Do you know when it is time to Utilize the Services of a Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorney?

19 Apr

A brain injury can have detrimental life altering effects on the affected person and their family. Everybody affected has to change their way of daily living in order to accommodate the debilitating effects of this injury.  Brain injuries should never be taken lightly. Any injury needs to be properly assessed—not only the current issues, but also any long-term damage that may affect how you live your daily life.  A good Los Angeles brain injury attorney ( ) can assess your situation and help you determine how your standard of living is affected—as well as what it means to your long-term independence.

How bad is it?

Over 1.4 million people in the United States are treated and released from the Emergency Department each year with brain injuries.  This extremely large number of people can be considered more fortunate to have a milder form of a brain injury. Many may achieve a full recovery.  Unfortunately, over 275,000 will be hospitalized, and over 55,000 will die. Over 28% of the brain injuries in the United States occur from a type of fall. The trauma from a fall on the human brain results in a wide range of injuries: some mild, some fatal.  The second most leading cause of brain injuries (around 20%) result from motor vehicle accidents. Physical assaults and physical blows to the head come in third and fourth on how brain injuries occur.  You can see by these statistics that brain injuries can happen to anybody. It’s not just a matter of staying out of trouble and driving well. A simple fall can have detrimental effects on the outcome of your daily life.  The medication and treament needed to overcome a brain injury can be life changing. Your daily living and ability to work need to be properly assessed, and a Los Angeles brain injury attorney can help you determine what you and your family need in order to live independingly with this type of injury.


Symptoms of a brain injury can range widely and should never be overlooked. Mild symptoms, such as mood changes, exhaustion, dizziness, cognition, and changes in senses, can indicate a brain injury.  More obvious symptoms can be more severe, such as loss of consciousness and comas. No symptom should be taken lightly. The sooner proper treatment is taken, the better chance a person has of minimal lasting effects. A Los Angeles brain injury attorney can help you deterimine if you were misdiagnosed or mistreated at a hospital, leaving you with lasting injuries that could have been prevented.

What do I do now?

Do you suspect that you have a brain injury?  Do not speculate; get help and get advice. Your local Los Angeles brain injury attorney can help you with obtaining the finances needed for current and future treatment. From short-term job loss and medications to long-term finances, your lawyer is able to help you obtain the money needed to maintain your current standard of living.  Do not let a brain injury hold you back; talk to a qualified lawyer ( ) today to get the help and finances needed for proper treatment and living.  You owe it to yourself and your family to survive.

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