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Celebrity Event Planners – A Perfect Choice for Grand Occasion

Do you want to throw a grand occasion at home? Is it the first time you are planning an event? Never think it to be a daunting task! Opt for celebrity event planners and organize a special occasion in an unforgettable fashion. The celebrity event planners ( ) have already planned some great events. As a result of which, they know how to cheer up your guests, without any hitch. Now, let’s check out how the celebrity event planners organize a grand festivity?

1.  Bringing a relaxed attitude – A relaxed mood is extremely significant to your guests. Proficient event planners who have handled celebrity weddings know how to bring in a relaxed attitude for your special ones. Sometimes, if you are engrossed in so many activities you don’t get the time to enjoy the party and entertain your guests. Moreover, if you are very stressed out, you can’t get the drive to lead the revelry. The celebrity wedding planners plan the entire event in a proper sequence, so that you don’t have anything left for the last minute. Hence, you can easily concentrate on your guests and talk to them.

2.  Keeping guests moving around and talking to each other – Always think about how will you keep your guests moving around and talking to each other? Nowadays, the celebrity event planners lay emphasis on how to keep your guests engaged. The old-party throwing adage of keeping fewer chairs than your guests doesn’t work these days. Rather, if you have less chairs and inadequate space, the older people gathered at your event can feel uncomfortable to take up seats. Invite as many people as can sit in your dining space, living room as well as your deck. Arrange your seats in such a way so that not more than five people would keep standing at a time. It’s difficult to count the heads, but the party should be planned in a spacious manner with the proper seating arrangement for invited guests.

3.  Thinking carefully about the menu – The celebrity event planners spend a lot of time on thinking carefully about the menu. They ensure the fact that there is enough space in the oven and stove, by understanding the recipe you have selected and the items to be used for cooking. This helps in avoiding any last minute kitchen disaster. So, it’s always good to spend quality time on planning the menu of your event and decide on the platter and cooking items. Pre-planning your menu and selecting the right place for all prepared ingredients and cooking are extremely significant as without them you won’t be able to serve food to your guests. Do not worry if your kitchen doesn’t have perfect dishes for keeping chopped spices and onions. The celebrity planners often look for plastic cups for keeping all cooking ingredients that can be easily purchased from a grocery store. Finger foods can also be bought from the markets. Besides, antipasto bars can be great alternatives for storing items like marinated garlic, olives and mozzarella.

4.  Including special drinks matching event theme as per guest’s preference ¬- It’s important to know the preference of your guests for drinks. If your guests like Specialty cocktails, the celerity event planners can make arrangement for the same pertaining to your event theme. Allow your guests to pour their own drinks and encourage them to socialize. Themed parties ( ) are ideal for starting a conversation with a drink.

Check out these tips and celebrate your occasion in a spectacular fashion. Appoint one of the best celebrity event planners to organize your event and entertain your guests in a remarkable style.

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A Guide to Choose Centerpieces for Weddings

Often, while setting the theme of wedding, you predominantly focus on food and entertainment while ignore other significant aspects like decorations. However, wedding décor is equivalently vital for adding magnificence to this lovely day.

Creating a perfect ambiance for your special day is made easy by choosing appropriate and stunning table settings, stage decoration, linen selection, and floral arrangements. It appeals to your guests and leave them talking about it for months thereafter. Striking table settings replete with classy centerpieces can really bring glamour to a wedding ceremony. Centerpieces for weddings ( ) play a special role to add a significant aura to this auspicious occasion.

Why Concentrate on Centerpieces?

Wedding guests mostly spend their time by sitting around tables and observing each item quite carefully. When they are not participating in ceremonies or celebrations, your guests usually sit and enjoy the company of family or friends. With so much time spent around this piece of furniture, couples need to concentrate on a centerpiece decoration that suits their style. In fact, the entire theme of party revolves it. Hence, centerpieces for weddings are an imperative décor feature to plan in advance.

Coordinate with Venue Managers :

It is important to consider venue while choosing centerpieces for weddings. Before finalizing any arrangement, you should convey the same to venue managers and make them aware of your entire planning. Some special type of decorations needs different settings and arrangements. Hence, the management should have knowledge of your imagination. This will eliminate last minute blunders or pull-offs.

Some venues do not allow open flames or breakable glass in their premises. Also, you should enquire about the cleaning of venue after reception. If your venue has lots of restrictions on fragile decorations, then go for floral centerpieces. This is traditional way for accessorizing your wedding with an absolute aura and elegance.

How to Choose Centerpieces for Weddings?

Centerpieces add a special flavor to the ceremonial atmosphere of weddings ( ). Crockery settings, candle arrangements, cake placements, and fruits or chocolate decorations are quite usual components of table decoration. But, floral decoration can leave impressive imprints on the minds of your guests. Flowers simply bring more freshness and fragrance to your wedding. It can be contemporary or even conventional. Wedding flower decorators can make your wedding venue a heavenly place to get knotted in a beautiful relationship.

How to Select Floral Decoration for Centerpieces?

Different varieties of colorful flowers certainly create an aura of magnificence in your venue. While choosing floral decoration, maintain a proper balance of decorative and perfumed flowers. If you are on a tight budget, then select seasonal flowers and local flower decorator for your wedding to minimize the costs. Selection should be made of locally blossoming flowers rather than imported blooms to eliminate last-minute hassles in transportation.

These are some effective ideas to plan a perfect event by selecting best centerpieces for weddings with due diligence and consideration of important factors. They can certainly make a huge difference to the most memorable day of your life.

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8 Reasons to Choose a Wedding Dress Storage Bag

Wedding dress preservation bags are a huge boon to any bride. The bag is the ultimate solution in storing and caring the special dress that you bought with so much pain and attention. Here are 8 reasons why you should opt for a preservation bag for your wedding dress.

1. The bag keeps your special garment pristine for years together. The basic purpose of such bags is preservation; not mediocre quality, but as good as museum preservation, meaning that your gown remains intact for long periods of time without even the tiniest hint of deterioration or damage.

2. Wedding preservation bags have the advantage over other means of garment storage (such as boxes) that they do not require the gowns or dresses inside to be folded. This prevents the formation of creases that yellow and cause damage to the garment over time.

3. Wedding dress storage bags are available in different materials like cotton muslin, non – woven polypropylene etc. These materials, unlike some varieties of cardboard and tissue papers used in boxes, are acid free and pH neutral, meaning your wedding garments are safe from damage caused by acidic materials.

4. The storage bags keep sunlight and moisture out, protecting your garment from dampness, and attack by insects, mildew etc. Many of them are also made of waterproof material, letting you store them without worry even in areas that are exposed to moisture and water.

5. Kits that preserve wedding dresses come in a variety of shapes. Though most are available in rectangular or semi rectangular shapes, bell shaped bags are also available that can hold wide bottomed and full skirts with ease. Some bags are created specifically to hold extra trains and veils in a hassle  free manner. Not just the shape, these bags are also available in different sizes to hold garments of different lengths and widths.

6. Wedding dress storage bags have the advantage of being well sealed and hence keep air and moisture out. This is done with the help of different types of closures. Some of them come with buttons or zip locks, and are most preferred as they seal in the garment completely. Other types of closures include zippers, which are easier to handle, but may allow insects to creep if the teeth are wide.

7. Most bags used for wedding dress preservation bags include features that make them handy and easy to use. A few of these features include transparent panels which allow easy viewing of the garment inside and handles that let it be carried around easily.

8. Storage bags for gowns can be personalized, meaning your favorite dress from your special day can be modified to make it unique and truly your own. This includes embroidering or engraving initials and names onto the bag that make it more attractive.

Wedding dress storage bags ( ) are the ultimate solution that helps you store your special garments with ease, for long durations of time.

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5 Mistakes You Can Avoid by Hiring a Wedding Planning Company

Lots of grooms and brides take the mantle in their hand when it comes to planning their wedding. Though they might have a rough idea of how a wedding is planned, a lot can go wrong when it comes to executing ideas. Hiring a wedding planning company makes sense to ensure everything goes as planned. Here are 5 mistakes you can avoid by hiring a professional to do the job.

1.  Not Planning Properly

All weddings are bit complicated; some are less, some are more. If the wedding is an open field, you need to arrange for big tents, electricity for lighting, tables, chairs, flowers and decoration. Arranging for these items and ensuring they reach the place one or two days before the wedding date needs meticulous planning. When you hire a wedding organizer, they take complete responsibility for the event that includes planning and making all arrangements for the wedding.

2.  Neglecting Details in Planning

You may have decided a venue and got the majority of the necessary services in a package. But do you know there are many other services that your venue manager will not provide? Wedding planning companies ( ) go beyond making arrangements to make the wedding a memorable event. The wedding organizer will help you in deciding the venue, sending invitations, making traveling arrangements for groom, bride and guests, and also manage your budget.

3.  Not Fixing a Budget

Going over the budget is one of the mistakes that happen when you don’t hire a professional to do the job. Without proper knowledge and planning, you are bound to make mistakes. For example, you can overspend in flower arrangements just because you don’t know about seasonal flowers that are less expensive and easily available.

A good chunk of your budget goes on drinks. You are most likely to make the mistake of not spending enough on drinks and food which may not go well with the guests or the result will be extra expenses. When you hire a professional company, they will ensure the right amount of funds are allocated to flowers, drinks, and catering. They will ensure you get best rates for all services so that expenses never exceed the budget.

4.  Booking Venue Before Making a Guest List

It is one of the common mistakes to not make a guest-list prior booking the venue. The result is either you book a venue that cannot accommodate all guests or you end up paying for unused space. The wedding organizer takes these things into considerations and plan accordingly.

5.  Keeping Yourself Engrossed

If you take the responsibilities of planning wedding, you will be too tired on the wedding day. It might also happen that you and your family may not have time to enjoy the wedding as all of you are busy making arrangements even on the wedding date. When you hire a marriage organizer, you are free to enjoy one of the most important days of your life.

Looking at the mistakes you can make, it seems practical to hire a wedding planner to do the job. In fact, by doing so, you can save a good amount of money and  you also enjoy the wedding with a free mind.

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