Fall-Winter Upholstery – 6 Trendy Fabrics to Pick from an Upholstery Fabric Store

26 Oct

You don’t change your upholstery as often as you change your clothing, but the former isn’t immune to changing interior design and decor trends either. If you are looking to furnish your newly built home, or renovate an existing one, here are the key trends to take note of, when choosing upholstery. Visit your nearest fabric upholstery store ( ), or browse for them online, and you are sure to find options galore.

# 1 – Tropical Greens

Tropical themes are at the forefront of upholstery trends this year, even in fall-winter. These vivid and lively green hues lend a striking contrast to the yellow and red laden autumn days, and brighten up homes on chilly winter days devoid of the sun. In prints, woven designs, or even embroidered patterns – there are many ways in which you can bring this deeply exotic look with dark and saturated colors to your home.

# 2 – Bold geometric patterns

Strong geometric patterns are ruling upholstery trends this year. Striking checks, crossover square and diamond motifs, houndstooth designs in diagonal fashion, and bohemian inspired multi color patterns are some that feature prominently in interior spaces. On sofas, ottomans, end table cloths, or curtains, these bold patterns uplift the look and feel of any space instantly and make impressive statements. If you love to keep it classy, opt for black, white or neutrals. If you are the fun and experimenting kind, opt for brighter shades, and play around with colors. However, be sure not to overpower spaces with these bold designs, and to play it down with soft, solid colors.

# 3 – Abstract foliage and landscape

As home decor tends towards natural themes, foliage and landscape prints take center stage. Abstract print designs of multicolor flowers and serene landscapes set over white or light backgrounds are the key picks this season. The beauty of abstract prints is one that can be used in a contemporary home with light interiors ( ), as well as a vintage or rustic log cabin, or a weekend home. Think seating with foliage printed upholstery set against a solid colored wall, and paired with vintage-inspired furniture – quite a sight to behold, isn’t it?

# 4 – Rippled texture

Silk fabrics make a resurgence this season, but devoid its overwhelming motifs and grandeur. Instead, sheer silks with rippled textures are what steal the limelight. Lightweight silk fabrics in pastel and neutral shades pair well with minimalist themes. Those in bright and loud colors accentuate urbane and contemporary dwelling spaces. When used wisely, like on a modern chair or a central wall, textured silk is capable of lending a fresh and enrapturing look and feel to the interiors.

# 5 – Sophisticated stripes

Nautical stripes have been in fashion for quite some time, and they get a bolder makeover with sophisticated stripes. Such designs lend an energetic twist to living areas, but without an overwhelming feeling. From simple, dual colored, blue and white stripes to bright multicolor stripes in varying widths, these patterns remain at the forefront of upholstery trends for fall-winter.

# 6 – A pop of color

Upholstery in vibrant colors such as sunny yellows and haute pinks are very much ‘in’ this season. The former lends an uplifting, energetic and a luxe feel to dwelling spaces. The latter serves as a stunning contrast, when set against the backdrop of a dull, gray colored wall. Other hues like red with turquoise blue, burnt natural shades of orange, ochre, and yellow, minimally tinted neutrals, and powder pink are all hottest picks in this season.

Work around these trends for your new or remodeled home, and make your choice with ease and confidence, the next time you visit the upholstery fabric store.

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