Get Information Quickly with An Omnibus Survey

28 Jan

People often say that we live in the Information Age, but what does that really mean? We base our lives around business and technology, but much of that technology exists to help us further our business interests. Any businessperson will know that some fairly unexpected things can influence markets and revenue, so it’s vital to have all the knowledge that it’s possible to have. So how do you get relevant information in a quick, reliable manner? Doing a comprehensive and unbiased poll of a select group of people, or of the general public, is a time-honored method of gathering facts. That’s why many people look to an omnibus survey to learn what they need to know.

What Is an Omnibus Survey?

Like most market research, this type of survey is aimed at understanding the needs, wants, and thoughts of a sample group of people. But rather than simply focusing on one subject, omnibus surveys ( KeltonGlobal.Com/Omnibus-Surveys ) will poll the respondent group on a number of topics, even if those topics bear little to no relation to one another. These surveys can consist of many questions or only a few, and they can be conducted in a variety of ways. In person, over the phone, and over the Internet are some popular methods of reaching the target group.

What Are the Advantages?

Omnibus surveys are flexible and cost effective because, not only do they cover a variety of subjects, but they can also be paid for by multiple clients, which drastically reduces the cost for each client. For instance, if a travel agency, a radio station, and a community college all wanted information from their consumer base, they could all contribute to a survey. The respondents would only have to complete one survey, making them more likely to take the time to answer, and the clients would then share the cost of conducting the research.

Reaching Your Target Group

One reason that omnibus surveys are so flexible is that they can be conducted in multiple ways. If a survey is quite long, it can be mailed or emailed to the respondent to be completed at their leisure. Shorter surveys can be conducted in person or over the phone. Surveys, or links to surveys, can also be integrated into websites to reach Internet traffic passing through the site. A market research company can help to design a survey that will reach the greatest number of respondents and return the most valuable information.

Market Research Companies

When you need accurate information in a timely manner, outsourcing to a market research company is a cost-effective option. They can help you decide what to ask, how to ask it, and what other helpful information ( KeltonGlobal.Com ) you might be able to collect at the same time. Whether you’re responding to an unexpected change or simply trying to improve your brand, an omnibus survey is an affordable option for rapid data collection. Contact a market research company to find out how to design a survey that will help your business meet any challenge with flying colors!

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