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Here is Why Must Embrace Performance Support Solutions

Performance support refers to any learning resource or tool that provides the necessary amount of guidance and support to the user in the moments of need. In simple language, it can be a set of instructions that tell us about important things we have to do and the right order to do them. Assembly instructions and recipes are good examples of performance support.

Why Performance Support Solutions ( TesseractLearning/Performance-Support-Solutions ) are needed?

It is a difficult task to make someone work perfect. Despite training for several years, there is no guarantee, employees will not make mistakes. In some businesses, even small errors can lead to deadly consequences; for example mistakes done by physicians and pilots. This proves training alone is not sufficient to minimize errors and related consequences.

You need performance support to supplement training where the focus is not only on learning a skill, but also on the application of the skill. This kind of support helps employees improve their skill efficiency. Let’s look at some of the advantages of performance support solutions.

Performance Support Improves Training

Training generally means classes full of PowerPoint presentations. These methods of learning are not effective as you want them to be. You can incorporate performance support resources that bring radical change in the way of learning. Performance support changes the focus to problem solving, innovation, teamwork, experimentation and finding creative solutions to meet business challenges.

In-class practice using performance support can enhance productivity of employees. The training session integrated with performance support imparts skills along with experiences that help workers use tools in a better manner.

Performance Support Earns Money for Organizations

Training is expensive. Besides the cost involved in providing training, the productivity of employees during training is zero, which leads to the additional financial burden on an organization.

Instead of providing training, organizations should look for opportunities to embed a performance support system at the workplace. For example, job aids can help workers deal with the challenges just like we use Wikipedia for information on any topic.

Everyone experiences information anxiety, information overload, and information bulimia while performing everyday activities. Organizations and people need to work together to reduce the chaos, provide order and support result oriented interactions with data to ensure mistakes do not happen in  workplaces.

Performance support methodology recommends the use of informational job aids that can be helpful to diminish the chaos and anxiety when employees are trying to do something.

Scaling performance support tools can improve economies. You can make the performance support tools used by small groups available to the entire organization. When you accomplish this, you no longer need classrooms for training, or additional instructors. There is no travel to pay and no downtime for organizations as well.

Performance support solutions are the need of the hour as it is not possible for organizations to solve every performance problem with training. Performance support allows organizations to get better results from their workers without pulling them out of their workplace for training.  It teaches employees to sort out performance problems ( ) by using available resources and not wait for someone to fix it for them.

Do you use any performance support resource in your organization?

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Top Three Reasons for Choosing Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Are you searching for Casablanca Ceiling Fans ( CrescentHarbor/Casablanca ) and Accessories? You are absolutely on the right track! This is simply because these ceiling fans are suitable for all weather conditions. Whether its rain, heat, snow, ocean air or high winds these fans are perfect for your outdoor space.

Casablanca ceiling fans are renowned for quality and design and are considered to be the best in the world. Since inception in 1974 by Burton A. Burton, the brand has gained immense popularity in lighting showroom and specialty stores. This is true for the U.S. as well as in other parts of the globe. The exclusive designs from the leading in-house design and engineering team are inspirational and project new trends in décor. Each fan is crafted to perfection with various ideas including historical, art, exhibition and travel.

Let’s check out the top three reasons for choosing Casablanca Ceiling fans :

1.  Use of latest technology – This brand integrated the latest technology in the design process for a range of innovations like lightweight die-cast structure, automatically adjustable motors with variable speed, silent operation and suspended covering which facilitated easy installation on flat and sloped ceilings. An automated wall control named Inteli-Touch was introduced in 1983 and comfort touch fans were introduced in 1990. The comfort touch ceiling fans are unique till date in the industry because of RF controlled program serving multiple functions of fan, light and climate control system. Versa-Touch ceiling fan was again introduced by Casablanca in 1995 as RF controlled multi-purpose remote control system.

2.  Customized Options – Casablanca ceiling fans can be completely customized. Custom Casablanca fans introduced in 2013 neither have any blade or light. As a result of which, you can select the components you want for designing the fan matching your room setup. Even if Casablanca has created several ceiling fans, Custom Casablanca is different because this model includes similar ‘All Share’ design components, letting the light fittings, controls and blades to be interchanged. The blade holders consist of the same hole patterns for fitting the blades, although every model includes blade holders of varied shapes and styles. This allowed greater flexibility and decrease on the quantity of SKUs that required to be kept in stock. Moreover, this reduced the expense of getting all probable customized combinations without compromising on the product quality and integrity.

3.  Comfort and Convenience – Furthermore, you should opt for Casablanca ceiling fans for getting utmost comfort and convenience at your fingertips with advanced electronic control ( ) systems. This helps to program the setting of every room for getting absolute comfort and energy saving. If you want to get all functions right at your fingertips with complete control, you may choose Inteli-Touch Control System. By using this system, you can turn the fan on and off, choose the speed, brighten the lights or have a dimming effect. In addition, you reverse the drive action of the fan. Besides, you can sleep comfortably in bed with the fan-minder program of Inteli-Touch that will compensate for cool air automatically. Home-safe feature provides you extra comfort with controlled lighting cycle, making home look occupied during your absence. This technology is also convenient to use as it can be quickly installed in your existing light switch connection box without any special wiring.

So why are you waiting for? If you want to get comfort, convenience and customized fans, browse through the assortments and place order for Casablanca ceiling fans.

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Why You Need an Antispam Solution

According to report, around 45% of emails sent globally are spams. Also, according to Secure List statistics, the first quarter of 2016 saw an increase in spam mails having malicious attachments.  While mail is important for your business, it also exposes you to myriad of risks such as viruses, spyware and harmful programs. The best way to protect you from spam is using an antispam ( ) solution.

What is an Anti Spam Solution?

Antispam solution involves installation of anti-spam gateway between the Internet and your mail infrastructure. The software works to stop malware from reaching your employees’ inboxes.    Let’s look at some advantages of using an anti-spam solution.

Advantages of Antispam solution

Highly Effective

The spam filters weed out 99% of spam mail. They get stopped even before they reach your e-mail server.  Antispam solutions use a sophisticated and complex method to filter out spam, which includes methods like signature databases, linguistic heuristics, DNS blacklist plug-ins   and analysis of formal attributes. These are updated in real-time, which ensure no spam misses the filters.

Zero False Positives

While it is necessary to block spam mails, it is also necessary the spam filter does not mark a legitimate mail as spam that can jeopardize the business.  The anti-spam solution uses multiple filters to segregate spam mail from non-spam mails.  The numbers of false positives are effectively managed by using a safelist or devising transport rules to bypass spam filters.

Easy Implementation

There are no hardware or software installations. It takes less than an hour to implement spam control solutions.  These  antispam solutions are self-sufficient and continuously upgraded to counter any new threats.

Enhances Performance

The spam control solutions do not let spam reach your mail server which reduces network traffic and decreases the load of the mail server. All this leads to improvement in performance of your mail server.

Protects your Mail Server

Spam control solutions protect your mail server from spams, viruses, Trojan programs, denial of service attacks, phishing and relays.


Spam control solutions are independent of your mail server, which means there is no compatibility issue or upgrading issues.  The spam control solution works well in any setup.  They work directly with SMTP and standard email protocol.

Email Continuity

The spam filter service providers offer redundant storage for your emails. In case of a breakdown of your email server, your employees can continue with their work using the email redundant facility provided by your spam solution company.

Email Archive

Leading spam filter services are known to offer archive services that help organizations deal with storage issues. These archiving services meet industry compliance, which means there is no risk of data leaks from archived mail.

Supports International Languages

The spam filter solutions are designed to detect spams in different languages.

The advantages offered by antispam solutions reduce the security risks associated with email ( ) communication. It also improves productivity as employees do not waste time deleting unwanted emails from their inbox.

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Why You Should Buy a Synthetic Sapphire Masonic Ring

Sometimes when you’re ring shopping to symbolize your association with Freemasonry, it’s hard to decide what type of gold to choose. White gold jewelry is totally classy, but yellow gold goes perfectly with formal wear and special occasions, like meetings. Choosing between the two can be hard because they can both potentially look amazing. Luckily, gold two-tone men’s synthetic sapphire masonic rings ( Jewelry-Liquidation/Masonic-Ring ) are gaining in popularity.

Why are Gold Two-Tone Men’s Synthetic Sapphire Masonic Rings Popular?

There are two reasons; the first is because of the uniqueness that the two-toned gold brings. The second is because many Freemason’s love the commodore of the brotherhood and all it entails. Thus, they want to wear the jewelry because they’re proud of their affiliation, even though they don’t have to wear Masonic jewelry to become a member of the Freemasons.

As well, they want non-members to know their affiliation because they’re proud of the organization’s charitable causes, honorable reputation, and long history; and a gold two-tone men’s synthetic sapphire masonic ring looks cool and fits most members’ budgets.

A Gold Two-Tone Men’s Synthetic Sapphire Masonic Ring is Inexpensive

Unfortunately for some members, the ability to purchase an expensive masonic ring is difficult. They have to visit pawn shops and other similar avenues to find the perfect ring. Purchasing a synthetic sapphire from a jewelry liquidation store is a much easier and more affordable way to get the ring, and you have the added security of knowing where the Masonic ring came from.

Does a Gold Two-Tone Men’s Synthetic Sapphire Masonic Ring Look Cheap?

It could, but it definitely doesn’t have to. It depends on the reputability of the jewelry store you purchase the Masonic ring from. A synthetic sapphire is equivalent to a synthetic diamond (cubic zirconia). The only difference is that real sapphires are natural, and synthetic sapphires are man-made, but most people can’t tell the difference.

Pros and Cons : Gold Two-tone Synthetic Sapphire Masonic Ring vs Real Sapphire

There are some differences between real and synthetic sapphires when it comes to Masonic rings, and each has their pros and cons :

Real Sapphire Pros :

•  They are very hard, and don’t break easily,

•  They have a low profile.

Real Sapphire Cons

•  On the rare occasion they can break or shatter,

•  They show smudges and fingerprints.

Synthetic Sapphire Pros

•  They have a wonderful lust and shine,

•  They don’t show smudges and fingerprints,

•  They have a high profile and are vintage looking.

Synthetic Sapphire Cons

•  They can scratch easily, but the scratch can be buffed out,

•  With the high profile, they can snag clothes.

As you can see, a gold two-tone men’s synthetic sapphire Masonic ring is a great choice. Not only because of the option of blending the two golds, but a synthetic sapphire also has more pros than a real sapphire; and the cons can be easily remedied.

Although a gold two-tone men’s synthetic sapphire Masonic ring is inexpensive, it can be made with expertise and precision to look unique. Most onlookers won’t even know they’re looking at a man-made gem, unless they’re experts. You just to have to be cautious about which jewelry ( ) store you buy it from.

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Celebrity Event Planners – A Perfect Choice for Grand Occasion

Do you want to throw a grand occasion at home? Is it the first time you are planning an event? Never think it to be a daunting task! Opt for celebrity event planners and organize a special occasion in an unforgettable fashion. The celebrity event planners ( ) have already planned some great events. As a result of which, they know how to cheer up your guests, without any hitch. Now, let’s check out how the celebrity event planners organize a grand festivity?

1.  Bringing a relaxed attitude – A relaxed mood is extremely significant to your guests. Proficient event planners who have handled celebrity weddings know how to bring in a relaxed attitude for your special ones. Sometimes, if you are engrossed in so many activities you don’t get the time to enjoy the party and entertain your guests. Moreover, if you are very stressed out, you can’t get the drive to lead the revelry. The celebrity wedding planners plan the entire event in a proper sequence, so that you don’t have anything left for the last minute. Hence, you can easily concentrate on your guests and talk to them.

2.  Keeping guests moving around and talking to each other – Always think about how will you keep your guests moving around and talking to each other? Nowadays, the celebrity event planners lay emphasis on how to keep your guests engaged. The old-party throwing adage of keeping fewer chairs than your guests doesn’t work these days. Rather, if you have less chairs and inadequate space, the older people gathered at your event can feel uncomfortable to take up seats. Invite as many people as can sit in your dining space, living room as well as your deck. Arrange your seats in such a way so that not more than five people would keep standing at a time. It’s difficult to count the heads, but the party should be planned in a spacious manner with the proper seating arrangement for invited guests.

3.  Thinking carefully about the menu – The celebrity event planners spend a lot of time on thinking carefully about the menu. They ensure the fact that there is enough space in the oven and stove, by understanding the recipe you have selected and the items to be used for cooking. This helps in avoiding any last minute kitchen disaster. So, it’s always good to spend quality time on planning the menu of your event and decide on the platter and cooking items. Pre-planning your menu and selecting the right place for all prepared ingredients and cooking are extremely significant as without them you won’t be able to serve food to your guests. Do not worry if your kitchen doesn’t have perfect dishes for keeping chopped spices and onions. The celebrity planners often look for plastic cups for keeping all cooking ingredients that can be easily purchased from a grocery store. Finger foods can also be bought from the markets. Besides, antipasto bars can be great alternatives for storing items like marinated garlic, olives and mozzarella.

4.  Including special drinks matching event theme as per guest’s preference ¬- It’s important to know the preference of your guests for drinks. If your guests like Specialty cocktails, the celerity event planners can make arrangement for the same pertaining to your event theme. Allow your guests to pour their own drinks and encourage them to socialize. Themed parties ( ) are ideal for starting a conversation with a drink.

Check out these tips and celebrate your occasion in a spectacular fashion. Appoint one of the best celebrity event planners to organize your event and entertain your guests in a remarkable style.

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A Guide to Choose Centerpieces for Weddings

Often, while setting the theme of wedding, you predominantly focus on food and entertainment while ignore other significant aspects like decorations. However, wedding décor is equivalently vital for adding magnificence to this lovely day.

Creating a perfect ambiance for your special day is made easy by choosing appropriate and stunning table settings, stage decoration, linen selection, and floral arrangements. It appeals to your guests and leave them talking about it for months thereafter. Striking table settings replete with classy centerpieces can really bring glamour to a wedding ceremony. Centerpieces for weddings ( ) play a special role to add a significant aura to this auspicious occasion.

Why Concentrate on Centerpieces?

Wedding guests mostly spend their time by sitting around tables and observing each item quite carefully. When they are not participating in ceremonies or celebrations, your guests usually sit and enjoy the company of family or friends. With so much time spent around this piece of furniture, couples need to concentrate on a centerpiece decoration that suits their style. In fact, the entire theme of party revolves it. Hence, centerpieces for weddings are an imperative décor feature to plan in advance.

Coordinate with Venue Managers :

It is important to consider venue while choosing centerpieces for weddings. Before finalizing any arrangement, you should convey the same to venue managers and make them aware of your entire planning. Some special type of decorations needs different settings and arrangements. Hence, the management should have knowledge of your imagination. This will eliminate last minute blunders or pull-offs.

Some venues do not allow open flames or breakable glass in their premises. Also, you should enquire about the cleaning of venue after reception. If your venue has lots of restrictions on fragile decorations, then go for floral centerpieces. This is traditional way for accessorizing your wedding with an absolute aura and elegance.

How to Choose Centerpieces for Weddings?

Centerpieces add a special flavor to the ceremonial atmosphere of weddings ( ). Crockery settings, candle arrangements, cake placements, and fruits or chocolate decorations are quite usual components of table decoration. But, floral decoration can leave impressive imprints on the minds of your guests. Flowers simply bring more freshness and fragrance to your wedding. It can be contemporary or even conventional. Wedding flower decorators can make your wedding venue a heavenly place to get knotted in a beautiful relationship.

How to Select Floral Decoration for Centerpieces?

Different varieties of colorful flowers certainly create an aura of magnificence in your venue. While choosing floral decoration, maintain a proper balance of decorative and perfumed flowers. If you are on a tight budget, then select seasonal flowers and local flower decorator for your wedding to minimize the costs. Selection should be made of locally blossoming flowers rather than imported blooms to eliminate last-minute hassles in transportation.

These are some effective ideas to plan a perfect event by selecting best centerpieces for weddings with due diligence and consideration of important factors. They can certainly make a huge difference to the most memorable day of your life.

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What is R & D Tax Credit?

The UK government has some initiatives to promote research and development oriented businesses. The projects which work solely on research and advancement of technology are required for the strong economic growth of the country. To facilitate this growth, the UK government has initiated the R & D tax credit ( ) facility.

What is R & D Tax Credits?

The R & D tax credit is a scheme introduced by the UK government to help the business units that are working on Research and development activities. This facility can be availed by SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) or by large industries. If your business is R & D related, then your expenses will be very high. Also the risk involved is higher in running such business. Hence to encourage good research, the government has introduced a scheme called as the R&D Tax Credit. As the name suggests, it is a credit that your business unit could avail from the government. The money that you spend in research activities – like staff cost, material costs, software costs and the cost incorporated in hiring contractors can be covered with the R & D Tax credits.

Are you eligible to avail the credit?

There are some set terms and conditions for your business to avail this benefit. The R & D Tax credit scheme is applicable for companies that produce outputs in the domain of technology, medical sciences, new machines, prototypes, new software etc.

•  Your company should be regular payee of the CT (Corporate taxes). A minimum of 2 years is required prior to the time you can avail the R & D tax credit.

•  The research project should be part of your current business and your business should be oriented to improve processes, stability, safety or quality of life of the world. Meaning – it should be helpful to the larger section of the society.

•  Your project should be working extensively on research of some uncertainties in the technology, then you can avail this facility – provided you give a document stating the uncertainties that are faced and how your research is working towards overcoming the problems.

These are some criteria’s in which your business would not qualify for the R & D Tax Credit :

–  If your company is developing commercial products like software – you do not qualify for this; even though it helps the larger masses.

–  Projects working on arts, economics, social sciences and humanities do not qualify for this credit.

What is the process of availing R and D Tax Credits?

Once you know that you are eligible for this credit, availing this is a simple process. You need to fill in the details in the CT (Corporate tax) return form. In your CT return just mention if your company is a SME or a large company availing this facility. Although not mandatory, the HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) encourages that you to fill in the details of why your project is R & D ( ) qualified and also to add a statement of the costs incurred for the research activity.

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Use Rustic Sofa Table to Add the Existing Allure of Your Living Room

Buy Proper Furniture that Suits the Place

It’s one of the natural instincts of human beings to make the environment they live neat and tidy. We must distribute a typically warm eye-pleasing nature all through the interiors by all possible ways. Hence, it’s highly advisable that you should carry out all the related interior decoration tasks with proper planning and labor. Though there are several elements for the same, furniture placement is one of the significant ways to bring in more convenience and elegance within the space concerned.

You will have to buy the appropriate furniture pieces and arrange them properly, in the right and fitting areas. It is very important that you must take good care while purchasing these items. The items should have a classy look, and the timber used must be top-quality. Moreover, you will have to mix the styles in tune with the prevailing style of the interior decoration elements. You can also blend the contemporary and traditional styles in some specific areas like the living room. This will create a typical elegance within that area and will stay distinctively unique. One of the best bets for creating this uniqueness is to place one or two rustic sofa tables in the space.

You Can Cherish Old Memories by Using Rustic Sofa Tables ( Foxdendecor/Rustic-Sofa )

By using this model sofa tables, you can not only amplify the quality of the existing ambience of the space concerned adequately, but also cherish your own special and preciously old private memories pleasingly. The antique appearance of the item will remind you of your childhood days, when you used to play around within your house with your parents or grandparents. This is a practically possible way to enjoy the sweetness of nostalgia in a most desired way.

Use Recycled Wood Rustic Sofa Table

It is better to use rustic sofa tables created using recycled timber; in fact, this habit has become all the rage in the contemporary interior decor. Most of the people like to join the ‘Save the Nature’ movement, which is globally active these days. In our time, people all over the world vehemently protest against the destruction of trees. When you buy recycled furniture, you are supporting this genuine environmental cause in a special way. The existence of trees is imperative for the smooth functioning of the natural world. A tree saved will be certainly a positive gain for the entire nature, which ultimately will be beneficial to the humanity.

In addition, such furniture items will be not only attractive, but will also give you long-term service. There will be various marks and blots in the wood used, which is due to the continuous usage, and this will give an authentic unique nature to the piece. Nobody will be able to find a similar piece anywhere else, and this rareness will make your sofa set an exclusive item.

The item will have an antique appearance, because of the manufacturing technique. The craftsmen create these items in a bespoke manner; they will try to fuse practicality and authenticity with stylishness while manufacturing the item.

Besides, as the timber had survived the toughest of several years’ of weather conditions, it might have gained sufficient strength to counter any climatic setbacks. Hence, there will not be any damages, in the same way as regards to the furniture items ( ) created using new wood.

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Things to Consider During Accounting Website Design

Websites are an integral part of the online world and every business organization uses it to communicate with its customers and maintain an active online presence. Having a strong online presence is so important these days that if you are a famous company who doesn’t have a proper website, there are high chances that you’ll be seen as an unreliable company by your customers. Every business organization and every institution need a website today and accounting firms are no exception to this. Though an accounting website design ( 99Medialab/Accounting-web- ) is similar to any other business website design, there are many minor modifications that give the former its own distinct identity.

In this article we will discuss those elements that every accounting website needs during the web design process. Read on.

1.  Don’t make it dull

Though accounting is a serious business and there’s no need for the website to emote any jovial emotions and colors, it doesn’t mean the website has to be boring to look. A good looking, visually appealing website is always a plus point as it motivates the visitor to stay a little longer and go through the content in detail. To summarize, keep the accounting website design unique, precise and most importantly clutter free for easy understanding.

2.  Content

Given the fact that accounting is a very complicated niche, the visitors visiting your website will obviously look for a lot of information. The accounting website design has to be such that there should be ample space for all the content on home page, blog and any other page of the website. The content has to distributed across the website in a clutter free manner and also include important keywords to improve the site’s SEO.

3.  Local SEO

Optimizing your website to rank higher in the search engine results is another important part of accounting website design. SEO helps websites in reaching out to more visitors and being recognized by search websites like Google as a credible source of information. Number of techniques like keywords, tags, meta tags and meta descriptions can be used to optimize the content on the website. Further, with the help of a local SEO expert, the website can be optimized to suit the local customers and clients as well.

4.  Contact Information and Other Details

Accounting website design must also focus on contact information and other important details about the company. Having specified all of your contact information including office number, mobile number, email ID and office address is very important to gain instant trust from the visitors. Adding to it, other factual details like the establishment of the accounting firm, its previous clients and fee structure must also be mentioned to keep communication clear and transparent.

5.  Navigation

Website visitors will feel very frustrated when they visit your website with some intent and can’t find what they came for. In order to make their job easy, the accounting website design ( ) has to be such that any visitor can easily navigate throughout your website with the help of headings, labels, tags and sitemap if needed.

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ECommerce Website Design Service – A Powerful Tool for Boosting Conversion Rate

Do you want to boost your conversion rate? Seek eCommerce website design service and get a powerful selling tool for your business. Ecommerce web development services are often available with complete social media integration and advanced user-friendly CMS. They offer customized and cost effective solutions. Let’s check out in this regard how an eCommerce website design service helps to increase your sale?

1.  Defining clear objectives for every page

In order to be successful online, all pages of a website must have clearly defined objectives. A proficient eCommerce website design service ( www.99medialab/e ) provider knows the right tactic to entice visitors for clicking on service pages. Relevant and persuasive information is offered on the web pages that help the users to purchase a service or product.

2.  Encouraging revisits focusing on a target audience

The online success also depends on the number of visitors coming to you. It is important to get new visitors as well as your existing customers. Professional eCommerce website design services understand the significance of creating value for your site and encourage revisits for your old customers. It helps in direct and stronger sales conversion. Different techniques are used in this regard like keeping the visitors in the loop through enticing email. This is how the existing patrons are encouraged to check out cool new offers online. The more will be the visits from your target audiences, the better will be the chances of purchasing products and services through your website.

3.  Designing website in a smart yet simple way

Expert website design services always design a website in a smart but simple way, so that your target audience can reach you easily. All the hurdles between your target audience and your website are minimized by keeping simple contact form on the home page, through uploading user-friendly photographs and by integrating other features that make it easy for site users to reach you. Clearly visible contact info is added on website making it easy for the users to contact you instantly for purchasing a product or for simple inquiries about a service. If your customers can’t contact you, it is likely that they will get frustrated for being unable to reach you and as a result of which you will be losing your sales.

4.  Making the purchasing procedure simple

The main aim of an eCommerce website ( ) is offering an online point of sale and professional designing service providers help to make the purchasing procedure simple. This helps your customers to make the online purchase easily. The checkout pages are important in terms of sales and they ought to be made simple for the website users. If the checkout process is complicated, your customers will get confused about the mode of payment. So the professional designers make the checkout process straightforward and effortless for your online clients in order that they don’t get puzzled and can easily make the payment.

So why are you waiting for? Look for one of the best eCommerce website design services and boost your online conversion rate. This would not only provide you a good business, but would add to your reputation.

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