Bring on the Heirloom Beauty with ‘Classic Heritage’ Pendants from Hudson Valley

17 May

Lighting products today are available in many different styles to suit homes built around different interior design and décor themes. The most popular ones include the traditional, contemporary, and crossover transitional styles. However, lighting fixture manufacturers and brands do take their inspiration and creativity to the next level to bring out designs that are unique and fashionable. Hudson Valley ( CrescentHarbor/Hudson-valley-pendants ) is one such brand that boasts of styles beyond the regular ones, and includes the following – Bold and Glamorous, Chic Vintage and Industrial, Classic Heritage, Timeless Elegance, and Warm Modern. While each line up is beautiful in its own accord, the Classic Heritage collection is much loved among home buyers and interior designers who prefer products that have a classy, historical charm. This style includes a fascinating collection of pendant lights that are versatile, adaptable, and which answer pragmatic concerns while satisfying aesthetic desires. Four unique designs from this collection are discussed below.


A marriage of colonial architecture and aesthetic splendor give birth to a product with symbolic significance, such as the Barstow pendant. It draws on the architectural tradition of hexagonal pulpits, which symbolized majesty, power, love, wisdom, mercy, and justice, and served as the focal point in early American meeting houses. The result is a six-sided lantern with an ornate cupola, whose shape is as eye catching today as it was to bygone congregations. Barstow pendants come in three and six light variants, and are available in Aged Brass, Old Bronze, and Polished Nickel finishes.


The rugged style of New England’s historic villages, which were shaped and designed by craftsmen, is what lies at the heart of the Chatham pendant. The product comes with a turned lamp base that is reminiscent of lathe-cut handiwork, and features handsome make-up that includes beaded metal rings, glossy opal shades, and premium materials. A single light pendant, Chatham is available in Aged Brass, Antique Nickel, Polished Nickel, and Distressed Bronze finishes.


The Cheshire pendant derives its beauty from the dramatic contrast of matte black shades set against a cast metal body. The smooth, classic styled candlestick colonnades, combined with extravagant details, make this light fixture a striking design statement in any setting. The coordinated shade interiors also enhance the hue and aesthetics of the hand-rubbed finishes. A three light pendant, Cheshire is available in Aged Brass and Antique Nickel finishes.


Hampton draws inspiration from the distinctive array of glass lanterns that illuminated the occasion of celebration of Queen Victoria’s 50th year on the throne. The pendant ( CrescentHarbor/About ) showcases a hybrid of Anglo and Indian design sensibilities, and reproduces the historic, mouth-blown glass lanterns with a contemporary twist. The oversized bell jar that originally held a reservoir of whale oil, in Hampton suspends a candelabra array to provide warm light without the mess. The pendant is available in Aged Brass, Historic Nickel, Old Bronze, and Polished Nickel finishes in a choice of clear and etched glass.

Classic Heritage styled pendants from Hudson Valley are heirloom inspired, and strive for the beauty of enduring antiques. From abundant scrollwork to candlestick lamps, and lathe-cut turned holders, these light fixtures draw from the designs that 17th and 19th Century Western Civilization, to bring on an Old World charm.

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