Top Three Reasons for Choosing Casablanca Ceiling Fans

28 Jul

Are you searching for Casablanca Ceiling Fans ( CrescentHarbor/Casablanca ) and Accessories? You are absolutely on the right track! This is simply because these ceiling fans are suitable for all weather conditions. Whether its rain, heat, snow, ocean air or high winds these fans are perfect for your outdoor space.

Casablanca ceiling fans are renowned for quality and design and are considered to be the best in the world. Since inception in 1974 by Burton A. Burton, the brand has gained immense popularity in lighting showroom and specialty stores. This is true for the U.S. as well as in other parts of the globe. The exclusive designs from the leading in-house design and engineering team are inspirational and project new trends in décor. Each fan is crafted to perfection with various ideas including historical, art, exhibition and travel.

Let’s check out the top three reasons for choosing Casablanca Ceiling fans :

1.  Use of latest technology – This brand integrated the latest technology in the design process for a range of innovations like lightweight die-cast structure, automatically adjustable motors with variable speed, silent operation and suspended covering which facilitated easy installation on flat and sloped ceilings. An automated wall control named Inteli-Touch was introduced in 1983 and comfort touch fans were introduced in 1990. The comfort touch ceiling fans are unique till date in the industry because of RF controlled program serving multiple functions of fan, light and climate control system. Versa-Touch ceiling fan was again introduced by Casablanca in 1995 as RF controlled multi-purpose remote control system.

2.  Customized Options – Casablanca ceiling fans can be completely customized. Custom Casablanca fans introduced in 2013 neither have any blade or light. As a result of which, you can select the components you want for designing the fan matching your room setup. Even if Casablanca has created several ceiling fans, Custom Casablanca is different because this model includes similar ‘All Share’ design components, letting the light fittings, controls and blades to be interchanged. The blade holders consist of the same hole patterns for fitting the blades, although every model includes blade holders of varied shapes and styles. This allowed greater flexibility and decrease on the quantity of SKUs that required to be kept in stock. Moreover, this reduced the expense of getting all probable customized combinations without compromising on the product quality and integrity.

3.  Comfort and Convenience – Furthermore, you should opt for Casablanca ceiling fans for getting utmost comfort and convenience at your fingertips with advanced electronic control ( ) systems. This helps to program the setting of every room for getting absolute comfort and energy saving. If you want to get all functions right at your fingertips with complete control, you may choose Inteli-Touch Control System. By using this system, you can turn the fan on and off, choose the speed, brighten the lights or have a dimming effect. In addition, you reverse the drive action of the fan. Besides, you can sleep comfortably in bed with the fan-minder program of Inteli-Touch that will compensate for cool air automatically. Home-safe feature provides you extra comfort with controlled lighting cycle, making home look occupied during your absence. This technology is also convenient to use as it can be quickly installed in your existing light switch connection box without any special wiring.

So why are you waiting for? If you want to get comfort, convenience and customized fans, browse through the assortments and place order for Casablanca ceiling fans.

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