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Essential Things to Consider While Installing AO Smith Motors

Once in a while you will probably encounter a worn out motor which can no longer function and repair is completely out of the question. At such times, we need a replacement, which is of utmost quality and trust which can be used to replace motors on almost all brands available in the market. So, spare yourself the time and effort and ask for Century brand of motors by AO Smith ( ). Century motors are as tough as any you’ll discover, however, we should not forget that all motors require regular administration and upkeep at the same time. It is advisable to give safety the highest priority in the handling of the motor by double-checking the power before beginning work on it. It is advised to consider the following pointers in order to safely handle the motor as well as ensure its longevity :

1.  Power Supply : Prior to turning on off the engine, it is necessary to check if the line voltage, phase voltage and frequency are in tune with the specifications mentioned on the motor nameplate. The power supply should be adequate enough to match and maintain the rated voltage at the terminals under every condition. If it exceeds the given limit, make sure to resolve it by contacting the local power utility hubs. If it is below the prescribed limit, a check for overloaded circuits, loose connections or wire installations of the wrong gauge has been used.

2.  Mounting : In order to reduce vibration, loosening and to maintain alignment, the motor assembly should be mounted securely on the base or foundation. Ensure the free movement of the rotor and the motor assembly while mounting.

3.  Grounding : The motor should be properly grounded to avoid any serious electric shocks. The grounding conductor should be connected under the green grounding screw in the terminal compartment of the motor. Proper color coding has to be adhered to when connecting the wires to their respective terminals in order to avoid any leakage or cross connection.

4.  Wire Size : Erroneous voltage at the terminals can cause the motor to overheat. It is recommended to check the electrical supply wires to confirm their load handling capacity.

5.  Heat dissipation : The major cause of motor wear is heat. Overheating takes place when there is a lack of clean air ventilation through the motor. Heat resulting from this is likely to damage the motor windings, insulation, bearing and capacitor thus resulting in a decrease of the life span of the motor ( ). Hence, proper ventilation is quintessential for the smooth operation of the motor. The ideal way to do this to avoid locations filled with dust, leaves and other impurities. The motors should be installed in an area where there is low humidity, good shade and less exposure to dust. If the motor is covered in order to safeguard it from all these elements, then, proper space should be given for ventilation as well to avoid overheating.

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