Use Staffing Agencies to Get Recruitment Right the First Time

09 Sep

Hiring the right staff is crucial for maintaining high levels of productivity and the efficiency of your business. In fact, according to statistics from the US Bureau of Labor, the cost of a bad hire could be around 30% of the employee’s yearly earnings.

So, many organizations expect to get recruitment right the first time. This is why around 90% of companies use staffing agencies to fulfill their staffing requirements, according to a Frontline source group survey. And, whether you are seeking temp hire or a permanent hire, staffing agencies in Chicago, IL ( ) can help you get the top talent the first time around.

Here are a few reasons why it is sensible to use a staffing agency to fulfill your staffing requirements.

Knowledge of the Market

Unlike your in-house HR department, which hires a few times a year, staffing agencies are always hiring; it is their job. There is no doubt that staffing agencies have their finger on the pulse of the job market and they can provide you with insights into what is happening in the market.

Staffing agencies in Chicago, IL would know about the available talent as well how to reach them. They also know about the career expectations of the candidates, the complexities of hiring, and the available skill sets. So, staffing agencies will be your eyes and ears in the market and put in a lot of effort to get the recruitment right the first time, while your staff focuses on other important tasks.

Extended Reach

Active candidates are looking for a job and they would be the first to apply when you post a job advertisement. In such circumstances, you may waste a lot of time screening the resumes, matching the skill sets, and shortlisting the candidates. A lot of these candidates might also not be a perfect fit for the position.

Passive candidates are those who are working elsewhere, including your competitors. They often form the top talent and are generally hard to find as your in-house hiring staff may not know of such candidates or might not be able to reach them.

So, when you try to hire employees on your own, you are restricted to active candidates who applied and you would seldom know who could have been available, had they been approached. Yet, staffing agencies maintain their own talent pool which includes both active and passive candidates with different skill sets and competencies.

In this way, it is easy for a staffing agency to reach passive candidates through their network. A good staffing agency would also not remain contented with just the applicants, but will be willing to go the extra mile to reach the top talent and get the recruitment ( ) right the first time.

Guaranteed Hire

It should come as no surprise that a large percentage of new hires are not a perfect fit for the new organization. This is because the new hires are unaware of the company policies and the work environment.

A good staffing agency will put in the effort to reduce the attrition rate by making potential candidates aware of the company policies, the work environment, and the expectations of the employer. If the potential candidate has prior knowledge of these areas, they are less likely to have issues once hired.

Recruiting is hard and often a time-consuming process and it is a big challenge to find the ideal candidate for the role. The staffing agencies in Chicago, IL have trustworthy hiring experts who get recruitment right the first time and allow your business to focus on other important tasks.

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