Email Filters Help save your time and efforts by Fighting Spam

26 Aug

If you thought email filters are for large companies with huge financial resources, think again. As a small enterprise, your company may not afford to subscribe to a big size email hosting space and with spam email, which experts account for more than half of the emails, hitting your inbox on a daily basis, there may be little or no space left for important business related emails in your storage.

Simply deleting or blocking such unwanted emails may not be the ideal solution, as these emails emanate from thousands of different email addresses and you may have to spend a considerable amount of your productive time deleting the emails and blocking the thousands of email ids. However, there is no guarantee that you may not receive another such email, as marketers send emails from new email addresses every hour. In addition, such emails may also carry the threat of virus, spyware, etc., so when you accidentally open an email, the spyware may steal your confidential data putting your business at risk. An effective email filter ( Securence.Com/Email-filtering ) will block any such marketing emails based on the keyword filters you set up and will send them directly to trash so you do not have to worry about storage issues or deleting, blocking such emails.

As a business that prioritizes productivity, security, you need a robust email filter to ward off unwanted email and help you concentrate more on your business. It helps in understanding the different types of filters available and how they help block such emails so you select the best anti-spam solution that fits your requirements.

Header Spam Filters : We often Judge a book by its cover, similarly these email filters judge if an email is spam or not by looking at their headlines. The email headlines contains crucial information such as the sender’s email ID, the IP address of the sender, etc., to decide if an email is spam or not. In some cases, the sender may forge these details to avoid spam filters; however, effective filters can identify if header filters can recognize such forgery and filter such emails. The anti- spam software ( Securence.Com/Solution ) also checks if a particular email is marked for multiple recipients, which again is a sign of spam.

Content Spam Filters : These filters use sophisticated and powerful algorithms to scan the entire length of the content to determine if the mail contains some key phrases that indicate the mail could be an unsolicited marketing email. The algorithm filters out emails that contain any marketing terms such as offer, offer valid, hurry; money terms such as offer, discount, money back, lottery; adult words such as pills, drugs, hot, bed, contains just images without any text, etc.

User defined filters : You can rule with email filters so emails reach the desired section of the inbox. Such user-defined settings require you to observe over a period to observe the trend and see the specific words that appear in those emails. It helps you to classify, prioritize and direct emails to specific sections based on the key phrases used in the content.

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