Different Types of Cottage Houseplans

13 May

Bungalow style homes that developed in India were termed as a single family unit that made its way to America.

In North America or Britain, the residential style bungalow homes have second story with sloping roof that contains dormer windows. These homes are generally detached from the other homes and small in size. So, if you are considering an inexpensive houseplan, this is certainly the right one for you. Bungalow houseplans are popular among the middle class moving from apartments to the private homes. The reason behind popularity of bungalows is the fact these are low profile, inexpensive and modest. Bungalows took up America by storm as many had dreamt of affordable living conditions. These houseplans became the perfect example of “The American Dream”.

Houseplans_130520131716Since these house plans were easily available in mail order catalogs, it did not take long for the bungalows to spread into different parts of the country. Home owners could now easily obtain plans and with little alterations of the local rules and regulations, they could come up with their dream homes. This was a perfect solution for those who did not want to approach the large constructions builders or firms.

Living areas in a bungalow floor plan is situated on the main floor. The customized house plans are extremely suitable for those confined in wheelchairs and cannot move around.

The different types of bungalows that can be found all over the United States are as follows:

•    Raised Bungalows:

A portion of the basement in this houseplan remains above the ground to enable easy flow of light. You can enjoy a higher ceiling in this house plan and have garages situated in the basement like a drive under style garage.

•    Ranch Style Bungalows:

The bedrooms in this houseplan are situated on one side with family room, dining, living and kitchen on the opposite side. These homes come with typically two bedrooms and are small in size.

•    Craftsman Bungalow:

These homes became popular during the Arts and Crafts movement. These homes come with hipped or gabled roof, low pitch rooflines, a covered porch in the front, decorative exterior brackets and overhanging eaves.

•    Chalet Bungalow:

These homes include a second story loft in the house floor plan. The main living areas are kept on the first floor.

•    California Bungalow:

These homes became popular since 1910 and the popularity continued until 1925.

•    Chicago Bungalow:

Chicago bungalow or the traditional bungalows are made of bricks, and has a full basement and 11/2 stories. These homes are generally narrow in width to fit in the smaller lots in a city.

•    Milwaukee Bungalow:

These are quite similar to the Chicago bungalows. However, difference lies in the fact that these homes feature a gable perpendicular and stucco at the bottom of the exterior.

So, as you can see you have plenty of options to choose from, if you plan to live in a bungalow. You can look into the customized home plans online and find the plan that suits you the best.

This article was written by Vesta Elazegui, on behalf of Monster House Plans, offering different house plans to suit all budgets. To know about the basic factors in house planning, you may also visit Wiki.answers.

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