How to Get Great Disney World Vacation Deals

01 Jul

Disney World has become something of a rite of passage for families in America. Grade-schoolers love the amusement park for its endless variety while adults can enjoy the dining options, rides and of course, nostalgic reconnections with favorite Disney characters. The Orlando-based Disney World has grown a lot in size over the many years since it was founded, adding newer theme parks and attractions every year, ensuring that repeat trips are just as fun as the first one. However vacations are never cheap, more so at Disney World which sees visitors all round the year. There are some ways you can save money by looking for vacation deals. Let’s take a look at the money-saving options you can try out:

1.  Book Hotel Rooms off of Disney

Orlando has plenty of hotel options other than the ones at Disney World. The hotels at the park tend to be more expensive both for stay and dining. Staying off of Disney also gives you a chance to check out the sights and sounds of Orlando, which are often overlooked by visitors flocking to Disney World. You could get a cheap room in Orlando easily, or even one at a hotel very close to Disney World. These hotels also offer free rides to and from the park every day. These hotels also give special offers for park visitors when there is a heavy rush, so be sure to ask ahead when booking. These rooms can be booked over the internet months in advance, tailored to your needs and demands.

2.  Look for cheap travel options

Travel can be a large part of the cost of a Disney World vacation. You can reduce travel costs by checking ahead of time on the internet. Often flights to Orlando are much cheaper in off-peak periods like February to March and June to July when visitors are fewer. You can also look at buying tickets on accumulated air miles if you are a frequent flyer. Credit card reward programs for some cards also entitle customers to cheap flights.

3.  Deals at Disney World

Get online to find out what new deals Disney World ( ) has to offer for visitors. Disney has many levels of tickets with different facilities, depending on which parks you want to take in. These packages also come with complimentary or discounted dining. A small upfront payment could save you from having to shell out a lot of cash at the restaurants in Disney World.

4.  Look for Combination Vacation Packages

Combination packages include the whole deal- flight tickets, resort entry and free or discounted dining. These packages can look daunting because of the total outgo, but thye can be surprisingly cheaper then when booked separately. These packages are designed by travel planners and can be customized depending on the age and number of travelers in the group.

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