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Augment Bathroom Splendor by Fixing Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Will Add Extra Exquisiteness

It is possible to bring in more cuteness within the bathroom spaces by installing this kind of vanities. The only thing that you will have to make sure is to design the item precisely in line with the overall décor of the space. For this, you can take the help of the technical staff of the furniture company, from where you are buying the bathroom vanity.

The Prime Points to Ponder While Buying Bathroom Vanity

• Buy from a main dealer who offers customization facility. Practically, this will help you a lot.

• You must consider the actual storage requirements that you should have within the bathrooms. This will obviously vary according to the significance of the bathrooms. For example, if you have a kid’s bathroom or a guest bathroom, you won’t need a double sink bathroom vanity ( Foxdendecor.Com/Double-sink-bathroom-vanity ) within those spaces. Nevertheless, if the number of family members is more than two, it is always advisable to go for such a vanity in the main bathroom. This will provide ample space for all members to store their respective bathroom requirements properly and in a useful manner.

• The countertop of the bathroom vanity is also important. These days, you will get varied types of countertops like granite, marble, composite materials, etc. You can decide in accordance with the overall design you prefer. The main things that you should take into account are the convenience and durability factor.

• In our time, bathroom sinks come with different sink options like the drop in sinks, under mount sinks, and just vessel type sinks. You can opt for convenience models such as ‘nonevessel round’, ‘vessel round’, ‘drop in round’, etc.

• The finish is also highly important. You must choose it precisely in line with the overall décor of the bathroom space concerned. You can customize the item with different color patterns like ‘Dandelion’, ‘turquoise’, ‘rustic white’, ‘dark wax’ etc.

Pick the Precise Model

There are lots of bathroom vanity models like round, rectangular, oval, vessel type, drop-in type, etc. Each of these will be suitable for specific purposes. You can choose the double sink bathroom vanity by relating the same with the size of the space. Once you select the item, then you can customize it with different color patterns like ‘dandelion’, ‘turquoise’, ‘rustic white’, ‘dark wax’ etc. Remember, fixing a mirror will augment the functionality of the bathroom vanity. You can attach different size of mirrors like 24×36, 48×36, etc., exactly according to the overall dimension of the vanity. In the same way, you can also attach a medicine-cabinet. This provision will be practically useful, and here also, you can go for the different options.

Buy Double Sink Bathroom Vanity from Established Merchants

By this way, you can certainly ensure the quality of the product. Established dealers will always sell superior products, because, if they sell substandard products ( Foxdendecor.Com ), then that will affect their reputation, which will directly tamper their sales and income. If a particular dealer has decades of market presence, then certainly that dealer is dependable.

Top dealers will accept your request for custom quote. You can give the specifications and the overall customization required. They will give you accurate pricing details, so that you can fine tune the desired modifications, and build your bathroom vanity by staying strictly within your proposed budget.

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Reclaimed Wood Table – Adding Elegance to Decor

Are you passionate about antique woodwork? Purchase reclaimed wood table for your home and make your house filled with a rustic charm. Reclaimed lumber includes antique lumber, barn boards as well as re-milled wood collected from fence of wood and old barn. Red oak, elm, white oak and maple are often used for creating the reclaimed wood table. The wood is reclaimed, de-nailed and re-sawed for making the perfect table of your choice. Then the wood is kiln-sterilized and kiln-dried. In this process molds, mildews and critters get killed and the moisture content gets down to 8%. A reclaimed wood table ( ) can really make a special addition to your home. The woodworker plans carefully for emphasizing the unique character of reclaimed wood. You can purchase reclaimed wood table with iron straps and original Tenons to get a rustic elegance for your décor.

§ Reclaimed Wood Table with Iron Straps – You may purchase a reclaimed wood table with iron straps for having coffee with your family members. Different types of options are available online which will make you difficult to make the choice about which one to purchase. You may opt for a reclaimed wood coffee table, the top of which is created with sill beams from old granary. Usually oak wood was used for sill beams because of having a natural rot resistance. Huge logs are used flattened off the top to make the table look appealing to visitors. This could be one of the best options for purchase, as oak gets a wonderful natural color overtime. You will be delighted with the wonderful texture of the table. Often you will find the table tops to be created in a functional way to serve your day to day need. The wood also bestows a great historical character. The iron straps are hammered into the right place of the reclaimed wood table. This can be a bit challenging which is often executed by bending edges carefully around the original live wood edge. The strap gets fitted into routered area. You can customize the thickness of the strap as per your requirement. Moreover, handmade rivets are set in place.

§ Reclaimed Wood Table with Original Tenons – You may also opt for reclaimed wood table with original tenons. Created with oak, this could make a beguiling focal point to your guests. The authentic color and texture will make you feel rejuvenated. Moreover, you won’t get any staining. You will get a natural color after the oil finish penetration. The delight of the table lies in original tenons where over 100 years old scribe marks are preserved. Carriage bolts are often used which run throughout the top and leg support. Furthermore, the heads come hammered by blacksmith.

So, why are you waiting for? Purchase reclaimed wood table from one of the top online stores ( ) and enliven home with a rustic charm. Pay heed to the fact that reclaimed wood is durable for a long time. Hence, your antique wood table can be more durable than new stuff. Opt for the best store and get customized reclaimed wood table for matching the exact need of your home.

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Copper Sinks with Single, Double & Triple Well Splits

Are you searching for copper sinks for your home? Get the best one for your kitchen and enjoy a smooth kitchen experience. However, you must check out that the copper sinks do not add stress to your daily activities. You must ask questions to yourself such as how much you are busy in your kitchen on a daily basis, whether the dishes are washes mostly by hand, do you have to depend upon dishwasher, the size of countertops and dishwashing area, whether do you soak dishes prior to cleaning by hand, whether your kitchen cabinets are custom-built and whether you are installing sink into already existing cabinets? These questions may help you make the right decision for selecting a copper sink for your kitchen. Based on dishwashing habit and the available space of the countertop, your kitchen can include a copper sink with single, double and triple well split. You can get a wide array of copper sink for kitchen online. Let’s have a look in this regard to the functions of copper sinks ( ) with single, double as well as triple well splits.

 Single Well – Single well copper sink is suitable if you have small space as well as for kitchens that don’t normally experience much traffic. This is ideal if you want to open more counter space for other use. It is also perfect for a large kitchen combined with additional bar. You can get a single well kitchen sink of various widths online.

 Double Well – This is one of the most versatile designs for kitchen sinks. It is useful for a range of kitchen situations. If you cook occasionally and love to entertain guests at your home throwing large parties, double well split copper sinks can easily accommodate all your requirements. You can soak unclean dishes in one well and can rinse them off on the other sink. You may also fix garbage disposer to one well for cleaning up easily. The flexibility of these sinks helps to make the task of dishwashing easy.

 Triple Well – Now, if you are having a large kitchen, this is the right option for your end. Triple well copper sink is perfect for busy households. This is suitable for holding silverware, utensils, baking trays and more. You can also build customized split arrangements on request.

However, before making the selection of copper sink for your kitchen, you must decide whether you want to reveal its front or keep the front of the copper sink hidden inside your cabinet. Standard kitchen sinks are practical and attractive and farmhouse copper sinks provide a striking look for exposed apron. If you search online ( ), you will get a wide variety of farmhouse copper sinks with elegant hand-hammered designs. Moreover, farmhouse sinks are available in single, double and triple well configurations for fitting any style and budget. Remember that while installing farmhouse copper sink into an existing cabinetry, you should ensure that the sink fits correctly. In case of new cabinet installation, it is best to have a sink ready before building the cabinet. Choose the best copper sink and smarten up your kitchen in an exclusive way.

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Buy Reclaimed Wood Table from Established Dealers

Be Prudent While Buying Reclaimed Wood Table

In our time, where weird sophistication has become par for the course of the social order, people have started to love and adore the goodness and morals of the olden days. The present generation likes to go after the mind-cooling nature of the ancient period wherever possible. This is especially true as far as the contemporary indoor and outdoor furnishing of all types of buildings is concerned. Because of this, the present market enjoys a great demand for the furniture manufactured using reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood table ( ) is one such item.

Placing a reclaimed wood table is a good way to phase in the typical attractiveness of the bygone days within any interior space. You can even place the item inside your living room, just to create that enticing effect. Of course, everyone will appreciate the created allure and amiability; certainly, your guest will love and welcome it. The reclaimed wood used for the creation of such tables comes from ancient barns, corrals, warehouses, wooden barrels, etc., and hence, will be time-tested. The generally seen damages will not occur to this type of seasoned wood and you can use the table for a very long time. Moreover, there will be an authentic pastoral elegance, which you will not find often in ordinary furniture pieces. This is the unique trait of only reclaimed furniture. The attractive part is that, you can make an obvious twist of fashion, by placing a reclaimed wood table inside a contemporary designed room.

Benefits of Buying Reclaimed Wood Furniture

The key benefits of going for reclaimed wood furniture are the durability, the aesthetic beauty of the products, the ancient feel, the originality, and the pricing.

•  Durability: As the wood will be very much hardened because of the exposure to several decades of weather conditions, there will not be much wear and tear, which is par for the course of the furniture created using brittle or raw wood.

•  Visual Beauty : Reclaimed wood has an eye-catching artistic beauty that will please all.

•  The Ancient Feel : As there will be varied types of minute scratches and dents in the reclaimed wood, the onlookers can discern the history of the wood. Hence, the piece will have antique value.

•  Originality : The furniture item will have a unique look and will grab the attention of all.

•  Pricing : The price tags will be comparatively low, and hence everybody can buy them.

Buy Reclaimed Wood Table from Reliable Traders

You may be able to find a plethora of companies that manufacture and sell reclaimed furniture. When you search through the internet ways, you will be able to see very many websites of online traders. For sure, you will get bemused as to from where to buy the item. Hence, one must apply utmost prudence while buying reclaimed wood furniture ( ) items. However, one will have to be prudent while choosing furniture items created using reclaimed wood. You must buy only from the online portals of reliable traders. This is a must to make sure about the quality of the item, and for getting the latest designs. In addition, only leading traders will provide free shipping and easy return facilities. You can also expect to get good trade discounts from such traders.

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How to select the right Rustic Coffee Table for your Home

Picking the right coffee table for your room is like solving the last bit of the design and décor puzzle. Most people have a tough time selecting one as the options are endless. Rustic coffee tables ( ), a recent and much favored trend, is a good choice for homes with a simple and homespun touch. Read on to know how you can choose the right one for your home with ease.

•  Decide whether you really need one

A rustic coffee table maybe an instinctive design based purchase decision for some. For some others, it is an heirloom piece that has been passed down by a family member or friend. Whatever the story be, carefully weigh the need of a coffee table in your living space. The answer can be a ‘yes’ if you have a lot of stuff that need to be set down when you watch TV or entertain friends. If your room is small or cramped, it is best that you do away with one, or opt for something small like a stool or side table.

•  Select the right shape

The shape of the coffee table plays an important role in the aesthetics of the room. Rectangular and oval tables work well with long sofas. Square and round designs of rustic coffee tables set a nice contrast to modern sofas and sectionals. The latter is also useful when you have sharp lines and you need to soften up the look of the room.

•  Pick an appropriate height

A rustic coffee table of the right height ensures that the time spent in your living room is easy and comfortable. Most of the time, a product with a height that is the same as or slightly more than the sofa, works just fine. However low lying rustic pieces are great additions in bringing a laid back feel. Such tables pair well with low sofas and lounge seating. In case you want to opt for something taller, choose a table of smaller width or diameter, to balance out the aesthetics.

•  Choose the right material

Wood is the most common choice on coffee tables of the rustic kind. However there are many more options like reclaimed wood, metal, or a combination of the two, which can lend your living room a homely feel. Pick a wood type, color, and texture that complements the interiors ( ). Opt for distressed finishes or metal accents to lend an interesting touch to the product.

•  Use multiple, if necessary

Selecting a single coffee table for the space is a common practice. However it is possible to use more than one table to suit your space and design requirements. Smaller places benefit from multiple tables as it gives them more room for flexibility, and the choice to adjust the layout for different needs and activities. The layered style also works well in large spaces when the distance between two sofas or seating places is so large that it becomes difficult to reach out to the center. When picking multiples, maintain uniformity by using the same piece, or add interest by combining shapes and designs.

A rustic coffee table does a lot of work in your home – holding books, magazines, drinks, food, and even games during night time. It also adds to the simple, unassuming quality of your home interiors. When investing in a table of this kind, pay attention to the above mentioned factors to make sure that you pick a good one.

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Four Questions that Help You Pick the Best Rustic Bar Stools for Your Home

The kitchen is not just a place where you display your prowess and culinary skills. It is also often the place where you unwind over a cup of steaming coffee, a refreshing drink, or your favorite plate of food after a tiring day at work. Providing you the necessary seating comfort in such situations are bar stools. These come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and styles, out of which the rustic ones are a popular pick. Rustic bar stools ( FoxDenDecor.Com/Rustic-bar-stools ) have a simple and unsophisticated appeal, making them a great choice in these places of relaxation. Picking such stools may sometimes turn a tedious task, especially if you are unsure about what you want. Here are some important questions that help you evaluate your choices and pick the ones that are best suited for your needs.

•  What height should the stools be?

Height is one of the primary determinants when evaluating a rustic bar stool. It is important to match the height of these seats to the kitchen or bar counter so that they are neither to too tall nor too short for the users. An inappropriate height can cause you to lean or bend, and be seated in an awkward position, thereby spoiling your dining or drinking experience. The ideal height of rustic bar stools is between 24 and 26 inches, when the kitchen top measures about 36 inches in height. Taller counters that are about 42 inches high, are best fitted with stools that are about 30 inches tall. For counters that are higher than 48 inches, stools between 34 and 36 inches in height are appropriate.

•  What material and color would suit the kitchen?

The aesthetics of the rustic bar stools matter as much as their function. In a purely rustic setting, a simple wooden stool with a circular seat would be the most ideal choice. In a crossover with other styles like chic and industrial, these stools can be made from materials other than wood, or be crafted in combination with wood. An example of such a bar stool would be a metallic stool with a wooden seat or a stool with bright red color or distressed finish.

•  What is the level of comfort that is required?

A basic rustic bar stool is one that is made from wood, comes with a circular seat, and lacks any sort of additional support or features. However based on the comfort that is required, you can opt for other features. A foot rest becomes compulsory most of the time, so that you don’t have to leave your feet dangling in the air, without support. A back rest becomes appropriate if you are likely to spend a long time seated at the kitchen counter. Hand rests come in handy when you have aged people or little children in the house. Cushions too make the seating more comfortable, especially if you are prone to aches and pains from prolonged seating.

•  Are additional features necessary?

In addition to back rests, foot rests, arm rests, and cushions, rustic bar stools can be equipped with swing and swivel features ( FoxDenDecor.Com/Shop ). These come in handy when you have limited space, as they let you get off the stool without having to move it. They also become helpful when your stools are heavy and difficult to move around, or are prone to leaving damaging marks on the floor.

When hunting for the perfect bar stools for your kitchen and bar counters, ask yourself the above mentioned questions, and evaluate your choices against them. This will help you pick the best and most suited ones with ease.

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Five Ways to Use Rustic Dressers outside the Bedroom

It is common to find rustic dressers in any home that is designed around a rustic theme. The most obvious choice for their placement is the bedroom. These pieces of furniture provide the much needed space for storing items of clothing, bedding, and so on, making your bedroom look neat and tidy. Rustic dressers ( ) also contribute to the aesthetics of the bedroom by bringing in an unassuming, homely, and cozy charm to your private space in the house. These furniture pieces, with a little bit of creative thinking, can be placed in any other location in your house, to add to the rustic feel. We give you a couple of such unique ways in which you can use a rustic dresser for design and functional purposes outside the bedroom.

1 – An end table in the living room

End tables bring your seating together and add style to your living room. They also have a practical purpose to serve, and are essential in any living space. Rustic dressers of smaller sizes can be converted to end tables that bring in rustic chairs or sofa together. A framed photograph, a flower vase, a table lamp, your favorite book – just about anything can be placed on the top of this dresser converted table. Their drawers are also a great solution for storing your books and living room paraphernalia.

2 – A bathroom vanity cabinet

Dressers, or more appropriately a chest of drawers, work just fine in a bathroom as in the bedroom. From towels to tissue rolls, tooth brushes, shaving kits and so on, any item of toiletry or cosmetics that you would need on an everyday basis, can be stored in these furniture piece. Dressers can simply be used as a storage cabinet, or be fitted with one or more sinks, mirrors, and lights to function as a complete bathroom vanity.

3 – A buffet table in the dining room

Rustic dressers are capable of bringing the uncomplicated, village like charm to the dining area as well. These furniture ( ) articles can be placed alongside a dining table to store dishes, cutlery, and silver and so on. For dining rooms that have smaller tables or limited table top area, the top of these dressers can serve as counters that hold gravy boats, vegetable bowls and meat platters, during meal time.

4 – An island in the kitchen

This could probably be the least thought of, but tall and large sized rustic dressers fit in just perfectly in the kitchen and prep area too. When fitted with a marble table top, the dresser converted island is no less than an original one made for this purpose. Additionally, the drawers and cupboards in the dresser provide space for storing cutlery, food packets, cutting boards, and various other items used in the kitchen. Such furniture pieces are a boon especially if there are limited options for storage through cupboards and shelves.

5 – A decorative piece in the entry way

A rustic dresser can also simply be placed in a hallway or entry way to add beauty to the space. Those that are basic and have minimal storage are a great choice in this regard. The countertop can be decorated with table lamps, bouquets or any show piece that impresses guests with your decorative skills.

The beauty of the rustic dresser is capable of elevating the aesthetics of not just the bedroom, but also any part of the house that needs a little storage or showpiece space.

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