Being Health Insurance Covered in California

24 May

Many know a story about a friend of a friend who had some unexpected illness or accident happen, and the person didn’t have health care coverage. Soon they had a huge debt because of their hospital and/or medical bills for the injury, accident, or illness that have to be covered. Health care costs money, but it can be affordable for all. In the pursuit of happiness a person’s health plays a large part, and so everyone should have access to affordable health care across the country. Covered California is helping make this happen for people all across the state of California.

As the most populated state in the United States California has a lot of demand for health and medical care, and the needs of Californians in regards to affordable health care is very important. Health insurance is mandatory, and failing to have proper health insurance could lead to penalties with the Internal Revenue Services. No one really wants more hassle with their taxes and the IRS, so obtaining a health insurance policy with Covered California is an important step to take to avoid these avoidable problems.

Covered_California_240520131314Finance is an important issue when it comes to health care coverage in California and across the country. Many people may worry about the amount of money it takes to afford good health care, but not having health insurance is a risk you do not want to take. Medical care, hospital stays, emergency treatments, surgeries, and even a doctor’s visit can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for you and your family. Having this type of financial burden, especially if you already have a low income, is stressful and can be avoided by having Covered California health insurance.

For Californians on a low or fixed income, Covered California has sliding scale plans divided into four different categories. There is a plan for a single person. There is a plan for couples. There is a plan for a family of four, six, or eight people as well. Since this plan uses a sliding scale the cost of health care coverage on the plan is based on a person’s, couple’s’, or family’s annual income. This means if you live on a lower income then the cost of your health care, including any deductibles you might have to pay would be greatly reduced. For example in a family of four earning an average income of $31,590 and $47, 385 if someone needs to have an x-ray  the deductible cost would be $10. This means they would only need to pay $10 out of pocket for an x-ray with Covered California. For the highest income bracket $78, 975 to $126, 360 the deductible cost would be $65. Each plan has a maximum out of pocket payment per person, and per family (where applicable) so you’ll know how much your health will cost you.

Having good health is important, but having affordable health care is important as well. Health insurance is necessary for all Californians and having health insurance with Covered California means everyone, no matter what their income, can afford to have the good health and the medical treatment they deserve.

This article was written by Chad Woollard, on behalf of Exchange Coverage, a leading health insurance provider. It also provides insurance exchange- the Covered California-for the state of California. For more information on health insurance, visit Wikipedia.

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