House buyers Help Homeowners Selling Home As Is

03 Nov

You may plan to sell your house when you need to relocate to another city or state for personal or professional reasons or when you need a bigger house to accommodate your growing family or when downsizing as your parents will be moving to an assisted living facility, etc. In any of these situations, you may not have the luxury of time or money to work with a real estate agent who requests you to renovate the house so he can list your house and find a prospect who makes an offer on your house.

Realtors are not the actual buyers, who do not make an offer immediately and help you sell house fast; acting as intermediaries, they can only help you find prospects who need a house. Such prospects would want a fully functional and ready to occupy house, so they can start living in it right away. Therefore, you may have to spend time and money on repairs, cleaning and renovation, so the house looks attractive and is fully functional for immediate occupation. Working with traditional real estate ( Housebuyersofamerica/Blog ) companies, you not only spend an awful amount of time, typically ranges anywhere between 6-12 months, but also have to invest precious money on repairs and renovation.

On the other hand, house buyers directly buy your house for resale though. As professional real investors, these house buyers buy in bulk with their “sell home As Is”. With the help of professional home repair and renovation experts, they give a complete makeover, making them visually appealing and highly functional. As they offer bulk contracts to home repairing experts, they get huge discounts and have these houses repaired and renovated at 50% of the retail costs of such repairs an average homeowner would incur. House buyers, thus offer a competitive price when they make an offer on your house.

House buyers make a quick offer; they can make an offer within 10 minutes of visiting your place to estimate the possible costs of repairs, renovations and the value of the house. You do not even have to stage your house, as they are aware that you are ( HouseBuyersofAmerica/Selling-Home-As-Is ) selling the home “As Is”.

Homeowners need to contact the right house buyers who have the financial capacity to give cash for house, possess the professional real estate knowledge with connections to a wide network of home repair, renovation experts so they can give a makeover at discounted rates and offer competitive prices. Ideally, as a homeowner, you should work with a house buyer who works out of a professional office environment and has been in the field for more than 10 years having successfully bought more than 1000 houses.

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