How to select the right Rustic Coffee Table for your Home

02 May

Picking the right coffee table for your room is like solving the last bit of the design and décor puzzle. Most people have a tough time selecting one as the options are endless. Rustic coffee tables ( ), a recent and much favored trend, is a good choice for homes with a simple and homespun touch. Read on to know how you can choose the right one for your home with ease.

•  Decide whether you really need one

A rustic coffee table maybe an instinctive design based purchase decision for some. For some others, it is an heirloom piece that has been passed down by a family member or friend. Whatever the story be, carefully weigh the need of a coffee table in your living space. The answer can be a ‘yes’ if you have a lot of stuff that need to be set down when you watch TV or entertain friends. If your room is small or cramped, it is best that you do away with one, or opt for something small like a stool or side table.

•  Select the right shape

The shape of the coffee table plays an important role in the aesthetics of the room. Rectangular and oval tables work well with long sofas. Square and round designs of rustic coffee tables set a nice contrast to modern sofas and sectionals. The latter is also useful when you have sharp lines and you need to soften up the look of the room.

•  Pick an appropriate height

A rustic coffee table of the right height ensures that the time spent in your living room is easy and comfortable. Most of the time, a product with a height that is the same as or slightly more than the sofa, works just fine. However low lying rustic pieces are great additions in bringing a laid back feel. Such tables pair well with low sofas and lounge seating. In case you want to opt for something taller, choose a table of smaller width or diameter, to balance out the aesthetics.

•  Choose the right material

Wood is the most common choice on coffee tables of the rustic kind. However there are many more options like reclaimed wood, metal, or a combination of the two, which can lend your living room a homely feel. Pick a wood type, color, and texture that complements the interiors ( ). Opt for distressed finishes or metal accents to lend an interesting touch to the product.

•  Use multiple, if necessary

Selecting a single coffee table for the space is a common practice. However it is possible to use more than one table to suit your space and design requirements. Smaller places benefit from multiple tables as it gives them more room for flexibility, and the choice to adjust the layout for different needs and activities. The layered style also works well in large spaces when the distance between two sofas or seating places is so large that it becomes difficult to reach out to the center. When picking multiples, maintain uniformity by using the same piece, or add interest by combining shapes and designs.

A rustic coffee table does a lot of work in your home – holding books, magazines, drinks, food, and even games during night time. It also adds to the simple, unassuming quality of your home interiors. When investing in a table of this kind, pay attention to the above mentioned factors to make sure that you pick a good one.

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