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How to Paint Your Home to a Neat Finish by Calling House Painters in Lexington

While applying paint is an important part of a painter’s job, a real craftsman will do much more. They have a variety of brushes and other specialized tools for applying paint to the tight corners and other tricky areas. They are meticulous in applying drop cloths and make sure that the paint is applied evenly without much dripping or splashing.

Preparation involved in a paint job is the key to quality and long lasting paint. The first thing done is rinsing down the house. This is done in two ways, either by a light wash or by using a hose pipe or spraying water manually to the affected areas. This is decided after analyzing the condition of your home. Some of the preparatory work undertaken by the housepainters in Lexington are listed below:

Color selection: The home owner selects the paint color before the work could begin. The color can be selected on the samples provided by the housepainters in Lexington.

Closing all the Windows and Storm Windows: The next process undertaken by housepainters in Lexington is shutdown of all the windows and storm windows. In certain cases where it is not possible to close the windows, the exteriors of the windows are taped with plastic before the sanding process begins.

Hand Scraping: The next process involves hand scraping the exterior of the homes manually.

Power Wash:  This is done in the exteriors to remove loose debris, mold and mildew.
Primer: A high quality primer is used for multiple purposes. It helps to seal the wood or substrate and has different properties when compared to paint. It helps the paint coat to adhere better and gives a consistent coat and finish. There are different primers used for different purposes. House painters in Lexington apply the right primer, depending upon the project requirement.

Caulking: The purpose of caulk is to seal and fill small cracks along vertical seams. This helps to prevent moisture from penetrating the surface and causing warped siding and potential rotting. Caulking allows the house to expand and contract throughout the seasons.

    If you are painting with latex paint, wait for a day
    If you are using oil based paint, you have to wait for at least one week
    If you have used a power washer at high pressure to clean and remove loose paint, you may have to extend the dry paint recommendations depending on how wet the surface wall has become.

Once you have completed these tasks, you are now ready to paint. Housepainting is a professional job and requires systematic application of paint. It is no longer a weekend activity, done by the homeowner. It requires physical endurance to stand for long periods and the ability to purchase the right kind of paint. Housepainting is an area where trade meets artistry and you actually need professionals who have an expertise and an eye for detail. Using specialized equipments and tools will help in giving a smoother finish and  a professional look to your home. Your house is an investment and regular maintenance means lesser repairs. You can opt for the services of housepainters in Lexington and enjoy the dual advantage of maintenance free home and a great professional finish.

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