A quick guide to the best team building games for your employees

15 Jun

Team bonding brings employees together by encouraging teamwork and collaboration. Team building games or activities help employees see their co-workers in a different light and connect them in a different setting.

One of the powerful reasons to engage your employees in team building games is to get results. Team building consultants in Portsmouth ( tangramevents/team-building-portsmouth ) plan team bonding events that are fun and motivational. These team building games build skills like communication, conflict resolution, planning, and problem-solving. Here is the list of 4 awesome team building games your employees will love to play.

1. Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt is ideal for small groups and the time duration is generally one hour. The participants are split into two or more groups and the game master makes a list of tasks that each team needs to complete in a group.

The tasks can be anything like taking pictures of objects in the building or room, a selfie with a stranger or anything that you can think of. The task list is given to each team along with a deadline for each task.

Whoever completes the task first wins the game. The game help employees break up office cliques by creating an environment that promoted inclusiveness. The Scavenger Hunt is a great team bonding exercise where employees experience a more cooperative and collaborative atmosphere.

2. Human Knot

The number of participants in this game is around 20 and the duration is around 30 minutes. The participants are required to stand in a circle in such a way that they face each other but are lined up side by side with little or no space in between. The game master instructs everyone to stretch their right hand and catch and hold any random hand that comes across.

Within the given time limit, the participants have to release their hands from the entanglement of arms without freeing the hand they are holding. This game heavily relies on communication and teamwork.

3. Hungry Zombie

According to Team building consultants in Portsmouth, Hungry Zombie is one of the most popular team building game that creates laughter and gives a unique experience to the participants. The game plot requires you to escape a room within a given time limit else will fall prey to the hungry zombie.

To escape the room, you need to find the key. You are required to solve puzzles, riddles to get clues of the key’s location. The games require team members to communicate clearly, share information found that will get you closer to the clues. The Hungry Zombie game requires you to think out of the box, work together and admit mistakes as well.

4. Game of Possibilities

The game can have any number of participants. The participants are divided into groups and every group is given an object. One member of the group has to go up on the stage and demonstrate the use of the object.

The demonstrator is not allowed to speak and the group members have to identify the use of the object from his actions. This team building game ( tangramevents/about-us ) inspires individual innovation and creativity.

Everyone wants to work in a friendly environment. Team building consultants in Portsmouth design team building games that break the ice between employees and make them comfortable with each other. When people are comfortable and happy, the productivity is bound to increase.

Which is your favorite team building game from the list?

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