Fasco Motors – An Ideal Solution for Your Home

02 Mar

Are you looking for mechanical and air-moving applications in your home? Do you want fans, air conditioners, heaters, compressors and pumps? Opt for Fasco Motors and get the best solution for your home. Fasco delivers the complete line of customized fractional horsepower motors as well as blowers for more than 100 years. Fasco motors  ( HvacBrain.Com/Fasco-Motors ) have the capacity to empower several products for a wide array of applications. Moreover, the global presence, excellent customer support and the proficient staff of Fasco can offer the highest quality of product at a reasonable rate. Fasco continues to develop products for meeting customer requirement and ever-changing marketplace. The manufacturer listens to customers and combines knowledge with core expertise in key motor technologies for creating tailored solutions for applications. The engineering team of Fasco has most experienced & creative designers who offer value-added bespoke solutions. As a result of which, you can get the apt solution as per your need. Hundreds of engineers and technicians are devoted to design assistance and rapid prototyping. The progressive team delivers customer focused testing including motor design, testing, vibration analysis, acoustics evaluation, gas appliance efficiency, emissions testing and more. So, you can get your desired fractional horsepower motors & blowers from Fasco. The AC motors of FASCO encompass a range from C-Frame & 3.3″‘ motors to 56 frame motors, which are used in mechanical as well as air-moving applications.

Let’s check out in this regard top three FASCO motors :

  Industrial High Efficiency ECM Air Circulator – This competent ECM motor comes with high efficient fan blade along with OSHA acquiescent chrome plated wire fan guards. The motor runs well on 50 or 60 Hz. 30” model makes use of only 78 watts for moving 5700 cfm and 24” model makes use of only 60 watts for moving 3300 cfm. The motor can flow up to 9700 cfm.  This is created with the next generation engineering for keeping workers cool even in the most demanding environments while saving energy ( HvacBrain.Com/About-Us ).  One can pull chain switch in order to operate it easily. Moreover, the circulator heads safeguards mounting accessory with 2 bolts. In addition, locking tilt adjustment directs air wherever needed and are corrosion resistant aluminium propellers. Furthermore, 115V units comprise of factory-wired and power cord with molded plug.

  Internal Capacitor Unit Bearing Motor – You may also choose 1-9 Watt PSC internal capacitor bearing motor for using in commercial refrigeration applications as evaporator as well as condenser.  You can get durable, problem-free operation with this motor. PSC is efficient and quiet compared to shaded pole motor. By using this patented internal mounted capacitor, the motor can offer you direct machine-driven interchangeability with current shaded pole unit bearing motors.

  External Capacitor Unit Bearing Motor – Moreover, you can use external capacitor unit bearing motors in commercial refrigeration applications for evaporator and condenser. However, this motor can be used in any other applications that demand reliability with output ratings from 16 to 25 watts.

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