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The Importance of Correct Fitting Plus Size Bras

It is no secret that the majority of women today are wearing the incorrect bra size for their body.  The majority of women wearing plus size bras today may tend to purchase by price rather than by correct fit. Many stores advertise free fittings for those that are unsure of what size they should be wearing.  Bra sizes will change regularly with weight gain and loss, age and hormonal changes.  Because of these frequent changes, it is imperative that women allow themselves to get measured after each life or substantial weight change. The best suggestion is to have a sales associate measure you each time you are purchasing a new bra.

Women that wear plus size bras should choose their daily use bras based on support and control. Support does not necessarily mean full coverage and undesirable looks. Many bras today come in a wide range of styles and colors but still provide the support needed to properly assist the woman wearing it. Without proper daily support, breast tissue will develop tears resulting with premature breast sagging. Women with larger breasts can develop tissue tears simply from the weight of their own breasts.  Great fitting plus sized bras will help to provide support and control to avoid this undesirable effect.

Another important factor for all women purchasing plus size bras is appearance.  When purchasing a bra, try it on under a light t-shirt.  The outside appearance of the shirt should not show any lumps or bulges around the bra cup area. Great fitting plus size bras will have a cup size that will properly fit to your breasts without being too large or too small.  By wearing a light t-shirt over top of the bra you are planning on purchasing, you can see the shaping that this particular bra will give you.  Your bra should give you a natural look with the cups holding your breasts with the correct position and shape.

Any women of any size purchasing their daily bras should test them according to how they will be worn. Before making that final decision give it a solid “move test” Jump up and down a few times, bend over and stand back up. Wiggle and dance around.  A proper daily bra should be able to properly contain your breasts without them falling out of or moving around in the cups.  This is especially imperative to women wearing plus size bras.  Having to constantly re-adjust your breasts within your bra can be an aggravating and extremely uncomfortable experience, not to mention embarrassing if in public.

Plus size bras can be as comfortable as they are fashionable.  Gone are the days when women with curves were restricted to solid white, chest binding, unattractive bras.  Today’s women are fortunate to have such a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns available to them. There is literally a bra for every taste and style option. When you are shopping for your next bra, please remember that when choosing your daily bra, function is as imperative as style. A woman that is wearing a bra with the correct fit instantly improves her appearance, her posture, her health and her self esteem.

This guest post was written by Gwyn Resos, on behalf of CurvyCouture offering the largest range of lingerie online. To know about the right bra fitting, you may also visit

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A Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyer Just Might Be What the Doctor Ordered

If your finances are beginning to look a little more than sickly, you should begin considering that a Glendale bankruptcy lawyer may be a good idea.  There is never any harm in consulting a professional in these situations. A lawyer will be able to give you an idea of just how bad your situation is; however, if you are already being hounded by creditors, and you cannot fathom how you are going to pay them off, then it’s time for a lawyer.  If you live in the Glendale area of California, then a Glendale bankruptcy attorney will be easy to find.

There is a concentration of bankruptcy lawyers in California, and it’s not difficult to interpret why.  Californians face higher than average burdens of debt with higher housing costs and the distance from residential areas to business areas causing the cost of transportation to sky rocket.  Other factors include the employment rate; it’s actually really good in California, generally, so working people who make good money get in a little over their heads financially because it seems like there is no harm.  In a perfect world there would be no harm, but when a depression or other economic event happens—such as a market crash—things tend to change quickly. While it’s just plain common sense to always live within your means, sometimes even that’s not enough.  You can be careful and still end up on the bankruptcy bandwagon, so keeping an emergency fund stashed away or maintaining a variety of low-risk or no-risk investments is key. Keeping in the vein of frugality, those who live in a place like Glendale should stay close to home with an attorney and use a Glendale bankruptcy lawyer. This is important because not only will they understand the economic situation of people in the area better, but this is no time to waste more financial resources by seeking out a high profile New York attorney.

That’s not to say that money is the only reason you should use a Glendale bankruptcy lawyer. Assuming that just because a lawyer doesn’t practice out of a major hub like New York means they aren’t as good is just absurd. You live in a suburban area for reasons of your own, maybe family or larger lots or less pollution; a smaller area lawyer shares that same reasoning. No one thinks you are less apt at your job just because of where you live, so don’t make that assumption of others.  As well, a small city lawyer, without all the demands of a tycoon lawyer, will have more time to be attentive to your needs and concerns.  This doesn’t even address the fact that the likelihood of most lawyers having an impeccable educational pedigree is very good; they all had to pass the bar for the job, so give a Glendale bankruptcy lawyer the opportunity to fix your ailing finances.

With any luck you will be able to avoid filing for bankruptcy altogether and may be able to consolidate or simply reorganize your debts effectively; either way, a Glendale bankruptcy lawyer will be able to steer you in the right direction for options and will be at your side if your situation comes down to bankruptcy.

This guest post was written by Emilee Shiiba, on behalf of DCDM Law Group, a team of seasoned business bankruptcy lawyers specializing in assisting small to medium sized companies reorganize their affairs through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. To know more about why you need lawyers, you may also visit

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Skies Unlimited on a Honeymoon in Greece

Greece is well-known as a honeymoon destination, especially among fun-under-the-sun seekers. There are so many activities that honeymooners can experience there. Instead of on the sand or in the water, many of these awe-inspiring activities take place in the sky. Here are three ways that the skies are unlimited for couples on their honeymoon in Greece.


Skydiving on honeymoon in Greece is for a great choice for both accomplished skydivers and for couples who have never tried it but who want to experience something new together for the first time. The appeal of skydiving in Greece comes from the beautiful, varied landscapes that couples can soar above. They can take a skydiving trip above the glistening sands and sparkling seas over the islands or at popular spots on the mainland such as Lamia, Thiva and Thessaloniki. Honeymooners can skydive as a one-day, one-jump activity or arrange a several-day excursion featuring multiple lessons and jumps. Experienced skydivers may choose to do multiple jumps in one location or do a multi-jump, multi-location trip. No matter how newlyweds do it, skydiving is an exhilarating honeymoon in Greece (web site) experience.


Paragliding is another sky sport that couples on honeymoon in Greece can try. Paragliding is different from skydiving in that paragliding uses an aircraft with no cockpit, no motor and wings made of fabric instead of a fabric parachute.  Passengers are strapped in with a harness, and the glider is launched via a running start and then a jump from the edge of a hill rather than jumping out of an airplane as with skydiving. One paraglider flight can take several hours. For novices, the flight is done in tandem with an experienced paraglider. Greece is dotted with fantastic paragliding locations on the mainland and on the islands, so the scenery can include land or water or both. Some common paragliding locations in the country are Epirus, Macedonia and Peloponnese. As with parachuting, single-day or multi-day jaunts and single-location or multi-location itineraries are possible.


In parasailing, riders are in a harness attached to a fabric parachute similar to, but smaller than, the one used in skydiving. The harness and chute are attached to the back of a boat, which then carries the rider forward on the water’s surface until lift is achieved. The boat then tows the rider in the air over the water for the duration of the ride. While paragliding can be over land or water, parasailing requires water. That makes the Greek islands a perfect place for a parasailing trip. Couples on honeymoon in Greece who want to parasail can choose to do it on one island for a day or on several islands in several days. Either way, the views will be spectacular and memorable.

Safety in the Sky

A honeymoon in Greece is a happy occasion. With that in mind, newlyweds who want to fly the skies on their post-wedding trip must remember that skydiving, paragliding and parasailing are all sports that come with certain risks. To mitigate those risks, couples should thoroughly investigate any travel or adventure company that they are considering using for their excursion. Couples need to ensure that rigorous safety procedures are in place and are followed and that staff members taking customers on these trips are properly certified for their respective sport.

With these safety considerations taken care of, just-marrieds can relax and enjoy the skies unlimited on their honeymoon in Greece.

This guest post was written by Tiffanie Fearen, on behalf of Hellenic Holidays, offering the perfect opportunity to escape to a world where tantalizing feelings such as Romance, Fantasy and Passion blossom with ease. To know more about travel tips, you may also visit

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Learn the Legislation required to Operate a Licensed Venue Safely with RMLV Training

Every jurisdiction has its own legislation that dictates strict rules for operating a licensed venue, but they all focus on the safety of patrons, staff and the general public. Any time there is alcohol being served, emotions can spill over into arguments causing excessive behaviours that might erupt into a brawl. Learning the rules for your area through RMLV training – Responsible Management of Licensed Venues – will give you, as a manager, the knowledge and awareness needed to control these possible situations.

As a manager, you have the right and indeed, the duty, to intervene and take appropriate action whenever a situation escalates into potentially harmful behaviour. However, you must also be protected from potential lawsuits if the patron responds negatively to the corrective procedures you have instituted. RMLV training will teach you when and how to take action.

The first thing you will learn as a bartender is that once a patron begins to show signs of intoxication, you must refuse to serve him or her any more alcoholic drinks. This applies even if customers have arrived at your lounge or bar in an intoxicated condition, indicating that they were drunk before they arrived at your establishment. As well, you must ensure all your patrons are over the legal drinking age for your jurisdiction; you have every right to ask for proof of age. These two actions often bring out the worst in intoxicated customers and you will be glad you have the knowledge from the RMLV training so you can confidently insist on your legal right to protect yourself and your other customers from what could be a harmful situation.

However, this is where it gets difficult. Can you ask intoxicated patrons to leave if they are getting behind the wheel of their car to drive home? If you do, you are putting the whole community at risk. It’s one of the many responsibilities of the bartender and the manager to ensure his customers get home safely. You can request their vehicle keys and try to call a taxi or a friend or relative to come and safely get the inebriated individuals to someplace where they can sleep off their intoxication. With RMLV training you will gain the skills and knowledge to do what you know is right in your conscience but also to fulfil government regulations.

If customers refuse to give you their keys you can try to keep them off the road by offering them food and coffee. Many will have the sense and grace to accept your offer, knowing they have over-indulged and recognizing your common sense approach. However, if they refuse all your suggestions, you have no choice but to call the police. Responsible managers will do everything they can to prevent a potential accident. Make sure all your staff, including servers and bartenders, have the training and knowledge to spot patrons who are beginning to show signs of intoxication so you can all be prepared for a potential situation. RMLV training will alert you to the indicators.

Remember that being a manager in a bar, lounge, or restaurant that serves alcohol is more than an employment position, it is a responsibility that you must take seriously. Be sure to take some RMLV training and any other program that you can that will teach you how to operate a well-run, legal, safe establishment.

This guest post was written by Roselyn Tatel, on behalf of CFT QLD offering online certificate to those looking for a career in the field of hospitality and retail management. To know more about online training, you may also visit

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Become a Pro with Baseball Pitching Machine

If you are a baseball player, you need to be very careful about your hitting skills. Your mechanics as well as timing must be in a proper shape to be a successful hitter. Baseball pitching machines are a great way to improve your hitting skills. Let us look into the advantages you can enjoy with the pitching machines:

Develop your Mechanics:

If you want to develop your right body mechanics, it is a good way to start using baseball pitching machines. With the multiple pitches in training session, you can develop the right approach with hips. Good baseball hitting machines will ensure that you are turning your hips and square towards the pitcher when you swing the bat though the area. This way you can swing through the ball and also drive it. Pitching machines are a good way to see as many pitches available as you need to get the swing right. Thus, you need not wait for the coach to assist you. When you have the pitching machines you can practice any time you feel like.

Develop Batter’s Timing:

A batter can improve on his timings with baseball pitching machines. This proves to be immensely beneficial when you prepare yourself for a pitcher you will play against in the next game. Once you are aware of their speed, you can set the pitching machine velocity to that particular speed. This will help you become more comfortable when you face the actual pitcher. This is a good way to protect yourself from first at-bat jitters, which tends to damage your timing as a hitter.

Pitching to Some Locations:

It might get difficult for you to find coach or a pitcher to help you consistently while practicing. This no longer remains a problem when you have the baseball pitching machines with you. You can set up the pitching machine to throw pitches wherever you want. It can be simply for the corners of plate, or may be higher up in strike zone. When you get the opportunity to practice hitting against pitches that are not thrown at the center of the plate, you grow as an all rounder hitter. Coaches generally look for such qualities in a player at the higher levels.

A pitching machine is designed to do all those activities that a pitcher does. The baseball pitching machine can spin balls, decrease or increase ball speed, start with simple throws and work towards complicated and complex pitching so that you don’t take long to develop control over one kind of batting. Since everybody may not be fortunate enough to remain under the constant guidance of a coach, a baseball pitching machine can truly become your friend, philosopher and guide.

So, if you are looking for a pitching machine for your need, you can browse the net online and choose a suitable machine of your choice.

This guest post was written by Josphine Whitebread, on behalf of Pitching Machine Pro, offering the largest range of pitching machines online. To know more about pitching and pitching machines, you may also refer to

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Enjoy the Victorian Lavishness with Craftsman House Plans

Craftsman house plans are one of the most unique contributions to the American concepts of decorative arts, design and architectural values. It was in the 19th century in Boston that these house plans gained popularity. This was with the aim of promoting higher standards of handicrafts on the US soil. The perfect balance of elegance and simplicity signifies the craftsman house plans. These house plans are a natural reaction to both the threat of mass home production and Victorian lavishness.

Below are stated some of the distinct features of craftsman house plans:

    Handcrafted woodwork or stone

    Deep eaves

    Tapering columns supporting the roof

    Double hung windows

    Large sized porch at the front under the roof

    Design motifs depicting the Frank Lloyd Wright styles

Some of the design features include large verandas, ridge shafts, uncovered beams, exposed attics, and tapered square columns. The living rooms come with tall glass windows and fireplaces. The kitchen usually remains attached to the dining space. The study rooms have attached bathrooms. There are two bedrooms, a store and a linen cabinet.

Special attention is given to tile flooring, carpet, fireplace, laundry room and the kitchen in a craftsman house plan.

Master suites come with glass windows and spas. There is a mini bar in the lower level, a place for gyms and a home theatre. Home theatre, verandas and the French doors are some of the unique features of this type of house plan.

Craftsman house plans are distinctly American that helps you enjoy the longstanding US architectural tradition. This style was in vogue in the 1930s and has passed on to the present times as well. Homebuilders do not have to struggle for the house plans. Again, since this house plan spreads over huge square footages, it becomes easy to find the ideal plans almost in any parts of the world.

Use of local materials wherever possible and lack of ornamentation constitutes the secret behind its simplicity. These homes are generally surrounded with garden and designed to get maximum sunlight. The exteriors are made of stucco siding, wood or stone and the roofs are low-pitched.

If you are bored with the regular “cookie-cutter designs” of today’s home, you can look for the craftsman house plans and gaze at the character and architectural beauty of the traditional American homes with awe. You are sure to add a different character and uniqueness to your residential area with such unique house plan. It is also a good way to uphold the longstanding architectural tradition of America with such unique plans.

Last but not the least the craftsman house plans are built keeping in mind the societal awareness, which goes well with the present Green Revolution. So, it is definitely one of the best ways to go green.

So, browse through some of the most beautiful and elegant craftsman house plans online and live in your dream home. You will be amazed to see the wide range of options online, when you visit a trusted site.

This guest post was written by Sarita Hurban, on behalf of Monster House Plans, offering you the largest range of architectural designs online. To know how you can decorate your craftsman style home, you may also visit eHow.

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