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How Online Businesses Benefit from Web Design Magento?

Web design is a general term that is used to describe the various tasks involved in creating a web page. It refers to  building the front end of a web page. The web consists of myriad pages, presenting information using different technologies that are linked together with hyper links. There are two aspects of any web page that can be found on the internet. The first is a presentation that the user interacts visually and the other one is the back end which includes information for the non human browsers. Choosing the right software for your online business is a critical decision. Web design magento will give your website  few additional features that is required to help your site stand apart from its competitors.

Magento is a content management system that can handle complex e-commerce stores.  It has many advantages over out dated e-commerce systems, which includes increased flexibility for the user, simple product management by the retailer and customizable meta tag options for the search engines. With magento web design, web store owners are provided with complete flexibility over different components of their e-commerce website. It is also possible to develop customized magento solutions in line with the business model and goals. Some of the features like administrative panel, advanced product browsing, catalog browsing, advanced shipping features and one page checkout are more advanced than any other web design software.

Newer versions of magento web design are being released frequently in the market. The user friendly nature of magento in providing e-commerce web design has won the preference of online store owners, worldwide. One of the biggest advantages of magento web design is its large community of users for e-commerce web design solution. Since there are millions of users worldwide, you can be assured that your business investment does not have any risk. The flourishing communities of magento users maintain a huge active online forum discussing newer features, troubleshooting problems etc. The standard features of magento web design include

•    Shopping cart
•    Site management
•    International support
•    Mobile e-commerce
•    Product browsing
•    Search engine optimization
•    Order management
•    Analytics and reporting

The SEO capabilities of magento web design helps your website rank highly in SERP’s of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, increasing the visibility of your website in general and boosting the image of the company in particular. The numerous plugins available boosts the functionality of its existing features.

Magento web design platform can be tailored to confirm  one’s business objectives. Customization can be achieved using the extensions available in the software. The three types of extensions for magento are interface, modules and themes.

Web designers use magento open source platform to design websites with unique themes and products. You can also hire magento programmers exclusively to work on your website using the e-commerce website building software.

This article was written by Arthur Bhagat on behalf of One Creations Limited, we help you build your e-commerce store using magento. For over six years, we have offered magento web design services to customers in Hertfordshire and throughout the U.K. To know what are the components of an e-commerce website, visit

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Healthy Recipes for Vegetarians

The decision to change to a vegetarian diet is one that many people make for many different reasons. For some, the decision is made to protect animals from harm. Others might make the decision for religious or cultural reasons. Still others make the decision to go vegetarian because their bodies do not respond well to meat, or because they just do not like the taste of it. Whatever the reason might be, many vegetarians are looking for ways to get the protein, iron, and other nutrients they are missing by not eating meat. Fortunately, all of these nutrients can be found in non-meat items, and there are many healthy recipes that are great substitutes for meat.


Protein is one of the main nutrients in meat, and vegetarians need protein just as much as anybody else does. There are many healthy recipes that are packed with protein that contain no meat at all. One of the best sources of protein is eggs. Eggs are packed with protein and can be eaten just plain on their own, or can be made into a number of fantastic meals. Omelettes are a great meal for any time of the day – there’s no need to restrict them to just breakfast! Add some veggies, cheese, and seasonings and you have a protein-packed meal. If you are vegan and do not eat eggs, nuts and legumes are a great way to get protein as well. Nuts can be eaten as a snack, or can be incorporated into a number of healthy recipes. Try grilled veggies in a spicy peanut sauce for dinner. Legumes also contain a high amount of protein. Try lentils with couscous for a rich, tasty way to get all the protein you need.

Most people associate iron with red meat, but this is not the only place to get it. Vegetarians can get all the iron they need, from dark green vegetables. Spinach especially is packed with iron. Try hollowing out a tomato or green pepper, stuffing it spinach and feta cheese, and baking it in the oven. Sundried tomatoes are also a great source of iron, and can be added to a number of salads or other healthy recipes. Try adding sundried tomatoes to a Greek salad – olives are also very high in iron, so the combination is ideal. Many dried fruits such as apricots, raisins, currants, and coconuts also contain high amounts of iron, so you can actually get your daily dose of iron during dessert too!

There are many healthy recipes that contain protein, iron, and other nutrients without containing any meat. As a vegetarian, it is important that you keep your diet balanced and find ways to get all of the vitamins and minerals that most people get from meat. Eating only vegetables can have health benefits as long as you find ways to meet all of your nutritional needs, including the ones that you would normally rely on meat for. Eating dark green vegetables, as well as eggs, nuts, and legumes will help you to achieve all of the balance you need in your vegetarian diet.

This article was written by Geraldo Chantos on behalf of, Jenny has great recipes on nutritional dishes, soups and salads, dinner rolls, pizzas and chocolate cakes. Jenny’s recipes have been published in various newspaper columns as well as Redbook Magazine, Woman’s world and her cook book collections are over 300. To know the five healthy factors to consider on what to eat or drink, visit

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Criticisms Put Brakes on California Insurance Exchange

The vision of Covered California is to improve the health of all Californians by assuring their access to affordable, high quality care. Its mission is to increase the number of insured Californians, improve health care quality, lower costs, and reduce health disparities through an innovative, competitive marketplace that will empower consumers to choose the health plan and providers that give them the best value. Senior planning officials are already facing a number of criticisms and challenges, as details of the new California Insurance Exchange program continue to be announced.


The state has recently announced that it wants to work with a variety of retailers and other organizations to maximize enrollment in a state as vast and diverse as California. These plans are part of state efforts to implement the federal healthcare law and reach out to 5 million people making them eligible for new coverage, starting in January 2014. This includes retail employees, such as those at Wal-Mart, among other retailers to help consumers learn about their options and assist them in buying federally subsidized private insurance. Labor unions as well as some consumer advocates protest the idea of government officials partnering with retailers such as Wal-Mart and paying for its help. They contend that the nation’s largest retailer has no place advising others on California’s health exchange products when so many of its workers do not qualify for availing company benefits and end up in taxpayer-funded programs such as Medi-Cal.  Overall economic feasibility and the practical affordability of programs like the California Insurance Exchange are also hard to estimate. Considering that a number of the required federal regulations are yet to be finalized or even written, the success of the exchange will remain largely unknown and is estimated at best.

Predictions regarding the number of Covered California applicants also vary widely. Lower-income families are expected to sign up for insurance under the Medi-Cal program, though given the number of current enrollees, it is challenging to predict how many more will enter the system. Starting in January 2014, most people will be required to have health insurance or face having to pay a penalty if they don’t. Coverage can include employer-provided insurance, coverage that you can buy on your own through the California insurance exchange program, Medicare or Medi-Cal. The penalty phase is for over three years and will become increasingly severe. In 2014, the penalty will be 1 percent of annual income or $95, whichever is greater. The numbers at best can only be estimated and it also remains unclear how many people may be facing this added pressure.

Tight deadlines and fast implementation goals have also led the health insurers to scrambling to assemble networks and structures of medical providers, negotiate rates and design various health plans that will comply with new levels of benefits under the California insurance exchange program. With the plan being the first of its kind, new issues and controversies are inevitable. Keeping well informed and up to date on the latest information will help keep people on the right track as the plan moves full steam ahead.

This article was written by Kevin Zwicker on behalf of Covered California, we provide high quality, affordable health insurance to millions of uninsured California residents.  To know how life insurance proceeds are taxed, visit

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Keep an Eye on Transmission in Los Angeles

A car’s transmission in Los Angeles can take a beating, like many other things in LA. The weather is not the only element  that a car owner needs to worry about. Basic wear and tear with driving ensures that upkeep is a necessary on a regular basis, either yearly or when a certain amount of mileage is reached. Take into consideration your style of driving as well, because every driver is different. The types of road most often travelled, wildlife and even the acidity of rain can affect your cars transmission.

Heavy use of ones transmission in Los Angeles is defined as more than 50% use in heavy city traffic (wherein there is much stopping and going and stopping again) with ambient temperatures of 90˚F (32˚C). Extreme and sustained heat like that will not only damage your transmission, but will also make the leather seats very uncomfortable if wearing shorts. Consider that roads are always hotter the closer to surface you get to them, by about 10 to 15 degrees. This will increase the chances of balding, sidewall bubbles and other negative impacts that could increase the chance of blowouts of disintegration.


There are other ways by which  heat will affect transmissions in Los Angeles. The battery’s chemical operation will increase and the fluids will evaporate which will cause the battery to burn out quicker. The belts, hoses and cooling systems of a vehicle should be checked regularly as the cracks in the belts and hoses could cause damage to the engine or radiator. Of course, there are  naturally damaging effects of extreme sunlight, which will bleach, crack and peel paint, rubber and plastic. Keep an eye on your car during all extreme temperatures, especially sun.

Of course, the entire car is affected by extreme heat and should be taken care of. The most important parts of a vehicle, the tires, engine, battery and transmission in Los Angeles can ruin ones day if ignored! The sun can damage ones transmission in a multitude of ways and it is general knowledge to look after that particular organ of one’s vehicle. Some transmissions can be especially vulnerable if there is an aluminum valve body because aluminum is a soft metal and prone to damage through dirt and abrasive material in the fluids.

Changing the fluids of one’s transmission is not an easy task, certainly not as easy as changing the vehicles oil or topping up with gasoline. Also, just like how the feces of any animal can tell a person about the animal (or persons) diet, the old transmission fluid can tell an experienced mechanic about the inner workings of the car. Even with manual transmission fluid in Los Angeles cars, the task is not simple or easy, though it is easier than automatic transmissions. If you are worried about your car or have not had it checked  for more than two years, it would be a wise decision to take it to a professional mechanic in an established repair shop. For transmissions in Los Angeles, there are many such outfits, but if you are searching for a shop that is experienced with a wide variety of cars and transmissions, make some calls and ask a lot of questions.

This article was written by Yukiko Patka, on behalf of Westside Transmission and Automotive, Inc. offering necessary services to get you and your car up and running as quickly as possible. To know how you can choose a car repair shop, you may also visit

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The Benefits of a Customized Paint Booth

Industrial application of paint requires a proper set of skills, equipment and environment. In the automobile industry, apart from paints and workers there are paint booths that allow proper and even application of paint to the cars. An efficient paint booth is one where the painter has large amounts of space to work, effective control of fire hazard and fumes as well as enough light to do a proper paint job.


Be it industrial or a simple paint booth,  both have the same general specifications. All paint booths contains walls, fans and filters. The walls are there to ensure that there is little or no risk of debris flying in unchecked that can stick to the wet paint. The fans are installed to draw in fresh air from outside and to remove the fumes that occur during spray paints. Paint booths, in large industrial plants have industrial fans installed in them so as to draw in large amounts of fresh air. The filters are there to ensure that the air drawn in from the outside is free of pollution and debris; which will stick to the wet paint, if left unfiltered. A paint job can be ruined by anything that is present in air; pollen, bugs, impurities and dust particles, anything that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This is why attempting a paint job in open air is discouraged.

Often paints contain chemicals that are classified as environmentally hazardous. Allowing these fumes to circulate freely in the air is dangerous and irresponsible. These fumes, from an industrial plant, may affect the animal and plant life in the vicinity. In a paint booth, these chemicals, toxins and particles are filtered as the air is discharged from the booth. When the filter exceeds its optimum filtering capacity, it is disposed off safely to the nearest hazardous waste facility.

A paint booth reduces the chances of threat to the person working inside it. Paints are highly flammable and a spark or flame could cause an explosion due to the overspray and fumes present inside the booth. A well-designed paint booth, for industrial applications, ensures that these fumes and spray droplets do not remain in the air longer than necessary.

Paints are also hazardous to the human body, when inhaled. Therefore, paint booths are designed to isolate paint jobs from other workers that are working on the factory floor. Workers inside the booth wear protective gear, including respirators that keep them protected from the harmful effects of chemicals used in paints.

Another important consideration, when constructing paint booths, is lightening inside the booth. Artificial lightening and natural lightening can both be used to lighten up the booth for better results. Natural light can be utilized by building the booth in an open place with the walls made up of translucent heavy material like plastic drop cloths. A worker cannot evenly apply paint unless there is proper light available to see the results, firsthand.

Industries today, have proper paint booths designed not only for the safety of their employees, but also to minimize the costs that will occur due to botched paint jobs.

This article was written by Ed Ladt on behalf of, we are suppliers of quality spray booths and sophisticated finishing systems to every segment of the American industry, military and government agencies. To know what is an industrial humidifier, visit

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Los Angeles Real Estate Business is Getting Hotter with Increasing Population

Logic follows that the second largest city in the United States has just as many residences for its varied and large population. Los Angeles real estate is a huge industry, for a huge metropolis. There are more than 17 million people in the combined statistical area of this part of the USA. As of 2011, there were approximately 3.5 million housing units in Los Angeles County with, on average, three people per household. In those homes, 36% have children under the age of 18, 47% were married couples living together and 14% had a female householder with no husband. For a county made up of 88 different cities, that is a lot of people, and a lot of housing.

The housing market has been fluctuating wildly across the US, but might see some stability in spring. The median sales price for previously owned homes has risen for the 11th month in a row. The National Association of Realtors has provided information in a recent press release that shows that homes sales rose in every region but the west for the month of January. In the west, seller’s market may be developing. Los Angeles real estate might not be great for the buyer; however, when a hot property suddenly goes on sale, it might be a good option to keep one’s eyes open.


Nearly, 42% of the housing units in Los Angeles County real estate are multiple unit structures like apartment buildings. The median value for a home is $400,000 and the homeownership rate is 47.9%. Over half of the people living in Los Angeles County are renting, which is an excellent thing for the owners because that will help to reduce their mortgages. Whether you are looking to buy a home as an asset, to rent out while you live somewhere else, or if you are looking to settle down, Los Angeles real estate will have options for you throughout the entire county.

Among the major cities of the world,  Los Angeles (LA) is  one of the craziest, busiest, biggest and all-around strangest in the world. Tokyo may be bigger, New York may be faster, but LA is the hub for the entertainment industry. Los Angeles real estate reflects the star-studded appeal given by many homes that are beautiful, large and state-of-the-art. Because when you make more than a million dollars a year, it is nice to have a place that reflects that income and is also good for putting your feet up.

Coming back to the logic, if there are a many homes in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, then there will be a lot of real estate agents and companies. Los Angeles real estate is best handled by the professionals; the ones who know every back alley in the city and are able to find the best place for any one’s unique needs.

This article was written by Dewey Katcsmorak on behalf of, Westside Estate Agency is based in Beverly Hills, Malibu. We have a great knowledge of the finest luxury homes and properties throughout the Westside of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Malibu. To know how to calculate property tax for your home, visit

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Hiring a Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyer for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

When a small to medium sized business needs a Glendale bankruptcy lawyer to file its Chapter 11 bankruptcy, they want one that knows what they are doing. With all the layers associated with Chapter 11 cases, it is one of the most difficult areas of bankruptcy law.

What is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

It is a way for businesses to keep its assets while it renegotiates and alters repayment terms for all debts that are outstanding. As stated earlier, there are mounds of paperwork that need to be completed and a Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyer is an expert in this area of law.

What are the Benefits of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?


It is a profitable way for a business to turn around its financial situation. The stress of dealing with collection demands, default judgments, defaults, and lawsuits, etc. can be difficult for a company’s management, causing a huge strain on the business finances. By hiring a Glendale bankruptcy lawyer to file a corporate bankruptcy, the company stays within the bounds of the chapter 11 bankruptcy for over a 12 month period, so that management can focus on revamping the business.

When Should a Business Use Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection?

Chapter 11 is usually used when a business is overwhelmed with financial debt and need time to work on the business problems. Rather than closing the business, liquidate the company assets and pay back creditors. Even Donald Trump had to use the protection given by Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It is an alternative to filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7.  An experienced Glendale bankruptcy lawyer will help a business to figure out which plan is right for them.

Choosing Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11: Is chosen if it is potentially possible for the business to make revenue long-term that would exceed the amount it would make by liquidating and selling its assets.

Chapter 7: Is chosen if it is decided that reorganizing the business will not generate more income to pay debts off and the business will end up liquidating in the end anyway. Glendale bankruptcy lawyers provide advice to business owners to help them decide which one is right for them.

How Does Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Work?

The business should disclose its assets and create a detailed list of all debts for which it wants to get debt protection for. Any person, business, or government agency not listed on the list will not be added to the Chapter 11 bankruptcy. After this is complete, creditors  that are on the list are then given a chance to ask questions or raise any objections. This is because the United States Bankruptcy Code protects creditors. Glendale bankruptcy lawyers know how to properly complete the steps required for businesses to reorganize.

These are the initial stages. After these steps have been completed, there is more to the process. The governing body called The Office of the United States Trustee will appoint a trustee to review the documents and situation of the business. Then comes the repayment plan, company restructuring, and finally getting out of bankruptcy. As stated earlier, an experienced Glendale bankruptcy lawyer knows every step that is involved to help a business file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

This article was written by Carlie Hunnings, on behalf of DCDM Law Group, offering assistance to those seeking relief from crushing debt trap. To know about the responsibilities of a bankruptcy specialist, you may also visit

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