How to find right computer repair service in Singapore

04 May

Computer has become an integral part of our lives and we feel lost when our computer breaks down. If you face any problems with your computer, you have three options: visit different technical support sites and see if your problem and its solution is listed in any forums and try solving problem on your own. The second option is calling manufacturer tech-support and spending hours on the phone trying to resolve the issue.

The third option which is also the best one is calling computer repair service provider that will send professionals to fix the problem on site. So here are some tips to find right service provider offering computer repair ( ) in Singapore that will give you peace of mind.

On-Site Support

It is convenient to have a technician sent at home or office to diagnose PC problems. This saves you from the task of packing your computer and hauling it to the service centre and carrying it back after the problem is fixed. While some computer repair service providers charge some extra fees for on-site service, it is convenient for people who have busy schedules.

Read the Reviews

Reviews can tell you a lot about quality and professionalism of computer repair service provider. When you search for keywords like computer repair in Singapore, Google will also list some PC repair service providers along with ratings. To see latest Google reviews, click on the business name in search results page. Also check reviews on sites like Yelp and Better Business Bureau.

If a particular repair service provider is good, you will find a long list of satisfied customers. This is perhaps the best indicator of the quality of the service. Customer reviews are also one of the important aspects when selecting a repair service provider.

Service Guarantees

A good PC repair service provider is more likely to have a customer satisfaction policy like “No fix, No fee”. This means if the computer repair service provider is not able to fix the issue, they will not levy any charges. If they are carrying out repairs and replacing parts, they will mention the spare parts warranty period in the final invoice.

Service Cost

The repair service provider should charge reasonable fees. In most cases, repair service providers have fixed labour charges for different computer work and the costs of spares depend on market rates. If you need to get your computer repaired, always call 2-3 top computer repair service providers in Singapore and then explain your computer problem.

Based on the problem description, the computer repair service provider should be able to provide you rough repair estimates. Be wary of repair service providers that charge by the hour.

An honest technician will clearly tell if it is more economical to buy a new computer than fixing the old one. Before proceeding with any repairs, the PC repair service provider ( ) should offer you detailed quote that clearly mentions the cost of the spares and their labour charges. The repair service provider should wait for your consent before proceeding with repairs.

When looking for a service provider offering computer repair in Singapore, make sure the company has a team of knowledgeable and experienced computer technicians and focus on aspects mentioned above.

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