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Fasco Motors – An Ideal Solution for Your Home

Are you looking for mechanical and air-moving applications in your home? Do you want fans, air conditioners, heaters, compressors and pumps? Opt for Fasco Motors and get the best solution for your home. Fasco delivers the complete line of customized fractional horsepower motors as well as blowers for more than 100 years. Fasco motors  ( HvacBrain.Com/Fasco-Motors ) have the capacity to empower several products for a wide array of applications. Moreover, the global presence, excellent customer support and the proficient staff of Fasco can offer the highest quality of product at a reasonable rate. Fasco continues to develop products for meeting customer requirement and ever-changing marketplace. The manufacturer listens to customers and combines knowledge with core expertise in key motor technologies for creating tailored solutions for applications. The engineering team of Fasco has most experienced & creative designers who offer value-added bespoke solutions. As a result of which, you can get the apt solution as per your need. Hundreds of engineers and technicians are devoted to design assistance and rapid prototyping. The progressive team delivers customer focused testing including motor design, testing, vibration analysis, acoustics evaluation, gas appliance efficiency, emissions testing and more. So, you can get your desired fractional horsepower motors & blowers from Fasco. The AC motors of FASCO encompass a range from C-Frame & 3.3″‘ motors to 56 frame motors, which are used in mechanical as well as air-moving applications.

Let’s check out in this regard top three FASCO motors :

  Industrial High Efficiency ECM Air Circulator – This competent ECM motor comes with high efficient fan blade along with OSHA acquiescent chrome plated wire fan guards. The motor runs well on 50 or 60 Hz. 30” model makes use of only 78 watts for moving 5700 cfm and 24” model makes use of only 60 watts for moving 3300 cfm. The motor can flow up to 9700 cfm.  This is created with the next generation engineering for keeping workers cool even in the most demanding environments while saving energy ( HvacBrain.Com/About-Us ).  One can pull chain switch in order to operate it easily. Moreover, the circulator heads safeguards mounting accessory with 2 bolts. In addition, locking tilt adjustment directs air wherever needed and are corrosion resistant aluminium propellers. Furthermore, 115V units comprise of factory-wired and power cord with molded plug.

  Internal Capacitor Unit Bearing Motor – You may also choose 1-9 Watt PSC internal capacitor bearing motor for using in commercial refrigeration applications as evaporator as well as condenser.  You can get durable, problem-free operation with this motor. PSC is efficient and quiet compared to shaded pole motor. By using this patented internal mounted capacitor, the motor can offer you direct machine-driven interchangeability with current shaded pole unit bearing motors.

  External Capacitor Unit Bearing Motor – Moreover, you can use external capacitor unit bearing motors in commercial refrigeration applications for evaporator and condenser. However, this motor can be used in any other applications that demand reliability with output ratings from 16 to 25 watts.

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Essential Things to Consider While Installing AO Smith Motors

Once in a while you will probably encounter a worn out motor which can no longer function and repair is completely out of the question. At such times, we need a replacement, which is of utmost quality and trust which can be used to replace motors on almost all brands available in the market. So, spare yourself the time and effort and ask for Century brand of motors by AO Smith ( ). Century motors are as tough as any you’ll discover, however, we should not forget that all motors require regular administration and upkeep at the same time. It is advisable to give safety the highest priority in the handling of the motor by double-checking the power before beginning work on it. It is advised to consider the following pointers in order to safely handle the motor as well as ensure its longevity :

1.  Power Supply : Prior to turning on off the engine, it is necessary to check if the line voltage, phase voltage and frequency are in tune with the specifications mentioned on the motor nameplate. The power supply should be adequate enough to match and maintain the rated voltage at the terminals under every condition. If it exceeds the given limit, make sure to resolve it by contacting the local power utility hubs. If it is below the prescribed limit, a check for overloaded circuits, loose connections or wire installations of the wrong gauge has been used.

2.  Mounting : In order to reduce vibration, loosening and to maintain alignment, the motor assembly should be mounted securely on the base or foundation. Ensure the free movement of the rotor and the motor assembly while mounting.

3.  Grounding : The motor should be properly grounded to avoid any serious electric shocks. The grounding conductor should be connected under the green grounding screw in the terminal compartment of the motor. Proper color coding has to be adhered to when connecting the wires to their respective terminals in order to avoid any leakage or cross connection.

4.  Wire Size : Erroneous voltage at the terminals can cause the motor to overheat. It is recommended to check the electrical supply wires to confirm their load handling capacity.

5.  Heat dissipation : The major cause of motor wear is heat. Overheating takes place when there is a lack of clean air ventilation through the motor. Heat resulting from this is likely to damage the motor windings, insulation, bearing and capacitor thus resulting in a decrease of the life span of the motor ( ). Hence, proper ventilation is quintessential for the smooth operation of the motor. The ideal way to do this to avoid locations filled with dust, leaves and other impurities. The motors should be installed in an area where there is low humidity, good shade and less exposure to dust. If the motor is covered in order to safeguard it from all these elements, then, proper space should be given for ventilation as well to avoid overheating.

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Four Blade Fans from the Modern Fan Company

A simple fan can do wonders to a room, even make it complete by its presence. No one wants a plain and dull ceiling. And instead of adding more light to it, the Modern Fan Company features a variety of four-bladed fans that can provide both illumination and temperature regulation at the same time. This way you get the two functions for the price of one.

Lapa :

This distinctive indoor fan comprises of all the things the Modern Fan company ( www.CrescentHarbor.Com/Modern-fan-company ) stands for. The sleek and clean design gives it an edge and can perfectly fit into any contemporary house, in any room. Due to its steel make, this fan will not be a good choice in damp areas. With finishes like Gloss White and Bright Nickel and the new Galvanized variant plus blade options like white, maple and nickel, this four-bladed wonder bring a lot of persona into a room. Having the optional light kit makes it more versatile as it uses incandescent or fluorescent bulbs making the fixture energy efficient. A hugger adapter for the same is also an option a customer can choose to attach if needed.

Halo :

This damp rated ceiling fan from the Modern Fan Company is a combination of futuristic design and performance. With high quality finishes like Gloss White with Amber glass and Textured Nickel with Opal glass, the Halo model has an integrated light kit that it attached to it. This fixture is more likely to suit higher raised ceilings due to the blade span range. You can buy more downrods and adjust the height of the fan per your convenience.

Cloud :

This model gets its name from the shape of the attached light kit. With finishes like Textured Nickel and White, it is more of a toned-down design built to create warmer tones inside a home. The innovatively designed fan works with both incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Stella :

This artistically designed fixture from the Modern Fan Company very much resembles a lantern with flour blades protruding from within. This incredible model compromises of an asymmetrical arrangement of spherical rings in a downward order and with a light kit at its free end and blades attached more towards the top. Mahogany, Maple and White are the finishes available and white, black, maple and mahogany are the blade options available. This is a great fit for a conversation starter.

Pensi :

The compact indoor fan resembles styles from a renowned Spanish designer expressing the imagination and new concepts he had. This damp rated ceiling fan ( www.CrescentHarbor.Com/About-us ) from the Modern Fan Company comes with an optional light kit making it more functional and perfect for a dim room. Gloss White and Aluminum/ Anthracite are the finishes available and one can buy additional downrods to adjust the height to any length.

Choosing these chic fans for the ultra-modern homes from the Modern Fan Company is a great way to start filling your home. This way you will not compromises on quality, price, design and performance.

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Minka Aire Ceiling Fans – Fresh Breeze for the Home

Categories for the Indoors

Small and Medium Indoor Models

Minka Aire has a considerable range of compact ceiling fans which are great for small and medium sized rooms. There is a good mix of classic and contemporary designs within the product range. For an unconventional and rarely seen model, buyers can also look at the Gyro collection, which has two twin turbofans mounted radially on the fan head. These were very popular in the 1930s for their high air output and novel looks. The twin turbofans rotate around the fan head at controllable speeds. Traditional Gyro is a variant with bronze finish and intricate metalwork on the fan cover and other parts.

Large Indoor Models Minka Aire’s ( ) bravest designs are to be found among large indoor fans. The firm tied up with leading industrial designer George Kovacs to create the unique Cirque fan. The blades are oval and asymmetrically arranged, making it look like a piece of metal art when still. The head looks very streamlined, with the lower half remaining fixed unlike most fans. The George Kovacs Artemis creation combines natural influences to create a very wavy three-blade design that appears to merge seamlessly with the fan head. Other striking designs are Acero, Airus, Bolo and Como.

Outsize Indoor Models

Outsize ceiling fans having blade spans above 58” are needed to ensure proper air circulation in large spaces like galleries and lobbies. Some of the popular designs are Kafe XL, Kola XL, Gilera, Napoli II and Mode.

Outdoor Range

Outdoor fans are specially built to handle humidity and dampness effectively. The blades, body and motor parts are treated to prevent corrosion damage. Wet rated ceiling fans are most suited for patios and porches. Minka Aire sells a wide range of outdoor ceiling ventilators from its popular design ranges.

Small and Medium Outdoor Ranges

Small and medium outdoor models from Minka Aire have a blade span between 35” to 57”. The Traditional Concept and Java ventilators show contemporary influences in their design, while the Sundowner and Craftsman have more ornate and traditional designs. Gyro is another series also available as a retro choice.

Large Outdoor Ranges

These ceiling fixtures from Minka Aire’s have a blade span above 58”. The models on offer are Slipstream and Concept I. Slipstream is available in Brushed Nickel, Flat White, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Koa and Flat White. The Concept 1 is available in white Brushed Nickel Wet and Oil Rubbed Bronze color finishes.

Hugger Fans

Hugger fans by Minka Aire are suited for installation in rooms with low ceilings, since they can be directly mounted without a down rod. They come in both indoor and outdoor configurations. They also come with inbuilt mini-can halogen lights which offer powerful down lighting. This helps buyers avoid having to install a separate ceiling light ( CrescentHarbor/Pendant ) in a cramped room. Some of the popular hugger fans are Concept II Flush available in 44” and 52” blade spans, Delano and Spacesaver. Concept II and Delano can be ordered in color finishes like Pewter, Polished Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Flat White.

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Small yet Stylish ‘Hugger’ Fans from Modern Fan Company for Low Ceiling Applications

There are many different kinds of ceiling fans available in the market – some serve the sole purpose of ventilating rooms while others, fitted with light fixtures play an additional role of being a light source as well. Some fans equipped with reverse sweep function keep indoors warm during winters and cold days. Modern Fan Company ( ) is a popular brand that offers an extensive range of indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. A noticeable assortment from this brand is the ‘hugger’ fan, made exclusively for use in lower ceilings and in rooms with ceiling space constraints. These fans are smaller in size than the regular variants, while being equally efficient in performance and attractive in appearance. Five interesting hugger fans from this brand are discussed below.

#  1 –  Altus

Altus boasts of a beautifully sculpted designed and comes in Brushed Aluminum and Gloss White finishes, with a choice of aluminum and white colored blades. The blades are available in 36”, 42” and 52” spans. The fan can be used for air circulation or can be fitted with a light source available in the following variants :

•  Opt 250 – 75 W G9 Halogen (Large)

•  Opt 251 – 26 W GU24 Energy Saving CFL (Large)

•  Opt 252 – 75 W G9 Halogen (Open)

•  Opt 253 – 26 W GU24 Energy Saving CFL (Open)

•  Opt 270 – 75 W G9 Halogen (Small)

Altus has an airflow efficiency of 91 Cubic Feet per Minute per Watt, and is damp rated.

#  2 – Aurora

This product is a unique dual purpose ceiling fan that functions as a light as well as a ventilation source. What sets Aurora apart from the other hugger fans is the way in which the light fixture is incorporated into it. While in other fans, the light fixture is attached to or suspended from the center of the fan, Aurora showcases blades that emerge from a bigger light fixture on top. This hugger fan is available in Brushed Aluminum and Gloss White finishes with a choice of aluminum and white colored blades. The blades can be customized in 42” or 52” spans respectively. Since the Aurora Hugger uses a 40 W T5 circline fluorescent lamp, it is not dimmable.

#  3 – Ball

Ball features a unique teardrop shape that lends it fluidity and makes it blend with the surroundings seamlessly. The product comes in Brushed Aluminum and Gloss White finishes, with a choice of aluminum, maple and white colored blades. The light source is optional and comes with the following configurations for those who wish to incorporate it.

•  Opt 650 – 75 W G9 Halogen

•  Opt 651 – 18 W GU24 Energy Saving CFL

The product is also available with down rods and is rated for use in damp locations.

#  4 – Cirrus

Cirrus is a three-blade hugger fan that comes with blades of 36”, 42” and 52” spans. The product is compact in scale and is available in Brushed Aluminum and Gloss White finishes with a choice of aluminum, maple and white colored blades. Cirrus has an airflow efficiency of 75 Cubic Feet per Minute per Watt and is damp rated. The fan can be fitted with a light source in the following configurations :

•  Opt 350 – 50 W GU10 Halogen

•  Opt 352 – 75 W G9 Halogen

•  Opt 353 – 26 W GU24 Energy Saving CFL

#  5 – Gusto

Gusto is a compact design that features 4 blades, and lends a truly modern style to ceilings. This hugger fan is available in Bright Nickel and Gloss White finishes, with a choice of nickel and white colored blades. These blades are available in 46” and 56” sweep options. Gusto has an airflow efficiency of 89 Cubic Feet per Minute per Watt. The product can be customized to include a mounted light fixture, in the following configurations :

•  Opt 170 – 75 W G9 Halogen

•  Opt 171 – 26 W GU24 Energy Saving CFL

Hugger Fans from Modern Fan Company showcase ( Crescentharbor/About-Us ) sleek designs which when combined with sharp and brilliant color schemes, make them a stylish addition to modern homes.

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Opt for Fanimation Fans to Enhance Ceiling Look and Room Ventilation

Ceiling fans were always looked upon as a necessity for residential or commercial spaces that would provide cooling and regulate the heat in the room it was fixed, but slowly that perception is gradually and steadily changing as people now look for a ceiling fan that can be a style statement that is functioning and blends in with the home décor. Fanimation fans ( ) can help those people.

Let’s see how and why Fanimation fans are becoming a popular choice for interior design.

Functionality :

Just because Fanimation is stylish doesn’t mean they lack functionality. Both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans are available so that all your spaces can be provided with a pleasant cooling effect irrespective of the weather or time of the day. Fans that are energy- conservative with blades of different materials completed with various finishes, working with reversible speeds, remote controlled and lights fixed. The Fanimation Extraordinaire Oil Rubbed Bronze fan and the Fanimation Extraordinaire Satin Nickel Fan are products used both indoors and outdoors with excellent finishes and an orbit of 360 degrees preferred in areas more dry and damp whereas Fanimation Torto Oil Rubbed Bronze Contemporary Fan and Fanimation Torto Metro Gray Contemporary Fan are innovatively designed for improved air circulation in any room with their specially curved blades and a light fixture not only being a unique piece of modern art  for any ceiling but also providing functionality and usage.

Design :

One cannot simply ignore creations such as the Fanimation Windpointe Antique Brass Finish with Palm Leaf Fan (indoor) and the Fanimation Windpointe Antique Brass Finish with Bamboo Leaf Fan (outdoor) that are a sight for sore eyes and provides good relief during unbearable summers. All Fanimation products are skillfully made keeping in mind both function and style so that everyone can take home something in regard with their requirement. The fans are designed impeccably so that people with different taste will find something that they can personalize their ceiling with. Pieces like the Fanimation Benito Ceiling fan comes with a hand held-remote and available in variants such as oil- rubbed bronze finish with mahogany/ walnut wood blades and satin nickel finish with cherry/ walnut wood blades attached. This model can operate on reverse speeds and holds an encased Candelabra bulb at the center is a good conversation starter as well.

Cost :

As earlier mentioned that ceiling fans are an economic comfort needed for routine lifestyles, Fanimation fans are affordable in the current market. They have a loyal 110% price guarantee policy were shoppers are completely satisfied with these pieces making them visit again. Fanimation offers top quality fans sold at reasonable prices and makes it a good option as a long term investment serving both style and purpose for any customer.

Fanimation products ( ) feature a variety of pieces that can definitely fit in any ceiling with a fixed theme providing cooling and elegance.

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Top Three Reasons for Choosing Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Are you searching for Casablanca Ceiling Fans ( CrescentHarbor/Casablanca ) and Accessories? You are absolutely on the right track! This is simply because these ceiling fans are suitable for all weather conditions. Whether its rain, heat, snow, ocean air or high winds these fans are perfect for your outdoor space.

Casablanca ceiling fans are renowned for quality and design and are considered to be the best in the world. Since inception in 1974 by Burton A. Burton, the brand has gained immense popularity in lighting showroom and specialty stores. This is true for the U.S. as well as in other parts of the globe. The exclusive designs from the leading in-house design and engineering team are inspirational and project new trends in décor. Each fan is crafted to perfection with various ideas including historical, art, exhibition and travel.

Let’s check out the top three reasons for choosing Casablanca Ceiling fans :

1.  Use of latest technology – This brand integrated the latest technology in the design process for a range of innovations like lightweight die-cast structure, automatically adjustable motors with variable speed, silent operation and suspended covering which facilitated easy installation on flat and sloped ceilings. An automated wall control named Inteli-Touch was introduced in 1983 and comfort touch fans were introduced in 1990. The comfort touch ceiling fans are unique till date in the industry because of RF controlled program serving multiple functions of fan, light and climate control system. Versa-Touch ceiling fan was again introduced by Casablanca in 1995 as RF controlled multi-purpose remote control system.

2.  Customized Options – Casablanca ceiling fans can be completely customized. Custom Casablanca fans introduced in 2013 neither have any blade or light. As a result of which, you can select the components you want for designing the fan matching your room setup. Even if Casablanca has created several ceiling fans, Custom Casablanca is different because this model includes similar ‘All Share’ design components, letting the light fittings, controls and blades to be interchanged. The blade holders consist of the same hole patterns for fitting the blades, although every model includes blade holders of varied shapes and styles. This allowed greater flexibility and decrease on the quantity of SKUs that required to be kept in stock. Moreover, this reduced the expense of getting all probable customized combinations without compromising on the product quality and integrity.

3.  Comfort and Convenience – Furthermore, you should opt for Casablanca ceiling fans for getting utmost comfort and convenience at your fingertips with advanced electronic control ( ) systems. This helps to program the setting of every room for getting absolute comfort and energy saving. If you want to get all functions right at your fingertips with complete control, you may choose Inteli-Touch Control System. By using this system, you can turn the fan on and off, choose the speed, brighten the lights or have a dimming effect. In addition, you reverse the drive action of the fan. Besides, you can sleep comfortably in bed with the fan-minder program of Inteli-Touch that will compensate for cool air automatically. Home-safe feature provides you extra comfort with controlled lighting cycle, making home look occupied during your absence. This technology is also convenient to use as it can be quickly installed in your existing light switch connection box without any special wiring.

So why are you waiting for? If you want to get comfort, convenience and customized fans, browse through the assortments and place order for Casablanca ceiling fans.

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Use Rustic Sofa Table to Add the Existing Allure of Your Living Room

Buy Proper Furniture that Suits the Place

It’s one of the natural instincts of human beings to make the environment they live neat and tidy. We must distribute a typically warm eye-pleasing nature all through the interiors by all possible ways. Hence, it’s highly advisable that you should carry out all the related interior decoration tasks with proper planning and labor. Though there are several elements for the same, furniture placement is one of the significant ways to bring in more convenience and elegance within the space concerned.

You will have to buy the appropriate furniture pieces and arrange them properly, in the right and fitting areas. It is very important that you must take good care while purchasing these items. The items should have a classy look, and the timber used must be top-quality. Moreover, you will have to mix the styles in tune with the prevailing style of the interior decoration elements. You can also blend the contemporary and traditional styles in some specific areas like the living room. This will create a typical elegance within that area and will stay distinctively unique. One of the best bets for creating this uniqueness is to place one or two rustic sofa tables in the space.

You Can Cherish Old Memories by Using Rustic Sofa Tables ( Foxdendecor/Rustic-Sofa )

By using this model sofa tables, you can not only amplify the quality of the existing ambience of the space concerned adequately, but also cherish your own special and preciously old private memories pleasingly. The antique appearance of the item will remind you of your childhood days, when you used to play around within your house with your parents or grandparents. This is a practically possible way to enjoy the sweetness of nostalgia in a most desired way.

Use Recycled Wood Rustic Sofa Table

It is better to use rustic sofa tables created using recycled timber; in fact, this habit has become all the rage in the contemporary interior decor. Most of the people like to join the ‘Save the Nature’ movement, which is globally active these days. In our time, people all over the world vehemently protest against the destruction of trees. When you buy recycled furniture, you are supporting this genuine environmental cause in a special way. The existence of trees is imperative for the smooth functioning of the natural world. A tree saved will be certainly a positive gain for the entire nature, which ultimately will be beneficial to the humanity.

In addition, such furniture items will be not only attractive, but will also give you long-term service. There will be various marks and blots in the wood used, which is due to the continuous usage, and this will give an authentic unique nature to the piece. Nobody will be able to find a similar piece anywhere else, and this rareness will make your sofa set an exclusive item.

The item will have an antique appearance, because of the manufacturing technique. The craftsmen create these items in a bespoke manner; they will try to fuse practicality and authenticity with stylishness while manufacturing the item.

Besides, as the timber had survived the toughest of several years’ of weather conditions, it might have gained sufficient strength to counter any climatic setbacks. Hence, there will not be any damages, in the same way as regards to the furniture items ( ) created using new wood.

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When Wood Eating Bugs in Rumson Have Attacked Your Home

Everyone knows that a man’s house is his ‘castle’ and an asset that is a focal point of pride for the family. The home is considered a treasured investment that comes from lots of planning, hard work, and goals. But in a matter of minutes, a man (or woman) can find out that their home is infested with wood eating bugs in Rumson, and the structure of the home is being destroyed due to the neglecting of having the home properly inspected.

The wood eating bugs Rumson has will do more than just eat your home. They will come in and eat up an entire house within a short period of time; wooden furniture, wood floors, wood panels, wood tables, wooden cabinets, wooden doors, and any other furniture or structural object made out of wood. The cost can be absolutely astronomical depending on the extent of the damages caused. Wood is not the same quality as it used to be either, making it even weaker in the eyes of the structure once under attack from the wood eating bugs that Rumson has. Are you prepared to find out that they have been attacking your home, and it may not be structurally sound? Probably not.


There are two wood eating bugs in Rumson that are most common; Powerpost beetles and Drywood termites. The Drywood queen may lay hundreds to thousands of eggs that will hatch within 6-12 weeks. Once the have their wings and are adults, they leave the colony in order to start new colonies elsewhere. However, the mindless and wingless worker termites stay in your home, and use the wood to create a comprehensive tunnel system to look for more wood to feast on. They turn your home into their main course. The other bug, the Powerpost beetles will turn any wood into flour like consistently, the same as powder. They also create tunnels in the wood to feed. The termites and beetles can exist in your home eating away for years without being detected.

If you have not had a professional in wood eating bugs in Rumson to your home before to inspect it and make sure you are not playing host to these bugs, then you should. Only the experts know exactly where to look, what to do, and how to get rid of the wood eating bugs Rumson has. If you are able to catch them in enough time, you can prevent extensive damage to your home and your wallet. If you are discovering them after damage has been done, the experts will know how to get rid of them quickly. Then you can begin replacing the wood to keep the house intact and from falling apart. The bugs can seem to be hidden for long periods of time, and you can truly lose thousands of dollars, if not more, without even knowing it. The experts will make it their priority to check for these wood pests if you let them, and they will return periodically to ensure that your home is pest free.

This article was written by Cristobal Carandang on behalf of Alliance Commercial Pest Control, Inc., with over 30 years of experience in pest control services and offering residential services for a wide range of pest related issues. To know how termites affect your home, visit

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Enjoy the Victorian Lavishness with Craftsman House Plans

Craftsman house plans are one of the most unique contributions to the American concepts of decorative arts, design and architectural values. It was in the 19th century in Boston that these house plans gained popularity. This was with the aim of promoting higher standards of handicrafts on the US soil. The perfect balance of elegance and simplicity signifies the craftsman house plans. These house plans are a natural reaction to both the threat of mass home production and Victorian lavishness.

Below are stated some of the distinct features of craftsman house plans:

    Handcrafted woodwork or stone

    Deep eaves

    Tapering columns supporting the roof

    Double hung windows

    Large sized porch at the front under the roof

    Design motifs depicting the Frank Lloyd Wright styles

Some of the design features include large verandas, ridge shafts, uncovered beams, exposed attics, and tapered square columns. The living rooms come with tall glass windows and fireplaces. The kitchen usually remains attached to the dining space. The study rooms have attached bathrooms. There are two bedrooms, a store and a linen cabinet.

Special attention is given to tile flooring, carpet, fireplace, laundry room and the kitchen in a craftsman house plan.

Master suites come with glass windows and spas. There is a mini bar in the lower level, a place for gyms and a home theatre. Home theatre, verandas and the French doors are some of the unique features of this type of house plan.

Craftsman house plans are distinctly American that helps you enjoy the longstanding US architectural tradition. This style was in vogue in the 1930s and has passed on to the present times as well. Homebuilders do not have to struggle for the house plans. Again, since this house plan spreads over huge square footages, it becomes easy to find the ideal plans almost in any parts of the world.

Use of local materials wherever possible and lack of ornamentation constitutes the secret behind its simplicity. These homes are generally surrounded with garden and designed to get maximum sunlight. The exteriors are made of stucco siding, wood or stone and the roofs are low-pitched.

If you are bored with the regular “cookie-cutter designs” of today’s home, you can look for the craftsman house plans and gaze at the character and architectural beauty of the traditional American homes with awe. You are sure to add a different character and uniqueness to your residential area with such unique house plan. It is also a good way to uphold the longstanding architectural tradition of America with such unique plans.

Last but not the least the craftsman house plans are built keeping in mind the societal awareness, which goes well with the present Green Revolution. So, it is definitely one of the best ways to go green.

So, browse through some of the most beautiful and elegant craftsman house plans online and live in your dream home. You will be amazed to see the wide range of options online, when you visit a trusted site.

This guest post was written by Sarita Hurban, on behalf of Monster House Plans, offering you the largest range of architectural designs online. To know how you can decorate your craftsman style home, you may also visit eHow.

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