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Why You Need an Antispam Solution

According to report, around 45% of emails sent globally are spams. Also, according to Secure List statistics, the first quarter of 2016 saw an increase in spam mails having malicious attachments.  While mail is important for your business, it also exposes you to myriad of risks such as viruses, spyware and harmful programs. The best way to protect you from spam is using an antispam ( ) solution.

What is an Anti Spam Solution?

Antispam solution involves installation of anti-spam gateway between the Internet and your mail infrastructure. The software works to stop malware from reaching your employees’ inboxes.    Let’s look at some advantages of using an anti-spam solution.

Advantages of Antispam solution

Highly Effective

The spam filters weed out 99% of spam mail. They get stopped even before they reach your e-mail server.  Antispam solutions use a sophisticated and complex method to filter out spam, which includes methods like signature databases, linguistic heuristics, DNS blacklist plug-ins   and analysis of formal attributes. These are updated in real-time, which ensure no spam misses the filters.

Zero False Positives

While it is necessary to block spam mails, it is also necessary the spam filter does not mark a legitimate mail as spam that can jeopardize the business.  The anti-spam solution uses multiple filters to segregate spam mail from non-spam mails.  The numbers of false positives are effectively managed by using a safelist or devising transport rules to bypass spam filters.

Easy Implementation

There are no hardware or software installations. It takes less than an hour to implement spam control solutions.  These  antispam solutions are self-sufficient and continuously upgraded to counter any new threats.

Enhances Performance

The spam control solutions do not let spam reach your mail server which reduces network traffic and decreases the load of the mail server. All this leads to improvement in performance of your mail server.

Protects your Mail Server

Spam control solutions protect your mail server from spams, viruses, Trojan programs, denial of service attacks, phishing and relays.


Spam control solutions are independent of your mail server, which means there is no compatibility issue or upgrading issues.  The spam control solution works well in any setup.  They work directly with SMTP and standard email protocol.

Email Continuity

The spam filter service providers offer redundant storage for your emails. In case of a breakdown of your email server, your employees can continue with their work using the email redundant facility provided by your spam solution company.

Email Archive

Leading spam filter services are known to offer archive services that help organizations deal with storage issues. These archiving services meet industry compliance, which means there is no risk of data leaks from archived mail.

Supports International Languages

The spam filter solutions are designed to detect spams in different languages.

The advantages offered by antispam solutions reduce the security risks associated with email ( ) communication. It also improves productivity as employees do not waste time deleting unwanted emails from their inbox.

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Managing Server Outages Using Email Continuity

Email redefined the way communication happened when it was first introduced in corporate workspaces. And even after decades of its inception and arrival of newer means like messaging and social media, email still continues to be the go to means of communication in the corporate world. Its concise and formal nature, speedy delivery and flexibility to send a wide array of attachments have always been the reasons for its wide spread use.

Corporate workspaces are so dependent on emails for their communication that an email outage for minutes can stir up a mayhem in big business organizations. Corporate email systems are generally set up on email servers and these servers are not immune to unprecedented outages. External factors like rains, hurricanes, excessive snowfall or technical issues like traffic surge, lower bandwidth or short circuit… the reasons for server outages could be anything. However, business organizations cannot afford to bring their communication to a stand till until these outages are rectified. No matter what the size and scale of the organization, loss of communication at crucial times can lead to losses of greater proportions. Hence, these organizations have to be ready with alternatives to keep the work uninterrupted and email continuity is one of the best alternatives that every business organization must employ.

What is Email Continuity?

As said above, when primary email servers break down due to some external factor or technical issues, an alternative has to be in place to immediately take over under such circumstances. Email continuity services are essentially fall-over servers that immediately take the place of primary email servers to keep the email system up and running no matter what. Once the server outage is rectified, the control is again transferred to the primary server. There are many third party vendors who provide email continuity services as cloud based services for cheaper rates and 100% email guarantee. There are a lot of other benefits of this service that we are going to discuss below.

Benefits of Email Continuity ( ) Services

•  As soon as the primary server is down, the fall-over takes place almost instantly and automatically. This ensures that not a single email is lost and not a single second of interruption is experienced.

•  There is no mailbox limit on the temporary email service provided by these email continuity services. Hence, no matter how big your organization is, you need not worry about overflowing mailboxes.

•  Adding to the above point, any number of email addresses can be added to these services. Thus you don’t have to worry about the number of employees accessing these services, no matter how big or small the organization is.

•  More importantly, email continuity services can be directly integrated into your existing email ( ) system. Thus, you won’t have to spend on any additional hardware or software installation. Also, it allows your employees to access the service without having to change their email address.

•  Lastly, these services are way cheaper when compared to the losses incurred due to loss of email communication during unprecedented server outages.

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