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Cold Therapy Helps Patients Recover Faster From Back Surgery

Several common types of back surgery performed in the United States are; Spinal Fusion, Laminectomy, Discectomy, and Disc Replacement. When visiting your doctor, there are a few questions you will need answers to. How severe is the injury and what if, any surgery will be performed? Do you fully understand what the recovery time and commitment will be? What type of physical therapy will you be able to tolerate and what will the schedule be? Will cold therapy be provided by your physical therapist? Studies have shown that patients using cold therapy systems are more likely to follow their rehabilitation regiment because of the ease and convenience that the cold therapy system provides. The use of cold therapy has also been shown to reduce the amount of post-surgical physical therapy visits needed by some patients. What this means for the patient is lower medical bills, less pain, and a quicker recovery.

Patients want faster relief with less pain medication. Although pain medication is helpful to most patients after surgery, it does pose certain risks. Patients don’t want to become dependent on pain medication, they want faster relief and the ability get back to their normal lives without the dependence of pain medications. Cold therapy has proven to be the safest, most efficient form of non-medicine pain relief.

Cold therapy is commonly used after orthopedic surgeries and is especially helpful in the recovery after back surgeries. Cold therapy reduces swelling and therefore, relieves the patient’s pain better and more effectively than pain medicine alone. The lack of swelling to the surgical area actually accelerates the body’s natural healing process.

Cold therapy has come a long way since bags of melting ice or frozen peas. Patients can put ice in a bag or buy that bag of frozen peas, but there are better and safer options. Bags of ice are messy and patients risk the chance of infection to the wound area. The IsoComforter ( ) cold therapy system produces virtually no condensation, keeping the wound clean and dry. The IsoComforter cold therapy systems uses ice water circulated through a sterile or non-sterile pad that wraps around the entire back. This innovative and patented Iso-tube, uni-flow design is the most effective way to deliver cold therapy to the entire back and continuously circulates cold water to the targeted area.

IsoComforter cold therapy is easy to use. The IsoComforter CryoTech 100™ cold therapy unit is designed to avoid any operational confusion and handling. The integrated design of a self-priming pump allows the patient to add the appropriate ice and water in accordance to the instructions and just plug in the wall adapter to start the recirculation process. The Cryotech 100™ can be used above and below the wounded area without having to manually pump or prime using elevation. IsoComforter recognizes that patients are in some degree of discomfort and we strive to make the recovery process as comfortable and short as possible.

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Some of the Features of High Quality Dental Microscope

A dental microscope offers an enhanced vision for your dentist so he can perform a high quality surgery.  Quality of light resolution, light transmission, and the depth of the field are indicators of a good microscope for dental surgeries.  Such features help dentists to perform some tough procedures such as root canal.  Without the right features of proper magnification, the depth of the field it may be very difficult to detect minute issues of non-rectilinear cavities and tiny ramifications.

With the developments in technology, more sophisticated and advanced microscopes are available for dentists today. Such microscopes come with high illumination lens, great optic systems with ergonomic design and more. The modern microscope comes fitted with a binocular head, which is a great help in teaching surgeries to students of dentistry, and for audience to monitor the surgical and non-surgical procedure on a monitor.

With many features such as Intelligent LED illumination system, fluid articulation, and crisp optics system leading microscopes help dentists perform surgical and non-surgical procedures with high quality. Some of the features of the leading microscopes available on the market today are :

A high illuminating LED with the power of up to 100,000 lux can offer color temperature similar to a natural daylight for better viewing by dentists.  With a robust arm system and high quality electronics, and accessories such microscope come with a longer bulb life of 60,000 hours of runtime. Such a longer runtime means no need of frequent bulb changes and savings in operational costs, as well. It also reduces the threats of potential downtime largely.

High quality dental microscopes ( ) available on the market come with perfect accessories to help you get the best images. Microscopes that come with apochromatic optical systems helps get superior images with great clarity and high resolution.  In addition, proprietary MaxLite™ coatings help you with durable optics images that are free of reflection.

A myriad of features of high quality dental microscopes make them the most preferred microscopes for many practicing dentists. Microscopes that come with features that comes with adjustable settings to vary the working distance within f300 – 400mm focal range.

Documentation plays an important role in choosing the modern day dentist microscopes. Video documentation helps build patient’s trust in the doctor, as doctor can show and explain the issues to the patient. In addition, it also helps doctors to train new dentists conducting workshops and seminars using the video recordings. To facilitate such documentation microscopes comes with a host of accessories including a DSLR, CCD adapters, video cameras, and many other digital equipment to simply the treatment and training process.

In addition to the features mentioned above, including the accessories and parts the ergonomic design of these dental microscopes makes it easy to rotate. With the help of a Rotoplate kit dentists can conveniently view the remote areas of a patient’s mouth with much ease. Dentists ( ) can easily operate these microscopes with a foot pedal, and install them on a wall mount or using a portable stand.

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How Does Cryotherapy Improve Orthopedic Surgery Recovery?

One of the best ways to ensure that you make a speedy and full recovery after orthopedic surgery is to include cold therapy as part of your rehabilitation process. Cryotherapy ( isocomforter/knee ) is simply the application of therapeutic cold to an injury or surgical site. The positive effects of cold therapy are many and there are techniques you can employ to ensure that you get the most out of your efforts.

Cold therapy units are clinically proven to have the following benefits:

1.  Pain reduction – When you apply cold to any part of your body, the nerves in that area reduce in activity, which therefore lessens the perception of pain, providing an analgesic or pain relieving effect. Cryotherapy also effects the reduction of muscular activity, which also contributes to a reduction in pain.

2.  Swelling control – Swelling is a natural part of the inflammatory response that your body will go through after orthopedic surgery. Some minor swelling is normal, and in fact can be beneficial; however, too much swelling impedes the healing process and can be uncomfortable.  Cryotherapy is designed to reduce the swelling by causing blood vessels to alternate between dilating and constricting, removing most of the excess waste and fluid that contributes to swelling.

3.  Faster healing – These factors, together contribute to a faster healing process. The benefits of being in less pain allows you to perform the exercises that your physical therapist recommends more comfortably, and the healing effects of cryotherapy help you get back on your feet faster.

Enhancing Your Cryotherapy after Orthopedic Surgery

One way to use cryotherapy is with the use of ice packs. Although this has been an effective method for years, technology has made major strides that allow you to enhance the benefits of cryotherapy.

One of the drawbacks of ice packs is that they heat up over time and become less effective. IsoComforter cryotherapy systems use an ice reservoir and a constantly circulating flow of cold water to provide a consistent application of therapeutic cold. In combination with specialized wraps that cover the entire area around the surgical site, you benefit from deeper-penetrating, longer-lasting cryotherapy.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Centers are for Brave Hearts and Strong Souls

When you realize that alcohol or drugs are running—and ruining—your life, you find yourself with a choice to make. Do you let things remain as they are? That seems like the easier choice, but you know that in the long run it won’t make things easy for you at all. Nothing good lies at the end of that road. Or do you fight back, refuse to let substance dependence define you, and start looking at substance abuse treatment centers in the hope of finding a path that will lead you out of addiction? Getting help is the right choice, of course, but like many good choices, it’s also a scary choice. Fortunately, a rehab center may not be as scary as you think.


Substance abuse treatment centers sometimes get an unfair portrayal in popular culture. They’re shown as unhappy, oppressive places run by tyrannical social workers and inhabited by miserable, washed-up drug addicts. This is absolutely not an accurate picture of what rehab is like. People suffering from substance addiction come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide spectrum of personalities. Treatment programs need to allow for the wide assortment of people they will be treating, so the only way to know what a rehab center is going to be like is to visit one and get a feel for the place.

Discussions about substance abuse and treatment tend to revolve around the painful and difficult side of the subject, and the same holds true for the way people talk about substance abuse treatment centers. “You don’t want to end up in rehab”, people say. “Only losers end up needing help for a drug problem.” You need to ignore those voices. If you have a drug problem, choosing to enter rehab is a positive and life-affirming choice. Admitting you need help and having the courage to seek it out is the act of a strong person determined to beat the odds. “Loser” couldn’t be further from the truth.

Finally, substance abuse treatment centers provide help that you can’t get anywhere else. As you’ve no doubt found out, many people’s idea of “helping” is telling you to quit drinking, or trying to talk you out of doing drugs.  You know quite well that this doesn’t work! These people mean well, but many of them lack the understanding of addiction and recovery that a professional treatment center would have. Substance abuse treatment centers understand that addiction is an illness and they know how to treat that illness effectively.

So when things have gotten out of control and you’re staring the possibility of rehab in the face, don’t let the idea of addiction treatment frighten you. You had the courage to admit that you have a problem. The next step is to enroll in a treatment program, and then you won’t have to face your fears alone. Substance abuse treatment centers aren’t frightening places… they’re where you go to rid yourself of the fear, doubt and pain and addiction.

This article was written by Maxima Dubler, on behalf of Treatment Is Not Recovery, offering addicts a new lease o life. To know what drug abuse is, you may also visit wiki.answers.

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Being Health Insurance Covered in California

Many know a story about a friend of a friend who had some unexpected illness or accident happen, and the person didn’t have health care coverage. Soon they had a huge debt because of their hospital and/or medical bills for the injury, accident, or illness that have to be covered. Health care costs money, but it can be affordable for all. In the pursuit of happiness a person’s health plays a large part, and so everyone should have access to affordable health care across the country. Covered California is helping make this happen for people all across the state of California.

As the most populated state in the United States California has a lot of demand for health and medical care, and the needs of Californians in regards to affordable health care is very important. Health insurance is mandatory, and failing to have proper health insurance could lead to penalties with the Internal Revenue Services. No one really wants more hassle with their taxes and the IRS, so obtaining a health insurance policy with Covered California is an important step to take to avoid these avoidable problems.

Covered_California_240520131314Finance is an important issue when it comes to health care coverage in California and across the country. Many people may worry about the amount of money it takes to afford good health care, but not having health insurance is a risk you do not want to take. Medical care, hospital stays, emergency treatments, surgeries, and even a doctor’s visit can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for you and your family. Having this type of financial burden, especially if you already have a low income, is stressful and can be avoided by having Covered California health insurance.

For Californians on a low or fixed income, Covered California has sliding scale plans divided into four different categories. There is a plan for a single person. There is a plan for couples. There is a plan for a family of four, six, or eight people as well. Since this plan uses a sliding scale the cost of health care coverage on the plan is based on a person’s, couple’s’, or family’s annual income. This means if you live on a lower income then the cost of your health care, including any deductibles you might have to pay would be greatly reduced. For example in a family of four earning an average income of $31,590 and $47, 385 if someone needs to have an x-ray  the deductible cost would be $10. This means they would only need to pay $10 out of pocket for an x-ray with Covered California. For the highest income bracket $78, 975 to $126, 360 the deductible cost would be $65. Each plan has a maximum out of pocket payment per person, and per family (where applicable) so you’ll know how much your health will cost you.

Having good health is important, but having affordable health care is important as well. Health insurance is necessary for all Californians and having health insurance with Covered California means everyone, no matter what their income, can afford to have the good health and the medical treatment they deserve.

This article was written by Chad Woollard, on behalf of Exchange Coverage, a leading health insurance provider. It also provides insurance exchange- the Covered California-for the state of California. For more information on health insurance, visit Wikipedia.

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A California Life Insurance Policy Is an Act of Love

Most people agree that it would be nice to live forever.  Living in California makes immortality an even more desirable prospect… who wouldn’t want to spend endless time in such a gorgeous place? Unfortunately, science has yet to find a way to guarantee that we’ll stay alive forever, and that means that it would be wise for California residents to look into a California life insurance policy to provide safety and security for those we might leave behind. It may be an uncomfortable thought, but life insurance is an excellent way to keep providing for loved ones indirectly when we can no longer provide for them in person.


Taking out a California life insurance policy isn’t just something for retired people to think about. People of all adult ages have loved ones, dependents and family members whose well-being is a matter of importance to them. There is no age limit on love, family, or the realities of life.  As we know from the wonderful times we have spent with our dear ones, life is a delightful journey, but it is also an unpredictable one. It’s easy to forget, in the joy and excitement living in the world, that we won’t always be around to care for those who need it. This is true for everyone, not just people who have reached retirement age.

It’s easy to say that getting a California life insurance policy is a wise choice, but it’s even wiser to make certain that you get your insurance through the right company. Many people have life insurance through their work. This is an excellent source of low-cost insurance, but it is important to remember that life insurance policies available through work are owned by the company that provides them. This means that when an employee ceases to be an employee, the policy is no longer in place. Since changes in employment are part of the unpredictability of life, it is advisable to get an insurance policy that is independent from work.

It’s also helpful to get lawyer or other knowledgeable professional to take a careful look at a life insurance policy. The variety and scope of California life insurance policies currently available is huge. Trying to navigate those waters without expert assistance can be a headache that nobody in their right mind would want to deal with. Fortunately, with the right help it is possible for everyone to tailor a policy that will take excellent care of their loved ones even after they are gone.

Taking out a life insurance policy can be an unpleasant reminder of mortality. It can feel like admitting that something terrible could happen at any time. The truth is that a California insurance policy can act as an extension of love, caring and protection past a person’s natural life. Getting life insurance isn’t an act of negativity. It’s a way to achieve peace of mind, the better to enjoy all the joy, fun and opportunity of life in the world’s one and only Golden State.

This article was written by Marcelle Marohl, on behalf of Bevington Insurance Solutions, helping you eliminate stress from your life. To know about the general features of an insurance policy, you may visit Wikipedia.

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An Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Improves Patient Care

A good nurse is the most important part of any patient’s stay in the hospital. The patient comes very quickly to rely on the nurse for all their needs and to trust the nurse to give the patient the best care possible. When a nurse becomes busy, too stressed, too impatient, the critically ill may not feel comfortable asking for what they need. The acute care nurse practitioner is the lifeline and it is important that these nurses are certified with all the knowledge that they need and keep that knowledge up to date.

Acute_Care_Nurse_Practitioner_210520131518Those who are acutely ill generally have extended stays in the hospital and come to rely on their acute care nurse practitioner to take care of their needs. The nurse practitioner improves the quality of stay for the patient, perhaps decreasing the length of time they stay in the hospital just by improving their spirits.

The role of the acute care nurse practitioner is to help the patient within the hospital, and through all aspects of their stay, whether in the ward or the clinic. The patient will appreciate the guidance and care of the nurse in the emergency room, intensive care, labs and wards and the specialty clinics.  The nurse plays a number of roles and must be present and assured with important skills from different aspects of the job. It is important that their skills never weaken, their knowledge never become outdated, and their smile or their patience never falter.

An acute care nurse practitioner may stay with a single patient and see them through the entirety of their care and even later as an outpatient. The patient comes to rely on the nurse completely, from admission to discharge, along with other health care workers. The nurse practitioners have a large body of knowledge to help them give the aid to the patient through this journey.  These nurses have to be experts in the care of the acutely ill, able to deal with patients with a range of complex problems.

Once certified the nurse will work in a range of medical settings, from cardiology, to neurology or emergency room surgery. However, there are three main areas of emphasis that the acute care nurse practitioner will focus on for the certifications. They are critical care, cardio-pulmonary, and trauma. More specialized areas can also be considered as the nurse’s area of interest such as internal medicine, transplants, neurosurgery or oncology. Clinical and academic training comes in a variety of areas including differential diagnosis, pharmacology, patient care management, interpretation of x-ray or lab samples, invasive and non-invasive procedures, as well as education and research.

Once trained, it is necessary to pass the acute care nurse practitioner certification exam, and once passed, to take some recertification from time to time to make sure that the necessary knowledge is still current. It is important to keep the certification up to date, including the pharmacological aspects. If you require certification or a review course, then you should consider a training course to get you ready for the exam itself. A training course focuses on the exam and the critical information needed to pass the exam itself. You know the material, but do you know the exam?

This article was written by Lilli Boughamer, on behalf of Barkley & Associates, Inc., offering home study packages that can be completed at your own pace. To know about the key areas of responsibility of a nurse, you may also visit Wiki.answers.

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