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How to Use Temp to Perm Agencies to Your Company’s Advantage

The temp to permanent employment refers to an arrangement where the company hires a contract employee from an agency. If the employee performs well and the company is satisfied, they may offer a permanent position to the contract employee.

Companies find the temp to hire work arrangement useful but temporary employment laws are complicated which is one of the things that hold companies back. However, the temp to hire employment can be simplified by using temp to perm agencies ( VitaminTalent/Temp-to-Perm-Agencies ). Here are some tips that show how you can use a temp to hire an agency to your company’s advantage.

Use Temporary Workers to Deal with Workload Fluctuations

The temp to hire is a flexible work arrangement that allows companies to stay current with the needs of the workforce. Unexpected peak periods, employee shortages, special projects are some of the work scenarios in which companies need additional headcounts.

Temp to perm agencies specialize in providing temporary employees who can help companies deal with such workloads. If the company feels the increased workload will continue for longer periods they can offer permanent employment to the contract worker.

Reduce Overtime

According to federal minimum pay rules; employees who have worked in excess of 40 hours in any seven day period are entitled to receive overtime pay from their employers. Do you know the overtime pay is 1 1/2 times the employee’s hourly rate? Your company’s operational expenses increase significantly with increased workloads.

The best way to keep your overtime hours down is hiring temporary employees from temp to perm agencies. The temporary employees would share the additional workload and your permanent employee is not required to work for extended hours. If the work does not require special skills, your supervisor can train temporary employees and get the work done.

Reduce Operational Expenses

The real employer of the temporary or contract employee is the temp to the permanent agency. In most temporary workforce arrangements, the temporary employee is not added to the staff roster of your company along with permanent employees. Your company is only entitled to pay wages for the hours of service rendered by the temporary employee. In most temporary employment arrangements, the client (where the employee works) is not required to pay health insurance or vacation to temps.

Eliminate the Probability of Bad Hires

The temp to permanent employment ( VitaminTalent/What-We-Do ) arrangement offers companies to test the temporary employee on all aspects such as required skills sets, behavior and cultural fit. It is very difficult for recruiters to find out information of all traits that will help in differentiating employee into a good one or bad one.

When companies hire a contract worker from temp to perm agencies they have ample time and opportunities to monitor the temporary employee and see if he/she is a perfect fit for the organization. This aspect of temp to permanent is very effective in eliminating the probability of a bad hire.

The above tips can help you gain maximum benefits when working with temp to perm agencies. Companies get certain advantages of using temporary employees through agencies without worrying about the contractual obligation of the employment.

Do you use temp to the permanent agency to hire temporary employees? Feel free to comment below.

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Three Reasons to Work with Creative Staffing Agencies in Los Angeles

The time may be right to hire the most talented graphic designer or the web guru. So, what’s next? Hiring creative staff is not easy. Without the knowledge of the skills to look for, which change all the time, you could end up hiring someone who is not perfect fit for the job.

There are lots of talented professionals working out there eagerly awaiting the next big opportunity. You may search endlessly but hardly be able to find the right person for that creative position. What you need is creative staffing agencies in Los Angeles ( VitaminTalent/Creative-staffing-agencies-los-angeles ) who can find talented creative staff for you. Here are a few reasons for working with a creative recruitment specialist.

1) Access to Better Quality Candidates

Recruitment agencies are known to maintain talent pools which contain pre-screened candidates ready to join companies when the right opportunity comes across. The creative recruiter is more likely to have designers, presentation specialists, writers and other creative people with amazing portfolios in their talent pool.

Some of the most creative people are passive candidates; they are already employed. The best creative recruiter would have good relationships with creative people no matter where they are in their careers. They can easily find the “hidden gem” for you that may be difficult to find on your own.

2) Save Time and Money

The average hiring time is 10-12 weeks, but it changes with industry and job specialization. Many companies note the time required for hiring, but ignore the costs which is a huge expense. The longer the position remains vacant, higher the opportunity costs; there is no productivity or the productivity is maintained by diverting other staff or temporary employee is hired.

Working with a creative staffing agency reduces the time to hire significantly. The agency can present you with suitable candidates within hours and not weeks. The candidates in agency’s talent pools are already screened for required skillsets. The agency also conducts various checks to reduce the probability of a bad hire. All these reduce the time required for onboarding and the position is filled faster.

When you work with a third-party recruiter all recruitment related tasks are managed by them. This means you don’t have to pay your in-house HR staff overtime for recruitment related tasks which adds to costs savings.

3) Find Perfect Hire

The best match in the employment is when the needs of both client and talent are perfectly synchronized. Professional recruiters ( VitaminTalent/What-we-do ) can customize the talent search for their clients to find the candidates with right skills and experience. The agency can provide a wide variety of candidates including permanent hires, temporary employees, or part-time workers.

At the same time, the agency also helps the talent find right opportunities that meet their career goals and ensure the candidate understands the organizational culture. Thus, the candidate you hire through a recruitment agency is likely to be a cultural fit and more likely to stay with your organization for a longer time.

Working with creative staffing agencies in Los Angeles has its own advantages. They help you find you a brilliant match who can light up your company strategy through inspiring designs, interactive presentations in the shortest time possible.

Do you know any other advantages of working with creative recruiters? Please feel free to comment.

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How to Hire the Best Recruiting Firms in San Francisco

The job market has become increasingly competitive, and many companies find it hard to fill highly skilled positions. Staffing agencies with their wider reach and years of recruiting experience are able to find right candidates to fill positions. Many companies turn to the best recruiting firms in San Francisco ( Vitamintalent/Best-Recruiting-Firms-in-San-Francisco ) to get their perfect employees.

With so many recruiting firms out there, it can be difficult to select the right recruitment partner. Here is a list of some Do’s and Don’ts that will help you pick the best recruitment agency.

Do your homework

Performing proper research will help you know more information than what is given on their website. Call their clients to know about the recruitment expertise and experience. Every recruitment agency would boast they are the best, which is not always true.

Do check the legal aspects

Depending on the types of positions you are trying to fill, it is always advisable to check the legal aspects related to worker classification or payroll taxes. For example, if you are looking for temp to hire employees, the staffing agency would be the real employer for the new recruits and would be responsible for tax purposes.

You should also review the contract for indemnification clauses to ensure it protects both parties for any issues that may arise from such contractual employment.

Don’t select a general recruiter

There are many recruiting agencies to choose from. Some are generalist recruiters who hire for a wide range of industries and sectors while some specialist recruiters hire for specific industry or sub-sectors.

Working with a specialist recruiter has its own advantages such as the recruiters knowledge about the skill sets of different job functions and the work responsibilities associated with it. Specialist recruiters ( Vitamintalent/Talent ) are more likely to have candidates with the right skill sets in their talent pool which ensures the candidate is perfect for the job.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions

When you are interviewing best recruiting firms in San Francisco, ask more question to get more information. Some of the questions you can ask

● How do you provide value in recruitment?

● What technology and processes have you established for assessing candidates?

The answer to these questions will tell you a lot about the way of working. A good recruiter would be interested in finding perfect fit candidates and not just work to line up average talent to fill the position.

Similarly, a good recruiter would use the latest technology available to make the recruitment process more transparent and efficient.

The best recruiting firms in San Francisco would be eager to provide you information that will help you take the final call. So, get out there and interview the recruiters with whom you feel comfortable to work with.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Hire a Direct Hire Staffing Agency

Recruiting is hard work. Without an extended reach, you may have to wait for months to find the right candidate. The cost-per-hire is an important metric for the HR department and the costs go up if the time-to-hire increases. Direct hire staffing agency ( VitaminTalent/direct-hire-staffing-agency ) with their dedicated resources and the wider network can reduce the time-to-hire which lowers the cost-per-hire.

Here are a few reasons why working with a staffing agency for direct hire makes sense.

Recruitment Is Not Limited to Applicants

Job advertisements that you post through different channels are more likely to reach potential candidates who are actively looking for a job. When organizations go solo in recruitment their choice for right candidates is limited to potential candidates who apply for the job. In most cases, the announcement about recruitment in your organization may not reach passive candidates (potential candidates who are working elsewhere).

When you join hands with a professional recruiter, you get access to their talent pools that contain both active as well as passive candidates. Passive candidates are often in contact with staffing agencies for better job opportunities. Since staffing agencies have detailed information of candidates in their databases, it is easy for them to reach passive candidates and tell them about your job offer.

Increase Your Brand Visibility

In today’s competitive job market, a strong recruiter brand has become a must for every organization. Generic job postings are boring and are passed over by the best candidates in favor of something that stands out.

There is no doubt; a strong recruiter helps in attracting better quality candidates. Large companies have the financial muscle to spend a significant amount to strengthen their recruiter brand. However, with limited budget constraints, medium sized businesses may not be able to allocate funds for promoting their recruiter brand.

A direct hire staffing agency gives the potential candidates real insights about your business – career opportunities, work culture, what’s like working in your organization and other benefits. If you partner with professional recruiters closely, they will be able to promote your brand in a positive way and help your company become an employer of choice.

Help Overcome Talent Shortages

According to Manpower group survey, around 40% of global companies have difficulty in finding candidates with the right skills. It is the number one reason why companies prefer staffing agencies to manage their recruitment. With some of the reasons mentioned above (passive candidates), some professional recruiters have the capability to bring in skilled and experienced candidates at short notice.

Knowledge of the Market

Companies are not recruiting all the time. Hence they are less aware of the changes in the job market, whereas professional recruiters are always recruiting for their clients. Since they are at the heart of recruiting, they have in-depth knowledge of the job market and the available skill sets for different job positions.

Companies who go alone in recruitment might waste days or months searching for candidates with the right skill sets. Professional recruiters ( VitaminTalent/what-we-do ) with their wider reach and experience are adept at filling the hardest job postings in less time.

The right direct hire staffing agency will have the right expertise and experience to support your organization in meeting staffing requirements. There is no doubt partnering with staffing agencies make sense for every organization seeking perfect the best fit for their organization.

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Use Staffing Agencies to Get Recruitment Right the First Time

Hiring the right staff is crucial for maintaining high levels of productivity and the efficiency of your business. In fact, according to statistics from the US Bureau of Labor, the cost of a bad hire could be around 30% of the employee’s yearly earnings.

So, many organizations expect to get recruitment right the first time. This is why around 90% of companies use staffing agencies to fulfill their staffing requirements, according to a Frontline source group survey. And, whether you are seeking temp hire or a permanent hire, staffing agencies in Chicago, IL ( ) can help you get the top talent the first time around.

Here are a few reasons why it is sensible to use a staffing agency to fulfill your staffing requirements.

Knowledge of the Market

Unlike your in-house HR department, which hires a few times a year, staffing agencies are always hiring; it is their job. There is no doubt that staffing agencies have their finger on the pulse of the job market and they can provide you with insights into what is happening in the market.

Staffing agencies in Chicago, IL would know about the available talent as well how to reach them. They also know about the career expectations of the candidates, the complexities of hiring, and the available skill sets. So, staffing agencies will be your eyes and ears in the market and put in a lot of effort to get the recruitment right the first time, while your staff focuses on other important tasks.

Extended Reach

Active candidates are looking for a job and they would be the first to apply when you post a job advertisement. In such circumstances, you may waste a lot of time screening the resumes, matching the skill sets, and shortlisting the candidates. A lot of these candidates might also not be a perfect fit for the position.

Passive candidates are those who are working elsewhere, including your competitors. They often form the top talent and are generally hard to find as your in-house hiring staff may not know of such candidates or might not be able to reach them.

So, when you try to hire employees on your own, you are restricted to active candidates who applied and you would seldom know who could have been available, had they been approached. Yet, staffing agencies maintain their own talent pool which includes both active and passive candidates with different skill sets and competencies.

In this way, it is easy for a staffing agency to reach passive candidates through their network. A good staffing agency would also not remain contented with just the applicants, but will be willing to go the extra mile to reach the top talent and get the recruitment ( ) right the first time.

Guaranteed Hire

It should come as no surprise that a large percentage of new hires are not a perfect fit for the new organization. This is because the new hires are unaware of the company policies and the work environment.

A good staffing agency will put in the effort to reduce the attrition rate by making potential candidates aware of the company policies, the work environment, and the expectations of the employer. If the potential candidate has prior knowledge of these areas, they are less likely to have issues once hired.

Recruiting is hard and often a time-consuming process and it is a big challenge to find the ideal candidate for the role. The staffing agencies in Chicago, IL have trustworthy hiring experts who get recruitment right the first time and allow your business to focus on other important tasks.

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What Matters Most When Selecting Marketing Recruiting Firms

Marketing is evolving at a terrific pace and businesses across the world are struggling to keep up with the changes. An internal marketing staff has great value and every business wants a star marketing team. But, as businesses grow, they struggle to adapt to new marketing strategies and feel the need to hire new marketing staff.

Many businesses hire a marketing recruiting firm ( Vitamintalent.Com/Marketing-Recruiting-Firms ) to recruit marketing professionals as they have a wider reach than in-house recruiters. However, not all staffing firms are equal.

Here are the factors that matters most when selecting marketing recruiting firms.

Reputation Matters

Every staffing agency will say that it is the best, but not all can back up that claim. So, before you select any professional recruiter, check the agency’s reputation. Working with a well-established staffing agency means that they will not be under pressure to finish the recruitment process to keep their firm afloat. They will put in more effort and time to select the best candidates and maintain their good track record and reputation.

Also, top talent will be more attracted to firms that hire for industry leaders. And, to connect with those top marketing people, you need to look for a staffing agency which has hired talent for your industry sector for a long time and has a good rapport with the top businesses in your sector.

Extended Reach Makes a Difference

Passive candidates are prospective candidates who are not actively looking for a job as they are employed elsewhere. They do not check classifieds or visit job boards regularly and might not see your job advertisement.

A well-established recruiter will have a large talent pool with both active and passive candidates. So, it is much easier for such a recruitment agency to reach the passive candidates and tell them about your offer. And, if the job offer is exciting enough, a passive candidate might get ready to switch jobs and join your organization. This is particularly useful if the local market does not have the candidates with the required skill sets and industry experience.

So, the marketing recruiting firms you select should be willing to put in the extra effort and tap deeper in their network to get your organization the perfect hire.

A Quality Hire Is Important

Candidates with specific marketing skill sets might be hard to find. And, it is crucial that the staffing agency does not consider candidates with a strong sales background just to show you the numbers. You need to ensure the staffing agency ( Vitamintalent.Com/What-We-Do ) is focused on quality hires and not just filling vacancies.

Though sales and marketing people are closely related in terms of their work, there is a huge difference between the two types of professionals. This is especially true when your company grows, as marketing becomes more specialized.

Marketing keeps changing and marketing professionals need to know about every marketing channel that can help them reach your prospects. Analytical knowledge, interpersonal skills, creativity, expression, and being a team player are some of the key skills needed in a marketing professional.

Focus on these aspects and you will be closer to selecting a marketing recruiting firm which will get star players into your marketing team. After all, it is marketing that will set the stage for bumper sales to boost the revenue of your organization.

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Essential Qualities you Should Look for in Staffing Agencies in Los Angeles

Hiring a staffing agency might seem appealing and economical as it saves several productive hours of your HR staff that are otherwise spent in mundane tasks such as sifting through piles of resumes, shortlisting prospective candidates and planning interviews.

The monetary advantage that comes with hiring a staffing agency is essentially a coin-flip if the end result is less than perfect hires. To avoid this you need to be careful while selecting a recruiting agency. Here are essential qualities you need to look for when screening staffing agencies in Los Angeles ( ) for your hiring needs.

1. Have Your Specific Industry Expertise

If you are recruiting for general jobs, you can opt for a general recruiter. However, if you are looking to hire people with specific skills related to your industry, you need to look for a specialist recruiter who has knowledge about your industry and various functions.

A general recruiter is not the best fit when hiring people for specialized roles in your company, as the agency might not have an insight into your business. In such cases, it will be difficult for the agency to identify right candidates for different job positions.

2. Have a Wide Network

The job market has changed and the best candidate for the job might be working elsewhere. Such candidates are known as passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job but open for a good job opportunity.

Staffing agencies in Los Angeles maintain databases with contacts about such passive candidates. They can easily reach passive candidates and discuss the job opening. The best staffing agency will go that extra mile to pick best candidates and will not remain content with candidates available through the usually avenues.

3. Have Quality Screening Process

If the recruiting agency presents you with 20 candidates for every job position then your staff will be required to put in several productive hours to shortlist top candidates. Then what is the use of the hiring a staffing agency for the job?

The screening process of the staffing agency should be in-depth to screen out candidates who do not possess the required skills and competencies for the job. The interview and assessment process should only select candidates with the highest potential for job success.

4. Should Be Registered and Licensed

The staffing agency is required to obtain some licenses from the government in order to offer services as a recruiting agency ( ). Recruiting agencies in Los Angeles are required obtain a talent agency license from the Labor Commissioner prior providing recruitment services.

Working with a licensed recruiter means they understand the existing labor laws and follow ethical standards in recruiting.

5. Have a High Employee Retention Rate

A staffing agency might boast of 100% recruitment rate for its clients but if the majority of the recruits leave the company within first 6 or 12 months then it only means losses for your organization. The employee retention can be increased by employing right candidates.

One of the reasons for employees leaving within first few months is they feel the workplace and culture is not as they expected. A good staffing agency will give prospective hires a glimpse about organizational culture so that only the right candidates take up the job.

Look for these essential qualities while shortlisting staffing agencies in Los Angeles and you have won half the battle of selecting the right agency.

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