Five Reasons Why You Should Hire a Direct Hire Staffing Agency

09 Oct

Recruiting is hard work. Without an extended reach, you may have to wait for months to find the right candidate. The cost-per-hire is an important metric for the HR department and the costs go up if the time-to-hire increases. Direct hire staffing agency ( VitaminTalent/direct-hire-staffing-agency ) with their dedicated resources and the wider network can reduce the time-to-hire which lowers the cost-per-hire.

Here are a few reasons why working with a staffing agency for direct hire makes sense.

Recruitment Is Not Limited to Applicants

Job advertisements that you post through different channels are more likely to reach potential candidates who are actively looking for a job. When organizations go solo in recruitment their choice for right candidates is limited to potential candidates who apply for the job. In most cases, the announcement about recruitment in your organization may not reach passive candidates (potential candidates who are working elsewhere).

When you join hands with a professional recruiter, you get access to their talent pools that contain both active as well as passive candidates. Passive candidates are often in contact with staffing agencies for better job opportunities. Since staffing agencies have detailed information of candidates in their databases, it is easy for them to reach passive candidates and tell them about your job offer.

Increase Your Brand Visibility

In today’s competitive job market, a strong recruiter brand has become a must for every organization. Generic job postings are boring and are passed over by the best candidates in favor of something that stands out.

There is no doubt; a strong recruiter helps in attracting better quality candidates. Large companies have the financial muscle to spend a significant amount to strengthen their recruiter brand. However, with limited budget constraints, medium sized businesses may not be able to allocate funds for promoting their recruiter brand.

A direct hire staffing agency gives the potential candidates real insights about your business – career opportunities, work culture, what’s like working in your organization and other benefits. If you partner with professional recruiters closely, they will be able to promote your brand in a positive way and help your company become an employer of choice.

Help Overcome Talent Shortages

According to Manpower group survey, around 40% of global companies have difficulty in finding candidates with the right skills. It is the number one reason why companies prefer staffing agencies to manage their recruitment. With some of the reasons mentioned above (passive candidates), some professional recruiters have the capability to bring in skilled and experienced candidates at short notice.

Knowledge of the Market

Companies are not recruiting all the time. Hence they are less aware of the changes in the job market, whereas professional recruiters are always recruiting for their clients. Since they are at the heart of recruiting, they have in-depth knowledge of the job market and the available skill sets for different job positions.

Companies who go alone in recruitment might waste days or months searching for candidates with the right skill sets. Professional recruiters ( VitaminTalent/what-we-do ) with their wider reach and experience are adept at filling the hardest job postings in less time.

The right direct hire staffing agency will have the right expertise and experience to support your organization in meeting staffing requirements. There is no doubt partnering with staffing agencies make sense for every organization seeking perfect the best fit for their organization.

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