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Get the Best eCommerce Website Design Service and Make Your Presence Felt!

First impressions count, and on the web, it is the design of your website that first grabs the visitor’s attention. The first time a visitor lands on your website is your opportunity to ‘wow’ them and get them interested in the products and service your offer.

Going online means getting a colossal and extensive market to tap into. It also breaks you free from any geographical constraints and lets even the global market be accessed which your business could not earlier. You can in fact target a market as far as the U.S. even without investing a single penny.

Yes, in a world where people stay online for maximum time of the day, a standard website just doesn’t cut it. An eCommerce website has to be considered as important marketing tool as any other. The design, layout and ease of navigation can make all the difference in converting a visitor into a buyer. So, before you start putting every little idea into the designing of your website, make sure you mull over quick tips to make your eCommerce website design ( 99medialab/e-commerce ) more practical and interactive.

1.  Keep things simple and well-organised : Set up a website that is pleasing to the eyes. It should not be too cluttered or too busy. Keep things neat and properly sorted. Categorise items in your inventory or divide them by type of service.

2.  Show your best products on the front page : Choose the best photos of the products you are selling. If you are selling clothes, pick the photo that will look best as the primary photo of that product album. This will immediately pique the interest of the customer and will start the ball rolling.

3.  Navigation should be accessible and easy : A navigation bar at the top of the page or a menu at the side of the page should help your customers find out where exactly they are.

4.  Include a search option in your website : Every eCommerce website design should include a search box. Customers are looking for quick ways to find the item they want. It is simple and straightforward.

5.  Checking the items out should be simpler : Keep in mind that not all internet users are tech-savvy. You might have old clients that do not know how to navigate a virtual cart. To make things easier, your buy now or checkout button should always be present in every page. eCommerce website design is more impressive if it allows customers to shop with ease.

Tell us your vision and they will create it.

There are hundreds of companies which offer comprehensive eCommerce website design services. A dedicated team of web professionals ( 99medialab/overview ) specializing in building interactive eCommerce websites is there to help you create a perfect website that reflects just your business.

Investing in good website design could turn out to be the wisest and most profitable business decision you would ever make. If done right, it is an investment that will keep on giving you a lucrative base from which you can continue to evolve your brand and push things ahead.

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Top Seven Tips for Building Quick to Respond Medical Website Design

Are you thinking of building a quick to respond medical website design? ( 99MediaLab/Medical-website-Design ) There is nothing to worry! It is simply because you can create a professional medical website with the right image, by inspiring confidence and building patient trust. However, ensure the fact that your website contains all the essential features that a doctor or healthcare service provider needs such as striking and responsive website design, engaging content, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act acquiescent forms, competent SEO & content management system as well as effective hosting and maintenance. If you have a responsive medical web design that can automatically adjust images, layout and content as per the size and resolution of your users’ browsers, it will significantly improve the browsing experience of your visitors, enhancing patient satisfaction and retention.

Let’s have a look in this regard a few tips for building a quick to respond medical website design :

§  Striking Design – Remember that web design makes the first impression to your customers. Make it appealing before your visitors so that they decide to stay on your site within the first three seconds or else, they will simply click away to your competitors’ sites. Opt for quality web layouts and customized high-end medical web designs that will motivate your patients to stay on your site and build confidence.

§  Engaging Content – Upload engaging and informative content to attract patients to your website. Publish health articles and blogs every week to let visitors keep coming to your site. Think about building web pages with interesting and useful topics on ailment symptoms, conditions and treatment. Your content must be strong enough to build a loyal audience of readers and let them keep coming to your site.

§  SEO Codes – Use SEO friendly codes in order that patients can find you easily on top internet search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Make your website code optimized for security, speed and conformity. This will help to boost your online rank and enhance your website traffic.

§  Online Videos – Create online videos pertaining to your practice and expertise. You could emphasize on the top treatments and services with stunning animated sliders of medical website. Moreover, you may design photo galleries about your medical treatment for patients.

§  Case Studies – Nowadays, case studies have become extremely significant for online business development and the medical industry is not an exception in this regard. Share your case studies and customer success stories with online visitors. Include a case study section on your medical website. This conveys professionalism, educates your audience and builds a patient trust. Publish success stories of happy patients to arouse confidence of your visitors. You may also keep testimonials from patients within quotes along with their names and designations. Include the names of your fellowships, medical associations, awards and university logos to ensure patients that they are taking the right decision by choosing your service.

§  Social Media Sharing – Your medical website design ( ) should be in such a way that it invites your online visitors to share info with their acquaintances using social media channels. In these days, the ideal talk often takes place through social media sites and your website should be designed in such a manner to enable sharing on major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest.

§  Easy Accessibility – Build your website in such a way that your patients can easily access information like questionnaires, secure medical contact forms, privacy notes and EMR patient portal directly from your site. Focus on improving the competence of your practice and patient satisfaction.

Follow these tips and create a quick to respond medical website design.

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How Online Businesses Benefit from Web Design Magento?

Web design is a general term that is used to describe the various tasks involved in creating a web page. It refers to  building the front end of a web page. The web consists of myriad pages, presenting information using different technologies that are linked together with hyper links. There are two aspects of any web page that can be found on the internet. The first is a presentation that the user interacts visually and the other one is the back end which includes information for the non human browsers. Choosing the right software for your online business is a critical decision. Web design magento will give your website  few additional features that is required to help your site stand apart from its competitors.

Magento is a content management system that can handle complex e-commerce stores.  It has many advantages over out dated e-commerce systems, which includes increased flexibility for the user, simple product management by the retailer and customizable meta tag options for the search engines. With magento web design, web store owners are provided with complete flexibility over different components of their e-commerce website. It is also possible to develop customized magento solutions in line with the business model and goals. Some of the features like administrative panel, advanced product browsing, catalog browsing, advanced shipping features and one page checkout are more advanced than any other web design software.

Newer versions of magento web design are being released frequently in the market. The user friendly nature of magento in providing e-commerce web design has won the preference of online store owners, worldwide. One of the biggest advantages of magento web design is its large community of users for e-commerce web design solution. Since there are millions of users worldwide, you can be assured that your business investment does not have any risk. The flourishing communities of magento users maintain a huge active online forum discussing newer features, troubleshooting problems etc. The standard features of magento web design include

•    Shopping cart
•    Site management
•    International support
•    Mobile e-commerce
•    Product browsing
•    Search engine optimization
•    Order management
•    Analytics and reporting

The SEO capabilities of magento web design helps your website rank highly in SERP’s of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, increasing the visibility of your website in general and boosting the image of the company in particular. The numerous plugins available boosts the functionality of its existing features.

Magento web design platform can be tailored to confirm  one’s business objectives. Customization can be achieved using the extensions available in the software. The three types of extensions for magento are interface, modules and themes.

Web designers use magento open source platform to design websites with unique themes and products. You can also hire magento programmers exclusively to work on your website using the e-commerce website building software.

This article was written by Arthur Bhagat on behalf of One Creations Limited, we help you build your e-commerce store using magento. For over six years, we have offered magento web design services to customers in Hertfordshire and throughout the U.K. To know what are the components of an e-commerce website, visit

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How to Spot a Professional Web Design Company

It seems as though everywhere you look, you will find someone claiming to be in the business of professional web design. This is especially frustrating when you are looking for someone to design a website for your business. With so many web designers advertising their services, it’s hard to determine which ones are serious about their business and has proper credentials, and which ones are simply self-taught hobbyists who fancy themselves to be more capable than they actually are. When looking for someone to develop a website for your business, it is of utmost importance that you do your research to determine that you are going with a respectable, credible, reputable web designer.

Professional_Web_Design_`090220131656When you are faced with the dilemma of trying to determine if you are dealing with a professional web design company or an undertrained hobbyist, the first thing you should look at is their portfolio. A professional individual designer or company will have several websites designed for their previous clients that you can look at. Usually, the best way to gain access to their portfolio is through their own website. A good professional web design website will include the designer’s portfolio. Look at the look, feel, and functionality of the websites. Do you like them? Are they similar to what you have in mind? Do they seem up to date? Often, a designer who is not professionally trained will not have access to the most up to date techniques, programs, design trends and software, and you will be able to tell by the look of the site. If their portfolio looks like it’s all from 1994, run the other way!

Another important part of your research when looking for a professional web design company is to find out what their reputation is. Ask around. Find out if any of your peers or people in your industry have used that designer’s services before. If so, ask about the level of professionalism that the web designer displayed in their consultation, services, billing, and follow-up. Most people are eager to spread word of a bad experience, so you are sure to find out if that designer does not live up to client expectations! If you do not personally know anyone who has employed the services of that particular designer, online review sites are a great place to check for information. See how past clients have rated that designer, and look at their comments to see specifically what they liked or did not like about the designer. Pay particular attention to comments regarding quality of work and level of professionalism. Those are the qualities you should be most concerned with.

Professional_Web_Design_`090220131657With so many people claiming to run professional web design operations when in reality they are just self-taught enthusiasts who falsely think they offer professional quality, it can be tough to find a good designer for your website. However, with a little thoughtful research into the designer’s portfolio and reputation, you are sure to find the services you are looking for.

This article was written by Dani Suarez, on behalf of Dburns Design, offering you comprehensive web design solutions for maximum effectiveness online. To know why a web designer must have understanding of how the web works, you may visit Wiki.answers.

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Tips from a Professional Website Designer for Small Businesses

Designing an attractive website that resonates with the targeted audience constitutes the basis of successful online presence. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to grow because they undermine the importance of online marketing these days. It is thus important to press skilled website designers for small businesses that generate leads and sales for your business.

Website_Designer_for_Small_Business_090220131608Here we shall discuss the essential elements that a website designer for small business stresses on:

1.    Quality Content:

Poorly written content will give out a negative feel about your company. Every piece of content you post online must be validated and updated keeping in mind the requirements of your targeted audiences. Your content must have a formal tone, if it is a B2B website. The tone of the content will be somewhat  informal if it is a B2C website  You may address your customers in a more informal tone in this case.

2.    Poor Design:

Nothing can be more frustrating than a poorly designed website with too many pop-ups, flash banners, etc. A website designer for a small business ensures your website is clean, functional and simple, so that your visitors can easily navigate and find the information they are looking for. Web designers are very well aware of the “color theory” and uses palates that go well with the message you are trying to convey. For instance, the color blue offers a sense of trust, while the darker colors add a serious and formal tone.

3.    Search Engine Friendly:

You might be having a stunning website design, but if customers cannot find you, you practically do not exist. Content on your website, whether it is a sales pitch or an article must have strategically placed keywords that are relevant to the services or products your company offers. Some web design agencies offer SEO services as well, so that the target audiences can easily find you.

4.    Establish Credibility for Your Business:

Audiences will be more comfortable in establishing business relations with you when they see the “social proof” of how good your services and products are. Comments, reviews and testimonials are the “social proof” that helps in establishing credibility of your business.

5.    Interactive:

An interactive website helps in establishing strong bonds with customers. Live chat support, contents, video polls and audio impart an element of interaction in websites. Incorporation of social media into your websites such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook can also encourage interaction from your customers.

6.    Action:

Website designers for small businesses encourage visitors to take desired action such as downloading a white paper, filling a for coupon discount, signing up for newsletter etc.

A professional website designer for small business aims at establishing trust and positive user experience. They adopt a “soft sales approach” so that the website does not look like a virtual door to door salesman.

Website_Designer_for_Small_Business_090220131609These are the six elements a good website designer for small business stresses upon while designing a corporate website.

This article was written by Charissa Anawalt, on behalf of 99MediaLab, offering you comprehensive web design solutions at affordable rates. To know about the responsibilities of a website designer, you may also visit

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Joomla SEO Service for Better Search Engine Rankings

Joomla SEO comes with a number of attractive features such as built in site maps, Google site map creators, title tag creators and user friendly URL components that automate most of the SEO tasks involved. Joomla SEO service experts suggest a list of components that needs to be installed and configured from the very beginning of a project. Here we shall discuss the steps involved that makes a website build on Joomla SEO friendly:


1.    Professional Joomla SEO services suggest installation of the latest version on Joomla, The core Joomla install package (, which offers different built-in usable features like label tags added to site, component output, mosHTML: mosHTML::radioList and selectList.

2.    Joomla SEF is very helpful to improve Joomla core code for good SEO that is available for Joomla. Installation of Joomla SEF helps to assign META data to different URLs, which helps to define META data for different Joomla components. This offers multi-phrase keywords suggestions for URL META pages.

3.    OpenSEF is one of the most amazing components that Joomla SEO service experts suggest installing. This helps to use mod_rewrite feature on the Linux servers. This is a good way to get rid of the long URLs that include different special characters. You can use your own keywords to create a URL. With OpenSEF you can create user friendly URLs and also assign them to the URL of the sites that are not crawler friendly. Some of the URLs of CMS sites contain characters like % &, which are known as “stop characters” that prevents the search engines from crawling into a website further.

4.    Installation of link building components is highly recommended by Joomla SEO service experts. It helps to check if your link partner is still linking to your site. It just requires cutting and pasting the partner’s website information in a form.

5.    Installation of sitemap components for a website creates content list or complex document trees for website users.

Joomla SEO service is comparatively less time consuming and easier when it comes to performing search engine optimization compared to the non-content management system on traditional HTML websites. An optimizer can make use of different built in features, modules and components that make the daunting task of SEO a lot easier.

Getting in touch with a Joomla SEO expert is one of the best ways to know more about the different SEO techniques, tricks and tips that can help your business grow online sales and online traffic.

This article was written by Therese Torregrosa, on behalf of, offering strategic, affordable and effective Joomla search engine optimization services and resources. To know more about Joomla, content management system, you may visit

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