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Animals and Creative Training

Creativity is like oxygen: a part of life. There are many areas of humanity that can never have strictly negative consequences, much like breathing oxygen, and creativity is one of those areas. Check out the Wikipedia page on creativity. There is nothing in the left hand contents bar that belies a negative impact that creativity has on humanity. Shocking arts, crazy imaginations produced on film and controversial subjects are not covered in the Wikipedia article, though to be sure, they exist. This is just the way that creative training goes. People safely unlock and tap into their dark sides and this can disturb others.

Creative training is an important part of every school curriculum. Despite how sports usually get more funding and attention, creativity is just as important to know as the knowledge of how to stay in shape. An added bonus to learning how to be creative is that it is just as cost effective as jogging around the neighborhood. Notice how some people only need a knife, whetstone and a chunk of wood to make something beautiful? Or how poets need only something to write with, or even just their memory? It may not be a wholly unique trait among Earthlings, too.

Creative_Training_200420131106Cephalopods, dolphins, pigs and crows have all exhibited intelligence in the use of tools for survival. Cephalopods are especially creepy in this respect because, well, they are simply creepy. Like underwater spiders. That can fly. Another example is the Australian dolphin has learned to use a sponge when searching the seabed for food. This trait is apparently passed down from mother to daughter. And they are much less creepy than octopuses. So creative training happens in the animal kingdom too, it is not just a human phenomenon.

Many methods exist in order to foster, or train  someone’s creativity for its own unique outlet. These following methods have been generally accepted as effective creative training techniques in both creative industries and academia:

  1. Establishing purpose and intention: why do you need to be creative? Is it purely an emotional outlet, or do you have ideas and thoughts that need to be expressed?
  2. Building basic skills: a poet needs to read poetry, practice different forms and instill rules and structure in their writing. Artists have to practice with whatever media they enjoy most.
  3. Going out of your way to obtain special knowledge. From the way Picasso held his brush to the mixture of paint used to make a certain color, this kind of knowledge can sometimes set the amateur apart from the professional.
  4. Stimulate and reward curiosity and exploration. Back to the poets: if removing yourself from the usual comfort zone is necessary, like reciting at a rap battle, then get nice and drunk afterwards. Just joking. Buy a nice pen and good paper.
  5. Motivate, motivate, motivate. Creativity is completely hindered without some form of motivation. Find what yours is.

These are only five ways to help creative training burgeon one creative side. There are even a few skilled businesses that offer creative training.

This article was written by Dani Suarez, on behalf of The Creativity Workshop, helping you discover and develop your creative potential.  To understand the connection between creativity and cognition, you may also visit

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Food Safety Supervisor and Egg Allergies

A food safety supervisor should be aware of all the aspects of food safety in order to keep the patrons of the eating establishment healthy and the employees from making a mistake. Food allergies are becoming more and more common and egg allergies seem to be everywhere. People who are allergic to eggs need to be careful what they eat but a food safety supervisor in the restaurant is diligent and watches to make sure that the dishes that are taken to the tables are free of allergens.


Egg allergies affect 1-2% of young children. Most grow out of it, but not all. The allergy can persist into adulthood. As food allergies go, an egg allergy is usually quite mild, and it is very rarely life-threatening. Still, as with all food allergies, care should be taken by the restaurant and the food safety supervisor to make sure that precaution are taken when a patron tells the wait staff that they, or their children, have an allergy.

The most common and mildest reaction to consuming eggs is hives around the mouth or eyes. A less common, but more severe, reaction is abdominal pain and vomiting. This happens quite quickly after consuming the egg product. Some will react as if to a peanut allergy, with coughing, wheezing and other breathing difficulties if the allergic reaction occurs in the airways. The most severe reaction is collapse and loss of consciousness. It is the responsibility of the parents or the adult allergic to make sure that the restaurant knows the issues and practice responsible ordering, but the food safety supervisor should know that egg products do sometimes lurk in unexpected places and should advise if there is any uncertainty.

You expect to find eggs in the quiche, or the baked goods, mayonnaises and other sauces, and even salad dressings and pasta, but you might not be looking for them in the meat products; they are often present in the fillers of processed meats and in fish mixtures. Soups and broths may have eggs, and so might beverages. There may be egg in the foam on the coffee, and there may be egg in the malts. Albumin, globulin and anything that begins with ‘ovo’ also contain egg.

Once everybody has taken every precaution to make sure that there are no eggs in the food that the person has ordered the food safety supervisor and staff need to make sure that no allergens make contact with the food after it has been plated. Cross-contamination is a possibility if staffs are not careful. The plates may be bumped, and food from one plate may come into contact with food from another. Servers must be careful to deliver the right plate. Food safety supervisors must keep watch and most importantly, be prepared to discuss this with the restaurant staffs who are not aware of how serious this issue may be. Although egg allergies are very rarely life threatening, other allergens can do serious and sudden damage. Allergens can include any kind of food and different sufferers will react differently to the allergen in question.

This article was written by Jazmine Hepner, on behalf of Food Safety Today, offering food safety certification courses online. To know about the different food safety regulations, you may also visit

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How Online Education Encourages Inclusive Learning

The education system has long been standardized to a rather narrow idea of how children and youth best take in and retain information. The idea of having a single teacher standing in front of a class lecturing at students is notably biased toward those students who are auditory learners. The fact is that there are many individuals that learn best by sharing information in a tactile or visual manner. Fortunately, with the development of communication technology, it is possible to obtain online education that offers increased flexibility.

Receiving all the benefits of an on-campus education while also being able to express opinions through computer-mediated communication can be very appealing to those who are uncomfortable with face-to-face situations. Just as society is biased toward those who are auditory learners, it also favors those who are extroverted in the way they express their opinions. In-class education, where students are expected and rewarded for participation is daunting to those who feel uncomfortable in pressurized social situations. For these individuals, having an online forum where they may express their opinions with a freedom they do not enjoy in face-to-face interactions is their ticket to getting the most out of an education. An online education offers a more inclusive and collaborative learning environment wherein individuals may contribute and learn at their own pace using their preferred methods.


Typically, throughout formal schooling, students that have difficulty with concentrating on class content and perform at a lower level on examinations are assumed to learn at a slower pace, or are deemed “less intelligent” than other students. What is often the case however is that these students simply do not thrive in a formal educational environment that relies almost solely on auditory learning. Intelligence is a far more complex and nuanced concept than many realize; it encompasses social intelligence, linguistic intelligence, and spatial intelligence, among many others. An institution of higher learning that only rewards and encourages one very restrictive form of intelligence is not ideal. This is why institutions offering an online education offer various methods to glean information and obtain a degree.

Obtaining a degree by utilizing online resources, interacting with fellow students via Internet communication, and being able to work at ones ideal pace, allows all the individuals to gain the most out of their education. Often, online education may be supplemented with further in-class education if desired, but it gives students the freedom to choose how, when, and where they will learn, according to their own unique needs and preferences. Many colleges and universities have begun to recognize the benefits of offering courses and degrees online, and as such it has become increasingly commonplace. The resulting degree is just as prestigious and relevant as the same degree earned whilst sitting in class.

Obtaining ones further education online has immense benefits for those who require more flexibility in scheduling, those who prefer to learn in different formats, and anybody who utilizes online communication. In today’s world, an online education simply utilizes one of the greatest tolls of communication to achieve academic goals; it will likely be the case that in the near future, most colleges and universities will offer their students this opportunity.

This article was written by Carlie Hunnings, on behalf of Simple Degrees, offering informative, complimentary, and easy-to-use service that allows current and prospective students decide what field of study they want to pursue. To know how you can find online education courses, you may also visit eHow.

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Online Preschool Games for Kids Creates Inquisitive Minds

Computers should never be used as a substitute parent; however, they are perfect for online preschool games for kids, especially because parents can be interactively involved with them too. What makes online educational games even better is that the parents don’t even have to be in the same house, city or country as the child to play with them. This is exciting, particularly for parents who are overseas working or fighting to protect their country.  Long gone are the days that they can only hear about how their children are doing. They can actually watch their child learn, while they play games online with them. As well, online preschool games for kids are available whenever they are needed, and parents don’t have to adhere to a strict schedule of a brick and mortar classroom setting.

Another great thing about online preschool games for kids that are played online is that they are pure fun, while at the same time giving children a profound education. This is also incredibly rewarding for parents when they know that their children are exercising their minds when they have a household chores to do, like throwing in a load of laundry. If the parent sits down and explores the game first with the child, then they know exactly what their child is learning.

Online_Preschool_Games_for_Kids_250220130856Online Games for Kids – Preparing Them for School

A child’s preschool years are the perfect time to set the groundwork for all the years they will spend at school. Online preschool games for kids online help to prepare kids so they are on par when they start kindergarten, and give them a good strong foundation to get them through to graduation, and then college.

Learning Numbers

There is a lot more involved with learning numbers than just seeing them and knowing what they are. Online preschool games for kids help children grasp the actual concept of the numbers by introducing them to counting and other aspects.

When kids play preschool games to build math skills, they learn how to:

•    Count objects
•    Practice simple math functions
•    Recognize numbers when they see them written down

Learning  the Alphabet

Being able to recognize letters, prepares kids for when they start learning to read in school. Online preschool games for kids teach them:

•    The alphabet
•    How words are sounded out
•    Upper and lower cases, and how they are related to each other

Learning about Science

Kids are born being curious about the world, so it’s never too early to teach them how things work. Science oriented online preschool games for kids give them a better understanding of their environment for when they start school. Activities, projects and games teaching them about science are a lot of fun for both the kids, and the adults, making it a perfect bonding exercise.
Getting children ready to go to school is an important task that is made easy with online preschool games for kids. These fun, interactive activities set the tone for them to be inquisitive about education. Learning all about numbers, the alphabet and science set the stage for their entire educational career.

This article was written by Koralee Philips on behalf of Chalk Preschool, an online preschool enabling your child to experience a hands-on learning at home. To know about the pros and cons of sending your kids to preschool, visit

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A Food handling Course for Everyone

A food handling course is an excellent way to beef up your resume if you work in the food service industry. Even those who don’t work directly with food can benefit from the training provided by a food handling course. While many people may think it’s a waste of time to have such accreditation, if they are simply delivering meals or drinks, it’s quite to the contrary. Being knowledgeable in food safety is the responsibility of everyone in a restaurant or bar if it serves food. It’s rare to come across an employee who has proactively taken a food course, so not only does it show responsibility but it also demonstrates your capacity to take initiative.

If you don’t work in the food service industry, a food handling course can still be extremely useful for protecting yourself at home. Cooking for your family can be a joy and even a hobby for some so you want to make sure that you are doing it safely. There are a lot of foodborne illnesses including salmonella and E. coli which can be transferred from poultry products, contaminated meats or even contaminated produce in some instances. Washing all your foods, even meat is an important step in food preparation at home. Other tips include using specific cutting boards, consistently wiping down cooking surfaces and tidying your work space as you go. Other, less considered safety issues include, storage temperatures, how long food has been stored and how it has been packaged for storage. There is a lot to consider when cooking at home and it’s more than just washing your hands.

If you are the owner of a business in the food industry then finding employees already certified with a food handling course is great but if that seems unlikely then you need to begin prompting employees to take the course. Ensuring that your employees are aware of what they should or should not be doing when it comes to food is very important. Those serving, preparing or cooking food should be aware of everything they can do to keep themselves and the guests safe. Getting your employees to enroll in a food handling course isn’t difficult either. Courses are available to be taken online and in some instances in person – depending on what suits the student best. The online availability makes getting certified easy and efficient because proof of certification is nearly immediate. There really is no excuse for your staff not to be educated in this respect.

A food handling course can benefit everyone, whether you own a food industry business, are an employee of one or simply enjoy cooking in the comfort of your own home.  It sometimes seems that “Food safety” is common sense but there is far more to know than most think. From storage to cooking and preparation to cleanup, there is information everyone should know if they are planning to work with food in any capacity – even recreationally. Check online to find a food handling course that’s right for you.

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Updating Your Restaurant’s RSA QLD Certificate

If you have recently purchased a bar, restaurant, or other Queensland business that serves alcohol, you probably already know that you must ensure you have the proper liquor licenses and certifications in place when you take over the business. You will have to obtain a Responsible Service of Alcohol Queensland certificate (RSA QLD certificate) and a RMLV certificate, before you can successfully complete the process of transferring the liquor licensing operations over to you as the owner/responsible manager. However, it’s not enough to ensure that you have been trained properly, and that you have the proper certifications. You must do some research into the previous owner or owners, to find out if their certifications were up to date, and find out if there were any violations to their liquor license.


There are many reasons you should be interested in the previous owner’s OLGR RSA QLD certificate history. The first one is the reputation of the bar or restaurant. Depending on the community you live in, it often doesn’t take long for word to get out that a restaurant is following questionable practices, or has been penalized for improper licensing or failing to adhere to regulations. Even if the people in your community know the restaurant is under new ownership, they still might not trust the establishment. You must find out about any RSA QLD certificate violations, for example do all staff have current RSA QLD certificates. If not, there may be rumors of poor practices, so that you will have to reach out to the community and show them how things have changed.

Another important reason to know if the previous owner maintained the standards mandated by the QLD OLGR is that staff will be affected if all staff do not have current RSA QLD certificates. Odds are you’ve retained much of the original staff when you took over your bar or restaurant, and they will be trained in the ways of the previous owner. If you find out the previous owner was disregarding proper alcohol and/or food safety standards, you will have to retrain your staff the right way. Of course there’s a good chance you’ll be met with some resistance, so you must be cautious not to approach the issue in a negative or accusatory fashion. Sit down with them and explain that they must have the OLGR RSA QLD certificate to work in a licensed venue. Remember your staff must complete this training every three years, just prior to their certification expiring.

As a bar or restaurant owner, you know how important your current RSA QLD certificate is, but just because you take it seriously, it doesn’t mean that those who came before you did. One of your responsibilities as the new owner is to do some investigation, and possibly some damage control to get your business back on track. This might seem like a great deal of work, but it is worth the reputation and quality of your business.

This article was written by Meg Legoff, on behalf of RSA Certificate Now, offering you online courses that can be completed in less than three hours. To know how you can attain online courses from the comforts of your home, you may visit Wikihow.

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Why Formative Assessment should be Used to Reduce Test Anxiety in Students

Every student has experienced test anxiety to some degree. Whether a person is taking a 3rd grade math test or sweating through a chemistry final in university, pressure and nervousness are often associated with these situations. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that some students suffer from such severe test anxiety that they experience symptoms that are not only out of their control but that also have a negative effect on students’ overall education. These people experience butterflies in their stomach, sweaty palms, a dry mouth, and even nausea—and that’s just the physical symptoms! Cognitive symptoms such as a lack of focus, avoiding academic situations entirely, and turning to outside substances such as alcohol or medications can occur and have lasting effects on the students’ success. Some of these people even experience depression and low self-esteem from the thought of taking exams. In short, test anxiety is no laughing matter.  For some people, much of time is spent trying to come up with a way to prevent test anxiety and to get over the embarrassment. One solution to the test anxiety problems is a formative assessment.

The responsibility for finding a way to overcome test anxiety doesn’t just lie with the student. Instructors and the educational institution itself should take an active part in trying to solve this problem. It has been observed in many cases that changing the testing environment can greatly reduce test anxiety. Sometimes sitting in a crowded room with other students writing an exam can put pressure on someone with test anxiety because he or she can get distracted more easily.  Likewise, the student might lose track of time in these situations and start to panic near the end of the exam due to inability to manage time effectively. An obvious solution is to allow these students to write tests in a room where they are on their own and can focus. But to have even better results, using online testing and formative assessment, both for practice tests and during the real thing, can lower pressure on an individual and allow him or her to focus more easily. Plus the test helps the instructor determine where exactly a given student’s weaknesses lie while taking an exam.

Formative assessment is a type of online testing that allows teachers to track their students as they take exams online and give real-time feedback to them as they are writing. This allows an instructor to guide students and cater specifically to their needs. If a student suffers from test anxiety and therefore doesn’t perform well, the instructor can track the student and pay special attention to him or her online. The teacher can identify the questions that caused a student the most trouble or anxiety. Formative assessment helps the teacher determine how to go about teaching these students in the future and what their needs are during an exam. Plus there are benefits for the students because they can track the amount of time that has passed, and they are secluded from others which helps them focus.

In short, formative assessment allows instructors to pinpoint a student’s trouble areas and actively work to prevent them. These benefits have a huge impact on student-teacher relationships, and they will make a huge difference on the quality of education students receive in the future.

This article was written by Daina Seivert, on behalf of Track My Progress. For more information on formative evaluation system, you may also visit

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