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Different Ways of Buying Bees

If you are a first time beekeeper, there are various ways in which you can acquire bees. There are several important factors you need to consider when it comes to buying bees.

If you are new to the whole process, it is better to buy packaged bees. The packaged bees contain three to five pounds of clustered bees with a queen in a different cage. The bees are fed on sugar syrup while bringing home to make sure that they are not hungry on the way home.

Buying packaged bees come with the advantage that they have details about their history and are generally disease free. Since the bees have no brood, they take some time to establish a colony.

You can also buy fully established colony, which are comparatively more expensive. In an established colony you will find active hive with fully installed bees together with fully developed brood. It is harvested before being delivered to you. You have to wait until the next harvest when the honey bees have produced sufficient honey for harvest.

When you buy an established colony, you might face problems such as parasites, diseases, and the queen might be quite aged, which means you might have to look for a younger queen. So, the simplest way to buy bees when you are a newbie is to get expert advice from the professionals. Experts can detect the pros and cons and make sure that you get the best value for your money.

Getting a nuc is another way of arranging a hive that contains several brood frames, a functioning queen, sufficient brood with honey, pollen, and 10,000 worker bees. Nuc’s are sold locally and so you need not worry about adjustment in the new environment.

The benefit of buying a nuc lies in the fact that the queen is fairly young and by looking at the brood you can find out for yourself how productive the queen is. Once the bees are transferred to the new hive, there are chances for you to see good harvest from your colony in the very first year.

Swarming is another method of acquiring bees. However, this process is not very suitable for an amateur beekeeper. If you are an experienced beekeeper, it is certainly one of the best ways to get bees. Additionally, you can enjoy the lovely experience of collecting a swarm.

If you follow this method for getting bees, you need to be careful about getting the diseased bees, as these won’t have any history of health or origin. This method can be suitable for you only in case you are comfortable with the bees. You should keep in mind the fact that honey bees are gentle, but these can be dangerous as well. So, make sure to treat them with the respect they deserve.

So, these are the different options for buying bees that you can consider, but make sure to keep in mind the aforementioned aspects.

This article was written by Shelly Athas, on behalf of MasonBeesForSale, offering you the highest quality bees. To know how you can order packaged bees, you may visit

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How to Fit Workout Routines into Your Schedule

Over half of America is considered overweight or obese and it is not just statistics anymore, it is a sad reality.  Our society today perpetuates the constant ‘on the go’ around the clock, day after day, year after year.  It is an understatement to say that most people are struggling to find the time to eat lunch daily, normal tasks seem impossible to do on most days so when it comes to working out, where is the time really going to come from?  There are not many people out there who would not desire to be healthier and more in shape if it was possible.  It takes a lot of work and discipline to choose healthier foods and to schedule in the time to workout.  The idea for long term success with fitness routines is to find the specific workout routines that are the best suited for your schedule and ability.  If you can add even 15 to 20 minutes a day of exercise you will start seeing changes in your body within just a few short weeks.

When it comes to the conveniences that we now have, thanks to the internet, there are really no more excuses for not working out.  Excuses such as not enough money for a gym membership, workout class schedules do not fit your schedule or you would rather not be seen dancing around by everyone, are no longer legitimate reasons to avoid exercise because you now have workout routines with fitness enthusiasts right at your fingertips, in the privacy of your home. You can now get everything you desire with results from routines available on your internet devices which ensure the best and fastest results.

There are a few things you will want to consider for success with changing your lifestyle and incorporating workout routines into that change.  The first thing is to establish the reason you want to make this change.  The obvious answers are to be healthy and lose weight, but why is that important to you?  If you can answer that question then the answer is the key to your motivation on days you just do not feel like getting it done. You will continue to do so just to stick to your original goal that runs deeper than a few pounds.

The second thing is just as important and that is to find workout routines that you will stick to.  Many online sites will offer you assistance in customizing workout plans as long or as short as you would like and that you can fit into your schedule.  A lot of the programs offered nowadays will also offer mobile phone apps that help you stick to your workout routine even when you are not at home or not at a computer which makes it possible to workout anywhere at any time.  Pick a time that works into your normal routine and work those workout routines into it.

Finally, gather support.  Find a group of friends who want to get healthy with you; even if you do not actually get together for your workout routines it is very important to have someone who will hold you accountable.  When someone can look at you or get on the phone with you and you must answer their question when they ask “Hey, did you get that workout in today?”  Besides that, it is even better to compete with someone because then there is a constant incentive to keep you on track.

This article was written by Chandra Sencabaugh, on behalf of GymRa, offering you detailed information about how you can retain a healthy body. For more information on strength and cardio workouts, you may visit

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Why Formative Assessment should be Used to Reduce Test Anxiety in Students

Every student has experienced test anxiety to some degree. Whether a person is taking a 3rd grade math test or sweating through a chemistry final in university, pressure and nervousness are often associated with these situations. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that some students suffer from such severe test anxiety that they experience symptoms that are not only out of their control but that also have a negative effect on students’ overall education. These people experience butterflies in their stomach, sweaty palms, a dry mouth, and even nausea—and that’s just the physical symptoms! Cognitive symptoms such as a lack of focus, avoiding academic situations entirely, and turning to outside substances such as alcohol or medications can occur and have lasting effects on the students’ success. Some of these people even experience depression and low self-esteem from the thought of taking exams. In short, test anxiety is no laughing matter.  For some people, much of time is spent trying to come up with a way to prevent test anxiety and to get over the embarrassment. One solution to the test anxiety problems is a formative assessment.

The responsibility for finding a way to overcome test anxiety doesn’t just lie with the student. Instructors and the educational institution itself should take an active part in trying to solve this problem. It has been observed in many cases that changing the testing environment can greatly reduce test anxiety. Sometimes sitting in a crowded room with other students writing an exam can put pressure on someone with test anxiety because he or she can get distracted more easily.  Likewise, the student might lose track of time in these situations and start to panic near the end of the exam due to inability to manage time effectively. An obvious solution is to allow these students to write tests in a room where they are on their own and can focus. But to have even better results, using online testing and formative assessment, both for practice tests and during the real thing, can lower pressure on an individual and allow him or her to focus more easily. Plus the test helps the instructor determine where exactly a given student’s weaknesses lie while taking an exam.

Formative assessment is a type of online testing that allows teachers to track their students as they take exams online and give real-time feedback to them as they are writing. This allows an instructor to guide students and cater specifically to their needs. If a student suffers from test anxiety and therefore doesn’t perform well, the instructor can track the student and pay special attention to him or her online. The teacher can identify the questions that caused a student the most trouble or anxiety. Formative assessment helps the teacher determine how to go about teaching these students in the future and what their needs are during an exam. Plus there are benefits for the students because they can track the amount of time that has passed, and they are secluded from others which helps them focus.

In short, formative assessment allows instructors to pinpoint a student’s trouble areas and actively work to prevent them. These benefits have a huge impact on student-teacher relationships, and they will make a huge difference on the quality of education students receive in the future.

This article was written by Daina Seivert, on behalf of Track My Progress. For more information on formative evaluation system, you may also visit

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Enjoy the Fun Filled Activities in an Umbria Villa

Picturesque surroundings of Umbria make it one of the most famous tourist spots in Italy. If you are planning a holiday in Umbria, you can enjoy lots of activities during your stay in Umbria villas. Here we shall discuss the fun filled activities that you will love while holidaying in Umbria:

You can find some marvelous cathedrals in Orvieto, Todi, and Gubbio. The central part of Italy mingles with different old customs that offer plenty of opportunity for sightseeing as well. Families can enjoy swimming in the holiday Umbria villas. The villas are made the base for going on hiking and exploring different parts of Umbria.

Umbria has become one of the most fascinating areas in Italy. Villas in Umbria organize different activities to ensure that the guests are never bored. Among the different activities, archery has become extremely popular. Visitors can shoot statues of animals kept here and have fun. The arches can be used by anyone above 8 years. Arches have been used in Umbria for a long time and these have been revived now after being abandoned for decades. You can enjoy a scrumptious dinner at night by spending few Euros. However, make sure all your bookings are made in advance.

You can look for an Umbria villa offering fishing activities along the Trasimeno fishermen. You can get small sports fishing boats and go for fishing with the fishermen. You need to make prior booking for this activity. Fishermen leave early in the morning, however; if you have your own preferred time, you can fix a time with them. If you love to get wet, you can go for a boating trip to Maggiore, which is one of the most famous islands here.

Another exciting activity that you can try is truffle dinner with truffle hunting. Umbria is well known for truffles. You can go hunting for truffles with an expert hunter. You can also learn some traditional cooking with an excellent cook during the dinner.

Umbria is well known for the various restaurants, cafes and bars scattered all round the place. This place is a wonderful producer of olive oil and offers some fantastic dining options.

So, if you are looking for leisurely holidays along with a perfect combination of natural beauty and rich culture, you will love your stay in the Umbria Villas. Make sure you participate in the exciting activities that will make your stay even more exciting and fun filled.

You can get details about the location, activities, tariff charges, facilities and services offered in Umbria villas by browsing online. In case you are not very enthusiastic about the different activities, you can enjoy a comfortable stay in the Umbria villas and pamper yourself amidst the amenities and services offered. You should have a clear budget in your mind, so that you are not confused choosing from so many options.

Wish you a happy stay in the Umbria villas.

This article was written by Marhta Florentine, on behalf of Italian View, offering you a large collection of beautiful Italian apartments and holiday villas in Tuscany, Umbria, Liguria, Amalfi Coast and Sicily. To know how you can rent an Italian villa, you may visit

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Why Look for a Midwife in Dallas

So why do you think people are going for home births? Though every couple will have their own reasons for this, most of the women consider child birth and pregnancy as a natural process. Normal delivery ensures that the potential risk factors can be avoided and functioning of a healthy body can be ensured even after child birth. A midwife in Dallas can take care of all the pregnancy complications that might arise and offer you the necessary support and care.

Now let us take up the question why is delivery at home considered safe compared to hospital births? Ole Oslen, a researcher from the University of Copenhagen examined several cases of child birth at home and hospital. He studied a total of 25,000 births from five different countries. According to the reports, there wasn’t any difference in the survival rates between the new born at hospital or at home. However, when it came to medical interventions, it was comparatively less in case of the homebirths. Homebirth mothers did not suffer lacerations during childbirth. The chances of use of vacuum extractors, forceps, cesarean section was comparatively low.

A midwife in Dallas offer all the pain relieving techniques to the mother during labor and childbirth to ensure she gets all the support and care during delivery. A midwife extends her support even after the child is born. She familiarizes a mother with her child and helps establishing a connection with the child through breast feeding. It has been found the hiring a professional midwife in Dallas reduces the chances of cesarean sections, medications, forceps or vacuum extractors. This helps a mother enjoy the natural process of childbirth.

Types of Midwife in Dallas:

When it comes to choosing the midwives in Dallas, you have three options. There are lay midwives, CNM or Certified Nurse-Midwife and CPM or Certified Professional Midwife. You can hire these midwives for delivery at birthing centers or deliveries at home as well. The lay midwives are self taught and they opt to learn from the different midwife registries. They also work in collaboration with the physicians and act once they get a green signal from the doctors.

Midwifery is considered an ancient art that focuses on well being of women. This vocation is not bound or cannot be defined by medical terms. The traditional midwifery practices are highly revered and honored. A midwife in Dallas is trained to learn about a woman’s body, the physiology, anatomy and the other bodily functions. This knowledge helps them to establish a strong bond with the mother.

The difference between doctors and midwives lies in the fact that the doctors go to medical schools to earn their degrees and knowledge in medicines. They are trained to perform operations as well. The doctors are aware of the functioning of a woman’s body.

So, if you want experts to help you during the course of child birth and labor, look for qualified midwife in Dallas and welcome the new beginning in the best possible way.

This article was written by Jessenia Chilcott, on behalf of Nurturing Births, assisting you through birthing and beyond. To know how you can benefit from midwife care during pregnancy, you may also visit
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Common Core State Standards for Analyzing Students

Educators play a very important role in ensuring that a student meets or exceeds the standards set by Common Core State Standards. There is a standardized test given at each of the grade levels to measure the overall performance of a student. Math is a tricky subject that is included in this. Many educators try online math games to help those struggling to meet the standards. Here we shall discuss how the students benefit from such games.

There are four components involved in Common Core State Standards. These are algebraic thinking, operations, cardinality, counting and comparing. Standardized tests are administered by state and designed to assess if children are being educated according to the standards. Due to limited funds and large sized classrooms, it becomes difficult for teachers to offer a one-on-one attention that struggling students require. This gap among students can be filled easily with the help of these online games. The fact that the kids enjoy while learning gives them an additional bonus.

Reporting is another important aspect that is given emphasis in Common Core State Standards. The best games help in generating reports that teachers use to keep track of the progress of the students. The progress reports are used by teachers to determine condition of the students struggling to attain their standards. Teachers offer additional guidance to the struggling students to increase their chances of success. These progress reports are considered to be an indispensible part of the math games. Students can perform up to their optimal levels with exceptional teaching and proper curriculum.

The Common Core State Standards are a great help for teachers. Through these online games, teachers as well as the students get an additional level of support. Even teachers benefit from the ability to assess the capability of their students through Common Core State Standards. This creates a win-win situation for the student as well as the teacher.

See the learning ability of your child improving with Common Core State Standards.

This article was written by Lavonne Whittle, on behalf of Track My Progress, helping students overcome their weaknesses. To know more about CCSS, you may also visit

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Online Assessment Helps Track a Student’s Performance

Online assessments for students are educational tests that help in determining achievement of a student. Online assessments are of different types and each of them serves different purposes for summative or diagnostic and formative assessment as well as feedback.

Formative assessment refers to the strategies employed to help a student excel in a particular field. The process involves students and teachers to respond, recognize and improve the ability to learn. Feedback helps understand a learner’s need. Teachers also observe response of a student to a question and the level of interaction of students in course of different activities.

When feedback is exchanged in case of formative assessment online, the teacher comes to know about the topics that have been taught well and the areas where the student needs to improve. This also informs students about the subjects they have learned well and the areas that need further improvements. Formative assessment aims at improving learning capacity rather than allocating grades.

Online assessments of this type help in evaluating success of a student. Formative results derived from the assessment help in measuring the level of improvements. Students also become aware of their progresses and can raise further questions about evaluation and performance. Teachers can evaluate their own work this way.

Another kind of assessment is the summative assessment. Development of the learners can be summarized within a stipulated time with this method of assessment. For instance, after 14 days, students are given a test and the teacher evaluates their performance and give grades. The test report is summary of the student’s learning capacity. This becomes a basis for diagnostic assessment to determine the weaknesses of a student and the areas where he or she has improved.

Formative assessment is an assessment system that is used for learning, where as the summative assessment is designed to measure performance of a student and ensure that the students are meeting the school’s criteria. A teacher can be dismissed if the students are found to be underperforming as well. Certain aspects that are measured in this method of online assessment are preparation, planning, professionalism, instruction and the teaching environment. An instructional module is used to determine how a student has learned his lessons.

The modern technology today has made our lives more productive and simple. Effectiveness and efficiency of modern technology makes a marked difference in the education of a child. With online assessment systems, it has now become possible for students to have a strong grasp over their performance and learning capacity. The online assessment system has helped many teachers and students in remote areas. Teachers can now access test items aligned to the state mandated curriculum.

Parents can also access the report cards through the online assessment systems. This way they can also leave behind a positive impact on the learning progress of the child. Children can seek encouragements from their parents and improve their overall performance through online assessment systems.

This article was written by Joey Borunda, on behalf of Track My Progress. To know more about online assessment, you may also visit Wikipedia.

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