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All about Stucco Home Repairs in Columbus

Stucco homes are extremely durable and last long. Stucco adds a different character and value to your homes. Stucco is made of aggregate, water and binder.

Traditionally, stucco was made of water, sand and lime. The modern stucco Columbus homes are made of water, sand and Portland cement. Sometimes glass fibers and acrylics are added to improve structural properties of stucco material.
Even now, stucco continues to remain the most favored material for wall covering. Availability, durability and versatility are some of the factors that make it one of the most desirable options in Columbus and in different parts of the world. Most of the historical buildings have stucco covering on the walls that show how popular stucco has been over the years.

Stucco is the most practical building material in Columbus, as this water resistant coating protects a house from fire, rain and wind. Moreover, it is also durable and less expensive compared to the artistic stone work finishes. However, it is very essential that you contact stucco repair experts to keep the material in good condition for years to come.

Since some of the unavoidable factors like water entering the building structure through doors and windows, roofs around the chimneys cannot be checked all the time, deterioration in stucco materials calls for remediation. Other factors that cause deterioration in stucco materials are leaky gutters, moisture from underground, downspouts, intrusion of water through walls, improper drainage system etc.

Since most of the stucco problems are water related, different methods are applied to correct them. Below are the steps that stucco repair experts in Columbus follow to fix problems:

1.    Damage Assessment:

Stucco repair experts at first assess the extent to which the stucco material has been damaged. It is very essential to determine the source of the problem, which actually remains rooted in the building. The experts perform necessary repairs before application of the fix.

2.    Identifying the Type of Stucco Used:

Analyzing the type of stucco material used helps in identifying the compatible type of color, composition, system and texture of the stucco. It is in this step that different stucco remediation options are also considered by the experts. Stucco Columbus experts inspect the areas that needs a repair, rather than correcting the entire wall.

3.    Application of Fix: Once the compatibility has been determined, the proper stucco remediation process follows.
Though stucco is a very durable material and lasts long, you should not take it to be a completely maintenance free material. So, if you have a stucco home, make sure to stay in touch with the repair experts, who shall inspect your home from time to time and carry out the necessary remedial processes. Internet is a good way to know about different stucco repair services in Columbus. You can gather information about the quality of services they have been offering over the years, so that you can be completely sure before hiring them.

This article was written by Lisa Debraga, on behalf of Rhino Shield, offering you effective exterior painting and stucco repair services. For more information on stucco, you may visit Wikipedia.

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