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Dental Insurance Explained

Healthcare costs in San Antonio, TX are growing at a rapid clip. Studies show that Dental care costs have shown a much higher growth of increase compared to other departments. The reason for the sharp inflation can be attributed to the increasing costs of medical insurance, wages of qualified assistants and the introduction of advanced techniques thanks to research and development. Most people though, would prefer to put off a visit to the dentist, fearing the heavy bills that could result. This is certainly not a welcome course of action. Left unchecked, infections could spread to the throat and jaw muscles. A treatable condition like gum disease, if left unchecked could lead to heart trouble. In some cases like accidents, dental care cannot be postponed and more than one session is required. So, dentists certainly do not want their patients scrimping on their dental care costs. Dental Insurance ( ) helps to reduce the financial impact of dental care consultations for a low premium.

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

Dental Insurance is not much different from health insurance, except in the scale. The insurer offers to insure the policyholder’s dental care costs for a fixed period of time, commonly for a year. The premium set by the insurer depends mostly on the age and health of the policy holder and the amount of coverage required. So a young college graduate in good health could expect to pay much lower for their dental insurance than an older person. For a higher coverage, a higher premium is charged from the policyholder. Insurers mostly limit their maximum coverage. Insurers ( ) set up networks of dentists in different regions where the policyholders can go for consultations.

Policyholders have to pay a compulsory deductible for undergoing dental procedures- a major percentage of the bill is paid to the dentist by the insurer. The deductible is often 30% for minor procedures and can go up to 50% for major procedures like dental surgery and implants. Policy wordings are extremely important as some procedures and conditions are not covered by insurers. It is best to go through the terms and conditions with a good insurance agent in San Antonio before signing on the dotted line, since different insurers write their dental insurance policies differently.

Annual Maximum Benefit

The Annual Maximum Benefit is a unique and tricky aspect of dental insurance plans. Insurers use the Annual Maximum Benefit to limit their potential payout in case of repeated dental visits made during the policy’s term. So if the policyholder uses up a part of their Annual Maximum Benefit through a dentist visit, the coverage by the insurer reduces by a certain ratio on subsequent visits. Insurers also have a set number of visits to the dentist beyond which payouts are not given.

Dental insurance can take a lot of financial worry off one’s chest if chosen correctly. Ask around in San Antonio for a good insurance agent who can help you make an informed choice.

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Four Types of Personal Insurance in Alberta for the Added Protection Tough Albertans Need

Personal insurance in Alberta offers the vital protection Albertans need to maintain their family’s financial, emotional, and physical health; in the event something happens to them. These types of insurance products are individual, as opposed to group. While group insurance has a multitude of benefits, sometimes it doesn’t cover every aspect of an individual’s life, or provide enough financial coverage.

It’s normal to purchase car insurance, but it’s not always crystal clear when it comes to insuring ourselves. In many ways we’re like a vehicle, the driving force in our personal lives and the lives of our loved ones. Personal insurance in Alberta ( ) involves a range of insurance products that work together for full protection.

4 Kinds of Personal Insurance in Alberta

Below is a synopsis of four types of personal insurance in Alberta for families so they can top up their group benefits; or use them a base to cover their needs.

1. Life Insurance

The amount of a group life insurance policy may not be sufficient, so a top-up may be required. It depends on the potential financial loss resulting from the premature death of an insured or their loved ones. Personal life insurance in Alberta would mean getting additional life insurance. There are two options. The first is a term life insurance, and the second is a permanent life insurance policy which also has a savings component.

2. Travel Insurance

This personal insurance in Alberta product is vital for trips out of the country. Even a trip to another province or the United States can turn into a nightmare in the event of an accident or illness. Although Alberta has one of the best provincial health care plans, it only covers a fraction of the cost of healthcare expenses out of the province.

3. Critical Illness Insurance

This type of personal insurance in Alberta pays out a tax-free lump sum payment if the insured is diagnosed with a defined critical illness during the policy. It’s usually sold as a rider in addition to other life insurance products. Each policy is different, but most cover illnesses such as heart attack, stroke and cancer.

This personal insurance in Alberta provides additional protection. It’s also offers a safety net because the monies can be used while the insured is still alive. Thus, they can spend time with their family and not have to worry about financial matters.

4. Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is a very important personal insurance in Alberta product. It is designed to replace a portion of the insured’s income if they become disabled and can’t earn money. There are many causes of a disability – and they can be long-term and/or short-term.

Although there are government disability insurance products such as CPP and group insurance through work, the coverage amount may not be enough, and government insurance ( ) is difficult to qualify for. This is particularly true with long-term disability – there is often a waiting period where there may not be any money coming in. This type of insurance is an important part of personal insurance in Alberta.

This list doesn’t cover every type of top-up insurance. If you’re unsure if you have enough personal insurance in Alberta for your unique needs, speak with an insurance professional. Independent insurance brokers are knowledgeable about all types of insurance products available to Albertans from various insurance companies.

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Do You Need Individual Health Insurance in Alberta?

Not everyone is covered with employee health and life insurance, but that doesn’t mean you have to bear the burden of your healthcare costs all by yourself. There are numerous individual health insurance plans in Alberta ( ), designed to accommodate a wide range of needs and price points.

Even those that were traditionally considered uninsurable can get individual health insurance in Alberta thanks to carriers offering no medical policies (insurance that is purchased without a medical exam) or through ratings or exclusions on fully underwritten policies.

Why do I need individual health insurance in Alberta?

Hey, we live in Canada, the land of free healthcare, right? Why pay for a plan when you can go to the doctor any time you need?

Not so fast!

Yes, we are fortunate to live in a land where healthcare is readily accessible, but it doesn’t cover all of your healthcare needs. Dental, for example, is only covered by the province in extreme situations, such as a birth defects that severely affect the quality of life, or a car accident in which the teeth, gums and mouth were severely damaged. Routine dental care, orthodontics and routine dental surgery come out of your pocket, and it’s not cheap. Don’t forget, Alberta pays the highest dental care costs in Canada, and the new dental fee guide isn’t very promising.

An individual health insurance plan takes the pressure off your finances when you have cavities, need routine cleaning or if your child needs braces.

Medication costs are another reason to have your own individual health insurance plan in Alberta. The cost of prescription drugs is not borne by the province. Likewise, your stay in a hospital can be much more comfortable in a private or semi-private room, and your life greatly enhanced with affordable access to vision care and paramedical services.

Can I afford individual health insurance in Alberta?

Individual health insurance plans can be purchased with an annual payment or with a monthly premium. An annual payment saves you money over paying monthly, as it creates less administrative work for the carrier. That being said, however, monthly payments are easy to work into the budget, and are a preferred way for many Albertans to get the affordable coverage they need.

You may have compared online prices for the big, well-known companies, such as Manulife and Blue Cross; but there are many other options you may not know about. A health spending account (HSA), for example, can be a great way for entrepreneurs with active small businesses to get coverage for themselves and their families. Other companies, such as Green Shield are less well known, but provide healthcare plans in the region.

How to find individual health care in Alberta

Talk to an insurance broker if you do not have employee health benefits in Alberta. Broker services are free, you only pay for the policy you choose. Since brokers are not bank agents or agents of any one carrier, they have access to all the health insurance ( ) products in Alberta, and will design, with you, the plan that best suits your needs. By helping you assess your risk factors, desired levels of coverage, co-pays or deductibles and more, your broker customizes a plan that works with your budget, and gives you the reassurance you need about your accessible health care.

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All You Need to Know about Individual Health Insurance in Alberta

Try to live without individual health insurance in Alberta, and you will have sticker shock at your first prescription purchase or dental visit. What if you injure yourself while playing sports and need a physiotherapist? Perhaps something tragic has affected your life and you’d love to speak with a mental health professional. The fact is, things happen in life. It’s unavoidable – and it can also be expensive.

Even though the provincial government covers some health costs, your out-of-pocket costs for care could be exorbitant. Individual health insurance in Alberta ( www.Reassured.Ca/Individual-Health-Insurance-Alberta ) fills that gap.

Now, let’s bust some myths and learn some important things about individual health insurance in Alberta!

Dental Care is Covered by the Province – Myth Busted! No it’s Not!

In Canada, Albertan’s pay the highest for dental care. A fee guide for dental care in Alberta does exists, but it is not mandated. Therefore, it is up to each dental professional to set their fees. The province only covers emergency dental work, such as trauma to the mouth and teeth from a terrible car accident. That leaves you with a whopping bill for necessary cleanings and orthodontics.

A good dental care plan is a must for each individual health insurance policy in Alberta, especially if you have children.

Options are Limited for Individual Health Insurance in Alberta – Myth Busted!

I say “health insurance” and you think: Blue Cross and Manulife. Honestly, those are great companies but they are not the only ones with a wide variety of individual health insurance plans in Alberta! They are just among the most well-known thanks to a huge customer base and a great marketing strategy. There are, however, plenty of other options that you may not have heard of; for example, Green Shield.

Another option for health insurance in Alberta that is commonly overlooked is the Health Spending Account (HSA). This option can be ideal for small business owners that need protection for their family or for their employees. The HSA is often unnoticed because it is poorly understood. Basically speaking, it redirects personal health related costs through your company, and it provides you with corporate tax credits. It’s very flexible and a great way to step outside of the traditional vision/dental/drug plans – the HSA provides a “money pool” to cover a wide variety of health expenses without the traditional structure of a plan.

Poor Health Means I’m Not Insurable – Myth Busted!

It is more difficult to get a great premium and robust health insurance coverage in Alberta if you are not in the best health of your life (and also young) but there are still options. The life insurance ( www.Reassured.Ca/Blog ) industry has changed dramatically over the years, and most carriers now have a system that allows for more people, regardless of health, to get coverage.

This may mean the exclusion of one specific ailment on your policy, a rating that gets you the benefit of a fully underwritten policy with a slightly higher premium, having the policy for an unwell child underwritten on the life of a parent, no medical life insurance, and much more.

Get the Individual Health Insurance in Alberta you Need

If you have been putting off life insurance in Alberta because of common but outdated myths, stop! Health insurance gives you the peace of mind to mitigate the health risks that simply come with being alive.

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