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Do New Condos Require a Building Envelope Analysis

Do new condos require a building envelope analysis? “Leaky Condo Owners in Alberta Want Better Inspections”, says the headline of a CBC news article from September 20, 2012.  The article goes on to outline the various problems condo owners are having with their north Edmonton purchase.  Water entry has caused major damage to the complex, resulting in every condo owner’s worst fear – special assessment. The six million dollar price tag for repairs sees unit owners being assessed up to $18,000.00 per unit.  This is more than many owners can afford and at least one couple was forced into foreclosure.  “This is our home. We love this place. It’s close to everything we need. It was affordable, at one time,” says one resident that was assessed $14,800.00.  “We’ve been turned down by basically every bank in the country…. We’re first time homebuyers and we got our first letter of demand last week.”

This condominium is only seven years old.  Could a building envelope analysis have prevented this financial catastrophe? Absolutely.  “It’s unacceptable that the inspection process here in the province of Alberta allows this sort of shoddy workmanship to take place,” NDP MLA Dave Eggen is quoted as saying.  “You have worked hard all your life…without anything from the government and the province chooses to have no inspections for buildings,” a unit owner agreed.  “Did we ever think this [would happen]? No, we didn’t.”

There are two ways a building envelope analysis could have made a significant difference in this case.

1.    Independent building envelope analysis experts could have been hired at the onset of construction. These analysts would inspect the work in progress several times a week to confirm the workmanship was of the highest quality and that proper sequencing was followed to ensure proper component function.

2.    Building envelope analysis consultants could have been called at the completion of construction, before unit occupancy.  At this stage, rigorous testing would have taken place, and flaws and deficiencies uncovered before the building was occupied.   Repairs could have taken place before occupancy or – at the very least – the information could have been disclosed to the buyers, giving them a choice whether or not to invest in the condominium.

Right now, building envelope analysis consultants are on hand to inspect the ongoing repairs.  They identified the issues that lead to the leakage, wrote a specification, tendered the repairs to reliable contractors, and they visit the site regularly as the repairs are taking place.  As they say, however, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Had the building been properly inspected from the outset, much – if not all – of the damage could have been avoided.

Developers, property managers, and unit owners: beware.  New construction does not mean best practice or even safe construction.  An independent, third party, building envelope analysis could be the only thing between being stuck with a leaking, deficient building full of disgruntled unit owners or a properly constructed building that will not cause pricey assessments.  When it comes to new condo construction, the best time to involve the analysis experts is at the beginning of the project.

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Welcome Home to Senior Living Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s an amazing place to work, to play, to tour and to visit, and more than that, it’s a wonderful place to live. People just starting out can find many opportunities for new beginnings. Those who want to settle in can do so in LA’s sunny beauty and live a happy life. And of course, those who are ready to make the change from living in their own home to settling into a retirement community will have many potential homes to choose from when perusing the many opportunities for senior living Los Angeles has within its bounds.

The senior living Los Angeles scene is, in many ways, a reflection of Los Angeles itself: there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a lively, active community with plenty of things to do and people to see, there will be a retirement community for you. Many senior living facilities have social functions, classes, guest speakers and other activities to keep you busy and introduce you to new friends, new ideas and new hobbies. You need never worry about being lonely or bored with so many people to keep busy with.

There are also opportunities for quiet and relaxation in the many wonderful communities that senior living Los Angeles offers. Quiet, private apartments give you a place to spend time by yourself to relax and recuperate. Many retirement communities have beautiful outdoor locations to go for a quiet walk, sit and enjoy a good book or even just soak up the California sun. If your dream is a peaceful home with plenty of relaxation time, there will be an assisted living facility able to offer you exactly what you want.

The people of Los Angeles care for their own, and it’s no different in the senior living Los Angeles scene. In one of LA’s retirement communities, the staff will be there to see to your safety, comfort and convenience. Workers at retirement homes are there to help you be independent, comfortable and secure. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that if you have a medical emergency, trained personnel will be on hand to care for you.

Los Angeles is a wonderful place to call home no matter which stage of your life you are in, and just like in every other part of the city, you will be among friends in one of the many places for senior living Los Angeles has to offer. Moving into a retirement home is a difficult and emotionally charged decision, but when you think about it, you aren’t really leaving home. You’ll be in a new place, but you’ll still be in the city that you love and that loves you right back. You’ll be able to make new friends and live a peaceful and fulfilling life in one of Los Angeles’s retirement communities.  Check out Los Angeles’s senior living communities and find your new home in your old home!

This guest post was written by Marylee Lair, on behalf of Palm Court, a resident living facility for the retired. For more information on retirement planning, you may also visit

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Benefits of Looking for Homewares Online

Be it redesigning of your old home or fresh furnishing for your new home, you would want the best homeware and furniture for your home. Homewares make life simple and thus are highly valued at home in today’s fast paced life. However, you need to select the right homewares and for that it is very important that you conduct thorough research online. Many make the mistake of not consulting with the experts before buying homewares. They end up selecting awful deals and then regret in the future. So you need to be very cautious while buying the kitchen homewares especially online. You will come across plenty of websites offering you a huge line of homewares for you to choose.

One of the most attractive benefits of buying homewares online is that you get to choose from different brands under one roof and also avail of the attractive discounts. Moreover, when you rely on the good websites, you need not worry about quality of products, confidentiality of your personal information and timely delivery of the goods. Secured websites are known to tender instant dealings. Look for websites offering free shipping. Browse through the homeware catalogs and choose the right products. These can also be exciting gifts that you can consider on your friends or relatives birthdays or anniversaries.

Homeware online sites, in order to make shopping a pleasurable experience for you, enable you to search according to your requirements. For instance, you can filter your searches according to price, color, size, brand or a particular range.

Furnishings are all about your personal style statements and speak a lot about your personality. So, buying the right piece of homeware becomes easier for you when you have access to different brands and styles, without involving any leg work.

People these days are experimenting with different types of furniture and homeware. Rather than looking for the traditional wooden furniture, people these days look for other materials while looking for shoe cupboards, bookcases, coffee tables etc.

So, to make sure that you are not missing out on some of the most attractive deals online, browse online through the homeware catalog. You need not worry about the reliability of the website, once you have logged into a well known website. As you can understand you are just a few clicks away from all the products you are looking for. You can subscribe to the promotional deals and discount coupons given out online. Look for the different offers and promos to make the most of the purchases you make. You will have plenty of options from lifestyle homewares to fashion homewares to choose from. You will surely love every bit of your shopping experience. So, go ahead and look for the accessories for your home or for your loved ones.

This guest post was written by Patience Mierow, on behalf of Cost Deal, offering you the best deals for different products. For safe online shopping tips, you may also visit

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Ab Workouts as Part of a Well-Rounded Routine

Ab workouts are probably the most grueling aspect of any exercise routine.  The abdominal muscles comprise your core, the area between your chest and your hips, and are actually made up of four main muscles.  The first is the Transverse Abdominus which is responsible for trunk stability and maintaining pressure in the abdominal cavity.  The Rectus Abdominus is the muscle that attaches from your ribs to your pubic bone and it helps you sit up and comprises the bumps commonly called “abs.”  The third muscle is the External Obliques which give your upper body the ability to twist.  The final muscle is the Internal Obliques which work in tandem with the External Obliques to allow for the upper body to twist.  It is important to recognize these individual muscles in order to target them properly during ab workouts.

A standard sit-up will predominantly affect the Rectus Abdominus and build up that six pack you may be after but it’s equally important to do modified sit-ups that will activate the other aspects of your abdominals.  The reason behind this is that if you don’t balance the strength you are building in your core amongst all the muscle groups you will actually over develop a group which can cause orthopaedic issues.  An example of this is when people spend a lot of time developing there chest and abs through ab workouts but neglect to strengthen their back.  This leads to very poor back posture because all the muscles on the front of your body are pulling and tightening as they grow, which pulls you forward and if your back muscles aren’t equally as strong then you end up hunched forward instead of upright.

The abdomen is a large muscle group, broken into sections based on the origin and insertion points of the separate muscles and the functions they perform.  As an entwined group, it is important they all maintain equal strength.  A good way to target the Oblique Muscles is to do ab workouts, like sit-ups, that involve twisting; where one elbow touches the opposite knee as you complete the sit up.  Another option could be the use of various static positions which challenge you to manage your own weight for a period of time without modifying your position.

The Transverse Abdominus is a muscle that will generally be utilize during most ab workouts or exercises that focus on core stability.  Yoga, Pilates and most endurance building exercises, like swimming, will target this muscle well.  An exercise routine based solely on weight lifting will not result in the best workout possible.  The body needs a combination of weight, cardiovascular and endurance building exercises in order to maximize its potential and allow you to function normally.  Over building any area of the body with muscle can limit your range of motion and inhibit your ability to perform certain tasks.  The body is all about balance so your ab workouts should be part of a whole body routine and not the main aspect of your workouts.

This guest post was written by Catherine Amason, on behalf of GymRa, offering you customized solution for the perfect body. To get more information on workouts, you may also visit
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Tips to Find a Good Florida Virtual School

With the summers getting over, families are rushing to send their children back to schools again. However, many students today look forward to the e-learning methods rather than going back to the traditional learning methods. According to the research conducted so far, it has been found that there has been a 20% increase in the total number of students opting for Florida virtual schools from the kindergarten up to Grade 12.

The flexibility of Florida virtual school is said to be one of the main reasons parents get drawn to such education system. The online courses can be customized according to the learning ability of the child. Children are given the liberty to work at their own pace and parents can choose a proper learning method.

Students thus need not depend on the regular brick-and-mortar schools and study independently in the Florida virtual schools. Your child is not bullied by others, nor does he have anyone to compete with. The personalized curriculum offers an environment to help the child focus on his subjects of interest such as foreign language, arts, science or music.

Responsibility lies with the parents to choose the right Florida virtual school for maximizing learning experience of their kid.

1.    Firstly, the parents must ensure that the virtual school is accredited by the school accreditation organizations. The faculty must be qualified and experienced enough to offer virtual instructions to students.

2.    Books recommended to the students must be of the latest edition and must match with the themes of the parents that they would want the children to learn.

3.    A good Florida virtual school will use the most updated technology and have features like secured way to transfer data, technical support hotline and a forum to enable free discussion, where the parents, students as well as the teachers can freely discuss about different issues and put forward their suggestions.

4.    The method of assessment chosen in a Florida virtual school must be clear. Students as well as the parents must have a huge list of subjects to choose from.

5.    Parents should ideally choose a virtual school in Florida that has been in the business for quite some time now. You can easily access flexibility of the courses online, which should be your main criteria for looking for a virtual school.

Both the parents as well as the Florida virtual schools must strive to offer the best learning experience to the students. Customized curriculum plan not only helps a student to excel academically but also imbibe the life skills that will aid their personal development.

So, now that you are clear about the advantages of going for a Florida virtual school over the traditional learning center, make the most of the online classes and see your child excelling academically and also becoming a better person.

This guest post was written by Calista China, on behalf of Score at the Top, offering online study solutions to students of all ages. To know about the advantages of virtual schooling, you may also visit eHow.

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Why Buy New Homes in Seattle

More and more people these days are looking for the new homes in Seattle, rather than going for the project of remodeling the old ones that take a lot of time to complete and also involve additional costs. You have the luxury of living in comfort when you move into the new homes Seattle. Here we shall discuss about the benefits of moving to a new home, rather than living in a pre existing home. Continue reading for the main reasons:

1.    You get new cooling and heating systems in the new homes in Seattle. The products used in a new home are all ENERGY star rated that save substantial amount of your electricity bills. The new HVAC systems used will pay back in the very first few years.

2.    In the new homes in Seattle, you also get new appliances that are ENERGY STAR appliances. Some of these include fans, lighting fixtures, dishwasher, microwaves, refrigerator etc. These new appliances use less energy and last longer than usual. If you come across the right house building association, you can get appliances with the overall bid and make huge savings.

3.    One of the most important aspects that you need to take care of in an energy efficient home is position of windows. If you are in an old house your dollars will simply “fly out of your windows”. New homes in Seattle come with energy efficient windows with ENERGY STAR rating that allow less sunlight during the hot summer days and keep your home warm during the winter months.

4.    You can expect properly sealed ducts in the new homes. Around 15% to 20% of the air gets lost when your duct is leaking and cracked. Moreover, your house collects too much of moisture through the cracked ducts. You can save substantial amounts when you have properly sealed ducts. This is a good way to go GREEN and also reduce the carbon footprints.

5.    In new homes in Seattle, you get newly installed insulations. The insulations become less effective with passing years. You can get a control over the climate inside your home, when you have the properly installed insulations. This will eventually help you save substantial amount of your money.

So, going for new homes in Seattle is a better option compared to fixing up of old homes. New homes help you save money as well as energy. So, though you are investing huge sum of money in the initial phase for the new homes, you will get back huge returns from them in the long run. You can customize your home according to your comfort and convenience. Moreover, living in new homes is equivalent to abiding by the environmental norms.

So, if you have planned to move into a new home in Seattle, get in touch with a real estate expert to help you find the right home to suite to your choice and requirements.

This guest post was written by Marjorie Schreifels, on behalf of LandCast, offering you the widest range of new home listings. real estate experts and contractors. To know about how you can settle into your new home, you may visit

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Contact Real Estate Agents for Bellevue Homes for Sale

Selling or buying homes in Bellevue can be a time consuming, if you are into this process for the first time. So, the very moment you decide to sell your Bellevue homes, you need to approach the real estate agent first. You can benefit from the suggestions offered by the real estate agents for approaching the buyers. Bellevue homes for sale are something that you should not handle all by yourself. You should rely on the realtors who are experienced in this field.

The decision for Bellevue homes for sale can be of two types: Profit Sale and Emergency Sale. In case of an emergency sale, you might be in immediate need for money. The whole process can be tedious and there are many who find the emergency sale a lot more complicated. So, when it comes to the emergency sale of your Bellevue homes, you must contact a real estate agency, who keeps in touch with buyers looking for homes in the market. Prices in the market tend to vary based on a number of factors such as demand and supply, the future prospect, political conditions etc. So, before you take any step make sure to get in touch with a professional real estate agent to help you through the process of selling Bellevue homes.

Again, if you are a buyer looking for Bellevue homes for sale, consultation with a good real estate agent will make the task of looking for the right house easier for you. You need to be clear about your financial status and tastes, so that the contractor can find the right kinds of homes for you.

You can find plenty of helpful sites online for finding homes for sale. To search the sites, you may need to enter your name, the type of Bellevue homes for sale that you are looking for (single stories, private homes or apartments), your budget, preferred location and the other necessary information that will filter your search. You can also interact with the real estate agents available online and get all your queries answered. Expert advice will help you finalize your decision well. With so many different kinds of help available these days, the process of home search is no longer so tedious today.

So, whether you are the buyer or the seller, you will immensely benefit by the support and guidance you receive from the real estate experts. The contractors have a well knit network in the industry that keep them abreast about the latest market trends and prices. They also remain in touch with the potential buyers and sellers and keep them informed about the availability of new homes from time to time. Relying on real estate agents for buying or selling homes in Bellevue will make the life easier for you and you can concentrate on the other aspects as well.

This guest post was written by Marylee Lair, on behalf of Land Cast, offering the most extensive list of real estate agents and contractors in Bellevue. For tips on how you can sell your home quickly, you may also visit eHow.

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Save Money with Cheap Textbooks for Sale

With the increase in textbook prices, it has become difficult for student to find cheap textbooks for sale. Cheap textbooks for sale are particularly meant for those who are students and living on a tight budget.

Your reference books and textbooks are the main source of knowledge for you during your college days and thus you have no other option but to buy them. Thankfully, there are alternatives that can help college students get their textbooks at discounted rates. Some of the cost effective methods may be buying books online or renting them. The vital tips mentioned in this article for getting textbooks for sale are given below:

You will come across plenty of well marked sites online. These well marketed sites offer cheap textbooks for sale. You need to conduct a little bit of research to find the site the offers you the best discounts and deals. Apart from the well marketed sites offering you discounts, you can also look into the local sites covering your locality or area. This will help you save on postage as well as shipping.

If you are looking for cheap textbooks for sale, look for the websites offering competitive pricing. You will come across plenty of sites offering features to compare rates to get the best deal out of a textbook. You will end up saving several dollars this way. You can also look for books on a particular subject and buy them in bulk for you and your friends at discounts.

Students can avail of price coupons and gift coupons available online. You can apply those coupon codes to avail of discounts while buying books online. You can get such coupons with purchase of books or with library memberships. You can keep a track on such offers to avail discounts on textbooks.

The best part about online shopping is that you can easily find a book that is not available in the market. Even if a book is not available at a particular moment, you can click on “notify me” and get alert about the availability whenever it is in stock again. So, unlike the brick and mortar stores where you have to wait for a long time, you do not have to be that patient with the online stores. Your chances of getting cheap textbooks online are 50% more compared to shopping offline.

The main reason you get cheap textbooks for sale is the fact that the online stores do not have to spend on rental spaces, utility bills and labor. So, you can get the benefit as a student and save substantial amount. Even parents today rely on these online sites for buying textbooks for their children. People are found happier shopping online than offline because of the attractive offers and discounts on textbooks.


This guest post was written by Vera Urquijo, on behalf of Textbooks Price Compare, helping you compare price of different textbooks online. To know how you can buy used books online, you may visit eHow.

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Sample Resume Templates for Event Planners

The career of an event planner is very fast paced and exciting at the same time. You will be responsible for creating some memorable experiences for your esteemed clients. Some of the tasks that you will have to look into are arranging entertainment, planning menu, maintaining the normal room temperature etc.

If the career of an event planner sounds interesting to you, then you have to start by preparing a good resume highlighting your key skills and experiences. You can look at the good sample resume templates as well as reference to get an idea about what should be included in your resume. Let us have a look at what sample resume templates contain:

Create a list of your relevant skills, work experience and education in your resume. List of the colleges and university you have attended along with the certificates you have obtained must be stated in the resume. Offer details of the certifications and specializations that you have earned such as Concentration in Marketing and Global Management, experience in Resource Optimization, Sustainable Customer Relationships, Managerial Decision Making etc.

You should also prepare a list of your work history as an event planner. You should clearly state the duties you have performed. Details that can be found in good sample resumes are for instance, performed duties with regard to final settlement of non-ticketed events, like preparing final invoices, tabulating charges etc.

Preparing checklist for lessee requirements for the purpose of distribution to staff offices, like booking and accounting. This makes it easier for the recruiting managers to select you for a particular position.

Sample resume templates contain details about your relevant skills. The relevant skills that you can mention in this section are language skills, marketing skills, customer service, management, computer knowledge, strategic skills etc. These skills also highlight your interpersonal skills.

Make sure to mention only those skills, experience and qualification that go with your position of an event planner.

You can ask the professional resume service providers to look into your resume to offer a more professional touch to it. The professionals are trained in preparing your resume and they are aware of the present market trends. Professional tips will only improve your chances in the interviews.

As an event planner you should have a portfolio of your previous works, references and cover letter handy with you.

Professional resume writing experts will assist you all through the process of creating a professional resume, to make the task of finding the right job easier for you. This will help you to concentrate on your career, while the experts will make sure that you have all the ingredients in your resume that will bring you to the notice of your potential employers. Since your resume is the bridging gap between you and the employer, it is treated as a marketing device for you.

This guest post was written by Charlene Frohling, on behalf of Resume-Surgeon, offering online resume writing service to job seekers. To know how you can use a resume template, you may visit

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