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Spam Filtering Techniques – Analysis and Comparison

Email is a fast and convenient way of sharing information for businesses. However, the simplicity and the convenience have also made it a hub for scams.  We often find several unwanted emails in our inboxes. The menace of spam is increasing by leaps and bounds and have emerged as a serious threat. And the spam filtering is one of the best tools against spam mail available today.

There are several spam detection algorithms in use nowadays. They can be divided into two main categories

1.  Content based filtering

2.  Rule-based filtering

And the email can be divided into two sections that include

1.  Header section containing sender’s and recipient’s email address

2.  Subject of the mail

3.  The content of the mail that includes text, images, and other multimedia data in the main body of the mail

Content-Based Filtering

Content based filtering techniques focus on the content of the mail and ignore the header section and subject of the mail.  The majority of the content-based filtering techniques use a bag of words to identify spam mail. It is similar to text classification and has lower rates of false positives.

There are several content-based spam filtering ( Securence/Spam-Filtering ) techniques that include Gary Robinson technique, Bayesian Filtering, KNN classifier, and AdaBoost classifier. The spam filters look for commonly used words in spams and marketing emails.  For example, spam mails, generally contain words like Viagra or Sales that do not generally appear in legitimate mail.

The spam filtering techniques can be tailored to meet individual needs of the user by building a bag of words. The working on the content-based filtering techniques can be refined by identifying the false judgments of the software.

Rule Based Filtering

This spam filtering technique is based on rules that can be applied to the header section of the email without considering the content of the email.  The mail is classified using a concept of rules. These rules are applied on “To:”, “From:”, and “Subject”.

The rules of filtering may vary such as searching the subject line for words like free, sale and other words used in marketing. The rule-based filtering technique also checks whether the mail has arrived from a sender present in the address book of the user.

Rule-based filtering techniques use a white and blacklist of email addresses. If the sender or receiver’s address matches the address in the white or black list, the corresponding action is taken.  If the mail is multicast and is addressed to a mailing list having more than 1000 recipients, it is immediately marked as spam mail.

Comparing Spam Filtering Techniques

A study was conducted by IJAIEM to compare content based and rules-based filtering technique. The results showed content-based filtering techniques were more accurate when detecting undesirable whereas rules based filtering worked much faster.

Employing spam filtering has become a necessity for businesses. By employing spam protection ( ) services, businesses can ensure employees are able to access email quickly and they do not have to worry about threats that may be hiding in the form of illegitimate emails.

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Consider Participating in an Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

One of the temptations of keeping foreign assets and earning foreign income is the fact that it is very easy to avoid paying taxes on this money. Many people choose to hide some or all of their offshore earnings and income in order to keep all of it, or even most of it, to themselves. This can seem like an excellent idea, but unfortunately, it is illegal. So if you have decided to repair the less-than-optimal tax choices that you have made in previous years, how do you do it without incurring impossibly steep penalties? For many people, the solution is to find an offshore voluntary disclosure program that suits the needs of their situation.

What is Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program?

An Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP), is a program set up to allow people with offshore accounts and other assets to get current with their tax returns while facing a minimum penalty for their financial choices. It is an incentive to taxpayers to pay what they owe, allowing the government to collect on the taxes that they need without needing to become embroiled in an expensive and prolonged legal battle. OVDPs rely on taxpayers to come forward willing to report on the money that was missing from their tax returns and provide an honest accounting of the money they are keeping in foreign countries.

Who Is Eligible for an OVDP?

The most important consideration in who is eligible to benefit from an offshore voluntary disclosure program ( ) is where the funds came from. If your offshore assets were attained illegally, either by theft or by unlawful sales or business practices, then you are not eligible for an OVDP. They exist to support the law, not to help people break it. You must also not be under investigation, whether criminal or civil, by the IRS. Finally, you cannot have made a submission to get a streamlined procedure.

What Do You Need to Do?

In order to be eligible for an offshore voluntary disclosure program, there are a few things you need to do to get the process started. First, you need to file up to 8 years of back taxes, or amend them to reflect a more accurate accounting of your finances. You will need to pay all of your back taxes, including any interest or penalties that you may have incurred. You will also have to pay a penalty on the highest value of unreported assets. Finally, there will be a variety of questionnaires to fill out that you will need to answer completely and accurately.

Why Participate in an OVDP?

An offshore voluntary disclosure program offers you the chance to return to a clean financial slate. It can seem difficult to give up money that you would rather keep, but the truth is that skeletons in your financial closet have a way of coming out into the open at the worst possible time. By opting to provide an accurate tax accounting ( EsquireGroup/about ) on your own, you can minimize your penalties as you bring your finances under control.

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Troy Lighting Sconces – A Unique Solution for Home Decor

Do you want to decorate your house with a unique lighting solution? Purchase Troy lighting sconces ( ) and get the best design, quality and value for your money. Awesome lighting collections are available from Troy that can transform the look of your home with an exclusive grace. Whether you want interior or exterior illumination products, Troy Lighting carve out an outstanding poise to every space. Outdoor lanterns of Troy are often used as interior applications as their styles are innovative and can brighten up decors in a charming way. You can get these illuminations in hand forged iron and hand applied finishes in various shades. The engineering and inspection of these products ensure quality to customers.  Moreover, sophisticated illuminations are available at reasonable rates with the highest service standards.

Let’s have a look at a few Troy Lighting sconces in this regard :

1.  Copper Bronze Finished Wrought Iron Wall Sconce  –  If you like to have industrial and rustic design, together with hand-worked illumination, you can buy wrought iron wall sconces. These are ideal for rustic as well as industrial inspired decorations. Often, they are created by robust hand worked wrought iron and are finished with warm copper bronze. The attractive lighting collection includes carbon bulbs and can be extended from the wall.

2.  French Iron Sconce for Bathroom  –  Now, you may want to bestow a distinct look to your modern bathroom and can luckily the French Iron Sconce is an option available. This long bath illumination often comes with a sleek and stylish light and a French Iron finish over wrought iron. It is combined with Provence glass for offering a fashionable look. Besides, a unique frame emphasizes the modern appeal of this product. You can choose either a horizontal or vertical mounting as per your preference. This makes a superb choice for home theatre usage.

3.  Energy Efficient Warm Silver Sconce  –  If you want to add grace and warmth to the living room, you can opt for this high LED warm silver wall sconce.  It offers a delicate yet striking elegance with gently curved back plate and forged accent of bronze. You can extend this illumination from the wall and mounting point to the top of the light fixture.

4.  Contemporary Halogen Light Wall Sconce  –  Halogen high forged iron wall sconces are also one of the popular Troy Lighting ( Crescentharbor/about ) collections. They often come in a sharp triangular shape and coated with topaz glass. These contemporary illuminations are ideal for accentuating every modern space. Their bold and dramatic designs enliven the mood of all decors. You can get the collection with exposed bulbs. A forged iron finish adds a contrasting cool element to this light. Moreover, a topaz glass shade provides a stunning reflection. The shade appears clear when lit and opaque when unlit.

Check out Troy Lighting sconces and purchase the best one matching your preference. However, before making the purchase, assess the bulb watt, width and height. Besides, you should weigh up how much the light can be extended from the wall and mounting point to the top of the fixture.

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Fix House of Troy Floor Lamps and Create Brilliant Indoors

Usage of Floor Lams

Exquisite interior decoration is the trend for both residential and commercial buildings. Creating a glamorous look for inside spaces of residences is a desire most of us have. This is a luxury slowly creeping in our lifestyles. Especially in certain areas such as bedrooms, study rooms, etc., installation of fixtures must be well thought of. One of the best bets to set up this special atmosphere is to place decorative floor lamps appropriately. The most interesting matter to note here is that there are various types of decorative lamps such as House of Troy floor lamps ( CrescentHarbor/Troy-Floor-Lamps ) which are easily available in the present market, and their vast variety enables you to select the proper one. It’s also practically good to seek the advice of professional electricians or interior designers on this matter.

Buying Criteria

•  Design : You must give great thought to this aspect, because, a small negligence on your part can change your entire look. Selection is a vital key, and should go hand in hand with what your requirement is. Different approaches can be taken but the final decision should be in line with what you need.

•  Size : This is important, remember, only by installing the proper sized floor lamp, you will be able to create the desired outcome. If your intention is to provide an alluring shade, shorter corner ornamental floor lamps will do the job. However, if you want to project light on the furniture or the center carpet, fixing of the floor lamps in line will do that for you. The point to be noted is to give emphasis for the overall aesthetic splendor.

•  Quantity :  There is no fixed number of installations, provided with the space you are working with. You must give due consideration to the available space and then place the lamps. The number of lamps does not matter, but they should go well with the space and the basic structure.

Established Dealers

One of the many exciting parts in deciding of a floor lamp is the types of appealing models of traditional and contemporary floor lights ( ) available in stores. Nevertheless, you have to approach prominent and established lighting dealers to buy light fixtures like the House of Troy floor lamps. The companies behind these products have enough experience to make them authentic leaders in their specific fields. For example, House of Troy floor lamps are available in the market since the middle of 1940s, and this is their strength. The products they manufacture are precise and reliable, and you are sure to get real the value for the money you spend.

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When is the Best Time to Buy Cheap Jewelry Online?

Everyone loves shopping for cheap jewelry online, especially in the summer. There’s nothing more exciting than finding the perfect necklace, ring, bracelet and/or earrings to complete a summer wardrobe at an affordable price.

Summer is the time for love

Summer is one of the most popular seasons for couples to dedicate their lives to each other. With stores offering cheap jewelry online, it’s possible to get a ring outfitted and accessorize it with elegant necklaces and jaw dropping earrings-all for a reasonable price.

Looking for cheap jewelry online ( ) also provides a great opportunity for finding beautiful wedding ring sets for less than you would find in a retail setting. They’re affordable, which means the bride and groom can either find a higher quality ring set for the same price, or they can spend the extra money they are saving on their wedding-or their honeymoon.

But love isn’t the only summer event that can be celebrated with jewelry-it’s beach season, too!

How about toe rings for style at the beach, or for weekend BBQs. Toe fashion has been popular since the 1990s, and it goes well with the other cheap jewelry online, too. Not only is cheap jewelry perfect to finish off any summertime look, but it’s also lots of fun to shop for-for many other reasons and seasons, too.

Cheap Jewelry Online – Birthday Gifts

Whether it’s for your mother, a cousin, best friend, teen, tween, or a co-worker’s birthday, jewelry is always a hit. Online jewelry stores offer a number of choices in styles and jewelry pieces, so if you are looking for a selection that is as extensive enough to offer as much uniqueness as it does beauty, then you want to shop for cheap jewelry online.

Men’s Cheap Jewelry Online

Women love to shop, especially online, but you can’t forget the men in your life. Jewelry is fashionable and popular with men as well. Pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings that are both stylish and well-constructed are a hit with dudes, so make sure you check out the selection for men when you shop cheap jewelry online, too.

Valentine’s Day Shopping for Cheap Jewelry Online

Of course Valentine’s Day is the biggest diamond shopping day of the year, but there are also other unique jewelry pieces on sale. This makes it even more affordable to buy the perfect gift to celebrate this romantic occasion, and shopping for that cheap jewelry online makes it even easier.

Cheap Jewelry Online Christmas Shopping

Christmas is the biggest gift giving time of the year, and shopping online is getting more popular; particularly since the introduction of Black Friday. This frenzy extends to jewelry stores too. Since prices are already low when you search for cheap jewelry online, combining those prices with Black Friday deals makes it possible to get everyone on your list the jewelry they’ve been waiting for.

Cheap Jewelry Online Shopping – Wide Range of Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to look amazing. In fact, nowadays, cheap jewelry is made so well that it’s hard to tell the difference. Jewelry makers are adept at using cubic zirconia that looks real, and they make them in a variety of styles, ranging from traditional pieces to Masonic jewelry. This means buying cheap jewelry online is definitely worth every penny you spend—and more.

Although buying summertime clothes and jewelry is exciting, shopping at stores that offer cheap jewelry online can be done all year. If you’re looking for beautiful jewelry ( Jewelry-Liquidation/Blog ) at affordable prices, make sure you check out liquidation websites. It’s also a good idea to shop for cheap jewelry online before and during major holidays to save even more money. The jewelry is already affordable, but the discounts and sales help you save even more – or allow you to buy more. It depends how you look at it.

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Eligibility Criteria for Getting of R and D Tax Credits

There are many companies that are working on research and development activities, but unfortunately do not know that there is an added advantage for such companies. If your company is one, then you need to know about the R and D tax credit ( ) scheme. It is natural for you to assume that your company is not eligible for such credits or think that availing the credit facility is a tedious affair. But you are ‘wrong’ – the UK government has made this scheme so as to facilitate the growth of companies that are working in the research and development sectors. Read on to find out more about this initiative.

R and D Tax Credits

If your company is working on research activities, then the result or outcome of your research activities is not determinable. The capital expenditure on such activities is also very high – needless to say, the risk involved too. But such experimental activities are the need of the hour, since it helps in the economic growth of the country. Hence the government has come up with an initiative called the R & D tax credit. As the name indicates, it is the credit that is provided to companies that are working in this field. With this, you can reduce your company’s tax bill. It is either paid to you as a cash component or it can be reduced from the net corporate tax that you pay to the government.

Eligibility :

If your company is working on science and technology related projects, then you qualify for such activities. However, your research activities should be uncertain – meaning, the experiments that you conduct to deduce a solution should not already be known. Your experiments should lead to analysis and conclusion – and it should also be scientific in nature. Your research activities should deal with the uncertainties in that area of research and mention how and when the uncertainties are overcome.

These types of guidelines are listed by the ‘Department of Business, Innovation and Skills’. If your activities/projects qualify for these guidelines you can claim the R & D tax credit from the government.

Costs :

Not all the expenditure that your company incurs can be claimed under this act. The day to day running of your business and research activities will qualify for a claim. However, the capital assets do not qualify for this type of claim.

•  Staff costs : The staff costs can be claimed. Meaning, your staff should be working on only the research activities. Even contractors and sub-contractors who are totally involved in this research activity can be claimed under the R & D tax credit scheme.

•  Utilities and software : All utilities and software that are used purely for research activities only can be included in the claim. Utilities like power, water and fuel can also be claimed.

•  Material costs : All material used directly for R & D ( ) purposes can be included. However, telecommunication and data charges which are consumed in your project activities cannot be claimed under this scheme.

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Some of the Features of High Quality Dental Microscope

A dental microscope offers an enhanced vision for your dentist so he can perform a high quality surgery.  Quality of light resolution, light transmission, and the depth of the field are indicators of a good microscope for dental surgeries.  Such features help dentists to perform some tough procedures such as root canal.  Without the right features of proper magnification, the depth of the field it may be very difficult to detect minute issues of non-rectilinear cavities and tiny ramifications.

With the developments in technology, more sophisticated and advanced microscopes are available for dentists today. Such microscopes come with high illumination lens, great optic systems with ergonomic design and more. The modern microscope comes fitted with a binocular head, which is a great help in teaching surgeries to students of dentistry, and for audience to monitor the surgical and non-surgical procedure on a monitor.

With many features such as Intelligent LED illumination system, fluid articulation, and crisp optics system leading microscopes help dentists perform surgical and non-surgical procedures with high quality. Some of the features of the leading microscopes available on the market today are :

A high illuminating LED with the power of up to 100,000 lux can offer color temperature similar to a natural daylight for better viewing by dentists.  With a robust arm system and high quality electronics, and accessories such microscope come with a longer bulb life of 60,000 hours of runtime. Such a longer runtime means no need of frequent bulb changes and savings in operational costs, as well. It also reduces the threats of potential downtime largely.

High quality dental microscopes ( ) available on the market come with perfect accessories to help you get the best images. Microscopes that come with apochromatic optical systems helps get superior images with great clarity and high resolution.  In addition, proprietary MaxLite™ coatings help you with durable optics images that are free of reflection.

A myriad of features of high quality dental microscopes make them the most preferred microscopes for many practicing dentists. Microscopes that come with features that comes with adjustable settings to vary the working distance within f300 – 400mm focal range.

Documentation plays an important role in choosing the modern day dentist microscopes. Video documentation helps build patient’s trust in the doctor, as doctor can show and explain the issues to the patient. In addition, it also helps doctors to train new dentists conducting workshops and seminars using the video recordings. To facilitate such documentation microscopes comes with a host of accessories including a DSLR, CCD adapters, video cameras, and many other digital equipment to simply the treatment and training process.

In addition to the features mentioned above, including the accessories and parts the ergonomic design of these dental microscopes makes it easy to rotate. With the help of a Rotoplate kit dentists can conveniently view the remote areas of a patient’s mouth with much ease. Dentists ( ) can easily operate these microscopes with a foot pedal, and install them on a wall mount or using a portable stand.

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Top Seven Tips for Building Quick to Respond Medical Website Design

Are you thinking of building a quick to respond medical website design? ( 99MediaLab/Medical-website-Design ) There is nothing to worry! It is simply because you can create a professional medical website with the right image, by inspiring confidence and building patient trust. However, ensure the fact that your website contains all the essential features that a doctor or healthcare service provider needs such as striking and responsive website design, engaging content, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act acquiescent forms, competent SEO & content management system as well as effective hosting and maintenance. If you have a responsive medical web design that can automatically adjust images, layout and content as per the size and resolution of your users’ browsers, it will significantly improve the browsing experience of your visitors, enhancing patient satisfaction and retention.

Let’s have a look in this regard a few tips for building a quick to respond medical website design :

§  Striking Design – Remember that web design makes the first impression to your customers. Make it appealing before your visitors so that they decide to stay on your site within the first three seconds or else, they will simply click away to your competitors’ sites. Opt for quality web layouts and customized high-end medical web designs that will motivate your patients to stay on your site and build confidence.

§  Engaging Content – Upload engaging and informative content to attract patients to your website. Publish health articles and blogs every week to let visitors keep coming to your site. Think about building web pages with interesting and useful topics on ailment symptoms, conditions and treatment. Your content must be strong enough to build a loyal audience of readers and let them keep coming to your site.

§  SEO Codes – Use SEO friendly codes in order that patients can find you easily on top internet search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Make your website code optimized for security, speed and conformity. This will help to boost your online rank and enhance your website traffic.

§  Online Videos – Create online videos pertaining to your practice and expertise. You could emphasize on the top treatments and services with stunning animated sliders of medical website. Moreover, you may design photo galleries about your medical treatment for patients.

§  Case Studies – Nowadays, case studies have become extremely significant for online business development and the medical industry is not an exception in this regard. Share your case studies and customer success stories with online visitors. Include a case study section on your medical website. This conveys professionalism, educates your audience and builds a patient trust. Publish success stories of happy patients to arouse confidence of your visitors. You may also keep testimonials from patients within quotes along with their names and designations. Include the names of your fellowships, medical associations, awards and university logos to ensure patients that they are taking the right decision by choosing your service.

§  Social Media Sharing – Your medical website design ( ) should be in such a way that it invites your online visitors to share info with their acquaintances using social media channels. In these days, the ideal talk often takes place through social media sites and your website should be designed in such a manner to enable sharing on major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest.

§  Easy Accessibility – Build your website in such a way that your patients can easily access information like questionnaires, secure medical contact forms, privacy notes and EMR patient portal directly from your site. Focus on improving the competence of your practice and patient satisfaction.

Follow these tips and create a quick to respond medical website design.

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Customize the Bathroom Vanity Cabinets to Make Them Fit for Your Bathrooms

Contemporary Bathrooms are Impressively Built

Ways of life changes in accordance with the change of time, and you can see the reflection of the same in all areas of human interest. Precisely in tune with this, the present generation bathrooms are quite different from its olden day counterparts. Today, everybody tries to make this area neat and tidy looking, in the same way as the other areas of the building. Besides, the bedecking process of the bathrooms is also very much important these days; everyone gives all out efforts to make the space convenient as well as attractive. While decking out the bathrooms, you must take into consideration the available space and the overall items that you like to store up within. In any case, you must install bathroom vanity cabinets inside the bathrooms; this is very important, because, you will have to store various items that you need for having a comfortable bath.

Get Your Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Customized

Remember, in this day and age, bathroom vanity cabinets ( FoxdenDecor/Bathroom-Vanity-Cabinets ) are no more mere bathroom storage spaces. They also add up the existing allure of the bathrooms, and so, sharp designing is highly important. You must give high importance to the designing part. If you can install attractively built bathroom vanity cabinets, then they will also act as alluring showpieces, more than being a mere storing place. This is a pragmatic way to enhance the overall charm of your bathroom. The present-day market holds different varieties of such bathroom fixtures, and hence you will be able to choose the precisely fitting ones. In addition to this, most of the leading traders offer customization, and this makes it possible to get exclusively designed bathroom vanities. You can create your own distinctive design and thus can get the item customized accordingly.

Design the Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Appropriately

You must choose different types of vanity cabinets ( ) for your different bathrooms. The item should match the available space of the bathroom, and it should give a special stylish touch to the overall ambience. For example, if your bathroom area is a bit tight, you can opt for the upright version cabinet. This will give you the leeway to fix the cabinet within the available area, and can still store a lot of items. Besides, it will impart a unique and pleasing look to the space concerned. Creating open bathroom vanities, of course, strictly in accordance with the space available is another pragmatic choice. Open vanities are easy to clean and maintain. If you like to phase in a little bit of ancient look within your smartly designed bathroom, you can pick one of the classic models.

Even if the bathroom is big enough, there is a probability of becoming a messy place, because of lack of proper storage place. Therefore, let whatever be the model you choose, you must give utmost preference to the designing aspect also, even while making enough room within the cabinet for storing all of your requirements.

The best way to make full benefits of customization is to consult your dealer with full details of your priorities. They will be able to guide you properly to fix the most suitable bathroom vanity for your specific requirement.

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Five Common Traits of the Best Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia

Criminal cases like murder, rape, abduction, assault and abuse are not as simple as cases that involve drunken driving and traffic signal jumps. Criminal cases are those cases that involve high profile lawyers, money, power and hardcore crimes that come with the above. In addition to severity, these cases are also time consuming, expensive and emotionally very tasking. Handling these cases by yourself is near to impossible and even if you choose an ordinary criminal lawyer, your chances of winning are fairly less. Given that criminal case outcomes are generally very severe in their nature and duration, losing is not an option at all. If you are fighting a criminal case in Philadelphia and looking for a criminal lawyer to defend your case, you must ensure that you choose the best one of the lot. All the best Philadelphia criminal lawyers ( Joemitchellattorney/Philadelphia-criminal-lawyers ) will have the following 5 traits in common. Make sure the criminal lawyer you choose exhibits each one of these traits.

1.  Empathy

The first trait that you must look for in a Philadelphia criminal lawyer is empathy. There’s no way your lawyer can defend you and fight for you, unless he/she understands the situation you are in. Before finalizing on a particular criminal lawyer, set up an initial consultation and see how the lawyer treats you. Ensure that the lawyer values time, is receptive to your case, shows a great deal of personal interest and also offers some kind of moral support, if not assurance to win the case. All the best criminal lawyers in Philadelphia are empathetic towards their clients and treat each case as their own.

2.  Aggression

Aggression is certainly associated with crime and criminal lawyers are not an exception to this. The lawyer you choose must have an aggressive approach towards the case and always make sure that his/her argument is heard in the courtroom. Criminal cases often see a lot of fierce discussions, accusations and other drama that demand ferocity and command from criminal lawyers.

3.  Experience

State laws keep changing on a regular basis and Philadelphia is no exception to this. Law is an extensive field of study and when it comes to criminal cases, a criminal lawyer must be 100% legally correct while making the argument. The best Philadelphia criminal lawyers will have years of experience in practicing law, studying opponent lawyers and coming up with mew strategies and arguments every now and then.

4.  Intelligence

The best Philadelphia criminal lawyers will not only be experienced but they will be immensely witty and smart. Spontaneity, out of the box thinking, eye to detail and shrewdness are the basic traits of a criminal lawyer. And you want only the best and the smartest of these criminal lawyers.

5.  Influence

Lastly, the best criminal lawyers in Philadelphia ( ) will be one of the most influential lawyers in that region. Years of experience and networking will help these lawyers closely acquaint with judges and even the opponent lawyers. You need a Philadelphia criminal lawyer who has a good name and reputation in the Philadelphia region.

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