Email Encryption and Its Necessity in Business Organizations

30 May

Security has become a major concern today in the online space. Not only naïve internet users but also big business organizations and governments are not being spared by these security threats. Everything on the internet is some way or the other vulnerable to these threats and preventive action is necessary to avoid dire consequences. Email is no exception to these threats and there are multiple ways hackers can gain access to your private information. In business organizations where emails are the backbone of communication, security threat is something that shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Email encryption ( ) is a convenient and cost effective method to keep your emails private and in this article how. Read on.

What is Email Encryption?

Emails are sent from a source server to a destination server via the internet. During the transmission no matter how safe you think your distribution channels are, there is always a chance that perpetrators will gain access to these mails. Email encryption ensures that your emails are unreadable by third parties even if they get their hands on them. The messages are password protected using two security keys known as public and private keys. The private keys are known only to the sender and the receiver, and are hard to crack as they have strong encryption and decryption standards.

Benefits of Email Encryption in Business Organizations

1.  Security

Undoubtedly security is the biggest advantage email encryption can offer to a business enterprise. Business organizations share a lot of sensitive information via emails, information pertaining to internal affairs, business plans, deals, customer details and so on. With encryption you can be rest assured that these details are unread even if the mails are somehow accessed by cyber criminals. Without knowing the private key the mail can never be opened; and cracking a private key is incredibly hard.

2.  Cost Efficiency

Deploying email encryption is not a costly affair since it doesn’t demand any additional hardware or software. Encryption doesn’t require any changes to your existing email system either. In addition, the damage repair that follows an information leak is way more expensive than adopting a simple encryption standard.

3.  Time Efficient

Deployment of email encryption doesn’t require any major overhauls and doesn’t require the users to be specially trained either. The encryption standards can be easily integrated with the existing email system ( ), thus avoiding any additional time or effort required.

4.  Compliance

Protection of sensitive information concerning your organization, employees and customers is something that the government requires you to do. With email encryption you will automatically comply with these information security legislations.

5.  Avoid Phishing

Email encryption will also help you in avoiding phishing and spamming. Since these encrypted emails have a unique digital signature, your mail can be easily differentiated from a fake mail that is sent with your name on it. Phishing can bring your reputation down as mails with malicious content are sent to people with your name on them. However, if you have encrypted emails deployed, people will immediately know that it’s not you who sent them an irrelevant/malicious mail.

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