8 Reasons to Choose a Wedding Dress Storage Bag

11 Jun

Wedding dress preservation bags are a huge boon to any bride. The bag is the ultimate solution in storing and caring the special dress that you bought with so much pain and attention. Here are 8 reasons why you should opt for a preservation bag for your wedding dress.

1. The bag keeps your special garment pristine for years together. The basic purpose of such bags is preservation; not mediocre quality, but as good as museum preservation, meaning that your gown remains intact for long periods of time without even the tiniest hint of deterioration or damage.

2. Wedding preservation bags have the advantage over other means of garment storage (such as boxes) that they do not require the gowns or dresses inside to be folded. This prevents the formation of creases that yellow and cause damage to the garment over time.

3. Wedding dress storage bags are available in different materials like cotton muslin, non – woven polypropylene etc. These materials, unlike some varieties of cardboard and tissue papers used in boxes, are acid free and pH neutral, meaning your wedding garments are safe from damage caused by acidic materials.

4. The storage bags keep sunlight and moisture out, protecting your garment from dampness, and attack by insects, mildew etc. Many of them are also made of waterproof material, letting you store them without worry even in areas that are exposed to moisture and water.

5. Kits that preserve wedding dresses come in a variety of shapes. Though most are available in rectangular or semi rectangular shapes, bell shaped bags are also available that can hold wide bottomed and full skirts with ease. Some bags are created specifically to hold extra trains and veils in a hassle  free manner. Not just the shape, these bags are also available in different sizes to hold garments of different lengths and widths.

6. Wedding dress storage bags have the advantage of being well sealed and hence keep air and moisture out. This is done with the help of different types of closures. Some of them come with buttons or zip locks, and are most preferred as they seal in the garment completely. Other types of closures include zippers, which are easier to handle, but may allow insects to creep if the teeth are wide.

7. Most bags used for wedding dress preservation bags include features that make them handy and easy to use. A few of these features include transparent panels which allow easy viewing of the garment inside and handles that let it be carried around easily.

8. Storage bags for gowns can be personalized, meaning your favorite dress from your special day can be modified to make it unique and truly your own. This includes embroidering or engraving initials and names onto the bag that make it more attractive.

Wedding dress storage bags ( ) are the ultimate solution that helps you store your special garments with ease, for long durations of time.

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