Why You Should Buy a Synthetic Sapphire Masonic Ring

19 Jul

Sometimes when you’re ring shopping to symbolize your association with Freemasonry, it’s hard to decide what type of gold to choose. White gold jewelry is totally classy, but yellow gold goes perfectly with formal wear and special occasions, like meetings. Choosing between the two can be hard because they can both potentially look amazing. Luckily, gold two-tone men’s synthetic sapphire masonic rings ( Jewelry-Liquidation/Masonic-Ring ) are gaining in popularity.

Why are Gold Two-Tone Men’s Synthetic Sapphire Masonic Rings Popular?

There are two reasons; the first is because of the uniqueness that the two-toned gold brings. The second is because many Freemason’s love the commodore of the brotherhood and all it entails. Thus, they want to wear the jewelry because they’re proud of their affiliation, even though they don’t have to wear Masonic jewelry to become a member of the Freemasons.

As well, they want non-members to know their affiliation because they’re proud of the organization’s charitable causes, honorable reputation, and long history; and a gold two-tone men’s synthetic sapphire masonic ring looks cool and fits most members’ budgets.

A Gold Two-Tone Men’s Synthetic Sapphire Masonic Ring is Inexpensive

Unfortunately for some members, the ability to purchase an expensive masonic ring is difficult. They have to visit pawn shops and other similar avenues to find the perfect ring. Purchasing a synthetic sapphire from a jewelry liquidation store is a much easier and more affordable way to get the ring, and you have the added security of knowing where the Masonic ring came from.

Does a Gold Two-Tone Men’s Synthetic Sapphire Masonic Ring Look Cheap?

It could, but it definitely doesn’t have to. It depends on the reputability of the jewelry store you purchase the Masonic ring from. A synthetic sapphire is equivalent to a synthetic diamond (cubic zirconia). The only difference is that real sapphires are natural, and synthetic sapphires are man-made, but most people can’t tell the difference.

Pros and Cons : Gold Two-tone Synthetic Sapphire Masonic Ring vs Real Sapphire

There are some differences between real and synthetic sapphires when it comes to Masonic rings, and each has their pros and cons :

Real Sapphire Pros :

•  They are very hard, and don’t break easily,

•  They have a low profile.

Real Sapphire Cons

•  On the rare occasion they can break or shatter,

•  They show smudges and fingerprints.

Synthetic Sapphire Pros

•  They have a wonderful lust and shine,

•  They don’t show smudges and fingerprints,

•  They have a high profile and are vintage looking.

Synthetic Sapphire Cons

•  They can scratch easily, but the scratch can be buffed out,

•  With the high profile, they can snag clothes.

As you can see, a gold two-tone men’s synthetic sapphire Masonic ring is a great choice. Not only because of the option of blending the two golds, but a synthetic sapphire also has more pros than a real sapphire; and the cons can be easily remedied.

Although a gold two-tone men’s synthetic sapphire Masonic ring is inexpensive, it can be made with expertise and precision to look unique. Most onlookers won’t even know they’re looking at a man-made gem, unless they’re experts. You just to have to be cautious about which jewelry ( ) store you buy it from.

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