Four Little Known Advantages of Copy Testing

18 May

Copy testing, often referred to as “pre-testing,” is a field in market research where an advertisement, commercial, or marketing tool is shown to test audiences to gauge its effectiveness. Some of the feedback can be based on consumer responses, feedback, and behavior. It is an effective means of seeing how something will do before rolling it out to the public, but copy testing can also yield some lesser-known advantages. Here are just a few ways in which copy testing can help your business grow and succeed.

1.  It Saves Money

While copy testing is often praised for its ability to gauge how effective an ad can be, it also helps the company save a lot of money.

2.  It Gives Space to Be Creative

Since copy testing ( ) can help a business save money, it also provides more space for you to get creative. After all, the risk is lessened when you know it won’t have to roll out before discovering what works, and what doesn’t.

3.  You Can See Where People Drop Off

Copy testing was originally a form of editing in which the copy, or writing, for an advertisement was pre-tested before rolling out. It allowed early marketers the chance to ensure the grammar, spelling and internal logic of an ad worked, along with the message it was trying to send. Modern copy testing takes this concept into the digital age, and thanks to modern research techniques, the ads can be evaluated on more than their proofing and effectiveness. They now can be tested for where they work and at what point people lose interest.

Thanks to modern research techniques, copy testing today can actually pinpoint the moments when testers lose interest in your ad and the process from ad to conversion fails. This allows you to keep what is working and change what isn’t. In other words, while copy testing may have been an all-or-nothing exercise in the past, today’s techniques can help you keep what works and get rid of what doesn’t.

4.  You Can Clarify Objectives

In keeping with the modern copy testing process, you can also clarify your goals more succinctly to ensure it is reaching the right people (and that they are performing the right actions). So instead of trying for a blanket call to action, your ads can now be more specific while still engaging higher yield clientele and customers. Ill-defined objectives are a common takeaway from copy testing, and discovering how those objectives are working against your advertising goals will help your company craft better ads.

Copy testing today is about streamlining, saving money, and creating extremely effective ads. If you are launching a new campaign or want to ensure that your marketing ( ) strategies are doing everything they can, then you will want professional copy testing. With the right research group, you can discover everything that works, and everything that doesn’t, in your advertisements, and that will help your company engage the right people with the right message. At the end of the day, it can help your company increase conversions while saving you money.

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