Ceiling fans may spell rustic charm or old fashioned for some. But this is far from true. There are brands that offer such sleek ceiling fan models that you may be tempted to use one in your home. A ceiling fan is a very practical electronic item for homes. But you can also use it to enhance your home’s décor.

Here are some tips to use ceiling fans with modern décors.

• Ceiling fans with chrome, nickel, or aluminum finishes are perfect for contemporary homes. Modern Fan Company ( ) makes fans in glossy aluminum finishes that can compliment any color scheme and modern furniture designs. Glossy white finishes from this brand can work with neutral colors so often used in minimalist decorative themes.

• For smaller living rooms with dining area in close vicinity, use an aluminum finish fan over the seating area and complement it with a pendant light or chandelier in similar finish over the dining area. For a French country living room or a space dressed in white, use a big ceiling fan with more than three blades. It can act as the centerpiece of the room.

• For smaller rooms, use hugger fans with or without lights. Hugger fans are smaller in size and installed without the rod. Hugger fans in metal finishes can also work in contemporary décors that use stone or plywood tiles on floors, walls, and ceilings.

• Lofts or homes with high ceilings need fans especially made for them. Modern Fan Company offers fans for application in tall ceilings. These designs are such that you don’t need to compromise over style due to height of the room. For high ceilings in your contemporary home, use fans with wide blade spans in aluminum finish.

• Look for ceiling fan designs with light features. Even if you don’t need the light fixture, it can add a certain refinement to modern decorative styles. You can use wide lights to small and narrow fixtures. Refrain from using fans with lights in the living room. Such designs look better in bedrooms.

• For minimalist or industrial-style decorative themes, choose a sleek model from Modern Fan Company. A ceiling fan ( ) with blades in steel finish and a high-end design can fit perfectly into any whimsical or industrial décor.

• For modern décors, refrain from using ceiling fans with pull chains and retro designs. Also do away with wicker finishes. For a contemporary look, ideally don’t use fans with metal embellished designs. Such fans look better with rustic, vintage, or traditional themes.

• For contemporary homes with lots of wooden elements such as the floor or the ceiling, use a fan in white or in a combination of black and brown. These colors are also timeless and can look good even with other decorative styles in case you renovate.

The right ceiling fan can actually enhance your modern home.

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