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Four Blade Fans from the Modern Fan Company

A simple fan can do wonders to a room, even make it complete by its presence. No one wants a plain and dull ceiling. And instead of adding more light to it, the Modern Fan Company features a variety of four-bladed fans that can provide both illumination and temperature regulation at the same time. This way you get the two functions for the price of one.

Lapa :

This distinctive indoor fan comprises of all the things the Modern Fan company ( www.CrescentHarbor.Com/Modern-fan-company ) stands for. The sleek and clean design gives it an edge and can perfectly fit into any contemporary house, in any room. Due to its steel make, this fan will not be a good choice in damp areas. With finishes like Gloss White and Bright Nickel and the new Galvanized variant plus blade options like white, maple and nickel, this four-bladed wonder bring a lot of persona into a room. Having the optional light kit makes it more versatile as it uses incandescent or fluorescent bulbs making the fixture energy efficient. A hugger adapter for the same is also an option a customer can choose to attach if needed.

Halo :

This damp rated ceiling fan from the Modern Fan Company is a combination of futuristic design and performance. With high quality finishes like Gloss White with Amber glass and Textured Nickel with Opal glass, the Halo model has an integrated light kit that it attached to it. This fixture is more likely to suit higher raised ceilings due to the blade span range. You can buy more downrods and adjust the height of the fan per your convenience.

Cloud :

This model gets its name from the shape of the attached light kit. With finishes like Textured Nickel and White, it is more of a toned-down design built to create warmer tones inside a home. The innovatively designed fan works with both incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Stella :

This artistically designed fixture from the Modern Fan Company very much resembles a lantern with flour blades protruding from within. This incredible model compromises of an asymmetrical arrangement of spherical rings in a downward order and with a light kit at its free end and blades attached more towards the top. Mahogany, Maple and White are the finishes available and white, black, maple and mahogany are the blade options available. This is a great fit for a conversation starter.

Pensi :

The compact indoor fan resembles styles from a renowned Spanish designer expressing the imagination and new concepts he had. This damp rated ceiling fan ( www.CrescentHarbor.Com/About-us ) from the Modern Fan Company comes with an optional light kit making it more functional and perfect for a dim room. Gloss White and Aluminum/ Anthracite are the finishes available and one can buy additional downrods to adjust the height to any length.

Choosing these chic fans for the ultra-modern homes from the Modern Fan Company is a great way to start filling your home. This way you will not compromises on quality, price, design and performance.

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Sell An Inherited Home Under ‘Buy My House Now’ Program

Selling a home is complicated, especially when you wish to sell an inherited house. It is tough to manage an inherited home when you have your own to worry about. If it is located very far from your existing residence, it is not feasible to supervise it properly. This negligence may worsen its condition. Mostly, inherited homes go through a lot of wear and tear. Leaving them vacant for a prolonged time causes severe damages. Apart from these, the taxes and utility bills will keep on piling up on such homes.

An isolated home is an open invitation for the trespassers to misuse the property. Renting is also not viable in case you are living far away. Though you might be emotionally attached to your parental home but you should realize the current situation and analyze the deteriorating value of this house if it is not sold. Hence, it is a wise decision to sell it before it becomes a burden on you.

In most cases, the real estate agents will ask you to enhance the curb appeal of your inherited home, make repairs, and get it renovated to fetch a good price. But, if you don’t want to spend a penny and look to sell it fast, your request of “buy my house now” ( ) can be answered by cash house buyers.

There are unlimited benefits when house buyers answer your request of ‘buy my house now’. But, you may be unaware of the same. They deal in an innovative and precise way of selling any kind of house in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia. The advantages integrated into this offer are :

Sell house in As Is condition :

The reputed cash house buyers are very straight-forward in their dealings. They don’t persuade home sellers to make changes or renovate a house before buying it. In fact, they prefer buying a home  ‘As Is’ . Whether there is a problem with the sewer or there is a water leakage, everything related to the house renovation will be taken care by them. Their expert team can easily handle all these issues and you are completely saved from a lot of hassles.

No Negotiation :

If you are looking for a genuine buyer and do not want to involve in any sort of last minute glitches, ‘buy my house now’ program of the house buyers is the best offer for you. The professional cash home buyers ( ) offer a competitive price considering the renovation required for enhancing the beauty of a home. They quote a final price on the first meeting. It’s entirely upon you to accept or reject the proposal. There is no last-minute bargain or negotiation on the price quoted by them.

Cash Payment :

When you decide to sell your inherited house through ‘buy my house now’ offer, you get instant relief from all the hassles of completing the deal. In fact, you can choose the date and time to close the deal. On closing, they provide the instant cash. The entire quoted amount will be paid in cash by these companies.

When looking to sell your house, always make the first call to these house buyers offering innovative and seller-friendly deals.

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Ways Which Help You Sell your House in 7 days

There are many situations out there which different people face and everyone reacts differently to them. But, somehow when you are pushed against a corner and have nowhere to go, selling your home seems like the best choice.

But, what are the few reasons that lead you to sell your house in 7 days?

•  On behalf of their older parents, children decide to move parents in with them, so that they can be tended to and looked after in their later years. Moreover, the elderly cannot look after the house and find upkeep and maintenance a challenge.

•  Your current location, and the cold weather and amenities being located far off, and at such a time, when you’re getting old and retirement is approaching, you feel it’s better to move into a city where the weather is warmer, more sunshine and at the same time closer to your children in case of any emergency.

•  Losing your job, hitting a rough patch, or facing losses is never an easy situation to deal with. Sometimes, these are situations which are hard to get out in a jiffy, but with selling your house fast in 7 days ( Webuyhousesexpress/Sell-your-house-in-7days ), you can close all your debts and start over!

•  On a brighter note, if you have been promoted and need to relocate somewhere else, you may need to sell your house in 7 days before shifting out permanently.

•  Your current place is quite run down and old. A lot of nitty-gritty requires your attention which essentially means repairs, renovations and some amount of upkeep. You don’t have the time or the money and moreover, you feel that selling the house “As Is” and moving into a newer home makes more sense.

So, these and a host of other reasons determine why you want to sell house fast and quickly.

Now let’s get down to it – how to sell your house in 7 days? Firstly, it’s possible.

If you own a property in either Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC and if you are thinking of selling the place immediately, then express home buyers is the way to go as they have been in the industry for a long time.

The professional house buying company can :

•  Sell your house in 7 days without any hassles and in a quick manner because they are backed with industry knowledge and experience.

•  Buy houses in the “As Is” condition which appeals to a lot of house owners. Especially to the ones who are looking to save a buck or two, rather who isn’t! So, no more spending on repairs, renovation, and maintenance. Straight out, sell house fast to them.

•  Offer all cash for the house and free of any financial contingencies.

•  Help you save up on the 6% real estate ( Webuyhousesexpress/about-us ) commissions or fees.

It’s a daunting task to sell your home, but like the saying goes, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and here your entire future is still waiting to be experienced!

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A Los Angeles Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Help Set Your Mind At Ease

It’s never easy when a loved one dies. You can be left wondering how such a thing could happen and what you can do next. It’s even harder when you lose a loved one to an untimely cause, such as an accident or the result of someone else’s negligence. When you have lost a loved one before their time, and someone else was at fault, you may need to look for a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer ( KBKLawyers/Los-Angeles-Wrongful-Death-Lawyer ) to help you press a lawsuit against the guilty party. They will be able to provide you with expert help and timely legal advice.

I Have Enough On My Plate Right Now

Losing a loved one is a harrowing experience, and it’s understandable that you might want to retreat from other concerns for a while in order to deal with this tragedy. It may seem unsavory or even disrespectful to initiate legal proceedings at a time like this, but your need for time and space is exactly why you should hire a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer. They can look after the legal ( KBKLawyers/Firm ) processes and help you prevent the situation from becoming even more stressful than it already is, giving you the time and the peace to mourn.

I Don’t Know If I’m Eligible

There are several types of death that would qualify for the attention of a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer. Many wrongful death cases are the result of negligence by other people. This can happen when someone fails to do their job or fails to follow safety rules. A special form of this is medical malpractice, when the mistakes or willful omissions of a physician result in the death of a patient. Finally, deliberate murder also counts as wrongful death. If any of these apply to the situation that took your loved one from you, you should speak to an attorney.

I Can’t Afford It

It’s true that lawyers usually aren’t free, and that they often aren’t cheap. However, there are many expenses surrounding the death of a loved one and some of those expenses can be surprising. A Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer will cost you money, but they can help you to secure the largest settlement possible, which will help to offset the costs of a funeral and other bills. It is an expenditure, but it’s one that will save you money, and perhaps even make you money in the long run.

What Do I Do Now?

Nothing can bring back a loved one who has passed away. A large settlement may seem like poor compensation after such a tragedy, but you owe it to yourself and your family to seek justice for your loved one. There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. You still have people to care for and a life to live. Let a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer help you to take care of the financial and legal burden surrounding a loved one’s death so that you can focus on what’s truly important.

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Why You Need Creative Staffing Agencies from Los Angeles to Hire the Right Talent

Staffing involves lots of work, including advertising the job, screening candidates and a plethora of other things. Whether you need a freelance copywriter or a graphic designer, it is necessary to hire the right candidate. And if you are short on resources or time to properly examine candidates; your task of filling creative positions can become a challenging task.

For decades, organizations have been using creative staffing agencies to recruit and selecting candidates. Creative staffing agencies in Los Angeles ( ) provide quick access to skilled talent, and fill up your needs in no time. Here are a few reasons for using such firms.

Industry Expertise and Local Market Knowledge

Creative staffing agencies in Los Angeles understand the industry inside out and know the local market they serve. In fact, many creative recruiters might have experience in the domain you are in. This work experience gives the creative recruiters an insight into a candidate’s abilities and how specific skill sets can meet your business needs.

Access to Extensive Talent Pool

Creative staffing agencies in Los Angeles often have an extensive pool of varied creative talents readily available. You may write better job descriptions while advertising jobs. But, that does not guarantee it will reach the right talent.

When you work with creative recruiters you have access to a wide range of potential hires even if they have not seen your job posting. Besides, creative recruiters can help you reach talented candidates who are not looking for a job at that moment but might be interested in your offer.

Reduced Costs

The costs of recruiting a candidate are not limited to the hiring process ( ). Are you aware of the cost of a bad hire? According to the U.S. Department of Labor report, the average cost of a bad hire can be 30% of that individual’s earnings.

Knowing about the costs of a bad hire shows you importance of hiring a right candidate for the creative position.

Saves Time

Evaluating resumes and portfolios and comparing skills and experience levels consume a huge amount of time. You can save yourself time by using creative recruiters and use that time to focus on leading your organization and focusing on core business objectives.


Hiring temporary workers is a growing trend in the industry to deal with workloads. Creative staffing agencies have big pools of talent who work as freelancers. Thus, they can provide you quick access to freelancers with the right skills to staff up and meet your business needs.

Maintaining that perfect balance of the workforce is difficult. Creative staffing agencies in Los Angeles can help you maintain equilibrium by helping you bring in temporary workers when your business needs it.

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Indoor Island Pendants from Seagull Lighting

People often say that the kitchen is the heart of a home and so it needs more reason to shine brightly even in the darkest times. Seagull Lighting ( CrescentHarbor/Seagull-Lighting-Pendants ), a historic lighting company has been in the industry for over 95 years and have constantly featuring many illuminations for all kinds of building and areas. Island pendants are a favorite among homemakers as they can do all the duties with the right kind of lighting. Let us see a few collections below.

West Town :

This royal collection exudes elegance that can ornate a room equally as it brightens it. The sophisticated design comprises of rain-drop shaped crystals at the bottom with its six lights available in both incandescent and energy-star rated bulbs. Created in two finishes- Burnt Sienna with Oatmeal Faux Linen glass and Chrome with White Faux Linen glass, the West town is designed to attract people into the kitchen more. The traditional light fixture would go great with classic and vintage themed houses.

Jourdanton :

This transitional Seagull Lighting island pendant is constructed with perforated metal on the outside that engulfs a faux silk shade on the inside. Only having a single finish option of Brushed Nickel with satin etched glass, this four-light ceiling fixture can be fitted into damp locations as well. With incandescent and fluorescent 60W bulbs fitted, this futuristic light can be very eye-catching in the kitchen.

Dunning :

This style statement does not only attract all the attention but also create a rustic vibe perfect for the kitchen space. It can be clearly seen that it the design is inspired by farmhouses and country homes. The bold design comprises of a wooden rectangular frame in Oak finish that surrounds the four lights that is suspended by two metal chains. Stardust finish with crème parchment glass is the only variant available which can work with either incandescent or fluorescent bulbs that comes with the light fixture when ordered online.

Perryton :

This subtle collection from Seagull Lighting is a minimalistic island pendant that shouts traditional design ( CrescentHarbor/About-Us ) when you lay your eyes upon it. The Blacksmith finish transports you back in time and gets you nostalgic about previous times. This eight-light pendant that functions with 60W candelabra torpedo bulbs is shaped like candles inside a them framework resembling a house suspended in the air by two straight rods.

There are other styles of island pendants available and one should choose per their requirement and home setting. This is a great way of giving light to the kitchen. These kinds of pendants are usually placed over the island counter in a kitchen helping the family to finish their work. This kind of lighting solution can be fixed above a dining table as well. Another option of installing pendants in your kitchen is to arrange a bunch or a couple of one or two-light pendants in a personal kind of arrangement adding more character to the space.

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Custom Furniture for Your Office

Interior design for offices or commercial spaces can be quiet a challenging task as certain demands must be met and certain goals achieved. Any company opening a new office will try to incorporate certain elements related to their vision and growth. Although most offices tend to go for the simplistic looks, they fail to realize how much more motivation they can generate if the office had custom furniture in them.

Custom furniture from its name can easily tell you what it means. And with the growing demands from both residential and commercial units, you don’t have to worry about it being pricey, cause it’s not. Custom furniture can be really uplifting and can change one’s mind for the better. Custom furniture ( FoxDenDecor/Custom-Furniture ) includes any piece of furniture available, but designed by you.

You can choose the materials/makes that you want, decide which vendor will execute the job, make your own design or hire a designer for that. There are many ways to purchase custom furniture- you can go to a wholesaler that provides the materials you require. After deciding with him and sharing your plans, you will receive your order in a matter of 6-8 weeks approximately. This wholesaler may have a team of craftsmen who will do the job for you or he/she will hire a third party to have your order ready.  Another option is to get your custom furniture online. With so many online shopping portals available, you will be exposed to many more ideas that you never thought about so that you can have more choices available. Furniture stores have the option of customizing furniture as per your requirements. One method available is that they will provide a design of specific measurements and the buyer can choose the make and finish. Prices vary on many factors, but they are all affordable. Free shipping is an attractive offer mentioned in these sites with easy installation, return policy and guarantees provided with the furniture. Another popular method is sending them your own designs mentioning everything about it and checking the price with them.

Offices can have a stunning appeal with custom furniture. Tables, desks, chairs, shelves, coffee/sofa tables, sofas, and more can be customized from any make to bring in an unconventional yet high-class appearance.

Reclaimed wood furniture is gradually finding a place in the business world. Wooden furniture has always been in vogue and customized wooden furniture ( FoxDenDecor/Blog ) just makes it better. With its many advantageous features and long life promise, reclaimed wooden furniture can be the next face of office furniture very soon.

Although it seems like a viable plan, careful planning and organizing must be put into it or your product to match the image you had in mind.

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