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Finding Help on the Path to Newborn Adoption

When a family chooses to adopt a child, they are making a decision that will bring warmth, joy and peace of mind to many people. The adopting family will know the happiness and fulfillment of raising a child. The birth mother will have the inner peace of knowing that her child is going to a good home, and of course the baby will have the gift of a loving, devoted family. Newborn adoption is a worthwhile choice, but just like anything worth doing, adoption can be a lot of work. That’s why it’s helpful to find the right adoption agency before setting out on the journey of adoption.

Newborn_Adoption_210520131025The process for newborn adoption can take some prospective parents by surprise.  It is long and involved—in fact, depending on the circumstances, adopting a child can take longer than natural childbirth! A birth mother will need to be matched with an adopting family, and agreements will need to be made. Background checks and home visits will need to be carried out, and many adoption agencies will require parents to take classes to prepare them for dealing with the responsibility of raising an adopted child. It’s a lot of hard, emotional work and without the proper support, it can seem like too much for an adoptive family to handle.

Newborn adoption may be difficult and time-consuming, but adoptive parents will be pleased to know that help and support are available even in the most difficult of circumstances. An adoption agency offers much more to birth mothers and adoptive parents than finding and placing a child. Adoption agencies offer help, support, counseling, and good advice every step of the way to make sure that the process runs as smoothly as it can. They’ve done this many times before and know how to make it work for every family, in every way.

Families looking for newborn adoption may feel like they are facing an impossible task before they even begin. Women who have been rendered unable to have children due to illness or accident might feel that they will be considered unfit to have a child at all. Same-sex couples may have been subjected to harsh treatment and might be afraid of being denied the chance to be parents simply because they aren’t what most people would expect when looking for an adoptive family. A good adoption agency will be able to ease a family’s fears along with the adoption process.

Finding the right adoption agency is about so much more than just finding a child. When starting out on the path towards newborn adoption, the right adoption agency will be your guide every step of the way. They will help you not just to find a child, but to become the best parents that a newborn child could hope for. Becoming parents might seem like an impossible dream, but with patience, love and the expert help of people whose jobs revolve around situations just like yours, your family can get ready to welcome a newborn and become the parents you’ve always wanted to be.

This article was written by Sherice Hendren, on behalf of AdoptHelp, helping the birth parents and adoptive families take the right decision. To know how you can adopt a child independently, you may also visit Wiki.answers.

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Become Skilled in Food Safety With a Food Handling Course

Nothing is more important than sanitation, health and safety in a kitchen and around food products. Food handling courses are designed for anyone who stores, prepares, cooks or serves food in a dining, retail, hospitality, community or health establishment. As a business owner or employee, being trained in food safety practices is not only beneficial for the well being of the business but also for the employees and patrons being served.

Most Australian states require a qualified Food Safety Supervisor to overlook a food business. This person is responsible for overseeing all food handling and reinsuring safety in the kitchen. There are two levels of food handling courses. The first is a basic introduction to safe food handling and hygiene. The second level expands on the first level’s fundamental food practices and qualifies an individual to serve as a Food Safety Supervisor in the workplace.

Food_Handling_Course_170520131655A food handling course is a nationally accepted qualification for food workers across Australia. It teaches legal responsibilities, cleaning and sanitation techniques, risks of food poisoning and personal hygiene.

Australia has adopted a proactive approach to eliminating food-borne illnesses across the country. This approach involves having a uniform source of safety standards so businesses are able to operate under one set of requirements. By adhering to these standards, the food industry can work toward supplying its patrons with safe food products. The food standards of a food business start with being registered with local government. Occupational training, such as food handling courses, is highly encouraged to reinforce the safety of Australia’s food supply. Other standards include regular audits and monitoring of a food business’s operations and reasonable measures towards proper food handling controls, such as processing, packaging, transportation, disposal, cleanliness, and maintenance. The business must follow these standards to avoid contamination and operate successfully.

Food handling courses can be taken online, through correspondence, or in-house with a group. All levels of staff in the food industry, such as cooks, beverage attendants, wait staff and kitchen hands would benefit from the skills offered in these courses. Proper training and completion of a food handling course will keep staff and patrons safe from injury through safe preparation practices, such as cutting, storing, and cooking food properly. The business will also benefit from knowledgeable staff because food will be safe for patron consumption, whereby inviting repeat customers.

The manager of a food business is responsible for its staff having the necessary food handling skills to perform in their establishment. This may involve regular performance reviews, in-house training sessions, online food handling courses, regular cleaning and equipment maintenance. Staff should also be aware of their specific responsibilities and what the correct procedures are for working with food. As a supervisor, keeping records of each employee’s training, including food handling certificates, may be beneficial for future reference.

Obtaining a food handling certificate gives employees credibility in the food industry. If you are interested in taking a food handling course, now is a great time! Look at your options for online courses and increase your employability.

This article was written by Carla Quiller, on behalf of Food Safety Today, offering you food safety courses that can be completed from anywhere, anytime. To know about remedies for food poisoning, you may also visit

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Top Three Yoga Ab Workouts for Men

Yoga is generally considered the domain of women. Yoga classes are filled with them. Even the pictures and videos of yoga poses feature women. Nevertheless, have you noticed how fit these women look? Not only are they trim, and sometimes cut, they also have that calm and serene look in their eyes.

If your aim is to just do an ab workout, and not get in touch with your spirituality or tap into your chakra, add these yoga poses to your exercise routine anyway. They are tried and tested, and they came out winners. For a set of well-defined and strong abs, do:

I.    The Downward Dog Pose: This must be one of the most popular yoga poses of all time. Not only is it easy to do, it succeeds in giving your abs a workout.

Rest on your hands and knees. Keep your back parallel to the ground. Place your hands shoulder-width apart, with your arms outstretched under you. Keep your fingers spread. Your legs must neither be too far apart, nor should they touch each other. The distance between them must be less than your hip-width. Try not to put too much pressure in your hands or your knees. Even out your weight.

Now, slowly inhale and stretch your left leg behind you, lifting up your hip. Curl your toes and lift yourself up on them. Exhale. Inhale and stretch your right leg. Slowly put your heels down and come to rest on them. Let your head hang down naturally. Do not stiffen your neck. Otherwise, you will be putting pressure on your spine.

Stay in this posture for five minutes. Increase the time each time you do the pose. You should feel your abdomen tightening and your quadriceps stretching.

Now exhale and slowly step forward to sink back to your knees. Sit back on your heels.

II.    Tree Pose: Another common pose, this is not as simple as it looks. Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Inhale and raise your arms above your head. Now, slowly raise your right foot and rest it against your inner left thigh. Place your palms together and stretch as much as you can. Stay in the pose for about a minute.

Exhale and release your foot. Now, repeat the process with the other foot.

This pose should strengthen your abs, thighs and your feet. Your sense of balance will also improve.

III.    Warrior Pose I: Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Exhale and move your feet so that they are two to three feet apart. Stretch your arms above your head. Move your right foot 90 degrees to the right and the left around 60 degrees to the right.

Rotate your torso to the right and arch your back a little. Bend your right knee so that the right shin is perpendicular to the floor. With time, you will be able to align your right thigh parallel to the floor. Look straight ahead or look up at your hands. Stay in the pose for about 40 seconds to a minute.

Now repeat with the other leg.

This pose is not only an ab workout; it also strengthens and defines your thighs, shoulders, ankles, calves, and chest.

Just add these three poses to your crunches and pull-ups, keep at them for a few weeks and you are likely to spot the difference.

This article was written by Jeff Walters, on behalf of Live Fitter, a content aggregation site on nutrition, exercise for abs and a fitter living. For more information on Yoga, visit Wikipedia.

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Different Types of Cottage Houseplans

Bungalow style homes that developed in India were termed as a single family unit that made its way to America.

In North America or Britain, the residential style bungalow homes have second story with sloping roof that contains dormer windows. These homes are generally detached from the other homes and small in size. So, if you are considering an inexpensive houseplan, this is certainly the right one for you. Bungalow houseplans are popular among the middle class moving from apartments to the private homes. The reason behind popularity of bungalows is the fact these are low profile, inexpensive and modest. Bungalows took up America by storm as many had dreamt of affordable living conditions. These houseplans became the perfect example of “The American Dream”.

Houseplans_130520131716Since these house plans were easily available in mail order catalogs, it did not take long for the bungalows to spread into different parts of the country. Home owners could now easily obtain plans and with little alterations of the local rules and regulations, they could come up with their dream homes. This was a perfect solution for those who did not want to approach the large constructions builders or firms.

Living areas in a bungalow floor plan is situated on the main floor. The customized house plans are extremely suitable for those confined in wheelchairs and cannot move around.

The different types of bungalows that can be found all over the United States are as follows:

•    Raised Bungalows:

A portion of the basement in this houseplan remains above the ground to enable easy flow of light. You can enjoy a higher ceiling in this house plan and have garages situated in the basement like a drive under style garage.

•    Ranch Style Bungalows:

The bedrooms in this houseplan are situated on one side with family room, dining, living and kitchen on the opposite side. These homes come with typically two bedrooms and are small in size.

•    Craftsman Bungalow:

These homes became popular during the Arts and Crafts movement. These homes come with hipped or gabled roof, low pitch rooflines, a covered porch in the front, decorative exterior brackets and overhanging eaves.

•    Chalet Bungalow:

These homes include a second story loft in the house floor plan. The main living areas are kept on the first floor.

•    California Bungalow:

These homes became popular since 1910 and the popularity continued until 1925.

•    Chicago Bungalow:

Chicago bungalow or the traditional bungalows are made of bricks, and has a full basement and 11/2 stories. These homes are generally narrow in width to fit in the smaller lots in a city.

•    Milwaukee Bungalow:

These are quite similar to the Chicago bungalows. However, difference lies in the fact that these homes feature a gable perpendicular and stucco at the bottom of the exterior.

So, as you can see you have plenty of options to choose from, if you plan to live in a bungalow. You can look into the customized home plans online and find the plan that suits you the best.

This article was written by Vesta Elazegui, on behalf of Monster House Plans, offering different house plans to suit all budgets. To know about the basic factors in house planning, you may also visit Wiki.answers.

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The Craft of Paper Cutting

Arts and crafts are a big part of our life, whether we realize this or not. Without somebody cutting and/or designing something somewhere, we would not have lovely gift cards, pretty lampshades, or scrapbooking ideas. It is just one of those things that exist without us paying much attention to it.

Crafting has been around for a very long time. In the beginning, it was more out of necessity. Later, however, it turned into a fun activity for adults, and then, children. One such craft activity is the art of paper cutting.

Paper cutting is said to have evolved from the Chinese art of making designs out of paper. As soon as they perfected the art of papermaking, they also began creating decorations and seals out of paper. The tradition of Chinese paper cutting is said to be around 1,500 years old.

Thanks to traders and travellers, the art of Chinese paper cutting was brought to different countries, where the influence of the local culture added a different flavour. Today, some of the popular forms of paper cutting include Jewish paper cuts, the Japanese Kirigami and the Indian Sanjhi.

Today, children and adults all over the world practice it. It is something that keeps your mind and hands occupied on a rainy or a wintry day spent indoors. It can be very simple or very intricate, depending on your level of expertise. You can do it alone or with company. And further, it is something that both adults and children can enjoy doing.

Some of the popular forms of paper cuts are:
•    The silhouettes, which are usually the cuts of profiles of your favourite person.
•    The Scherenshnitte (shear-n-shnit-a) – German paper cuts- that are often very intricate and sometimes involve geometric designs.
•    Folding the paper in two or four, and cutting out floral patterns.

You, too, can make paper cuts at home using some simple, readily available craft supplies. You can stick these silhouettes in your scrapbook, or a greeting card or even frame it and hang it on your wall. Here is what you need to make a simple silhouette of yourself:
•    A sheet of paper, coloured or otherwise. You can also use cardstock for a little more stiffness.
•    A photo of your silhouette
•    A pair of scissors
•    A paper cutter
•    A pen, or a pencil

Now that your craft supplies are ready, follow these steps for a simple silhouette:
•    Cut out the shape of your silhouette from the photo. You can draw freehand if you are good at it.

•    Place this silhouette on your choice of paper.

•    You can either draw an outline around the silhouette; remove the photo and then start cutting. Or you can start cutting around the photo right away.

•    If it is your first time cutting paper, do it slowly and carefully.

•    Et voila, your silhouette is ready!

•    If you used white, cream or an off-white paper, you can use a dark brown or black tape or paper to make a border for your silhouette. This will give it a vintage look. You can also frame it paste it on a porcelain plate for an even more authentic look.

•    Besides that, you can provide a brightly coloured base for your silhouette by pasting it on a coloured paper.

If you want a bigger version of this silhouette, print out a zoomed in version of the photo with the silhouette and then cut it out. You can also turn these silhouettes into mobiles, along with other paper cut designs.

This article was written by Lindsay Harary, on behalf of, a leading online crafts supplies store, which caters to all your arts and crafts needs. To learn more about the history of paper cutting, visit Wikipedia.

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Underground House Floor Plans

If you have ever come across an underground house floor plan, you must be amazed to find only the windows and doors visible of this kind of a house submerged under the earth. These are conventional house plans, designed for those who think out of the box in terms of environmental benefits and energy conservation. Living in these earth sheltered houses helps in conserving huge amount of energy and supports environmental living conditions.

Let us look into the history of underground house floor plans:

Underground home plans originated hundreds of years before. These houses offered excellent protection against various elements and also ensured comfortable stay in all seasons. These houses are designed in such a way, that they can withstand vagaries of nature like tornado and hurricanes as well.

Underground homes gained popularity in the early seventies. This was the time when America was hit by the worst energy crisis. Cooling and heating became highly expensive then. Energy saving feature of the underground house plans increased their popularity during this crisis period.

Houses built then, had natural openings like tunnel to facilitate movements. However, the ways the houses are built today have undergone tremendous changes since then with technological advancement.

Excellent ventilation has eliminated dampness, which has reduced chances of growth of unwanted mushrooms in the dark corners. Moreover, provision for solar lights ensures sunlight into the underground homes beneath the earth.

Underground house floor plans are designed in unique ways that include all the extras and benefits to ensure a comfortable living.

So, if you are considering something different and looking for underground house floor plans, below are stated some of the aspects that you must concentrate on:

•    Your house floor plans must not blur the distinction between outdoors and the indoors. The idea is to enable living in close harmony with nature.

•    To harness solar energy the windows of an underground home must be of honeycomb style.

•    Since all windows in this style of home won’t open, intake vent system with filters must be installed to ensure flow of fresh air from outside. These filters also help to keep unwanted pests out.

•    Air must be circulated from the solar collector via the home duct work into the rock store underneath the living space. This arrangement maintains efficient heat exchange that works with insulating soil to retain comfortable temperature all round the year. No additional cooling or heating system is required in this case.

•    These domed shaped underground homes have minimum wall area and maximum floor space. The living areas have curved walls and there are no sharp corners like in other homes. Use of sky light with natural reflective materials channel sunlight inside the home.

An Australian architect Eisenhofer started the underground house plans since 1970s. It is often popularly known as “The Hippie experiment”.  The concept of underground house floor plans has become popular among the environmentally conscious. So, if you are thinking of energy efficient alternatives, underground homes are an option you will surely love.

This article was written by Priscila Kalert, on behalf of Monster HousePlans, offering you wide range of house plans to choose from. To know what building plans are, you may also visit

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The Pros of Hiring an Accountant California Professional for Your Business

No matter whether you have chosen to start your own business, or have already been in business for numerous years, the most obvious goal of your venture is growth and money. There are many challenges to running your own business, but when you become successful, you will feel those accomplishments that are very rewarding. Hopefully, if you have chosen to start your own business it is something that you love to do, but regardless of anything, financials in business can be incredibly time consuming. Hiring an accountant in California is a way to relieve some of your responsibilities that you are a bit unsure about, while still making sure that things are being taken care correctly from start to finish.

One of the best ways to ensure you are turning a profit is to hire an accountant in California. The primary function of an accountant in California is to keep your business finances in order, and to keep you apprised of the financial situation your company is in. You want your business to grow, and a great accountant is going to help you make that happen. As your business grows so will the amount of financial paperwork and records you will need to deal with. Although it may be fun for you to work on these numbers yourself in the beginning while you are able to see firsthand the profits you are bringing in, the entire task will soon become overwhelming and can lead to numerous errors. Handling your finances with the proper attention can even sometimes constitute a full time job.

Hiring an accountant in California is going to ensure that not only every penny that your business has coming in and out is accounted for, but also that there will be minimum errors, if any. An accountant in California is able to cover as much or as little of the financial side of your business as you want them to. They are experienced in dealing with bookkeeping, software installation, and business accounting practices and laws, from basic to complex. To help your business grow, a bank loan or investor will provide the resources for growth. This may result in an annual audit of the businesses’ financial statements. An accountant in California can perform an independent financial statement audit.

Accountant California020520131413

Another benefit to having an accountant in California handle your finances is that they are qualified to complete your tax returns. They have extensive knowledge in the tax laws and are able to ensure that your tax forms are filled out correctly without any errors, helping to keep you from any future troubles with the IRS.

During your search, you will find that the best accountant California has will offer prices that are affordable for business owners. Always take into consideration quality and price. While it is definitely wise to investigate and compare many different accounting firms, you do not necessarily want to choose the cheapest firm you can find. Sometimes you need to consider paying a little more money that is manageable for a more quality service that can provide you with ‘errorless’ accounting services for your business. Don’t end up doing it yourself and finding out later that you had countless errors on your tax return. As you can see, there are several benefits to having an accountant take over your finances, and advise you on financial business matters.

This article was written by Francisco Menist on behalf of RBZ, we are a certified public accounting firm in Los Angeles, and our accounting team understands the industry specific issues that often determine business success. To understand what cash flows are, visit

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