Why You Need to pick a Troy Lighting Chandelier for your Home

26 Sep

Chandeliers are a class of lighting fixtures that give out ambient or general lighting in living spaces. These majestic fixtures have been the centerpieces of many living rooms and hallways from time immemorial. Their design and style have undergone many changes through the ages to include ideologies of the respective times. Chandeliers today are far from what their older counterparts used to be. Modern and contemporary themed chandeliers rely on minimalistic design and decoration, and are crafted with finest materials that are true to modern design sensibilities. There are many lighting brands that offer chandeliers as part of their line of up of lighting for homes. A highly noted and well-loved brand among them is Troy Lighting ( ). When searching for a chandelier for your home, here is why you would want to pick a product from this brand.

Unique styles for unique interiors

The interior design and décor in every home is set around a specific theme. This lends beauty to the home, and makes it unique and special. Troy Lighting understands this very well, and hence offers an extensive lineup of chandeliers whose designs are derived from varied popular themes. Their current offering includes the following themes – Classic, Industrials, Modern, Natural Inspiration, Rustic Urban Loft, and Village. Whether you have a vintage styled home with ornate interiors, or an urban abode with minimalistic sensibilities, there is a chandelier that suits your tastes and preferences.

Small and large chandelier that fit into spaces of all sizes

Whether you have a compact living room that houses most of what you own, or one that is extensively large, Troy Lighting chandeliers have got your space covered. The light fixtures are designed in varied sizes and shapes to cater to small and large spaces alike. There are chandeliers with a bare minimum of four or six light bulbs, and then there are larger designs that house up to even 25 lights. So, in case you want to illuminate an extended hall with a single, large chandelier, or use a series of them to cover the entire span, Troy Lighting makes it possible for you with their array of chandeliers.

Not just lights but beautiful focal points too

Chandeliers from Troy Lighting aren’t just light fixtures. Their design and style are often artistic in nature that they seem more of a stunning sculptural piece than a lighting product. Geometric designs, nature-inspired shapes, intricate handiwork, fine materials, stunning trimming, and many other details make these fixtures breathtakingly beautiful. As a result, these lighting products tend to become quite the focal point in any room that they are placed in. They are also great conversation starters, and leave an impression on anyone who comes visiting your dream dwelling.

A finish for every interior

Troy Lighting boasts of some of the finest finishes on their products. These finishes not only give the chandeliers ( ) a distinctive style, but also make them a perfect fit in the different interior themes. From dark Carbide Black and Graphite, to rustic Earthen Bronze and Country Iron, traditional Distressed Gold Leaf and Champagne Silver Leaf, industrial Copper Bronze and Shipyard Bronze, and contemporary Silver Gold, Polished Chrome, and Burnt Sienna, the range of finishes offered by this brand is virtually unparalleled. So, no matter what the color scheme of your interior space is, there is a chandelier that is made just for it.

A legacy of over 50 years

Troy Lighting has been crafting scintillating light products for over 50 years. Their range of eclectic, sophisticated casual lighting fixtures is distinguished by their unique human sensibility, and well-known design and functionality. The brand uses only the finest quality materials, often handpicked painstakingly by discerning specialists. They also emphasize on hand worked artistry to bring out lighting products with a dimension of uniqueness.

Every chandelier, or in fact any other lighting fixture offered by Troy Lighting bears the stamp of an individual fixture, with the traces of the human hand.

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