophisticated use of wall sconces makes your home pleasant and inviting. If you are planning to refurnish your house on a small budget, just revamping naked bulbs or harsh lighting with elegant wall sconces will absolutely transform the look of your arena.

Well, besides creating a classic ambience that enhances the style of your décor, wall sconces also accomplish another important job – that of illuminating hard to light areas. They are excellent sources of ambient lighting. That is not all. Wall sconces can also enforce task lighting, particularly in rooms like the living room where there are art pieces to flaunt, or in the bathroom where you need bright lighting in the vanity areas. Wall sconces create the perfect glow around such areas, whether it is a stunning wall tapestry or a mirror that needs highlighting. Thus, they are both look and function savvy.

Modern wall sconces by Hudson Valley Sconces ( Crescentharbor/Hudson-valley-sconces ) are very popular in commercial and residential spaces. They are the perfect solution to lighten up any room, while saving floor space and enhancing your design. Hudson Valley Sconces provide a stylish look that will liven up any home. There are various advantages to wall sconces :

1.  Set The Mood : Wall sconces are well suited for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms. Mounting dimmable sconces in bedrooms allows you to easily regulate the lighting in accordance with your mood. Placing sconces in dining rooms and other areas can accentuate artwork or create an environment of romance or festivity. Modern wall sconces can also provide the perfect lighting for small spaces without taking up floor space.

2.  Lower Energy Costs : The type of lighting you avail for your home can significantly affect your electricity bill. Energy costs for lighting can add up over time. Which is why it is important to look for lighting solutions that can lower your energy costs. The usage of light dimmers can also provide an additional benefit for many homeowners.

3.  Plethora of Styles And Colors : Wall sconces are available in a large plethora of colors, designs, themes, and styles. Modern wall sconces can be mounted to paneling, drywall, or pilasters, and can easily fit in with any décor.

Before you make a deal for wall sconces, browse your local stores and go through online vendors to determine the best designs available at best prices.
Hudson Valley Sconces: Finding the Right One!

With so many different options, finding the suitable wall sconce may not be an easy task. You have to first analyze the type of sconce that will best suit your requirements, and then consider the plethora of styles that would complement the existing décor of your domicile.

It is a wise idea to take the existing décor of the room into account when choosing a sconce. You want to brew the sconce with the look you already have or are trying to achieve one, it is important to consider decor.

The chic collection of bath and wall sconces by Hudson Valley are often used to attire the dining room, living room wall, and bathroom. They are also a great way to add attraction in your entry hall, add drama to your bedroom or to flaunt your front door.

From fixtures that embrace the Colonial Williamsburg style, to more contemporary fixtures, the Hudson Valley Sconces help turn your home into a beautiful domicile.

Overall, when picking a sconce, remember to consider the size of your space and décor ( Crescentharbor/About-us ) and you will have great success using them to embellish any room.

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Hubbardton Forge Floor Lamps : Bring Home Beauty with a Contemporary Style

Incorporating task lighting into your homes is made easy with floor lamps. These sleek and slender light fixtures, when placed in the bedroom, living room etc. make reading and other tasks easy. They also elevate the look and feel of interior spaces, often giving them a bout of warmth and welcoming appeal. Hubbardton Forge ( ), rightly known as the Modern American Blacksmiths, offers a stunning collection of floor lamps for the urbane home. Of these, the contemporary styled ones are a popular pick. They boast of clean lines, understated elegance, unique forms, and a sophisticated mix of negative and positive space. These floor lamps are often the focal point and topic of conversation in contemporary styled homes. Contemporary begins where modern left off and also brings with it, Euro and Asian influences. Here is a look at 5 stylishly unique contemporary floor lamps from Hubbardton Forge.

•  Erlenmeyer – This floor lamp draws inspiration from the flat-bottomed Erlenmeyer flasks and brings it to life beyond the lab. It features a handcrafted steel collar encircling a thick blown-glass flask, and comes in a Dark Smoke finish and Clear Glass with incandescent lamping. The industrial design infused with a steampunk feel makes it an apt choice for urbane homes.

•  Disq Arc – this light fixture is a modern design that also makes a big statement. It features a simple, trim less shade that can be raised or lowered as per needs, and comes in a Burnished Steel finish with Cork shade and LED lamping. It is an articulate and versatile piece that also comes with a dedicated lamping dimmer. Place this floor lamp next to your sofa in the living room, and see how conversations happen spontaneously.

•  Pluto – Inspirations for lighting fixtures can come from literally any source. That is what happened when the planet Pluto got demoted to a dwarf plan in 2006. The Hubbardton Forge artisans felt that Pluto needed to be given its rightful place, and hence came up with this floor lamp that pays tribute to the planet. It is a twin lamp that showcases glass orbs, which translates as the physical representation of the support of the ‘ninth planet’ and its moon Charon. Pluto comes in a Bronze finish with clear glass and incandescent lamping.

•  Facet – This one is a truly unique design and boasts of a finesse suggestive of a fine-cut gem. Facet displays an interplay of steel angles and planes, which function as the crowning jewel of a well-designed ( ) space. It comes in a Natural Smoke finish, Natural Anna shade, and incandescent lamping, and can also be customized with Doeskin Suede, Terra Suede, Eclipse, or Flax shades, should you wish to add a burst of color.

•  Mobius – This floor lamp recalls the fleeting beauty of the calla lily and fuses it with materials that last a lifetime, to bring about a stunning creation. Mobius features a flower like shade that blooms from the steel, lending an effortless beauty to any space. It comes in a Dark Smoke finish and Spun Frost shade with incandescent lamping.

Floor lamps by Hubbardton Forge are one of a kind products that exude an unmatched beauty. Hand forged by artisans in Vermont, these light fixtures transform any regular homes into a striking space that draws praise from guests and hosts alike.

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Indoor Island Pendants from Seagull Lighting

People often say that the kitchen is the heart of a home and so it needs more reason to shine brightly even in the darkest times. Seagull Lighting ( CrescentHarbor/Seagull-Lighting-Pendants ), a historic lighting company has been in the industry for over 95 years and have constantly featuring many illuminations for all kinds of building and areas. Island pendants are a favorite among homemakers as they can do all the duties with the right kind of lighting. Let us see a few collections below.

West Town :

This royal collection exudes elegance that can ornate a room equally as it brightens it. The sophisticated design comprises of rain-drop shaped crystals at the bottom with its six lights available in both incandescent and energy-star rated bulbs. Created in two finishes- Burnt Sienna with Oatmeal Faux Linen glass and Chrome with White Faux Linen glass, the West town is designed to attract people into the kitchen more. The traditional light fixture would go great with classic and vintage themed houses.

Jourdanton :

This transitional Seagull Lighting island pendant is constructed with perforated metal on the outside that engulfs a faux silk shade on the inside. Only having a single finish option of Brushed Nickel with satin etched glass, this four-light ceiling fixture can be fitted into damp locations as well. With incandescent and fluorescent 60W bulbs fitted, this futuristic light can be very eye-catching in the kitchen.

Dunning :

This style statement does not only attract all the attention but also create a rustic vibe perfect for the kitchen space. It can be clearly seen that it the design is inspired by farmhouses and country homes. The bold design comprises of a wooden rectangular frame in Oak finish that surrounds the four lights that is suspended by two metal chains. Stardust finish with crème parchment glass is the only variant available which can work with either incandescent or fluorescent bulbs that comes with the light fixture when ordered online.

Perryton :

This subtle collection from Seagull Lighting is a minimalistic island pendant that shouts traditional design ( CrescentHarbor/About-Us ) when you lay your eyes upon it. The Blacksmith finish transports you back in time and gets you nostalgic about previous times. This eight-light pendant that functions with 60W candelabra torpedo bulbs is shaped like candles inside a them framework resembling a house suspended in the air by two straight rods.

There are other styles of island pendants available and one should choose per their requirement and home setting. This is a great way of giving light to the kitchen. These kinds of pendants are usually placed over the island counter in a kitchen helping the family to finish their work. This kind of lighting solution can be fixed above a dining table as well. Another option of installing pendants in your kitchen is to arrange a bunch or a couple of one or two-light pendants in a personal kind of arrangement adding more character to the space.

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